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Godly Wisdom for Decisions

Godly Wisdom for Decisions

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Published by Akinsete Israel

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Published by: Akinsete Israel on Feb 14, 2012
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Godly Wisdom For Our Decisions When we¶re facing a decision And we¶re feeling so unsure We need to pray for godly guidance ...And the wisdom of the Lord We need to wait with confidence That God will show the way And open doors we must go through Giving peace when we pray Show us your ways, O Lord And where we need to walk Guide us to where you want us Help us pray as we ought Equip us with power and strength To tread upon new ground To go where we¶ve not been before Where your blessings shall abound For we shall never know how much You long to bless our lives Unless we take that step of faith And follow the steps of Christ To be where we can grow in you And become more mature in faith To live in the wisdom that you've given To be immersed in your saving grace To know your will for our lives We but only need to ask You long to show us what to do All we need is obedient hearts

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