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Spec Track - Fighting for Justice3

Spec Track - Fighting for Justice3

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Published by Carter Wood

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Published by: Carter Wood on Feb 14, 2012
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AAJ EDUCATION 2012 Winter Convention Arizona Biltmore February 11–15 SPECIALIZED TRACK Monday, February 13 Location: McArthur

Salon 1-3 Theme: Fighting for Justice in the Courts and in the Courtroom Moderator: 8:15 am 8:20 am Curtis Osborne, NC Opening Remarks Panel: The Impact of Recent Supreme Court Decisions—Opportunities and Setbacks • Concepcion, Wal-Mart, Mensing: Certification criteria, class actions and arbitration claims, preemption Robert Peck, DC Arthur Bryant, DC Michael Johnson, MN Achieving Justice in an Unjust World—The Art of Storytelling Russ Herman, LA Break The Abuse of Immigration Detainees: What Trial Lawyers Can Do Conal Doyle, CA Fighting for Justice for the Latino or Latina Plaintiff • Tailoring trial skills to Latino or Latina clients • Tailoring your damage case to Latino or Latina clients Daniel Rodriguez, CA Alejandro Blanco, CA Adjourn

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