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Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper

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Published by: Saurabh Shah on Feb 14, 2012
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Jack the Ripper

 Jack the Ripper was one of the most famous serial killer in the history of the world  He was popularly known by the name jack the ripper or the White Chapel murderer  Jack started his killings in East End, London in the year 1988  His Victims used to be the poorest of poorer which is an indication of Prostitutes  Jack used to slash the throat of his victims and remove the organs of their body  It is believed in history that the killings of 5 prostitutes were the most famous killings of Ripper  Due to his unidentified identity there were number of suspects who were brought to justice or charged, who might or might not be Jack the Ripper  Ripper¶s Killings were the news of the Worldwide newspaper coverage  Mainly his victims were the poorest of poorer so Robbery could not be a motive  As murders took place by an unidentified individual the press went into a frenzy, politicians pointed their fingers at each other  Due to Ripper¶s great anatomical knowledge, people assumed that Ripper had a doctor¶s or a surgeon¶s training  His crimes, his victims tell us this man was extra ordinary violent, mostly towards women  He thought of them as less than humans  He had no respect for them as people or human¶s  After his murder he took a great pleasure in thinking about how these women were going to be found and what would be the reaction of people or cops  His Letter¶s to Police or press were Taunting and Threatening  Cops tried their level best to catch Ripper but unfortunately they never got succeeded in this mission  Jack the Ripper is not his true Identity, the Name is an invention of a Journalist  The mystery of Jack the Ripper is been studied from more than a century

uk/jack_the_ripper_history.org/dissertations/dst-pamandsickert.html Saurabh Shah Roll No.jack-the-ripper. 57 FYBMM .htm http://www.casebook. Sources http://www.jack-the-ripper-walk.Significance Jack the Ripper is Significant and so popular not because he was a serial killer but because he was the first one to appear in a large metropolis at the time when general public had become literate.co.org/ http://www.

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