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Basic occult and psi abilties

Basic occult and psi abilties


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Basic articles: psi balls, telepathy, clairvoyance, psychic shielding, healing, telepathic suggestion etc :)
Basic articles: psi balls, telepathy, clairvoyance, psychic shielding, healing, telepathic suggestion etc :)

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Published by: Ondine_ on Nov 19, 2008
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Steps to making psiballs- Havik Here is one of the most important steps in Psionics.

This skill is very useful for you, and can also be very dangerous to you, and others. What Are Psiballs? Psiballs are balls of energy made of Psi-energy. These balls are limitless. They are fun to play with and easy to use. This article is to teach you how to make a Psiball, and to give you a little information as to what you should do once you can make a Psiball within 2 Minutes. The Dangers Well first off. Psiballs are, like I said before, limitless. So that means if your angry at someone, think of it as your Psiball is angry as well. If you were to tell it to, "hurt (name)" Most likely, (name) will be hurt by your attack. Sometimes you can not control it. It could very well harm you, and others. With this said, that informs you of ONE of the many dangers there can be to doing Psionics. Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to say that Psiballs are dangerous and you should stay away from them. I'm saying, that if your not careful, someone could get hurt Including yourself. Don't take this subject lightly. Troubles Yes I know how it's going to be. Your going to learn this, after about three attempts at it, you'll say, "Is this really all I can do with this?" Here's your answer, no. You can do almost anything with Psiballs. However after doing that about three times? The other stuff will be way over your head. Once you can make an decent Psiball within under 2 minutes or so, then you should move on. Preparation OK, here's the truth. As much as you may want to, your not going to be jumping off walls, teleporting across countries (Maybe in a different sense though) This is not Dragon Ball Z. Although you can do some pretty amazing things with this. As a side note as well, You may make a Psiball, and go, "Why can't I see it?" Now I know what your worrying you'll hear, you expect to hear, "No, they will never be visible." Right? Wrong. With practice you can do something called flaring. Flaring allows you to make the Psiball visible, This takes allot of energy. Although I am not getting into that subject right now. Ok, now your probably saying, "HURRY UP! I WANNA BLOW STUFF UP" Well. A) if thats what your thinking, leave now. B) The learning process begins now.

First things first. If your new, you can start out by meditating, that helps a whole lot. If you don't know what meditating is or how to do it, Ill give you a quick technique. Close your eyes, get comfortable, and just clear your mind, think of nothing for 15 to 20 minutes, more if you need to. Make sure there are no distractions. This can help a lot. The first Psiball I made was done on my first try, it's simple for some people, like it was for me. For other's, no so easy. Gather Energy This is Really easy. What you do is, visualise energy coming from your source. A source can be absolutely anything. Visualize the energy as a mist and you absorbing it. Hands In Position Now this is not necessary. You don't need your hands to make a psiball. Although for newcomers to Psiballs and Psionics, it would be the easiest place to start. Now there are plenty of positions you could have with your hands if you want you could have them like this: ---( o )---- (the ---( and )---- are hands, the o in the middle is the psiball.) There are many different ways you could put your hands just do whatever feels comfy to you. Making The Ball Now that you have your hands in position, and energy gathered, you can move the energy into a ball. Now remember how in the Energy Gathering Article, I said something about, visualization? Well to do this part all you need to do is visualize, and concentrate. Visualize the energy running throughout your body, and down your arms, out your hands. I imagine the energy Swirling into a big ball. With enough energy being put into it, you can start to feel the ball of Psi. You can tell your feeling the psiball by the way it feels, if you feel a warmth in between your palms, a cold sensation, Fuzzy almost fluffy thing in between your palms, A magnetic push or pull type of feeling, or on very, very rare occasions you can physically "see" the Psiball. Now the last one is very rare, but has happened on occasions. I know of one person, that I taught myself. It was a big black Psiball. I wasn't there when it happened. But she wouldn't lie to me. I know her better than that. If you get any of these signs, you have a Psiball, If there is something else that you feel, you can once again e-mail me at, JuggaloDuncan@hotmail.com . If you made a Psiball, Congratulations! You have just Tasted a little bit of something called programming. If you didn't. Then try, try again! You'll get it eventually. There is not one person on this earth who can not do this. So don't think you can't. The only way this

