Nameless story

By me

I don¶t know what I will do without her. I used to do nothing on Friday afternoon¶s. Chapter 2 I have been sad this days. we sometimes fight but we get over it and continue talking. I do have problems with them. so I need to translate to her and we spend lots of time together at school. those things make me want to disappear. because my classmate does not know anything of Spanish. By the way. it was an especial day. I am just like a Mafia Boss . I have some problems with my teenage life. I had no social life until I met my friends. C and I signed to a Music and Singing thing after school on Wednesdays. I have another friend that is not from my grade.Prologue There I was. she hits really hard. standing next to her. But our lives and story together was not the same and happy. I enjoy football. I sit with C in every class I can because most of my classmates don¶t know English that much. we will have our first duet next week. it was her birthday. But everything changed when this classmate from Switzerland came to study with us(we will call her C). Chapter 1 My name is John Smith. in the church. I screwed everything with my closest friend because of my bad mood and my ego. we were getting married. we can talk for hours without getting bored. I like one of my friends (we will call her A from this point to the end of this story). but I am not pretty sure that I like her back. video games. I think she is kind of jealous. I am the normal teenager you can meet.

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