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CRISIL Business School Grading has rated TAPMI with an "A Triple Star" grading in their national as well as state level Grading of Management Educational Institutions in the country. CRISIL's ratings process is designed to ensure that all ratings are based on the highest standards of independence and analytical rigour. CRISIL employs a multi-layered, decision-making process in assigning a rating.

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• Prof. Chowdari Prasad • Prof. Jaba Mukerjee Gupta • Prof. A V Ramanacharyulu • Prof. Sridhar Aithal • Prof. Kushankur Dey • Dr. Manjunath • R. Hareesh (Staff)

Golden Peacock
Lifetime Award for Ramdas Pai
3WDrded tile Golden
Manl'p.iIl Dr RJlIIl<ias M Pnl. chairman. Ma· n ,pal Educll' WI! ,an d M~<llcal Grnup.l1asll""n

Acl:llevom.nt Award for 2011 ill reccgnhlen of his eontrlbutlon In the fl aid nr educntlQn and healtncare, Dr Pal I'ileel""d the ilwart! from M voera"rm MOil)l Unl~" mlnister ro!'

J'(!llcool< t., l'etirn.!'

on '1\ItaI Qu.'ility held III Sa !lgalore, II preMt'elell&' from MlInJpal IJnlverslly h ere states. Dr Pal 'VIIS conferred Padma Bhushan e<ll'ly in 2011 and Illtelastyear he was award ad Dat'\lk. III Malay.lan nWll,nl. Tha Golden P~a. cock award was o:anferreil by the lnsU tu te of Dl:reclors. an ape" o11lani,.ntlon of o:ampany dlreclolCS inlndin. Atllibulln,g hi" SlICl:<!SS to ~lTol'lsof enllrsJl.1@1pa1fa;nll:ll Dr Pal said: "lhave rece1ved lheaward as al-epresenllltive of the ~nt!re learn, who has t,og~thl>l' put In tlmlr effil rts to millie tlle group" vfb!'anl unit In abova nelds."

corporate arra Irs, at the22nd Wtll:!dCOP~ss

jointly with Hall]. . It has joined the already existing bouquet of in-house magazines like Pratibimb (monthly e-magazine). Fabulous placements have This is my first message as Director. this is a fine way to keep our stakeholders informed of them. various sections happened at TAPMI at a time when many other premier b-schools have been learnt to be tottering. He has published Coughlan. Dr R C Natarajan Or R C Natarajan has taken over as Director of TAPMI on February 01. of which 15 years in Sales and Marketing in FMCG industry in India [including six years at AMUL where he worked before shifting to academics]. Or R C Natarajan's research interests are in writing cases and papers in the areas of Distribution Management and Marketing Strategy. through the second issue of TAPMI Newsletter. It is indeed a pleasure to write a foreword to an issue across that contains faculty all good of staff and developments TAPMlansalumni. So too. Stem and EI-Ansary [Pearson-Prentice a textbook on Marketing Channels. and we shall keep our search on to document and appreciate their achievements. He has 28 years of work experience. Anderson. January 2012 has been a month of motivation for us all. He is interested in training in the areas of Communication. 2012. said Hugh Prather. He teaches Marketing Management. The MeSB's Deferral Team made a visit and expressed satisfaction about our efforts and progress. Mumbai. I am sure there are many others that we are probably not yet aware of. Events at TAPMI give us ample scope for such motivation. He has many publications to his credit. many happenings were witnessed at TAPMI. Let us stay in touch with each other with regular flow of news both ways. and Marketing Strategy. Research Newsletter (Half-yearly) and UPOATE(annual). Negotiation and Conflict Management. Distribution Channel Management. The key to motivation lies in looking back as to how far we have come rather than in being amazed by looking forward as to how far we still have to go. Abhijna (a quarterly for Alumni news). which include articles in peer-reviewed joumals and three case analyses in Vikalpa of 11M-A.TAPMI We are left with immense gratification that our endeavour has been in the right direction and at the right pace. He obtained his doctorate in management from Manipal University. Newsletter reaches The next issue of Abhijna is If this TAPMI disseminate our alumni to awaiting to capture more such news. information about all the happenings on campus. Five of our alumni proved different from the rest of their colleagues in the industry. With many events happening in and outside the Institute. the major purpose of its birth would be achieved. Atharva has touched new heights this year raising the bar for future batches. besides esteemed visitors. which started only last month. members. students. He holds a PGDRM (IRMA) and MA-Econ (JNU). is now gaining conviction that it can be sustained. TAPMlans proved that they are holistic in their personality by returning with seventeen medals from the inter-b-school sports meet at SPJIMR. Much water has flown through the river Suvarna in January 2012. The new initiative called TAPMI Newsletter. He was conferred the Dewang Mehta Best Teacher of Marketing Management award by the 17th Business School Affaire at Mumbai in 2008. He is a Professor of Marketing Management.

seminars or conferences and so on towards academic commitments. This year's annual sporting event called Speed2012 was more like a mini-Olympics showcasing to these visitors on January 12. Two new staff members have joined the TAPMI family during the month to add to our strength. Prof Chowdari Prasad Fortunately. be it approvals from the regulator for increasing number of seats in our PGDM programs Agencies. on Founder's Day the January 17 that we had the proud feeling of launching the TAPMI Newsletter after planning for several months and converting the news and events of December into black and white (of course printed in colour). examinations. at Mangalore and Manipal.. You will be happy to read though this issue on the One Day Workshop on Blue Ocean Strategy held at CEE. the month of January had series of events worth mentioning! activities of TAPMlans. Goonj and Natch have added music and colour in our students displaying their fine arts and talents for both entertainment and competitions. It was hardly a fortnight back.TAPMI It is our pleasure to release the second issue of TAPMI Newsletter for February 2012. or encouraging B-School rankings by various Business Magazines and Market Research For all the scaling up exercises we took up during this academic year. Another much awaited and sought after visit of the Deferral Team of AACSB from US has made all of us to straighten up for preparing to hit headlines soon. Bangalore to begin with. TAPMlans have always been the humble citizens in celebrating Republic Day not merely by saluting the National Flag on the Jan 26. Finance (Horizon) and Health Care (Abhyudaya) forums. Similarly. The year gone by had given enough of it. here is the second issue full of information on all the What a hectic month January too was? The New Year 201 2 seems to have begun for TAPMI with equal fervor as it was throughout in 2011. Some Faculty and Alumni have also made TAPMI proud with their accomplishments of special nature. the students groups have also compounded with a bigger version of BrandScan 2 . etc. we on an onwith the And were also praying that our Institute should keep on attracting important visitors from allover going basis for intellectual interactions management fraternity. but also by offering voluntary blood donation. sessions.. mega-event in Atharva with a banging musical nite by SaleemSulaiman Band. placements. quizzes. travel. Another regular event to remember was the doubled-up Founder's Day on January 17 with two eminent speakers to deliver the Memorial Lectures. courses. We were hoping against hopes that TAPMlans should go on indulging in events after events and achievements galore month after month inspite of busily engaging themselves in classes. Information on CAT and XAT as also International B-School Rankings by Financial Times have been included for awareness of all. details of all these are given in the pages to follow . multiplied Conclaves number of by HR (Disha). increased number of Visiting Professors in various courses.

