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Wedding Budget Made Easy Submitted by Nadeem Khan

Wedding Budget Made Easy Submitted by Nadeem Khan


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Published by Nadeem Latif Khan

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Published by: Nadeem Latif Khan on Nov 19, 2008
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Music sets the mood of any festive event, including your wedding day celebrations. Therefore,

choose your songs with care. Here are some tips for you.

Wedding songs are the life and soul of your wedding celebrations. They set the mood of the

celebrations from the beginning to the end. Choosing the best songs for your wedding day

celebrations can enhance the joyous mood of the day and make it a memorable event.

The weddings of the past featured traditional wedding songs. Today, couples can choose from a

wide range of music. Choosing the best songs for their wedding celebrations is the most

exciting aspect of the wedding day celebrations.

Couples usually select songs that are deeply significant to them in a special way. Playing such

songs on the wedding day makes it a unique and personal experience for them. For example, a

couple could select a song that they heard during their first date or a few songs of their favorite


Consider the following points when you select your wedding day songs:


Select songs that suit the venue you have chosen for your wedding day celebrations. Wedding

ceremonies are usually conducted in a church, and couples must first ascertain whether the

church authorities allow their favorite music to be played within the church premises. Some

churches are particular about the type of songs that should played during the services.

Other venues might not have placed any constraint on the type of songs that can be played. In

any case, choose sober songs for your wedding ceremony, not the type of songs that might be

in sharp contrast to the solemnity of the occasion. You can play all the amusing and entertaining

music you like at your reception.

Wedding Budget Made Easy!

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Music Band

Select a good DJ or music band that will create great wedding music for you. If you have

decided to have a traditional wedding, you might hire a classical ensemble to play at your

reception. If you are having a quiet wedding at home in the company of your friends and family

members, you could get a flute trio, a solo pianist, or a string quartet to play your classical

wedding music.

Planning Wedding Songs

Couples have to select several songs for their wedding. In fact, you have to select different

types of songs for six different aspects of the wedding.

Prelude music is joyous and festive and is played chiefly to welcome family members and

friends to your wedding ceremony.

The wedding procession marks the beginning of the ceremony, and the songs played at this

time are to welcome the gathering and to alert the guests that the bride is about to enter.

A bridal procession is the most important part of the ceremony. Many prefer the conventional

bridal march. However, the practice of playing different type of music during it can make it a

unique and memorable event. Besides, it is quite acceptable in the modern days.

During the interludes, you can use a variety of songs to enhance the emotional charging of the


Festive wedding songs should played during the recessional because the music is to celebrate

the fact that the couple are now officially united.

The music of the postlude is more grateful, full of thanks to the guests who have made it to the

wedding ceremony.

Wedding Budget Made Easy!

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Wedding Budget Made Easy!

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Wedding Budget Made Easy!

© 2008 - Wings Of Success


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