CAN'T work is if you don't believe you can do it, or you don't believe it exists. Trust me. This is all real. Wait...Programming? Yes you probably remember me saying something about Programming. This is the art of giving your psiballs commands to go out in the world and do. You just gave you psiball the command to sit there as a ball of energy. This is what you should go onto next. Also, if you’re thinking, "now I can make Psiballs. Time to go to the advanced section" or "Looks like it's time for me to start learning how to hurt people" First if you thought about the second one, leave this site, never come back. If you said the other one, I think you should just learn to make a shield, and learn to ground yourself. It will help. Make sure you learn to make an actually shield, not just learn to make one, but never try it. Make one first, try different ones, see how they fit, you know? Thank you for taking the time to read through this article. If you have any questions, please Email me at, JuggaloDuncan@hotmail.com Add me on MSN if I give you the permission, if you need extra help. Thank you once again. Simple Shielding Simple Shielding Shielding is important to any psion, not matter his or hers strengths. Empaths, shielding is important for you to, it can keep out unwanted emotions, stop you overloading, detect incoming hostile signals and absorb or reflect them. Shielding is for you, it is simple to. Okay, now to start; I advise you first decide what shield you want and any other specifications. Here are a few simple shields to make this a whole lot easier: • Bubble Shield- The most basic shield. It can absorb empathic projections from everyday people (that simply means, stopping peoples emotions interfering with you.) • Mirror Shield- A little more complicated than the bubble shield, still fairly simple though. It is a shield designed to deflect incoming hostile energy signals and emotions. Simple. • Marshmallow Shield- A shield designed to absorb all incoming… well everything. Now have you chosen? Making the shield. Here are the first few steps to making any shield: • Gather energy- Pick a source, be it yourself, be it the moon, the earth, your dog or your cat, just as long as it has enough energy for you to take from. • Shape the energy- A technique I use is, I first get all the energy inside of me moving, visualize ALL the energy inside of you speeding around all over the place (inside of you),

the make all that energy gather in a ball inside of you. Then visualize the energy ball growing and becoming hollow until you are inside of it. • Programming- This is the step where you need to decide what shield you are making. -Bubble shield: This is the easiest shield to program. Visualize the shield reflecting emotions and incoming enemy energies. I cannot tell you how to program exactly because everyone does it different. -Mirror shield: Visualize the hollow energy sphere turning into a mirror and all emotions and attacks and enemy energies bouncing back from where they came from. -Marshmallow shield: Visualize the hollow shield turning into a marshmallow looking bubble, visualize it absorbing incoming energies and attacks. When it absorbs the energies it makes the shield stronger. • Sustaining the shield- Pick an energy source, ie the Sun. visualize the shield absorbing energy from the Sun. Here’s a tip for the future, you can combine shields to make better shields, for instance, the marshmallow shield on top of the mirror shield. If an attack is too strong for the marshmallow shield to absorb fully, it will rebound off the mirror shield underneath and the rest will be absorbed. With an imagination there are few limits. You’re done! Congratulations! Healing Explained- Brandonslau What Healing Healing, we all know it is not limited to be in a doctor's office waiting on antibiotics or being at home with a cold waiting for your body to kick into action. Healing can be done by YOU anytime, any day. For those of you who don't know what healing is or just simply un familiar in this subject, healing is done by using energy to speed up the time it takes for your body to overcome sickness or pain in your body, but it can also be done for spiritual means. What types of healing There are many types or ways of healing. Using different healing energies and different forms. Now the different types of healing that can be done are:

Pranic Healing-highly developed and tested system of energy based healing techniques that utilizes "prana" to balance, harmonize and transform the body's energy processes. Chakra Healing-Cleansing and Balancing of energy centers/vortexes that are located in various places inside your body.

Psi Healing- Therapeutic technique that involves the channeling of psychic energy or spiritual power through the healer and into the patient. Reiki-is a form of spiritual practice, used as a complementary therapy, proposed for the treatment of physical, emotional, and mental diseases. Human energy field healing/Chios Healing/Aura healing-Like Reiki but have minor differences in techniques and forms. Faith Healing/Spiritual healing-Faith healing is the use of a Deity channeling energy threw you to the patient to cure disease or illness.

Different Forms of Healing There are three major different forms of healing, distance healing,hands on healing, and hands off healing. Hands on healing is the laying on of the hands onto the patient and channeling energy threw to them. Hands off healing is when the healer has his/her hands usually 1-6 inches above the patient's body channeling energy to the patient.This is common with Auric healing. Distance healing is when the healer projects his/her's healing energy from their location to the patient's. How to heal, one technique Hands on healing-Pain -Channel in energy into your body. -Lay your hands onto the spot of the occuring pain. -Focus your energy into the painful area concentrating, influencing(or programing) it to ease the pain and heal the area.Visualize white or golden energy coming from your body into the place of focus. Now for hands off healing all you do is the same thing except take your hands off and visualize the energy coming into the spot. Distance healing you do the same thing just visualize you are there or your energy reaching the spot of focus. Ending Statement

