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Published by Phil Harker-Smith

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Published by: Phil Harker-Smith on Feb 15, 2012
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Early Worx in theatre and art and Higher Ground inc.


A Modest Exhibit
A Cabaret by Charles Sanders “the elegance and style of a seasoned cabaret performer” “One of the most original and moving cabaret performances at the Fringe in a long time.”
Suzanna Parisi, Nova 919

“a talented and promising young performer”
Lena Nobuhara, Cabaret Confessional

A young boy’s journey. On the way we meet Gilbert & Sullivan, Queen, Cher and Bono. A nostalgic cabaret about identity and idolisation. A retrospective that is yet to happen. This hybrid boy asks “Where does influence end and identity begin?” Created and performed by Charles Sanders, directed by Velalien with musical direction by Carol Young. Three cabaret raconteurs from around the country convene to bring you an idiosyncratic tale of archetypal desires in a raw and ready new piece of cabaret-theatre. Where & When? June 17, 19, 23 & 24 at 8pm June 18 & 15 at 7pm A$23 C$19 FB$15 Higher Ground, 9 Light Sq, Adelaide Bookings at Bass: 131 246 www.bass.net.au Or book direct and save on fees: (08) 8410 5599 "A Modest Exhibit" is a semi-autobiographical work inspired by the idea that 'we are what we eat', or at least that we are what influences us how our biological and 'logical' ancestors make up our personality. It’s about identity, idiosyncrasies and archetypes. However beyond the thematic there is, of course, the beautifully arranged songs from across the 20th & 21st centuries which are the lynchpin of this piece.

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