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What is Project ?

What is Project Management? .

Introducing P6 The Best Thing That’s Happened to Project Management Countdown to launch date: 73 days .

prioritize and select strategic project investments. and then to plan. manage and control the entire portfolio of projects through to a successful completion. .We Want to Eliminate Project Failure Primavera is the leading solution for corporations and public agencies to propose.

tracking progress. assigning resources to tasks. . managing budgets and analyzing workloads.We Want to Eliminate Project Failure Primavera which is designed to assist project managers in developing plans.

San Francisco. Chicago. Houston. London. Jerusalem • In market since 1983 . Portland.Primavera Today • • • • Customers in 108 countries 40% of revenue is outside US/Canada 510 employees Offices: Philadelphia.

Anywhere Access Reporting Rich functionality and administration/ security Enterprise-wide integration and reporting .Introducing P6 The most powerful. easy-to-use solution for projects of any size RiskProject & Web Access for Management All Users Risk Management for the Power User Anytime.

Planners & Schedulers PMO P6 User Levels: The right tools for the right roles Administrators P6 Level 4 Users Executives PM Client Web PM Web RM Web Ptfl Dashboards Collaboration Timesheets Admin API Program Managers Resource Managers Project Managers Stakeholders P6 Level 3 Users Web PM Web RM Web Ptfl Dashboards Collaboration Timesheets API Project Participants P6 Level 2 Users Web Resource Managers PM (Partial) Dashboards Collaboration Timesheets API Team Members Project Managers P6 Level 1 Users Timesheets API .

P6 is the Product users have been waiting for: • Coding Structures – – – Unlimited Resource Codes Unlimited Activity Codes Unlimited User Defined Fields Float Path Analysis Mixed Planning Units Activity Steps and Step Templates What-if Project Processing NEW! Hierarchical Resources Financial Periods Resource Bucket Planning NEW! Top-Down Estimation Multi-Currency High-Level Resource/Role Planning NEW! • Centralized Project Management – – – – Global Resource Pool Cross Project Resource/Schedule Analysis Global Layouts Global Data Structures Multiple. Formatted Curtains User-Defined Indicators Creating Projects Wizard Adding Activities Wizard Import/Export Wizard Report Wizard Project Link (with MS Project) • Scheduling/Activities – – – – – – – – – – • • Graphics/Display – – – – – – – • Resources/Costs Ease of use: • • Undo Advanced Security Features • • • Risk Analysis Issue Management Claim Digger .

Cent ra li ze d Pr oj ect Ma nagem ent User Defined Field Indicators .

Port fol io Ma nagement User Defined Field Indicators .


Re sourc e Mana ge men t .

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Colla bor at ion and Co nten t Mana ge ment .

Accura te Pr ogr essing wit h Ac tivit y Steps Activity Steps .

Pr oj ect Spe cifi c Layo uts and Fi lt ers .

Impro ve d Gr aphi cs .

Reports. Graphs “Day to Day” Operational Reports Business Intelligence Reports Reporting Data Warehouse . Charts.

Why P6? The Best Thing That’s Happened to Project Management • • • • • Simple… Interactive Gantt Chart Powerful… Portfolio and Schedule Analysis Attractive… Dashboards Role-based… Configurable Views Fast… Instant Screen Refreshes .

World’s Most Challenging Projects on Primavera .

US $ 100 Million under Budget & 11 Days early .

Indian Projects .

com) BHEL – 1000 Licenses. Users Around the world by more than 78 thousand companies . Industries are looking for institutional tie-up for their employees training. • • • • • 2009 Turnkey Projects by PMP’s.Primavera – Manpower requirement. Requirement of 11334 Primavera experts .Today (carrierjet.

CADD Centre is Authorized Training Partner of PRIMAVERA in India .

For more details on Primavera Training contact : caddcentre_himayatn aar@y .

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