The songs varied depending on the themes The esteemed judges Ms. found the energy of the atmosphere very infectious and they were found to be enjoying themselves thoroughly. V. The orchestra team of Bhakta Brothers made sure that all the performances went by perfectly. The zeal with which all the students practiced and performed was evident from the wonderful performances on the D-day. Robert Bong. The crowd encouraged all the performers with their cheering throughout the evening and didn't seem to get enough of the performances. One day Workshop on Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS): India Blue Ocean Strategy TAPMI Research Centre. The restriction on the number of participants from the music committee ensured maximum participation from all the students. Neeta Inamdar. Dr. Balaji took over as judges for the remaining performances. A. Sankalpa Bhattacharjee left the audience electrified. 3 . Balaji. Goonj was nothing short of an extravagant musical night with performances from across the sections of PGP showcasing hidden talent amongst the students. Head of Centre for European Studies of Manipal University. He surprised everyone with a great performance of an old song and all the students and faculty swayed to his slow and melodious song. who are eminent musicians. Though the judges had to leave after just 2 rounds due to other obligations. the founder of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Bharati Institute and Dr.TAPMI Events at Institute chosen by the different teams. delivered the sessions. Prof. from CRICT . Uma Udaya Shankar. Professor & Chairman. Prof. Ramanacharyulu. Sankalpa and Dr. The workshop was held on January 06. an alumnus of KMC and a guest faculty of TAPMI who was invited to the event.Asia. GOONJ-2012 The most awaited two day cultural event of TAPMI. The variations could be seen from the seventies to the current fads and across various languages. Nine participants from different companies in India attended the work shop. with his tabla performance. The seven sections of PGP-1 and PGP-2 displayed some great talent. There was also Dr. It was a nice opportunity for the students to unwind from the rigour and take a back seat to relax a little. organized a one day work shop on "Exploring Indian Blue Ocean Strategy path for Indian Business".Strategy & Gen Management in TAPMI coordinated the workshop. 2012 at CEE Bangalore. Dr. Towards the end. WAVES-2012 started off with a bang on the 9th of January with the intra TAPMI dance competition 'Naach' and ended on 10th January with 'Goonj' interclass music competition.

BACetc. The Team had brief meetings with the Alumni. Everybody was refreshed and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the show. Richard Pegnetter and Dr. KMC . The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (MCSB) was founded at USA in 1916 to accredit schools of business worldwide. AACSB DEFERRAL TEAM'S VISIT Speed 2012 "Speed-2012". MCSB Accreditation is known. The sizzling opening ceremony. Faculty and the Management. continuous improvement throughout their business programs. SAQS. Chowdari Prasad who also sang a couple of lines and showed his interest in singing.both Goonj and Naach. The 7 Teams were : Kryptonites. Angry Monks. master's. Sridhar. As you are aware of. was declared and the team was ecstatic. the sporting extravaganza of TAPMI. The combined winner of the event WAVES. as the longest standing. IACBE. Mr. The result was taken in good strides by all the other students as they cheered the winners and this concluded the 2-day festival of TAPMI. Sports in-charge. specialized accreditation for business and accounting programs at the bachelor's. The first accreditations took place in 1919. presided by revered athlete. In a spectacular display. The other international accreditation agencies for B-Schools are AMBA. The stated mission is to advance quality management education worldwide through accreditation and thought leadership. Dragon Warriors. kickstarted on 12th January. The AACSB Accreditation Standards challenge post-secondary educators to pursue excellence and 4 . The Deferral Team of MCSB with members Dr. Equis.ACBSP.TAPMI Finally the winners Korezz of PGP-2 collected their award from Prof. AACSB provides internationally recognized. Thunderbolts. TAPMI is in the final stages of MCSB Accreditation process. The Fource. an annual sporting event is organized to provide a podium for TAPMlans to showcase their sporting talent and facilitate them to excel in extracurriculars amidst the entire academic rigor. Speed. Homer Erekson visited the Institute from the afternoon of 11th January 2012. Spartans. Angry Monks of PGP-1 . The team concluded their visit by the evening of 13th January 2012. TAPMI skies were illuminated by the "lantern flying" drawing an apt parallel to the vibrant student life in the campus. most recognized form of specialized/professional accreditation an institution and its business programs can earn. worldwide. saw the unveiling of the mascot and lighting of the SPEED flame. and doctoral level. The Blazers.

A. Dr. Bank Operations Management. Pai which intended to give back to the society by creating similar employment opportunities. Ganesh Pujary Office Staff for completing 10 years and Dr. T. Pai Memorial Lecture in the memory of its founder late Shri T. Additional Chief Secretary. A. Vasudev Rao initiated the event by welcoming the guests. The awardees included Mr. Pai Memorial Lecture TAPMI organized its 29th T. The Program was attended by 34 Participants from various branches of IGiCI Bank from allover the country. volleyball.A. the participants were taken to Malpe Beach. throw ball. A. Goa. Team Building. A.A. Panandiker. standing a testimony to the TAPMI spirit of excellence. field & track events amongst others. Manipal during January 16-21.TAPMI The intra-TAPMI event will be spread across two months and include various sporting competitions. football. The Chief Guest for the evening was Dr. The sessions included Key trends in the Banking Sector. Dr. ICICI Bank Training Programme 16-21 Jan Leadership Training Programme for the Probationary Officers of IGiCI Bank(Sth batch) was orgainsed at TAPMI. presented the awards to the employees of TAPMI who completed 10 and 20 years service. Pai at Hotel Valley View on 17th Jan' 12. Founder's Day & 29th T.Dean (Academics) and Mr.2012. Simon George . Chairman of TAPMI Governing Council. Dr. Rao elaborated on roles of Shr Pai and Dr. An award ceremony was also held at the event where Dr Ramdas Pai. namely cricket. Manipal University.A. Upendra Pai in forming Canara Industrial and Banking Syndicate Limited in 1925 named later as Syndicate Bank. V.The ongoing event has seen wholesome participation and immense competition. Soans Farm where Creativity and Innovation modules were worked out. Academy of International Education. Besides regular sessions. was the guest of honour for the evening.Office Superintendent for completing 20 years. Shri K.Pai who laid the cornerstone of TAPMI over 30 years ago. who delivered a lecture on innovation brought in by Shri T. Rao acknowledged the contribution of Padma Bhushan awardee Shr. Government of Karnataka. Narayana . 5 Dr. Pai in banking & governance. Students represent their sections as teams and each team will fight for the coveted championship and will be deemed the winner of Speed 12' . Organizational Communication. Managing People-Interpersonal & Group Behaviour etc which were handled by Faculty of TAPMI and Guest Faculty. Noting the contributions of Shr Pai. President. Branch Management. . Jairaj . Rao recalled the vision of T.

