Research Topic: Research on issues in Software Processes Based on CMMI Background: As one of the most popular software process

management standards, Software Capability Maturity Model (CMM) focus on the improvement of the software development process, and uses effective, organized management and plans to continually improve and enhance the quality of software products. Software industry has largely adopted the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute’s process for software development, called CMMI, for Capability Maturity Model Integration. There are some software enterprises in Sri Lanka which are operating at different CMMI levels. This research will examine the key issues we can observe in the software enterprises which used Software process models based on CMMI and problems that have not been solved by CMMI in those organizations. Research Classification: Objectives:  Find out main issues in Software Processes used in Sri Lankan software companies, which are based on CMMI.  Find how these issues affect the project success or failure.  Find implementation issues in CMMI.  Find the problems that have not been solved by CMMI.  Show CMMI is not a perfect model for software development.


a short mail survey will be employed after the completion of the majority of the interviews. Analyze the collected data and identify the key  http://www.cmu. As a final primary data collection method. Project success or failure information of year http://standards. References:    Approach: Data will be obtained primarily through on-site visits to five software companies which are operating at different CMMI levels in the software industry. Research Methodology  Conduct a comprehensive study on current software processes models based on CMMI. CMMI process implementation information Deviations in resource allocation for the projects.  Data collection Current used software processes based on CMMI. Personal interviews and questionnaires will be used to generate the information to answer the research questions posed in this http://www. seeking basic inform.pdf 2 . Analyze the collected data and identify the reasons for major difficulties in   implementing CMMI based software processes.sei.

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