Opening Chakras- Manipulator This article is about chakras and how to open them and.What they are and what most chakras are associated with.Hope you like. Ok, the Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine centered about midway from the front and the back. It's color is red, and it relates to the physical world and the physical body.It is the root, or foundation of consciousness.Here are our survival instincts and our desires for pleasure and procreation.It deals with the material world, and the struggles of life that go along with physical existence. The Sacral Chakra is two finger width below the belly button and directly above the Root Chakra, it's color is orange, and it relates to the etheric world and etheric body. Here is our first center of emotional consciousness, where we reach out and build relationships with others. It is associated with intimacy, trust, sexual relationships, and how we communicate basic feelings. It is also the center of creativity. The Solar plexus Chakra is two finger width above the belly button and directly above the Sacral Chakra. It's color is yellow, and it relates to the astral world and body. Here is the center of power, ruling a basic fight or flight response. and here are the issues of selfimage, self-esteem, and the loss of power, creating fear and anger. It is also associated with issues of control-how we control ourselves, how we control others, or how we let ourselves be controlled. The Heart Chakra is at your heart(hence the name)and is directly above the solar plexus chakra. It's color is green, and relates to the emotional body and emotional plane. Here is the realm of love and connecting to others on an emotional level without need or control being the motivating factor. At this level we explore empathy and relationships-from family and friends, to romance, to the stirring of spiritual, unconditional love. The Heart Chakra is the bridge between the lower and higher chakras. The Throat Chakra is at the base of your throat and directly above the Heart Chakra. It's color is blue, and relates to the mental body and plane. Here is the realm of communication and expressing your idea's. Not only is it the energy center for speaking, it is also the power of listening, because effective communication requires both parties to speak and listen. Here we express the will of our lower chakras, giving word and form to things that are often seen as intangible. Our expressed will is the power of the magic word. The Third eye Chakra, or brow chakra(or ajina chakra, this is the Sanskrit word for it, you might see a lot of people use this word) is between and above your eyes on your forehead, and directly above your Heart Chakra. It's color is purple, and relates to the psychic body and psychic plane. This is the realm of psychic sight, both seeing images of the past, present, and future and projecting magical concepts of what you wish to create.

This chakra is our image of ourselves in action and as a spiritual center, and represents transcending the dualities of the world and finding oneness. The Crown Chakra is just above your head, and centered just as the others are. It's color is pure white, and relates to the divine body and divine plane. Divinity, spirituality, and connection to the source are all in this realm. Described as a blinding light brighter than a million suns, or a thousand petaled lotus(the lotus by Buddha) the totality of the Crown Chakra in many ways is beyond human understanding. It is the idea of unconditional spiritual love and connection to which we aspire. it is the soul, the higher self, and our divine consciousness. Chakra is a Sanskrit word for "spinning wheel" and when doing the meditations you see each chakra as a sphere of spinning energy, or vortex, in there respective colors, and move clockwise(clockwise as if you were standing outside your body looking in). and after seeing them like that and feeling it, I usually morph it into a flower, in there respective colors. I use a lotus, but you can use any flower you wish. Then when you see it as the flower, see and feel it bloom. and here is the actual meditation. sit, stand, lay down(but don't fall asleep.) which ever is more comfortable. Get into at least a light meditative state. Start with the root chakra, see it as a bright red sphere, a vortex, spinning fast in a clockwise direction. Once you can actually feel the energy there, morph it into a flower and feel it bloom. It opens up completely. Move to the sacral chakra and do the exact same except this time it will be a bright orange sphere, and a bright orange flower. Move to the solar plexus chakra and do the same as above, except it will be a bright yellow sphere and flower. Move to the heart chakra, do the same as above but with a bright green sphere and flower. Move to the third eye chakra and do the same as above but a bright purple sphere and flower. Finally to the crown chakra and do the same as above but with a bright white sphere and flower and. with the crown try and make at least the flower bigger than the rest of them.

Now remember it's important to feel it happing as well as seeing it. but you might not feel it when you first start doing the meditation. Thats why practice and repetition is important. Try and do this meditation daily and at the same time each day for a greater impact, and just to make it habit. plus doing it at the same time each day will make it easer to get into a meditative state and. If you wish do it ether before or after other meditation that you may be doing then thats good to. I hope this helps, and if you need anything Else just ask. I don't mind helping to the best of my abilities. oh yea, try and make the meditation last for about 30 minutes at least. that gives enough time for the energy to start flowing at a good pace. But yeah I took me more then 30minutes it doesn't matter how long it takes. TelepathyTelepathy

