1. Step 1 Get some thin PVC pipe. You will need about 20 feet of thin PVC tubing.

I chose 2 sections of 10 feet each. You don't want it too thick or it becomes a trip hazard, but you want it to have enough space to run TWO lengths of your rope through it. 2. Step 2 Cut into equal sections. Measure and cut the tubing into several equal pieces of 15" or 18" inches each. These will be the "rungs" of your ladder. 3. Step 3 Get 100 feet of rope. Now you will need the rope. There are different options of which rope to choose, but if it's too thin it will not have enough weight, and if it's too thick it will not fit through the PVC. I also preferred the softer white rope over the yellow nylon rope because it was more flexible. 4. Step 4

Tie off first rung. Pass the rope through the first "rung" section until it is centered in the middle of the rope (ie- equal lengths of rope on either side). Tie off the rope in a knot at either end of the rung to secure it in place. 5. Step 5

7. Step 7 . (Use the same length as you used for the rungs). and the other end of the rope into the opposite side. and run one end of the rope into one end of the tubing. A simple knot will suffice.Add second rung. Now place the second rung 15" or 18" away from the first one. I've seen others use hockey tape to secure the ropes together at each end. Pull it through until there is 15" or 18" of rope on each side between the first rung and the second. tie of at each end again to prevent it from moving (as shown). Step 6 Secure second rung in place. Be sure to measure each time you add a rung to keep it balanced. 6. Once you have the second rung in place and measured. but I've found the knot favorable.

Step 9 . It doesn't need to be a fancy knot.. 8. Here it is secured. Here is a close up of how to secure ends of each rung before proceeding to the next one. Repeat this procedure with each rung until completed.Tie off. 9. Step 8 Secure the rope. or very tight. Be sure you measure properly before adding the next rung.. just enough to resist it sliding.

. good lookin' agility ladder! So start training! Tie square knot at end Step 1. We'll call them rope A and rope B for ease in describing this process. Start with two pieces of rope that are close in diameter. 1. Tape over this knot as well to prevent it from coming undone or catching. Now you have your own sturdy.Finished ladder Once you have added the last rung. you will need to tie off the remaining loose rope ends in a secure knot at the end before cutting off the extra.

5. 3. 4. forming another X. Step 3 2. Hold the end of rope A in your left hand and the end of rope B in your right hand. Step 4 Wrap A once to the right around B. 7. Cross rope A over rope B to form an X. A is now sticking out to the right and B is to the left. . just like the first step in tying a bow in your shoelace.Step 2. 6. Step 7 Pull on the free ends to tighten the knot. Step 6 Wrap A once to the left around B. Step 5 Cross A over B again.

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