According to him. 15 Silver and 7 Bronze. and TAPMI stood 4th overall in the very first year of participation. wewill come back with more". Pai by Moraji Desai. Ask the students how it was and they say. the then Prime Minister of India. Shri. Indian Postal System & ISRO in bringing about results that truly matters to the general public. badminton. squash. He concluded his lecture by saying that the biggest challenge for the youth today is to foster a just durable economic social order in the country via efficient public-private partnerships. A. There was victory. carrom and athletics. It was an experience that will be remembered. Konkan Railways. Pai believed was entrepreneurship. Jairaj in his lecture stated that today management and bureaucracy are converging. LlC of India etc. India could take inspiration from organization such as Indian Railways. received the copy of the Abhijna. Dr. Jairaj and underlined his achievements in academics and professional dimension. According to Dr. Dr. wh ich was to make the innovative social banking system sustainable. A. "Wait for the next year. but we also tasted failure. creativity & clarity. Panandiker emphasized the vision of T. Jairaj. Gururaj Kidiyoor. NITIE. Jairaj on the topic "Management & Bureaucracy: Are they Antithetical?". The second issue of the quarterly alumni newsletter "ABHIJNA" was released by Shr. They were one of the largest contingents taking part in the event and the proud winners of 26 medals. Shri. Chowdari Prasad introduced Shri. throwball or table tennis. MOl. Jairaj has resulted in inefficiency. 11M-I. 39 students from TAPMI started out on the on their journey to Mumbai. Pai's contributions to Synd icate Bank. cricket. NMIMS.IIM-K. Dr. Speaking on T. Panandiker elaborated on how in late 1960s the task of developing an acceptable social control of banking system was entrusted on T. Panandiker appreciated the challenges taken by T. ISS. as many as 840 students competed in 15 different sports. that included among others. IMT-G. Prof.Pai in establishing a new paradigm in banking by making credit an instrument of banking and not the engine which Mr. Shri. JBIMS. Pai was of the opinion that money should be given to those who need it and not to those who already possess it. T TAPMI. etc. Dr. In the event. said Shri. On the 20th January. Pai. Sprint 2012 Sprint is SPJIMR's sports extravaganza that provides a platform to promote sportsmanship among the best talents from top Indian B-Schools. are innovation. It was a long journey and all our players were waiting to smash their opponents! The event saw participation from 17 BSchools. He also highlighted that such convergence results in professional development. The audience at the event also got the opportunity to listen to another brilliant lecture delivered by the guest of honour Shri K. PGP Chairman.TAPMI On this occasion. clarity of objectives. with a thought in mind. A. Jairaj identified several factors such as difference of ownership. KJSOM. human resource and organization structure where a better co-ordination was required between public and private enterprises to create a better India. 6 . Pai. "TAPMI Newsletter" was launched. 11FT. Kudos to SportsCom for pursuing this and making it happen. The strenuous relationship between the political system and the public. who is also an alumnus of the institute. Be it basketball. volleyball.K. Dr. 4 Gold. to win as many medals as possible and to show that TAPMI considers sport a very essential ingredient to the holistic development of its students. Ramdas Pai received the First copy of the TAPMI Newsletter. The students ofT APMI were present everywhere. He appreciated the role of bureaucracy in maintaining consistent governance in all geographical locations across the nation. FMS. A. Panandiker the key lessons to be learnt from T. football.A.

Vasudev Rao hoisted the national flag followed by national Anthem. helps align the schools to the global best practices. Chairman. brings the school closer to the global peer schools and helps scale up to International level of working. Students of TAPMI and Lions Club donated blood and 43 units of blood was collected on th is occasion. He also visited other facilities and LibraryofTAPMI. A Blood Donation camp was organised in association with Kasturba Hospital. Associate Dean. Manipal and Lion's Club of Manipal. The Agency has its footprint in 83 countries worldwide and 7 . Director Dr.Academics. Robert Newton.Degree Programme. Associate Dean. staff and students. Aberdeen Business School. Faculty. He had a brief discussion with Director. Robert Gordon University. MCSB International of USA being the pioneer has set standards and literally led the Accreditation movement for nearly a Century.TAPMI Republic Day at TAPMI TAPMI celebrated 63rd republic day with faculty. Staff.International Exchange Program and explored the possibilities of a Dual. UK visited TAPMI. The SEAA Conference International Accreditation has come to stay in India and nearly 100 Top B-Schools of the country are today undergoing the International Accreditation process which is independent. Dr.

and senior journalist Dr. 8 . MLC. He had creative solutions to the problems. 11FT. TAPMI Feature in CNN IBN channel were telecasted on: 20th Jan' 12 (Fri) at 1730 hrs and 22nd Jan' 12 (Sun) at 1630 hrs under Shining B-Schools of India. Standards for Educational Advancement & Accreditation (SEAA) Trust. Perfetti. Pai. president of the zilla panchayat Katapady Shri Shankar Poojary.TAPMI recently opened its books in India with the first accreditation accorded to the world renowned Indian School of Business (ISB) Hyderabad. A number of Banks and Financial Service companies are expected on campus in Feb 2012. V. MRF. Chairman of Manipal Media Network Ltd Shri T. Shri Raghupati Bhat. LBSIM. two. Eschool.H. NMIMS. Wipro. Dr. Renault Nissan. S. He was speaking after releasing a book on T. A Book on T. Bangalore Higher Education Minister Dr. He worked according to his conscience. Tata Steel. Shivananda Bekal in the series of books on effective parliamentarians brought out by the Karnataka State Legislature Library Committee. Kota Srinivas Poojary. R C Natarajan participated and presented a Paper at the One Day Conference. Chancellor of Manipal University Dr. he always helped others. BIMTECH. Till the end of January 2012. Tata Capital etc. Among the companies which have picked up students. It covered 10 Star B-Schools in which TAPMI was included. AMUL. Dr. Satish U. which pioneered International Accreditation Advocacy and Facilitation in India three years earlier through networking with the best of the accreditation bodies from the around world including the MCSB International is proud to team up with AACSB International to bring the Experience Sharing at the INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION CONFERENCE at Bangalore on January 31. Chairman of the Legislative Council Shri D. XLRI. CNN-IBN TV Promo Report on MIP (Management In Practice): The exercise of placing PGP-I students of 2011-13 batches for their two month long summer-internships (mid April to mid June) started off in end September 2011.A. Pai had worked for the upliftment of all sections of society. MLA. Crisil. Pai by Dr. A friendly person. Shankaramurthy presided over the function. 0 & M. Pai by Dr. MRPL.2012 at TheOberoi Hotel. The exercise could be completed by the end of February 2012.A. lTC. NTPC. Acharya said Pai was a talented person and a patriot. A. Dr. we have big names like Titan Watches. Acharya lauded the Committee for bringing out books on effective parliamentarians. The other B-Schools that were covered got were MOl.M. SAIL. Aditya Birla Retail. Kamath were present.thirds of the batches were successfully placed. MG Road. Acharya said on January 17 that former Union Minister T. Bharatesh welcomed the gathering and Shri Manjunath proposed a vote of thanks. ISB & M W andSRISNM. Ramdas Pai. Radio Mirchi. M. Shivananda Bekal of Karnataka State Legislature Library Committee. CNN IBN conducted a special eposide named Shinging B-Shools of India. Shri H. T.v.