Telepathy is the communication between minds without any sensory perception. That is basically the ability to read thoughts, receive and send thoughts using ones mind. When doing telepathy you and the other telepath you are communicating with are figuratively radio towers, receiving and sending information to one and other. A trained telepath can look with in ones mind, to some; this is considered a telepathic attack or assault. This is not very nice. Next thing you find yourself in a telepathic battle, just because you didn’t ask. But is that totally unethical? To many, the answer is yes. They feel it is an invasion of privacy. Telepathy is a skill many would love to have, this why I am going to try my best to help those so many. To start of, clear your mind as you would whilst meditating; if you feel it is necessary, meditate by all means. The clearer your mind is the better. An open mind is always better; having a cluttered mind is no good. Having a clear mind relaxes one, but a cluttered mind makes one restless. An easy way to clear your mind is to sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and take deep, slow breathes. You should feel relaxed but not tired. Okay, once you have cleared your mind decide what form of telepathy you want to do; sending or receiving. If it is receiving, the best thing you can do is to keep a clear mind and relaxed body. For now we will focus on sending. You may want to send an emotion, I find sending emotions easy, but you may prefer sending numbers, colors or basic pictures.

To send anything you will want to get a clear picture of it in your head. With emotions, this is easy because all you need is a strong feel for the emotion, fill your self up with the emotion, be it anger, be it joy, fill yourself up. Be cautious to what emotions the receiver can handle though, some people can handle other emotions better than others. What that means is, it is not just OK to send someone a negative emotion just because you can handle it. Some consider this assault too. Other negative emotions would be sadness, grief, etc. Moving on swiftly; you might want to add a picture that strongly relates to that emotion. Once you have that in mind, focus on the receiver. Get a clear picture of them in your head. I like to make a tunnel between my mind and the receiver’s when doing telepathy. Take what ever you are sending and make it as clear as possible and push it down that tunnel. If it’s an emotion, visualize the receiver full of that emotion once it reaches him. By few I have been asked, “Can you actually send words?” My answer is yes, for the simple reason, it has happened with me. A tip for when sending a picture, try make it as basic as possible but at the same time it must relate quite good with what you want the receiver to see. Here are some suggestions on visualization. Give your visual hologram a feel, smell, color, basically anything it would have in real life. This helps a ton! Now to receiving, you get people who are better and receiving more than sending and vice versa. Clear your mind and prepare the same as you would when sending. Get in a comfortable position. Open your mind to the world around you, let your mind become an empty void. Don’t think about anything just relax. Let your mind be subject to any thought that is not your own. If things pop up in your head and won’t go away, there is a chance you have just done telepathy. If you got it wrong, try again. Remember telepathy is not always precise because of all the variables involved such as, clearness of what ever it is being sent, clearness of both, sender and receivers mind, both senders and receivers telepathic abilities. That list goes on, so don’t be put of when dealing with telepathy and you get it wrong, it is life. We were made to fail and then to learn from our mistakes.

I wrote this article to give guide lines to psionic “newbies”. Try this and is it doesn’t feel right, change it to make it feel better and more comfortable, it is you who is doing the psionics, so why should it feel wrong to you? That is what will make you progress.

~Name removed Telepathic Suggestion Manual By ILuvEire I Warnings

II Introduction III Preparation IV Beginning Telepathic Suggestion V Furthering Your Telepathic Suggestion Career VI Conclusion I Warnings Nothing is 100 % safe, and telepathic suggestion is no exception! There are two big dangers with telepathic suggestion: 1) When you link incorrectly the thoughts you send them may rebound back on you causing overload. 2) Overworking your mind because telepathic suggestion tires you out really fast, and no one likes migraines! II Introduction This is a manual that will outline the basics of telepathic suggestion. I will have techniques, and many more tidbits of information throughout. What Telepathic Suggestion Does Telepathic suggestion is when you send information to other people (such as orders) that their subconscious tells them to do. Of course, this is only my take on it. Many people have speculated as to how it works, but I have no concrete information. The only fact I have for you is that it works! You can create forced hallucinations (making people see things that aren’t there or making people not see things that are there) you can use it to make people ignore you, it can even be used to force people to do things (to an extent). What Telepathic suggestion Doesn’t Do You can’t make someone your slave, you can’t make illusions, and you can’t make yourself invisible. So sorry, but that’s how life is. III Preparation What You Need There are a few skills you will need to know to practice telepathic suggestion. You’ll need to be quite good at telepathy (obviously, no need to explain). You will also need to be able to do complex programming and know how to make a good shield (to prevent thoughts from rebounding back if you link badly). Who You Need You must have a subject. I find that animals seem to be the best subjects. There is also something called the subconscious (hopefully you’ll have heard of it before, if not you may want to read about it then come back to this article). This is needed because generally I am the instructions to the subconscious so that it seems that they do the said task on their own. I’ll explain farther into the article. Things You Can Do Without Don’t think that it’s impossible, but at the same time don’t think that your going to have someone doing cartwheels across the room on the first try either. Telepathic suggestion will not give you total control over anyone, or even partial control. Just the slightest control, but it still does the trick.

