Airbus A320 (first flight 1987) As the A320 was designed for slightly lower operating speeds than

the A300 and A310 (MMO = 0.82 and the cruise speed is M = 0.79 - 0.80) the wing sweep is only Λ1/4c= 25 deg. In the design of the basic section much efford was put in minimising the rear loading and maximising the front loading as illustrated in figure 24.118. This allowed for lighter wing flaps and also helped to lower the trim drag.

Figure 24.118 - Comparison of principal features of Wing W6 with those of W5. Source: Aerospace January 1986

Figure 24.119 - Airbus A320 root, kink and tip sections

Figure 24.120 - Airbus A320 outer wing section

Figure 24.119 shows the root, kink and tip section whereas in figure 24.120 a section in the outer wing is illustrated at a larger scale. The thinner leading edge and thicker trailing-edge region are evident. Also the root section suggests more front loading than on the A310. In figures 24.121 and 24.122 the spanwise thickness distribution and wing twist are shown.

Figure 24.121 - Airbus A320 spanwise thickness distribution

Figure 24.122 - Airbus A320 wing twist


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