Beowulf Test Sept.

11, 2009

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I. Match the word/name on the left with the definition/description on the right. (1 point each) ____ 1. Kenning ____ 2. Epithet ____ 3. Alliteration ____4. Herot ____5. Hrothgar ____ 6. Beowulf ____ 7. Unferth ____ 8. Fate ____ 9. loyalty ____10. Geatland a. means hart or heart b. Beowulf’s homeland c. God also known as “The Almighty” is an example of what literary device d. means bear’s son e. does not believe Beowulf is as heroic as Beowulf says f. a trait of a hero g. a descriptive device common in Anglo-Saxon poetry h. king of the Dane. i. The repetition of consonants at the beginning of words j. A pagan belief

Multiple Choice: For each question, circle the BEST answer. (1 point each) 11. How were stories passed down during the Anglo-Saxon period? a. Internet b. written books c. oral tradition

d. video

12. Who helped Beowulf fight the dragon? b. God b. Unferth 13. Beowulf is important because c. It’s a good story c. Story of good and evil

c. Wiglaf d. Hrothgar

b. First story written in English d. C and B

14. Who was Grendel a descendant of? d. A snake b. Cain c. Abel

d. A king

15. Where was Beowulf from? e. America b. Daneland

c. Germany d. Geatland

16. Which of the following does NOT describe Grendel? a. sinister b. cowardly c. destructive d. evil

17. How does Beowulf die? a. Stabbed by Hrothgar b. the plague c. killed by dragon d. Unferth

18. What is Beowulf’s tragic flaw? a. Greed b. Pride 19. Grendel raids Hrothgar’s hall for a. three years b. six years

c. Lust

d. Gluttony

c. twelve years

d. eighteen years

20. Hrothgar’s great hall is called a. Freaware b. Weders c. Herot

d. Wayland

21. Where do the Geats place Beowulf’s Tower? a. In Grendel’s swamp b. In the dragon’s lair c.In the palace temple d.On a cliff overlooking the sea

22.Where do Grendel and his mother live? a. In a palace b. In a mead-hall c. In a barrow

d. In a lake

23. The central issue of Beowulf is the a. conflict between humans and animals b. struggle between good and evil c. friendship between Sweden and Denmark d. competition between Christians and pagans

24. Which Anglo-Saxon belief is revealed in the line “’Fate will unwind as it must!’”? a. human life is shaped by destiny b. danger is present everywhere c. people determine their own path d. justice will prevail

25. In the years between his victory over Grendel’s mother and his battle with the dragon, Beowulf loses some of his: a. courage b. loyalty c. strength d. honor

Read the following lines from Beowulf and answer the questions below. 1. “I mean to stand, not run from his shooting/ flames, stand till fate decides/ which of us wins.” 2. “….He who rules / Time and seasons, He who is truly / God.” 3. “ …Living down in the darkness … He was spawned in that slime, / concieved by a pair of those monsters born of Cain.” 4. “That shepherd of evil, guardian of crime” 5. “Hail, Hrothgar!/…My people have said that my duty was to go to the Danes’/ Great king. They have seen my strength for themselves/ have watched me rise from the darkness of war / dripping with my enemies’ blood. I drove/ five great giants into chains, chased / all of that race from the earth. I swam into the blackness of night, hunting monsters / out of the ocean, and killing them one/ by one.” 26. # 3 describes which character from Beowulf ________________________________________ (3) 27. # 1 expresses a ________________________ theme (3) 28. # 4 is an example of which literary device? _________________________ (3) 29. # 2 expresses a ________________________ theme (3) 30. # 5: Who is speaking? What is the point of this speech? (4)

31. Why does Beowulf believe the fight with the dragon will be his last?What does he do before he goes to fight the dragon? (3)

32. How does Beowulf prepare for his battle with Grendel? (3)

33. What did Beowulf have to do to fight Grendel’s mom? (3)

34. After Beowulf killed Grendel’s mother what did he do? Why did he do this? (6)

35. What is alliteration? Give an example. (2)

36. What evidence does the poem Beowulf reveal that it is a story with Pagan and Christian elements? (give specific examples)(5)

37. In what ways is Beowulf an epic hero? (4)

38. Why does Grendel attack Herot? (4)

39. Is Beowulf arrogant or just self-confident? Explain why you think so. (2)

Essay: Answer the following question in a paragraph of at least 6 sentences. Be sure to back up your answer with SPECIFIC EXAMPLES from the epic. (10 points)

40. Describe in complete detail one of the three battles Beowulf faced. Be sure to identify characters, setting, plot and events, and how it ended.

Bonus (5) What is the meaning of your name?

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