IV Beginning Telepathic Suggestion Telepathic suggestion is not the easiest skill to learn. It takes a lot of dedication and practice. Are you prepared? Good, I should hope so, as otherwise you probably just wasted a decent amount of time reading the beginning of this article! Techniques There are endless techniques and mo technique seems to work for everyone. Method 1: This is the version that probably works for the biggest majority of beginners, who start with it and progress to another method. First, you push psi out of your third eye area (the space between your eyes) and connect it to your subject third eye area. Second you hollow it out to just the shell. Third, instead of sending or receiving thoughts, you will ping them with orders. Method 2: This method is aimed at people who for some reason link in a way that’s unique to them. First, link in whatever way you do. Second, ping them with orders. Method 3: This is for those of you who don’t link, or who want to use it on more than one person. First, charge your body, and program the psi to ping everyone with orders. Second, program the psi to radiate out from you in waves. I like the visualization of radio waves, or ocean waves, but what works best for me may be totally wrong for you. V Furthering Your Telepathic Suggestion Career There are many (obvious) ways to practice advanced telepathic suggestion. I have some suggestion to practice. I have actually written another article called Practical Practice Ideas. There is a section on telepathy, and there is a wee bit on telepathic suggestion You may also try making a psiball that will telepathically suggest things to people without occupying all your time. A wonderful idea (that I have personally tried) would be to do this and they set your waiter at a restaurant, to bring your check. The cloaking shield is a real (and fictional) favorite made capable through telepathic suggestion. In the beginner section of this article I always use pinging to describe the method of telepathic suggestion, but you are able to send more complex instructions to the subject. If you want to begin this you just start be clearing your mind. Then make up the complex instructions, and follow through with all of the techniques like usual, but when it comes time to ping, you just dump the instructions in, or if you prefer, send them in one instruction at a time. I personally like the ping better, but you might find this method to your liking. VI Conclusion Well…I’ve never done anything like this before. I hope this manual is up to par (though I wouldn’t put it in the ranks of Peebrain). I hope it was fun to read, but more importantly, I hope I got my facts straight. Goodbye, and good luck in telepathic suggestion!

The Art of Scanning This is an article on scanning wich I hope you will enjoy and perhaps find some use of. It will have the following parts; 1.An introduction to the concept of scanning 2.A few simple scanning exercises. 3.Introduction to sensitivity. 4.Common issues when beggining scanning. 5.Types of scanning. 1. Introduction to scanning; Scanning is essentially the act of reaching your awareness out to a target in order to obtain information of some sort. It is extremely simple in it's basic concept and not nearly so much a black art as it is often made out to be, and once can acheive some success with scanning within a few hours to a few days although one will afterwards spend a lifetime trying to master the skill. One note one has to make about scanning is a consideraiton of how the mind interprets information and the concept of sensory literals, for example let's consider sight-it is based on the exciting of certain cones and rods within ones eye by electromagnetism in the visible light spectrum wich then goes through several types of neurological processing in order to be perceived as colour. One must realise that colour is not the original input but an interpretation of it and a different interpretation would lead to a very different cognitive and perceptual universe, one can see a mild exampe of this by the reports of those who have synaeshesia who can 'hear colour' or 'see sound'-the neurological systems wich are associated with one sense get crossed over to one degree or another. Why is this relevent to scanning? Because when scanning a similair process occurs, except for two differences wich are a.unless one is a natural clairvoyant or similair, and even then though to a lesser degree, the mind has no pre-set pathway for dealing with this psychic information, so it gets translated in many different and sometimes haphazard ways. Sometimes one will get a series of very bizarre and abstract symbols wich one must quite awhile to find out how to interpret, other times the information can be very literal. One might get the information channels mixed with sight and then this skill will be called clairvoyance or one might get it as a feeling in ones gut and it will be called intuition even though energetically speaking there may or may not-in my opinion it depends on the individual case-be any sort of literal difference between them and b.partly as a reuslt of this and partyl as a result of the way ones subtle bodies work, ones scanning pathways are in a way infinitely upgradable. One isn't limited to having the information perceived in one way and one can easily obtain a gut feeling or a visual perception depending on what you are looking for. One will have certain natural proclivities due to the way ones mind works, and will tend to develop certain habits, but one is not limited to those and allowing oneself to be limited to those entirely is destructive to ones development as a scanner and will lead to stagnancy. This isn't to suggest one constantly destroy what one has learned previously, but that one should constantly build upon and add nw 'tools', new pathways for the information to manifest itself into consious awareness, as one develops and practices as a scanner.