Anna University. Mangalore. MD & Group Executive (National Banking). Kushankur Dey's Paper has been published in the December issue of Studies in Business and Economics journal. Kozhikode (IIM-K) on "Data Analysis for Management Research". Faculty of Economics. Naveen Kumar Srivastava Area : General Management Topic: Effect of Board Size & Promoter ownership on Firm value: some Empirical Findings from India 2.3. Prof. 2012 at Indian Institute of Management. AICTE. CGM. RM/AGMs. Chief Managers and Senior Staff of the bank. Dr. TAPMI has been awarded AIMS International Outstanding Young Woman Management Researcher Award for her exceptional research credentials. STATR. Name: Dr. Citation: "Maitra. Rajiv V. Studies in Business and Economics. 2012 1. Chowdari Prasad presented a paper on "Leadership Development" at a Conclave of Senior Officials of the State Bank of India during the visit of Shri A Krishna Kumar.TAPMI Fac~age Prof. Romania. The workshop included data analysis using software likeSPSS 20. Director. Shah attended the 5-day Modular Workshop on "Literature Review and Academic Writing Skills" organized from January 9 to 13. Vol. 2012 at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. 119-145. Sulagna Mukherjee. SBI Bangalore LHO on 27th Jan.. GRETL. Human Resources and Finance areas. Mumbai and Shri Ashwini Mehra. D. Ass istant Professor. No. and K. The program had 25 participants with cross functional backgrounds in management representing Marketing. 6. Rishi Keshav Ram participated in a 5 day Faculty Development Programme between January 23-27.75 Lakhs towards the same. This quarterly jounral is brought out by Univeristy of Sibiu. The award ceremony took place on 2nd January 2012 as part of the Ninth AIMS International Conference on Management organized by FLAME. AMOS. The participants were from VIT University. 2012 at Conference Hall. Prof. Suresh. 5. Ramancharyulu's Environmental Management Research Project under the Centre for Inclusive Growth (CIG) has been approved by AICTE which has sanctioned Rs. pp. Shivarama Accountant 9 . pursuing their doctoral program. Dr. Mumbai. This was announced by Dr. Dr. Summer Sands Beach Resort. The participants were DGMs. CO. Ullal. New Delhi. Dey (2011) "Volatility and Spillover Effects in Indian Commodity Markets: A Case of Pepper". Vinod Madhavan and Prof. Name: Mr. Siddhartha Sankar Dash Area : General Management Topic: Common Property Resources (CPRS) and its Management for Entrepreneurial Growth: A study of Keonjhar District of Indian state of Odisha New Staff @ TAPMI Mr. Pune where she received the Award. Ms Latha Takur Academic Assistant-General Management Area JP University and Thapar University. Faculty Seminars held on January 9th.

Anup Dhanuka and Mr.Issues and Challenges" hosted by Institute of Health Management Research (IHMR). NMIMS.IIM-K. Julio Veiga : Indhudhara B. • Three of our Students Mr. 11FT (Delhi). FMS.Throwball (Silver) : Bhargavi Kulkarni. Jagmeet Kaur (HCM-II) won the 1st position in Campus2Corporate Contest 2011 at the State Level. Akshay Khurana. TISS.TAPMI's presence in the Global Top 25 High perform ing teams of BSG: Sec 1 B-2 (named Company DEVIL in the Simulation) Sec 2 J-1 (named company GOOGOL in the simulation) Sec 3 0-1 (Company named Elixir) Q-1 R-2 (Company named Indigo) (Company named Louis Vuitton) economies (Thailand.800m (Silver) 7. 11FT. Jain. Amit Kumar Nahata. In the process. Shraddha Poddar. TAPMI was 4th overall with 26 Medals in 9 different sports (Gold: 4. Supriya S. they compteted against the teams from IIM-C. Romit Jain. Ms. Silver:15. and (c) Attitude and Behaviour.Global Equity Research Challenge at Great Lakes. Rajeshwari Hegde. Prasad Nayak : Adarsh Monga : H. Chennai. Neha Isaac and Mr. 2012. outshining 15 other competitors from allover India (comprising primarily doctors and professors). (b) Communication and Presentation. • A team of PGDM-HCM students exhibited wonderful teamwork and won the National Conference in "Healthcare Management . After three intense rounds on Equity Research Quiz. NITIE. MDI. http://www. Rishi Keshav Ram. Bronze:7) The Medal List and the Events are: 1. Shraddha Poddar. The competition was intense and comprised 3 rounds focusing on (a) Corporate Employability. Ripuna Kanchan : Raghav Mundhra. Niveditha G 9. Neerja Misra. as many as 840 students competed in 15 different sports.1500m (Silver) 8. Kaushik Jadhav. Bangalore on the 6th and 7th of January 2012.P. Great Lakes. SIMSREE. Adarsh Monga : Amal Nicholas : H. Mumbai from 21-23 January. by the time they complete the playing of all ten rounds.4x1 OOm. the other students who helped in collecting data and helping in research were Ms.Squash (Silver) 3. Prasad Nayak . Poland & Egypt) and submit an equity research report for the company residing in that country.Christeena M Philips. The title of the paper was "Paucity in the usage of IT infrastructure invested in hospitals: A real time perspective". In Equitology. Malaysia.Badminton (Bronze) 4. IMT-G.000. Sambit K Mohanty did the presentation. Prasad Nayak : Indhudhara B we wish the above teams and hope that they will reach the GLOBAL Championship round too. IMT-G. Mens (Gold) : Gowtham Kamath. 35.TAPMI Studelilts' Page BSG Simulation Game • There are about 35000 students playing this Simulation game across the globe and currently 80 schools with a spread of 3000 students are going through the rounds. a team had to select one of the emerging 10 2. In this event.Womens (Bronze): Supriya S. Neha Issac.bsg-online.4x1 OOm.400m (Silver) 400m (Bronze) 6. She secured the highest marks amongst the candidates of other states like Tamil Nadu and Orissa. TAPMI and KJSOM.100m (Silver) 5. H. Equity Research Report and Presentation on the subject company. Vamsha Shetty. The event saw participation from 17 BSchools. Neha Issac. Mr. JBIMS. our students were declared winners and were awarded Merit Certificates and a Cash Prize of Rs. Mahatva Agarwal. Niveditha G. • A team of 38 students represented TAPMI in SPRI NT' 12. that included 11M-I.com/stats/top20. Shivaram Kulkarni secured the 1st position at the Equitology . and MrDhananjay Tevathia under the guidance of Prof. Ms.National B-School Sports Competition held at S. She will now be facing the Zonal and National Levels.html?id=925 • Dr. Mr.

1 0320. Prashant Kulkarni.50. Jagmeet Kaur Mr. The names of the students are 1. On her return to India. The scholarship amount is Rs. In WCCLG. as she spent time in the US and UK with her family. Anshul Aggarwal Ms. Mohini Gupta (Batch 1996-1998) 11 . 2. Prashant was a friendly person. Ms. passed away under tragic circumstances near Hebri in February 2000. Paminderjit Sunner Ms.Nikunj Ramani ( PGP Roll No. All the students belonging to Prashant's batch have contributed a sum of money with a request that each year a cash award be given to the best summer project assignment. She also drove their campus recruitment across BSchools and was responsible for the Management Trainee program. Ranjeetha Vasudeva Mr. 3. Dr. Hydrabad Development Centre where she joined the HR team.TAPMI Sir Ratan Tata Trust scholarship • Five of our 2nd year students have been awarded the Sir Ratan Tata Trust scholarship for the year 2011-2012. she joined Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting (WCCLG) where she lead the Business HR function for the Consumer care and Trade lighting business between October 2006 to December 201 O. PGP 2 1 2 3 Ankit Prakash Anshul Agarwal Subramaniam Gopalkrishnan Vikas Khanna Rakesh Salecha Harini Valluri PGP1 Deepak Malik Jayakrishnan T R Late Mr. popular among students as well as faculty. Prashant Kulkarni (Batch 1998-2000) Mr. 4 5 6 Alumni Page: ~ews Alumnus of the Month January 2012 Ach ievements After completing MBA from TAPMI in 1998. The award amount is to be given out of the interest accrued from the total amount contributed by his batch mates. Mohini started her career at Wipro Technologies. Ms. Section 3) has won the "Prashant Kulkarni Award" for his best summer project for the year 2011-2012. From 2001-2006 she took a break in her professional career. she played a pivotal role in driving initiatives like EPS and HR Automation.0001per students. 4. 5. PGDM student. Anup Dhanuka HCM PGDM PGDM PGDM PGDM Prashant Kulkarni Award • Mr. She then moved to Bangalore as the HR Manager for Manufacturing and erstwhile Corporate verticals. CFA Level 1 Examinations • The following Students from PGP 1 & PGP 2 have successfully cleared CFA Level 1 Examinations cleared theirCFALevel1 Examinations in December2011.

