Unholy matrimony of nude roses by BlackFlame Moaning night,thy cheek I kiss,my beloveth Venus, Stars aligned on thy

face like the gleaning powder on the face of a corpse, Thy castles is now graveyard The garden becometh thy tomb, Where nude roses laid in scarlet catamenial blood... Waves of black organdi weave thy pale beatitude And a rose falls from my claws on the grave of thy youth Thy ghost drinks the wine of rotten grapes And thy mouth grasps on the tender bouquet of the liquor On the ancient taste.. As Bachus wedges in his own dreams of hate, Whereupon you wove the moonlit haze of dying winter. Nude roses laid on thy lips in magnificent obscene And flowers rotten kiss the orchid of thy mouth In unholy matrimony of death and love.. A scenery of devastated perfection in thy emerald universe of grief A garden of slumber,floating in mirth... I hear thy moan that severes through webs of ectoplasm With demonian fires that flee throughout hell to embrace thy limbs, Awake!In the night be released on a bed of black nude roses In whirlwinds of ravens come again forth thy pale... Moon osculates thou in lesbian desire, In orrised,misty burial ground Thou deceiveth the time and space With thy abhorent beauty... But now on thy cemetary gate I see the carved riddles of thy face.

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