2. A few simple scanning exercises; I will be giving these in abit of a list format, some basic energy manipulation will be assumed; a.simple coordinate RV; while often considered seperate from scanning by some, it is in my opinion a subset of it and will train one to open the pathway. While an entire discussion of remote viewing is outside of the purview of this article, and I reccomend you pursue it further using whatever research one can, I can give a simple description of the process as well as why it is usefull for the development of scanning ability. Firstly, find a practice target, either try to get a friend to give you one or do a search on google for 'remote viewing practice targets', there are many sites wich will be likely to give you some. Get a pen and paper, write the coordinates, wich serve as a link in standard remote viewing theory to a sort of informational matrix, on the top of the piece of paper and slowly repeat them to oneself ensuring that the message is given to one subconsious mind via this that one is serious about obtaining information. Loosely rest pen on paper and wait until you get a response from the target, do not try to consiously induce this just wait for it, it will be difficult to recognise as anything, perhaps just a squigly line or something very similair to that but it will nevertheless respresent ones first contact with the target. In standard CRV(wich this isn't is, to be truly called standard CRV one must obtain some form of proper training), this is called an ideogram. One must decode the ideogram, finding whatever respnse it gives, what the 'essence' of it is symbolically to you, and then write it down on the paper-just the essence one obtains, NOT an attempt at identifying the target although if any thoughts of identification come in these must be written down too and declared as AOL's. For example, if drew a sharop, pointed zig-zagging line and this 'felt' artificial to you, you would write down maybe 'sharp, pointed, artificial' and if one got an AOL it was say an office building one would write down "AOL 13 story office building"or similair. Do not be discouraged if you get alot of AOL or have difficulty recognising AOL from valid data at first, this is part of the process. Once one has obtained this first contact, one can move on as information comes in, being sure to not rush the process and going for example into sensory data, if one gets an impression of darkness after this for example one would write this down, and so on. This is just a VERY basic introduction to RV for the purpose of introducing one to psychic informaiton flow, if you are insterested in this I highly reccomend you research further. The use of this in training scanning is this; one needs to obtain some form of initial information flow, this method of gaining adirect response wich to a very large degree bypasses the consious mind entirely will teach one in a very direct way how to initially obtain a contact with a line of psychic information flow and prepare one for more advanced things, and begins building the pathways up in a way wich has very little chance of getting muddied with interpretational data. b.Shield scanning; as far as energetic scanning goes, this is the absolute basic's and a great way to build confidence and gain consious control over the initial making of contact with a target. You will need two people for this, one to make the shield and one to scan, after the shield is made the scanner will begin... well, scanning. You reach your awareness out to the shield, just focus on it and allow part of your essential self to be

there-if some visualisation tool of imagining a beam of psi or similair helps you feel free to use it though it's not neccasary and may possibly induce AOL if you're not carefull but as always use what works-and allow impression to come to you. It is not different from the RV exercise suggested above with the essential difference that you are more directly controlling the information flow, just scan the shield with your awareness, note any impressions wich come to you of any sort-don't filter or try to analyse, just report perceptions, intuitions, etc-and eventually come up with a report on the shield. Give the person who made the shield your report and compare to see how much it matches.. c.Car colour scanning; if you have a busy street nearby, this is a great way to begin to practice moving your awareness around alot and switching it. Go to the busy street and reach your awareness out to it, and find the colour of a car coming up, then switch your awareness quickly to find another, and then another and keep on scanning even as you are getting immediate feedback on the colours of the cars passing by as they come up. Often one will get a colour just next to the position of the colour of the car one thinks it is, just don't get discouraghed and learn from such lack of precision and use it to train precise control. This is an excellent exercise to perform if you're going to be reffing sparrs as often a sparr can become very hectic with alot of things being thrown around very swiftly. d. X-ray clairvoyance; this helps with integrating ones bilocated, far-away scanning with ones constant baseline awareness, basically just get a book you haven't read and try to see what for example the first letter on a page is. Just basically try to stare through it and allow ones sight and awareness to sort of penetrate the book, this can become very literally visual at times. 3.Introduction to sensitivity; The previously suggested exercises will have already trained ones sensitivity to a fairly high degree if they have been practiced in a dedicated manner, but sensitivity itself has to be considered seperately. It is very neccasary to scanning that one be sensitive to a target, in fact it is half of the whole point of scanning. One way to train sensitivity is to just listen around one and attempt to predict what sound will come next, and with enough practice this 'listening' will swiftly become a constant sense in itself wich has many benefits, but there are a few others. For example; Telepathic sending/receiving exercises; anything wich involves telepathic sending/receiving will train obviously both the reception of telepathic signals, and so telepathic sensitivity wich will make you more sensitive to such signals when scanning, and general psychic sensitivity and the process of trying to 'sniff out an impression'. I personally would reccomend whole stories for this purpose rather than the usual shaped and colours sorts of games, but as you will. Subtle body reception; Remember the discussion in introduction to scanning about the basic process of reception? Well... what constitutes the actual receiver for psi perceptions? Considering the way psi works, it is very unlikely to be ones body body or any part of it except as afinal step in the process, so it must be either free-floating or an