Rajesh Mani (93-95 batch). at TI Cycles. Mani says his nine-year stint with Coke put him through the mill of brand management where he handled brands such as Thums Up and Limca. Suresh Mohankumar (1991-1993 batch) 12 . Dentsu Communications. Deep in the alleys of winter-struck New Delhi. With TI Cycles since 2009. taught him how to handle the durables category. Shashank Shekhar Shukla 2002-04 Batch • The TAPMI alum who quit his US-based job to build shelters for the homeless in Delhi • Dentsu Communications appoints Suresh Mohankumar as national planning head: Only earlier this week. earned his marketing spurs in the company that has in its fold the world's most valuable brand: Coca-Cola. Post his MBA from TAPMI in 1995.mohankumar -as-national-p lanninghead/ Article on TAPMI Alumni • "Getting into the minds of consumers is paramount" Mr. Here is currently the Head Marketing at the TI Cycles.ece?ref=wl_features Mr.TAPMI It is good to note the progress of our alumni. A target of 6. For the Fullinterview Please visit the below link. covering 15% of the estimated urban Indian popu lation Iiving out in the open.250 crore programme to provide shelters and other amenities to the homeless in India's cities. Now Head (Marketing). For more information: http://www. He will be based in the agency's Bengaluru office and his mandate includes leading strategic planning and brand management at Dentsu Communications across its New Delhi and Bengaluru offices. a young MBA graduate who is now in the second year of the Teach for India Mr. http://www. which.bestmediainfo. especially those goods that are not top-of-mind such as pressure cookers.com/2012/01 /dentsuappoints-suresh. the Sonia Gandhi-led National Advisory Council recommended with much a Rs 4. he recalls. Hope we may receive more and more such good news from our people. Mani worked three years with TIK Prestige.thehindubusinessline. Rajesh Mani (1993-1995 batch) Business Line carried an Interview of our Alumnus Mr. where homeless people gather around little bonfires at night to keep themselves warm. 38. Mohankumar moves in from Mudra India where he served as senior vice-president and head of planning for Mudra South.Mohankumar moves in from Mudra India where he worked as senior vice-president and head of Planning for Mudra South. Rajesh Mani.com/features/bran dline/article2828949. Mani says the challenge now for him is to push cycling as a lifestyle habit and inturn spur sales. Dentsu India Group has appointed Suresh Mohankumar as national planning head.800 permanent shelters has been set with much fanfare by the government for some three lakh homeless.

gupta@letsintern. Rishabh Gupta has co-founded an internship organization called Let's Intern dot com. A. 2012 Bangalore. and development of new teaching materials in the area of finance.letsintern. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI) Manipal.2012 Aug.B.com at Mumbai.com Website: www. Shashank Shukla has helped set up five homeless adult shelters across Delhi in the last few months and is also running three existing residential homes for children. LeadFormix has representation from TAPMI. He has also founded another organization in 2010. Murali Dendukuri and Aheesh Nagraj Batch of 2006-08. Forthefull story please visit : http://www. which deals in sales effectiveness and cloud computing. #1. 2012 Venue: The Atria Hotel. India. He can be reached at rishabh@gmail.pagalguy. P. 2011 of the International Conference: Submission of Full Papers: Feb 29.atriahotel. is pleased to announce the International Conference in Banking and Finance . Further details can be had from : http://techcrunch.com or at rishabh. The Center has several affiliated scholars at leading institutions.com/2012/01 /the-tapmi-alumwho-quit-his-us-based-job-to-build-shelters-for-thehomeless-in-delhi/ International Conference on Banking and F-Inance . Palace Road. 2012 Alumnus Entrepreneur Mr. India Tel: 91 8022205205 Fax: 91 80 2225 6850 E-mail: rooms@atriahotel.TAPMI (TFI) programme has also been working on the same mission but without any glorious announcements. Archana Nayak Batch of 2005-07. Shashank has been also assisting the National Advisory Council working group on Urban Poverty. Rishabh Gupta 2006-2008 Batch • Mr. managed funds and insurance companies).No:5089. and it continues to define the research frontier hosting a Working Paper series and a variety of conferences (academic and industry).com/2012/01 /03/calliduscloudacqu ires-Ieadform ix/ 13 . LeadFormix for $9 million in cash. creation of new data sets. has acquired marketing automation software company.com • Start-up Floated By TAPMI Alumnus LeadFormix Acquired For $9M Callidus Software Inc. Incidentally. 2012 Registration by: May 10. 9-11. The Center is especially interested in sponsoring research which is of importance to the financial community of India. India The Centre for Research in Banking and Finance at T. 2012 Notification of Acceptance / Rejection of Papers: April 15. The Center for Research in Banking and Finance is dedicated to promoting high-quality research in financial economics.com Announcement July 15. The Center specializes in the study of Financial Institutions (including Commercial Banks.2012. Conference Date: August 9-11 . Its India Operations is headed by Harish Reddy Batch of 9597. Investment Banks. Corporate Finance and Capital Markets. www. Bangalore.

