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Published by: Verónica Andrea Chiara on Feb 14, 2012
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1. Complete the description of London. Use the Present Simple. London, the capital city of the UK, _______ (have) a population of eight million. It is a 24hour city. Some people say the city never _______ (sleep), so it's an exciting place to visit. There are many interesting things for tourists to do and see in London – the London Eye, for example. The London Eye _______ (to be) a big wheel. It _______ (have) 32 capsules and each one _______ (hold) 25 people. The wheel _______ (not move) very fast – a ride _______ (take) 30 minutes. A ticket _______ (cost) 11.50 pounds for adults. You _______ (not pay) for children under 5 years old. It is better to book your tickets before if you _______ (not want) to wait for hours. The London Eye _______ (not work) late at night, but it is open every day, usually until 10 pm. 2. Complete the postcard with the correct form of the Present Continuous. Well, here we are in Jamaica, and the sun ______________ (shine). I ____________(lie) on the beach and ______________ (watch) people in the sea. Most of them ______________ (swim), but two of them ___________ (not swim) – they __________ (stand) in the water and ___________ (watch) the little fish around their feet. A group of people ______________ (play) volleyball on the beach. The sun is very hot, so Julia ______________ (not lie) with me on the beach – she ______________ (sit) under a tree. She ___________ (wear) a big sun hat and ______________ (eat) a piece of watermelon. When _______ you _______ (come)? Love, Josie. 3. Read the following e-mail and circle the correct form of the verbs (Present Simple or Present Continuous). Hi, Stefan It rains/It's raining, so I write/I'm writing to yo. I'm hating/I hate rain! Do you remember/Are you remembering my Lorenzo, my cat? At the moment he lies/ he is lying on the floor. He is really old now. My mum and dad watch/are watching an old black and white film. I've got a new job! Every Saturday I work/I'm working from 9 to 5. It's a good job, but I don't want/I'm not wanting to stay there forever. What do you do/ are you doing at the moment? Love, Maggie.

6. Translate the following words into your own language: Wrist: Head: Knee: Chest: Neck: Chin: Elbow: Heart: Toe: Back: . We ______________ (not wear) a school uniform. Hellen and Paula. We _______ (walk) through Greenwich Village and _______ (watch) many artists at work. We _______ (go) to the top – it _______ (to be) very high and we _______ (to be) both very excited to be there. Love. They ____________ (live) in a small flat. I ____________ (go) to the swimming pool every day. but Paula _______ (not like) very much. Paula and I _______ (visit) a lot of interesting places – including the Empire State Building. We also _______ (go) to the theatre and saw a musical – I _______ (enjoy) it a lot. We _______ (take) a boat down the river ti see the Statue of Liberty. Who drives taxis is a ____________ Who puts out fires and rescues people is a ____________ Who cuts.4. ______ you ___________ (have) a cold shower in the mornings? Mark _______________ (not do) his Maths homeworks. 5. I'm in San Francisco now. washes and shapes people's hair is a ____________ Who takes care if your teeth is a ____________ Who repairs your problems with broken pipes is a ____________ Who heals sick people is ____________ 7. we _______ (spend) ten days in New York. Complete the letter using the Past Simple. Complete the sentences with the correct form of Used To+Verb. The paintings _______ (not be) expensive so I _______(buy) one. It _______ (to be) wonderful. Put the name of job for each definition. We _______ (arrive) here yesterday. Hi Tony. Before that.

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