aspect of ones being wich can be defined as what is traditionally known as a subtle body, wich is basically the body one has on another level of existance. Some of these bodies are the ones wich one detaches from ones physical body in order to perform astral projection, if you're familiar with chakra's you are already partially familiar with the concept. Some might disagree about wether or not these literally exist, my own view tends towards them being very literally existant as well as symbolically and subjectively existent, but they are a very usefull concept to use when performin scanning either way. In order to acheive a psychic perception according to this theory, there must be some form of impact upon these bodies; hence, making these bodies more sensitive to such impacts is very much in a scanners insterest. The two exercises wich I have practiced to directly increase such sensitivity are: having smeone scan you at ones chakral points, scanning at a certain point and just basically waiting there with ones awareness, while you try to feel what chakra point is being scanned. This will directly sensitise these points and allow one to receive other perceptions from them with a far increased clarity. Using them as adjuncts in scanning; this has to come with a warning, it is very easy to accidentally overload yourself while doing this but basically one scans a target, any sort of target, and when one has obtained some form of contact one then sort of 'asks' part of ones subtle bodies what it can receive about the target, for example one might ask ones astral hands what they are receiving and get a gooey, tingling feeling, then ask ones third eye and get an intuition of a spherical shape and then ask ones etheric eyes and get an impression of a bunch of bright lines shooting upwards. Then you get feedback and learn it was a soft-textured power gathering constructs made out of two spheres circling around each other gathering ambient energy and storing them in the ceiling or something similair. This is just a very basic idea of how to increase your sensitivity, with some creativity you will come up with many others of equal or greater use. 4: Common issues when beggining scanning: a.Scaling; this is something talked about in an article at the psion guild, basically it means one will often lose ones point of reference while scanning. The most common form of this is scanning something and smacking your awareness right into the target, an amusing example would be scanning somenoes sword construct and smacking right against the point; you get a sudden headache and an impression of a dot as your perceptions. The best way to avoid this at least at first is to avoid jumping to conclusions and be sure to try to scan the target from multiple angles, zooming in and out and thus getting a good grip on it. b."I can't see anything!"; this issue has multiple components, one being a visual bias with the expectation that information has to come in sight when it could just as easily come in the form of a gut feeling, a texture or just a sudden idea, another being a lack of sensitivity wich can be dealt with by practicing more and another being pre-judging of perceptions-basically your deeper mind did present you with a perception, but it was very subtle, perhaps a slight flash of red with a slick texture and you just shrugged it off and decided it was nothing or passed it off as part of your thoughts. Your mind then decides

you are not going to take what it gives seriously and in simple terms decides to just not bother anymore. c.Too much AOL; The best ways of correcting this are; mental fluidity, describing rather than identifying and breaking ones perceptions apart, eventually one gets a feel for what is valid data and what is AOL and until then one just has to keep on practicing until this develops. d.Too much information; Often when scanning, once your mind has decided you are going to act on what it gives, you will get all the information in a sudden flash-flood. Just work with it, pick through it for whatever you can get and clear your mind and basically ask yourself for the pieces of it. 5.Types of scanning; Here are a few types of scanning you can try out to expand your perceptions and build your perceptual instrument: Field scanning; basically one scans someones energetic field, this is very simple to do and is much like shield scanning, and in fact it can sometimes be very easy to confuse someones field with a shield depending on how toughened their initial field layer is, wich often does become toughened to such a degree it functions as a natural shield, and how well-programmed the shield is. One small game to play with this is to have one persons try to alter their field and then have the other scan it, compare results and see how well they match. Telepathic scanning; Basically like any other form of scan except you will look into their minds, just look for the general 'frequency' of their telepathy and you will come across it. Don't be impatient if it's fragmented or hard to navigate at first, and also don't neccasarily jump on it if it comes extremely clear at first. Just let the perceptions flow, and move your awareness around to try to find what you need. Systems scanning; Scanning peoples subtle bodies. There are many models for how to do this, the four-plane model of etheric, astral, mental and spiritual being a very common one. If you become known for scanning you will get scanning requests wich amount to a systems scanning request alot of the time, for just practice you can have one person do anything wich involves working with their own systems, self-modifications to qi gong, and then scan it and then compare results. Tech scanning; 'Tech' is a form of energy working much more efficient than constructs, in order to scan tech be prepared for alot of symbolism when trying to interpret the data and concentrate alot on how the information is flowing through the piece of tech. http://www.omnimancy.com has some information on tech, despite their very regrettable decision to keep their own tech 'closed source' as it were. I hope you enjoyed this article, Sincerely Felidae-ICTX