Boo~ Long walk to freedom . UIC. apart from being the country's premier Custodian and Depository Participant. Other offerings added to the bouquet are online net trading. NABET has been rapidly expanding its scope of services to cater to the needs of the industry. every year we process around National Accreditation Board for Education and iJiraining(NAB En The National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET) certifies auditors & the training courses for such auditors. lOBI Bank Ltd. IFCI Ltd. which meet the Board's criteria and provides a mechanism for international recognition of these certifications. endorsed training courses and approved training organ isations • To closely cooperate with Registration Board for Certification Bodies to get feedback and anticipate requirements on training needs • To seek international recognition The Board offers registration services for Personnel and Training Courses in line with international requirements. and TOICl. growing up in Johannesburg. which would help young and aspiring leaders to take as an inspiration and role model to build a globe of peace... Western Union Money Transfer & E-stamping. loan against shares.. e G% % of number of transactions on NSE & SSE of the market capitalisation of all scrips listed on SSE. With the growing needs of competent personnel and credible training courses in various industry sectors. LlC. The main objectives of NABET are: • To set and maintain criteria for the registration of personnel in the practice and assessment of Quality & Environment Management Systems • To evaluate and register auditors and professionals • To set and maintain criteria for and to endorse training courses for personnel engaged in the auditing of Quality & Environment Management Systems • To publish the list of Certified Personnel. To give an idea of our capability. SHCll has also established itself in India as a one-stop solution provider in the Financial Services domain. SHCll. all leaders in their fields of business. Mandela has shared his life experiences in eleven parts in his autobiography. besides distribution of life and non-life insurance policies. adding Depository Services and other services to its Portfolio over a period of time. distribution of mutual funds and other capital market instruments. experiences and feelings that Mandela went through his long span of struggle personally. It has been jointly promoted and owned by leading Banks and Financial Institutions viz. In the pipeline are a host of services that will complement the range of services offered by SHCll. They are: a country childhood. TAPMI is contemplating to partner with SHCI l to offer some Programmes. backed by an immense capacity to process volumes with precision. GIC.few snippets from the life of Mandela Part-II of the Book review by Prof A V Ramanacharyulu Continuing from my first part of review on this book. i attempted to capture the times. NIA. NIC. SHCll is also the largest Professional Clearing Member. (SHCll) SHCll was incorporated as a Public Limited Company in 1986. TAPMI has applied for accreditation by NABET for its proposed EPGDM Program. birth of a freedom 14 . and equality. The focus was to understand and appreciate the mind and thought process of Mandela. SU-UTI. SHCll began by offering Custodial and Post trading services. socially and politically to release South Africa from the clutches of Apartheid. PF fund accounting. in terms of Value processed SHCll also provides Derivatives clearing.TAPMI Stock Holding Corporation of India ltd. SGl constituent account services.

the chief of the company." he said. you sit there like a lord whilst my chief runs around doing errands for you. "Very well." Fighting for his comrades . I could feel the wall with my feet and my head grazed the concrete at the other side.. color. Ifound a pair of old khaki trousers unceremoniously dumped on the floor of my cell. But before putting them on I checked to see if my comrades had been issued trousers as well. how one used a strategy both to attack and retreat. a group of MK soldiers who had been training in Tanzania and Zambia crossed the Zambezi River into Rhodesia with the intention of making their way home. a boxing enthusiast. until he started to question the goldmine econom ics of Johannesberg a few years later.TAPMI fighter." He realized that he has to unshackle his countrymen from such indoctrinated education. His vivid description of the long cruel decades in the cell in Robben island touches one's heart. probing his strengths and weaknesses. failing which a reader would be lost in the details that are deep in each of the parts. and that small cramped space was to be my home for I knew not how long . The first job of NM at the Crown Gold Mines. "you are going to have the same clothing as everyone else. In this short review I deal only this aspect. In my view. They had not. where the ted ious bearing of the dai Iy rigmarole of the school principal. I could walk the length of my cell in three paces. The warders ignored my protests. the struggle is my life. so as to offer a meaningful presentation here. Boxing is egalitarian. an African with his own voice even while working under English in a army like company that treated Africans as if they were slaves and are contained in a prison. The situation should be reversed. while actively pursuing and directing his countrymen to sustain their fight against Apartheid. where a violent minded Mandela turned gradually towards a totally different philosophy of following Gandhi. It overlooked the courtyard and had a small eye-level window. One such focus area. as this is where NM spent his prime time of his life in a prison." From the first day." Mandela. age.Sidelsky. A beginning of his free thinking came out at an early age when he became a student at Healdtown. When you are circling your opponent. you are not thinking about his color or social status " The grounding of a marathon struggle for freedom is borne out of a strenuous training to be a boxer. the best government was English government. It is gripping to gain insights on how Mandela sensed the minds of his scheming comrades and their ways and building a wherewithal for himself for leading them from the jail. including Mandela. on his face. that " the best ideas were English ideas. and one day it will. I choose to skip many a chapter to revisit that dark era of his years on Robben Island." I was intrigued by how one moved one's body to protect oneself." Look. Mandela. what prompted him to take up the cause of the Africans and how he relentlessly pursued it till he was jailed and kept behind the bars in Rivonia. Each cell had a white card posted outside of it with our name and our prison service number. In his words.." The warder balked at touching trousers worn by a black man. Mine read. rank. Robben Island: Beginning to Hope. I insisted that all African prisoners must have long trousers." The proud owing up of military struggles in 1968 " That year. the reading of a book of this nature requires few focus areas. He recalls. I was forty-six years old. No pin-striped three-piece suit has ever pleased me as much. and Freedom. I had protested about being forced to wear short trousers. and we will dump all of you intothesea. but that thought lingered only at some deeply buried layers of his memory. In the ring. It is equally interesting to note the ways how he negotiated with the government of Apartheid from the prison and how he kept communicating with his people during the long years of suppression and repression. describes his passion for the sport and values the training it offers to pursue his goal of freedom. and finally the commanding officer himself came to my cell to pick them up. The warder grumbled. made every kid in the school to believe.. treason. how one paced oneself over a match. but by the end of the second week. you say you want long pants and then you don't want them when we give them to you. When I lay down. and the walls were at least two feet thick. The width was about six feet. a political prisoner with a life sentence. I set for myself was to know how Mandela shaped up as a freedom fighter. Gaur telling Mr. Talking with the Enemy. and the best men were Englishmen. Robben Island: the dark years." I was assigned a cell at the head of the corridor. "Mandela. This first group of MK soldiers was christened the Lutuli Detachment and they were the 15 ." I replied that if he was willing to give me long trousers. "N Mandela 466/64.. and Itold the warder to take them back. A description of his prison life Mandela recalls the cell assigned to him when he was shifted from Pretoria to Robben island and the political prison within the prison where he and his 11 comrades were put in. I demanded to see the head of the prison and made a list of complaints. why couldn't everyone else have them? He did not have an answer. and wealth are irrelevant. he came working in close quarters of Gaur Radebe." which meant I was the 466th prisoner admitted to the island in 1964. Rivonia. the black Pimpernel.

