Detailed Lesson Plan in MAPEH Dramatization and Storytelling Method I.

Objectives At the end of the lesson 100% of the students must be at least 75% level of proficiency to; a. identify the values of first aid, b. list down the importance of first aid, and c. appreciate the importance of first aid. II. Subject Matter Topic: First Aid Reference: MAPEH I by Wilma V. Perez Materials: Images, cartolina, puppets Skills: Cooperation Value: Appreciating the importance of knowledge about first aid. III. Procedure A. Preparatory Activities 1. Prayer 2. Greeting the Class 3. Checking of Attendance 4. Passing of Assignment B. Developmental Activities 1. Review Teacher¶s Activity Ok class, can you give some of the suggestions in the household safety checklist that we have discussed last meeting? Yes Ma¶am. 1. Kitchen - never leave a hot flat iron unattended. 2. Bedroom - keep house keys on your bedside table or in any easy to reach familiar place. Students¶ Activity

You and your friends went for an outing in a beach resort. His knees bleed. At the count of three open the candies that you got and read the situation written inside. Question: What do you think are the first aid commonly applied on that kind of situation? (student will answer) That¶s great! . I¶ll toss these candies and you need to catch only one candy per students. some of these contains situation written on a piece of paper. Question: What do you think are the first aid commonly applied on that kind of situation? (student will answer) Very Good! 2.learn to follow traffic lights and pedestrian crossing. You quickly swim towards him and brought him to the shore. Safety on the road . let¶s start. The victim is unconscious and she needs to be given first aid as soon as possible.every stairway should have sturdy railing. Motivation Before we proceed to our new lesson. Do I make myself clear? Yes Ma¶am. (teacher will toss the candies) Who among you got the candies with situational questions inside? Will you read the situation and answer the question below? (situations) 1.3. Ok. I have here candies. while having a swim. we will have an activity called ³toss info´. While on the street you noticed a boy biking then suddenly his bike was out of control and the boy fell on a rough floor. Entrance and stairway . Very Good! 2. 4. you noticed that one of your friends is drowning.

(the teacher will gave the script) (the students will act) Values of first aid 1. Together with your family. First aid is the immediate care given and generally needed by anyone who is injured or gets suddenly ill. while walking. you can direct others in carrying out correct procedures to follow on your behalf. in case you encounter such emergencies and your condition keeps you from caring for yourself. Lesson Proper Ok. Is that clear? Yes Ma¶am. Self help -as a first aider. Second. first aid or help given. It is both immediate and temporary and is often the difference between life and death. I will gave you the script and you were going to act this. attend at once to the most seriously injured. you should not only be prepared to help others. there are two main points to remember when applying first aid. first aid is exactly what the word means. she thinks that maybe because the blood on her veins cannot circulate. I will group you into three groups. Actually.3. 3. Question: What do you think are the first aid commonly applied on that kind of situation? (student will answer) Very Nice! Base on the activity that we did what do you think our lesson for today? Ma¶am first aid. you went on a hiking. For example. It can spell out life and death. always remember that speed is necessary. one day a nurse was walking down the stairs then suddenly her feet aches and she wasn¶t able to walk. So now. your sister got bitten by a snake. Firs. She saw a man walking then she .

until blood circulates?´ then the man did what the nurse said. For example. his son tell his father ³Father. Preparation for disaster -first aid training is important in case of catastrophes when medical and hospital services are limited or delayed. There is always this obligation on a humanitarian basis to assist the helpless. the woman ask someone to have hard carton to support man¶s arm and a cloth for it to be stable. Help for others -as a first aider your are trained to give instructions to promote a reasonable safety attitude and to assist others wisely if they are spoken. fire. a doctor was standing on their balcony. Then the blood circulates. The flood comes inside their house and his son was standing on the door when the water comes inside. as a doctor he gave first aid because he don¶t have any apparatus on their house. a medics was passing on a pedestrian lane then suddenly she saw a man riding on a motorcycle and the motorcycle was out of control then the man fell down the ground. There is no greater satisfaction than relieving one¶s life.called the man and said ³I can¶t walk and I can¶t reach my foot will you please turn my foot to the left and turn it. and they might be stranded. The man¶s arm is aching and maybe he fractured his arm. then suddenly flush flood was coming and their house was in the middle of the subdivision and they can¶t come out easily. 3. For example. flood. 2. my head! It seems like everything goes round. catastrophes may take the form of a hurricane. tornado. he check the pulse and then he . she came into the man to check what kind of injuries he had. earthquake or explosion.

Prepared by: Jessica Mae M. because maybe he will be on a coma. and I realized that_______. Assignment Read pp. V. Tolero BES-III MAPEH . 5. Help others and Preparation for a disaster. if you really understand our lesson for today. Evaluation Complete the I learned statement: I learned that _______________. Second. because of blood clothing. speed is necessary it can spell out life and death. What are the values of first aid? Ma¶am Self help. Perez. I was surprised that _____________. 353 on MAPEH I by Wilma V. Carriedo Jeffra Joy Q. Application How can you relate first aid in your studies? (answers vary) IV. 4. Generalization Let¶s have some review. Very Good! Do I make myself clear? Yes Ma¶am. attend once to the most seriously injured. Very Good! What are the two main points to remember when applying first aid? First. Are there any questions? None Ma¶am.tell his son not to sleep.

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