Peace, Love, Anarchy Clairvoyance Explained- Brandonslau Clairvoyance By Brandon (Brandonslau) A bad thing? Clairvoyance, one of the many psychic abilities that have been misunderstood. In the old days it was thought a clairvoyant person was a witch and must be killed. And that’s not all, clairvoyance was never to be thought of as a popular psychic ability, people thought that seeing events of the future would be horrible, they feared seeing bad things such as death or rape, or seeing spirits was thought of bad. But I, Brandon will tell you no, seeing things such as death, rape, and/ or spirits isn’t necessarily bad. Now with me just stating that you might say “Who is this guy, is he on drugs or something?”(just to be clear the answer is no, lol I thought I could make it somewhat humorous),But before you jump to that conclusion let me explain further. See some, not all visions or a psychic impression of bad things in the future is a chance to change it, let me clarify that. Lets make up a scenario here. You are the psychic I am your best friend, you have a vision of me being hurt at a party, just before the party you tell me its not a good idea to go. Of course I’m going to say “Well, why?” and you would say something like this trying not to freak me out about the whole psychic thing “I have a bad feeling about it.”, obviously I’m not going to listen and say something like it’ll be alright. So you follow me to the party and stick around, later some gang walks in and you saw them at the door first so you rush to me, greet me and take me to the outside patio to talk. Then as you and I are outside you hear a gun shot. You find out that there was a small agreement and the gun aim was off and there was a bullet right where I was sitting. That is a sort of long but description of a vision you can change, sometimes you can change and sometimes it was meant to be. But I’m no psychic (or good at being psychic) Actually you are psychic, deep inside you there is a voice, the voice is you, your psychic soul telling you things that’s why you get those feelings in your gut, or a voice you actually hear someone say something such as “don’t go there” about some things. This is called intuition, most of your intuitive abilities are buried deep inside you, waiting for you to grab a shovel and find them. “How do I do that?” you do what I did research, use everything you can, including the internet and your local library. Its best to start off researching rather than practicing to be sure this is really what you want, meditate (and remember its not about how long you do its how often you 15 minutes is good enough),then practice. It’s good to be apart of a group online or in real life to learn from each other and share thoughts/experiences.

My Research in Clairvoyance This is the part of the article where I will tell you what I have found out about clairvoyance personally, besides the previous parts you have read on this page. Ok I have researched a lot on this subject it pretty much took time out of my daily life for me to get on the computer or go to my local library to read on it. A developing clairvoyant I was (still am) seeking everything I could find about it, but when I was a newbie to this I joined an e group on yahoo that was based on psychic phenomena. Of course it wasn’t just a group to me after some time it was more of a friendly community of like minded people, when I joined the owner told me “Don’t hesitate to ask questions.”, believe me I took full advantage of that opportunity. I asked many questions, soon after I began reading e books on clairvoyance learning exercises to improve my ability. Such as throat friction, when I breathed a certain way and focused on something called the third eye chakra and it would help my third eye open, which is believed to give off the ability of clairvoyance. I researched these chakras, they where described to be energy centers but there are 7 main ones they are psychic channels you open to gain psychic awareness and ability growth. So I began to learn to work on the third eye and my solar plexus chakra (the intuitive center) since both where appropriate in my mind to what I was seeking (clairvoyant abilities). As the third eye was my main focus the solar plexus chakra moved out slowly then I began reading books in the library on clairvoyance, one book caught my eye in particular, I don’t remember what it was called but I read under the chapter of clairvoyance this exercise that only required visualization(as do most). It said to close your eyes visualize a switch by your forehead and turn it on and see one eye slowly opening and getting wider, then imagine a zipper on your head and unzip it slowly to hear psychically better. I don’t think that technique has brought much food to the table but that’s one exercise. I kept on searching the net after that and I found a website called Clairvision where I found a free e book with exercises for clairvoyance and how to practice it. Of course I began to read it at the end of the article ill give you a link to it. Continuing on I eventually learned how to cause visual psychic impressions while eyes closed I have only had about 6 though. Well this is the end of my article there is miscellaneous things at the bottom of the page, I hope you enjoyed me article (you better it took a while to write). GOODBYE!! Resources : Clairvision free download pdf. “Awakening the Third Eye”: http://www.clairvision.org/ckb/ckbe/ckbc/fol_0000_0700/cat_0000_2222/qid_2007_0000 _0003.html -This is a great book for ALL clairvoyants or people interested in seeing. Types of Clairvoyance:

Seeing involves help from spirits where the messages are transmitted in symbolic form or vague visions. Seeing Viojora is where the clairvoyant views the situation as if they were actually there Forms of Clairvoyance: Psychometry Precognition Remote Viewing Past Clairvoyance Future Clairvoyance Auric Sight Skrying Distance Clairvoyance

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