Mosothos. but no tigers. and the executive has always been a mixture of tribal groups. Justice Panza. Some were captured. why do you only talk to Xhosas?" The accusation stung me. we quietly celebrated the fact that our MK cadres had engaged the enemy in combat on their own terms. whenever I knew I would be walking in front of men from the general section. "How can you accuse me of discrimination? We are one people. Pedis. In August. including his family. and Tswanas. Wharton at No 2 and 3 respectively. While liMA is ranked No 11." They seemed satisfied by that. Mandela learnt to keep his mind and thoughts active and live. moved southward. We heard of this months later by rumor. 2012 0305 hrs 1ST liMA. As such. one of the commanders of the Lutuli Detachment. in recounting his prison life. I would refute it by noting that the presidents of the ANC have been Zulus. Though our forces were not victorious. I looked up and said.highly motivating ways of Mandela on how kept himself steadfast against all odds much in the same lines of Gandhi ." one subject we hearkened back to again and again was the question of whether there were tigers in Africa. The other side argued that tigers were native to Africa and some still lived there. this was a myth and they were native to Asia and the Indian subcontinent. and valor in the field. Other top institutes in the ranking table include London . another larger ANC detachment had entered Rhodesia and fought not only the Rhodesian army but South African policemen who had been posted to Rhodesia. sharing some interesting events and some highly frustrating situations through the two and half decades of hell without sounding as it is. As a former commander-in-chief of MK. ISB amongst Top 20 B-Schools in Financial Times Global MBA Rankings 2012 MBAUniverse. while some men from the general section were working on the roof above me. It is increasingly becoming difficult for me to reflect them in this short piece of a review. children and even his license as an attorney. A muse in his own words.com While liMA is ranked No 11 . on a topic like whether there are tigers in Africa. but did not learn the full story until some of the men who had fought there were imprisoned with us. While living and working through the prison. they were spotted by the Rhodesian army. the government and with his own comrades. ISB stands at No 20 in the ranking table. even while in the jail "1 have always found this criticism to be vexing and based on both ignorance of ANC history and maliciousness. or someone who was not aXhosa. It was a milestone in the struggle. but their perception stuck in my mind. 16 Stanford Graduate School of Business in US tops the ranking table. I was terribly proud of our soldiers. Interestingly. our troops were overpowered by the superior numbers of the Rhodesian forces. and debated on issues substantial as well as trivial. fierce battles were fought and both sides sustained casualties. accompanied by ZAPU troops." The book overflows with vivid descriptions of ingenuous ways and methods that Mandela engaged in negotiating with the prison warders. I suggest that when next time you would like to have a peep into an enigmatic leader's mind. Some claimed to have seen with their own eyes this most powerful and beautiful of cats in the jungles of Africa. He briefed us on the detachment's military training. They shouted at me.TAPMI spearhead of the armed struggle. Africa had leopards in abundance. From then on. followed by Harvard Business School and University of Pennsylvania. B-Schools from the US capture 11 ofTop 20 positions in the ranking table. "Mdala! Old man!. I recall once working in our courtyard on a sunny afternoon. political education. ISB stands at No 20 in the ranking table Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (liMA) and Indian School of Business (ISB) have been ranked amongst Top 20 B-Schools in the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking for 2012 released today. Over the next few weeks. was later imprisoned with us. without being bogged by the harassment meted out to him on various fronts. and other retreated into Bechuanaland which had become independent Botswana. He mused. do pick up the Long Walk to Freedom and enrich your mind with the leading and .many a times . Managemelilt • Updates News Bureau 130 Jan. Finally." Understanding and practicing non-discrimination. I would try to converse with Kathy or Eddie Daniels. wife. as the Lutuli Detachment. Some argued that although it was popularly assumed that tigers lived in Africa. By the beginning of 1968.

January 11. Ahmedabad (liMA) University of Chicago: Booth IMD University of California at Berkeley: Haas Duke University: Fuqua Northwestern University: Kellogg New York University: Stern HEC Paris Dartmouth College: Tuck Indian School of Business Country US US US UK US France/Singapore US Spain Spain China India US Switzerland US US US US France US India 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 12 14 25 20 21 15 18 18 13 Business School.TAPMI Rank '12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Rank '11 4 3 1 1 7 4 9 8 9 6 11 Rank '10 4 3 2 1 6 5 8 6 11 9 0 9 15 28 20 22 13 18 13 12 3 yr. China (No 10). 2012. 05. To take part in the FT ranking. Columbia Business School. on Tuesday. Both the institutes have been ranked for their One Year full-time management programme for working executives. XAT 2012 result has been declared by XLRI Jamshedpur. XAT 2012 scores will be accepted by 101 B-schools . UK (No 4). XAT 2012 scores will be accepted by 101 B-schools across India. XAT 2012 result has been declared by XLRI Jamshedpur on January 31. schools must have run a full-time MBA for four years and graduated their first class at least three years ago with a batch of minimum 30 students. The CAT 2011 website came out with the detailed information on the next stage procedures few days before the resu Its were out. The ranking is based on data from two main sources including alumni and BSchools.2012 The results for CAT 2011 were announced on Wednesday. rank (avg) 3 3 2 2 6 5 8 7 10 8 0 11 14 22 18 20 15 18 17 15 School name Stanford Graduate School of Business Harvard Business School University of Pennsylvania: Wharton London Business School Columbia Business School Insead MIT: Sloan IE Business School lese Business School Hong Kong UST Business School Indian Institute of Management. The number of actual test takers was more than 1.85Iakh. Hong Kong UST Business School. The total number of registrations was 2. France/Singapore (No 6). Spain (No 9). lese Business School.Spain (No 8). IE Business School. European or US schools must be accredited by international bodies such as MCSB International. Insead. 2012. Over 150 top B-Schools from across the globe participated in the survey this year. Equis or the Association of MBAs to participate in this survey. January 31. US (No 7). While 11MAhmedabad which started participating in the global ranking since 2011 has maintained its position at No 11 for second consecutive years. 2012. Of these 16 are core member institutes and 85 are associate institutes located in different parts of the country. US (No 5). 17 CAT 2011 Results on Jan 11. Once the result were declared the short-listing of candidates for GD-PI-WAT by IIMs and other top MBA schools began.345. ISB Hyderabad has slipped to No 20 from its previous ranking at No 13. MIT: Sloan.

XAT continued the pattern of differential marking this year. We School Mumbai. IFIM Business School. Decision Making and Essay Writing. 18 . XAT is a paper pencil based test held in duration of 2. Valley View. The GD/PI's are to be held in seven cities viz. The institute was glamorously decked up throughout the three day festival. instead of marking with pencil. TAPMI has decided to invite applications for its PGDM programs-2012 from Students with high scores of CAT/ XAT/ GMAT/GRE. etc. There was 25 per cent negative marking for each wrong answer. Chennai. The number of questions reduced from 85 to 101. TAPMI Director Dr A S Vasudeva Rao. The XAT 2012 paper saw a number of changes compared to previous years' papers. BIMTECH Greater Noida to namea few. English Language Ability & Logical Reasoning. Bengaluru. the test takers had to mark with pen in the OMR sheet. This means. Hyderabad. Chennai. LlBA Chennai. 2012 The inauguration ceremony of Atharva 2011-12.TAPMI across India. Mumbai. The theme of the festival this year was 'Renaissance' marking the journey of Atharva from its inception in 1988 to its present avatar. Atharva glance U atharva II II atharva II January 20-22. This year.5 hours. testing the knowledge of students in various management as well as general domains. XIME Bangalore. XIMR Mumbai. While competitions such as SANKALP (Business Plan Contest) and Young Business Leader tested the management mettle of the participants. It was originally known as "Hill Fest" and later as" Summit". XISS Patna. There were several competitions held during the festival. The total mark of the paper was 100. The difficulty level of the exam was easier compared to previous years. Festival convener Shivkumar Awati and co-convener Tilju Manjaly on 19th January 2012 at Chaitya Hall. Of these 16 are core member institutes and 85 are associate institutes located in different parts of the country. Delhi and Manipal between Feb 27 and April 7. Pune. the marked answers could not be changed later and the test takers had to be very careful while choosing the answer options. much to the delight of the incoming participants from institutes located in different parts of the country like Mumbai. 2012. had started with a lamp-lighting ceremony by Manipal University Vice-Chancellor and chief guest Dr K Ramnarayan. XPRESSIONS (dance competition) and QUIZ ON THE BEACH (QOTB) presented an opportunity to the participants to showcase their overall personality. So the sections of the exam were Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation. SPJIMR Mumbai. Manipal. Kolkata. The duration of the paper was two hours. Fortunelnn. Bangalore. The Decision Making Section had no Analytical Reasoning question. Some of the prominent names in the B school list for XAT 2012 are XIM Bhubaneswar. Kozhikode.

