Writ of Amparo -The Writ of Amparo is a prerogative writ made available to answering the inefficiencies of the Writ of Habeas

Corpus -In the Philippines, relatives of missing persons usually seek alternative by filing a petition for habeas corpus a special proceeding under Rule 102 of the Rules of Court, to compel the state to produce persons thought to be victims of disappearance -Petitions for habeas corpus usually end up with state agents simply denying they had the missing person in their custody. The writ of amparo would compel state agents to look for the missing person and the agents would be held liable if they did not exert adequate effort in finding the person What is the Writ of Amparo? -It is a remedy available to any person whose right to life, liberty and security has been violated or is threatened with violation by an unlawful act or omission of a public official or employee, or of a private individual or entity. The writ covers extralegal killings and enforced disappearances or threats thereof. What is the Supreme Court s basis in issuing the Rule? -The rule was drafted pursuant to the Supreme Court constitutional power to promulgate rules for the protection and enforcement of constitutional rights (Constitution, Art. VIII, Sec. 5(5)) Should not be confused with a search warrant -The court, in negating the petitioners contentions, stressed that the production

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