Write a letter to my father to send my regard to him, and tell him my condition in IPG.

Dear father, Hi, father. How are you recently? Are you still busy to your business? Remember to take rest when you are tired, and do not make yourself too tired. Even I am in Batu Pahat , Johor, but I always caring and missing you everyday. I know you sure will worry about me also, because you love me. Father, do not worry about me, I am fine at here. Last two week, I am busy with my assignment, because the due date is around the corner. Therefore, I have not enough time to have my sleep. However, I have my rest for these few days and I feel great now. Father, please does not worry about me. As you know, I am president for Buddhist Society. Last three day, I already hand in this post to other people. This is a sad and happy things for me. The sad thing is, it is very heavy for me to leave all my partner who I work together with them. We have many sweet and bitter memories between us. However, the happy stuff is I can concentrate to my study and continue my goal to get the first class degree in my degree certificate. It is because, many thing have to keep an eye on to make sure all the things is going smooth. Food at Batu Pahat cannot suit my appetite although I have lived here for almost two years. This is because it is totally different from the food at Kedah. The food here is too salty compare to Kedah¶s. i had stomachache for last few days, and I already receive treatment from doctor. Doctor said it is a kind of food poisonous. Then,I just realize that the food at café is not clean. I have tried to have my dinner outside these few days. However, it increase my expenditure. I think will complain it so that it does not affect my health. I know a very good friend at here. Her name is Teoh Rou Xin. She is very good with me. We know each other well and she is also from Kedah. She said she will visit us in the holiday. We helped each other in the class when problems come up. Besides, I always have discussion about studying with her so that we improve from time to time. I am good at adapting to the environment just as you are. So, do not worry to me as I will be fine. Looking forward to meet you in the coming holiday. Take care.

Your son, Tan Wei Keat

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