everyone seemed to have relished the opportunity to enjoy the entertaining night. was anchored by famous quizmaster Giri Balasubramaniam. Shadab. The three panellists for the debate included Mr. Convenor. Infosys Ltd. In an absolute thriller. The debate was moderated by Mr. Shraddha Pandit and Shadab Faridi on the occasion of Atharva: international B-school festival of T. Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl and many others. Sulaiman was involved in instruments. Some of the suggestions that came from the panellists were to improve preventive healthcare system in the country. Synergy Solutions. etc. Dev. The valedictory function had Mr. Aazaan. Atharva. Inspector General of Police. enthralled the audience by performing tracks Mar Jawan from Fashion. Shiv Kumar Awati sharing his experience of organizing the festival with the audience. Vasudev Rao. The event culminated on a patriotic note with the song from Chak De India. At the end Prof. Dushyant Singh..TAPMI The Quiz. Luck. Concert of Salim -Sulaiman Composers Salim-Suleman kicked off the show in a grand styles and performed tracks such as Kurbaan. . The lifestyle. Prof. V. Band Baaja Baaraat. Bangalore. change the electoral system. While Salim lent his vocals. Aaja Nachle from the movie Aaja Nachle. popularly called 'pick brain' enthralled the audience with his acumen at the event in Kaup beach. Cognizant. Rab ne Bana Di Jodi. Director . Prolific singer Shraddha Pandit pitched in to add sparkle to the event. A. MP from Andhra Pradesh and Mr. Shiv Kumar Awati. who has lent vocals to track from the movies such as Tum Mile. Pai moderated the discussion as the dignitaries shared their opinion on growth and governance of the nation. Chowdari Prasad unveiled the Atharva 2011-12 T-Shirts and the festival was declared closed. teamed up with Shraddha Pandit and kept the momentum of energy moving by performing Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai from Rab ne Bana Di Jodi. Salim performed one of the tracks Kunwara from the upcoming flick Jodi Breakers. Pratap Reddy. While the audience comprised of students and families across Manipal. 19 It was the turn of Manipal to shine as KMC greens staged the concert of Salim . Mohandas Pai. The event was organised on the evening of 22 January 2012 was supported by event partners Idea. Madhu Yaskhi. Shadab Faridi. Rann and others. S. TAPMI's Team-Atharva organized one of its flagship event called "POLEMIC". Shraddha. Mohandas Pai initiated the debate by stating several facts and figures that beaconed tremendous growth prospects for India. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI). Hopes and Aspirations". Member of Parliament (Rajasthan). who has lent her voice to tracks from films such as Sangharsh. former Chief Financial Officer. On the last day of the festival. were the guests of honour for the event and awarded the prizes to the winners and runners up. Dean (P&D) and Mr.TAPMI. Madhu Goud Yaskhi. Polemic is a debating event that gives the students an opportunity to listen to esteemed panellists on issues of national importance. The topic of discussion for this year's Polemic was "India in 21 st century: Vision. Reddy in his speech urged the student audience to drop cynicism and take an active part in shaping the system for the country. Mr. team from Symbiosis Law School scooped the ultimate question to beat their closest rivals from IFMR/HDFC. Pratap Reddy. Dinesh Gundu Rao. Chak De India and other compilations. tribulations and rewards of a political life were also shared by the panel lists with the students. Mr. Chowdari Prasad. IGP. Mr. A. Eximo Tek and media partner Chill Maadi.Sulaiman. the sensational Sufi singer completed the trio. Bangalore). T. Dr. which is the first and unique of its kind in India. trials. MLA (Gandhinagar constituency. Next Big Idea. Balasubramaniam. Aaja Nachle. develop an effective accountability mechanism in government. Polemic was followed by the valedictory function which was presided by chief guest Mr. eSparSha. Winners & runners up for various events were announced during the function. controlling corruption. Mr. Mr. Mangalore. Member of Parliament (AP) and Mr. It was well attended by students and faculty members of TAPMI. The panellists encouraged the students to become part of the system in one way or the other and be active in public life rather than blame the politicians fortheir miseries. Mr. IPS.

Ashok Prasad Sachin Ravi Raghav Chakravarthy 11FT Delhi Inception 11MB Outcry The Epitomes SIIB Pune The Rogue Traders 11FTDelhi Sanchay mArYjAnE IFMR Chennai lafangey parindey SIIB Pune Chakravyuh Ghost Protocol TAPMI Manipal Kotler's Kids Dhaval Thanki Karan Patki Martand Singh SIBM Pune YBL - 11MK Symbiosis Law School. XLRI-Jamshedpur. BIM-Trichy. Jamshedpur Great Lakes Institute of Management. It can be accessed January 201 2 issue has been released.55 Students have participated for the various competitions.edu. The Winners of Atharva: Event Name Winner Team Name Winner Team Member Names Winner Team College Runner Up Team Name Runner Up Team Member Names Sangeeta Patel Prachi Sharma Likhit Pamarti Rohit Mittal Sudeep Deb Amit Gupta Shray Gupta Sumit Mukherjee Runner Up Team College Sankalp Samriddhi Rohit Mittal Anurag Ranjan Sudeep Deb Aditya Malpani Mohil Poojara Sudarshan Jadhav Hemant Jain Sayanjit Dev Sarkar Venkataramana Reddy Tirumuru Anjaneya Eldrich Rangel Goutham K. at: http://www. 11FT-Delhi. N L Dalmia. IIMK.in/student-Iife/pratibimb/current-issue/ 20 . SDMIMD. Trichy PRATIBIMB TAPMI 's Monthly e-Magazine. Pune - -- OOTB Symbiosis Law School IMRB/HDFC Francis Rodrigues Ameya Samant Corporate Team Sahayog Crunchers Saurabh Singhal Ayush Malhotra Navroz Singh Dhillon NMIMS XLRI.S. XIMEBangalore.TAPMI Atharva .tapmi. Chennai Invincibles Shashank Yadav Ajit Kumar K -- FMS Delhi Abhivyakti - - Right Angles - Shiva Shankar J - Karthikeyan Rajasekar BIM. IFMR-Chennai. SIIB-Pune. SIBM-Pune.Participation from other 8-Schools We had more than 15 B-Schools participating in this year for Atharva. FMS-Delhi. MNIMS. ITM Business School. Great Lakes Institute of Management. and SLS-Pune. Some of the B-Schools that participated are: TISS. 11MB.

Pai Memorial Lectu re) Conclaves (HR. Healthcare) Leadership Lectures Convocation and Regional/ National Festivals . Finance. A. Marketing & General Management.Annual EPISODE (An Ice Breaker) TAPMI Joy of Giving Week (Social event) Defy (2 day Entrepreneurial competition) BrandScan (Market Research Fair) Home Coming (Alumni Meet) ATHARVA (Annual International B-School Management Festival) SPEED (Intra Institute sports competition) Founder's Day Lecture (T.

A.edu. No: 9.edu.in Website: www. Karnataka Ph: 0820-2701000 Fax: 0820-2570699 E-Mail: tapmi@tapmi. Manipal-5761 04.tapmi. B.TAPMI T.in . Pai Management Institute P.

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