Face Chaos its self, Face the Warp!

Caused: Imperial or Xeno forces invade the final heretic world, Cadia. Bonuses to the Heretic Team: y Black Crusade (Due to close proximity to the warp, chaos troop choices respawn. For each casualty roll a D6. For each 3+ place on model into reserve, and once the squad numbers at least 5 models they may come back into play from any table edge. Heretic team only) Chaos s Fury: Once every odd turn number, a player on the heretic team can use a warp attack with the following profile (Does not scatter): Range Strength 5 AP 5 Type Large-blast



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Battle is my Art, Chaos is my Master: Twice per game, the heretic player may select one squad. This squad can do either of the two: Either all shooting attacks are considered twin linked for that shooting phase, or reroll wounds in melee. (Does not work for blast template weapons) I am the weapon of the Dark Gods! The heretic custom HQ receives a 4+ invuln save for the whole game. Rot with your emperor, brother : All heretic forces have preferred enemy against the Imperial team on Cadia. They must not know our secrets! (As a last effort in defiance before retreating into the warp, the Heretic marines detonate strategically placed bombs all across Cadia all at once, destroying the planet and rendering any bonus it had useless to their enemies. )(Only if Chaos will lose this battle)

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