Thielsch Engineering, Inc. Awarded 2.

7mn Service Contract with Associated Electr ic Cooperative, Inc The three year contract(s) include the condition assessment of the boiler and hi gh-energy piping components at the Choteau Plant, Thomas Hill Energy Center, and The New Madrid Power Plant. Cranston, RI, February 15, 2012 -- Thielsch Engineering, Inc. announced today th at it has been awarded a three year service agreement with Missouri based Associ ated Electric Cooperative Inc. The 2.7 million dollar contract(s) include the co ndition assessment of the boiler and high-energy piping components at the Chotea u Plant, Thomas Hill Energy Center, and The New Madrid Power Plant. The contract(s) also include the integration of Thielschâ s 4-SYTE System Strategy Pr ogram that will house the critical data of the components and allow AECIâ s personnel immediate access to manage inspections, repairs and recommendations, as well as the construction, design and operational data. "The 4-SYTE program will provide AECI with the details and insight needed to streamline the complex tasks of eva luating equipment conditions, forecasting outage budgets and schedules, and perf orming risk assessments," stated Pam Smoske, 4-SYTE Systems Director. For over 50 years, Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. has provided reliable wh olesale power generation and transmission to its owner-members. AECI is owned by and provides wholesale power to six regional and 51 local electric cooperative systems in Missouri, northeast Oklahoma and southeast Iowa and serves more than 875,000 customers. For more information about AECI please visit them on the web at Thielsch Engineering, Inc., is a professional engineering firm that provides a c omplete range of consulting, design, and energy services to customers throughout the Unites States and internationally. Its multi-disciplined engineering and te chnical staff specializes in failure analysis, design, process optimization, and condition assessment. They are experts at implementing solutions for any type o f routine or complex engineering challenge. For more information on this project or Thielschâ s specialized services, please cont act Peter Kennefick at (401) 467-6454 or by email at Yo u may also visit them on the web at and Contact: Peter Kennefick Thielsch Engineering, Inc Cranston, RI 401-467-6454

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