THE EFFECT OF STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT OF LEARNING BIOLOGY OBOUT HUMAN REPRODUCTION SYSTEM IN SMA AL-ULUM MEDAN ON ACADEMIC YEAR 2008/2009 Reza Franata (NIM 05311555) ABSTRACT This research aimed to knowing the effect of using computer multimedia to biology achievement in main mathery human reproduction system in class XI IPA SMA Al-Ulum Medan at fauth on academic year 2008/2009 by using computer multimedia teaching as an experimented class and using charta as controlled class in main mathery human reproduction system. The type of current research was experimental by taking total samples, in which the population was equal with sample generated from an classes in XI IPA SMA Al-Ulum Medan consisted of two classes. Each class consisted of 38 students, totally 76 students. The data was collected by test in multiple choice. The sum of test was 25 optional questions, in from (a, b, c, d, and e). Before the item test was used as instrument, the researcher included was reached 25 valid and had height cathegory reliable questions. The result of the research showed that student achievement by using computer multimedia is higher than teaching by using charta, in which
X 1 = 6,63

and SD X 1 = 1,000028449

for computer multimedia result, while for charta

result X 2 = 5,7 and SD X 2 =1,122 . While for the increased of the students achievement in experimented class was 26,52% and the increased in controlled class was 9,4%. The result of data analysis showed tact>ttable (5,43 > 1,995). That it can be concluded that there was effect by using computer multimedia to student achievement about human reproduction system in class XI IPA SMA Al-Ulum on academic year 2008/2009.

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