S.BRAHMA REDDY Email:brahmareddy12345@gmail.com, Ph:9493412647 H.

No-1-19-112, Venkatapuram, Thirumalagiri,Hyderabad-500015

CAREER OBJECTIVE: To become a successful professional in the field of Linux environment and be a part of globally competitive environment where I can enrich my technical abilities & contribute ideas that shall yield the twin benefits of the professional growth & accomplishment of organizational goals.
ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION DETAILS B.Sc (MPCs) from Govt. City College Puranapool in the year 2007-10 with 81% aggregate. Intermediate from Nalanda Jr. College, Shamshabad in the year 2005-07 with 92% aggregate. SSC from ZPHS Peddatoopra in the year 2004-05 with 84% aggregate.

Organization: MAHAVIR ENTERPRISES Pvt. Ltd. Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Duration: April 2011 to till date Designation: Network Administrator (IT SUPPORT) RESPONSIBILITIES

Provided technical support to the entire organization on software, hardware and Network as well.

• Introduced Ubuntu 11.04 client OS and replaced Windows XP systems. Complete care regarding everything about Ubuntu.

• • • • • •

Take responsibilities in maintaining user security accounts for windows XP including Desktop configuration, network connectivity, network access issues and printer connectivity. Maintenance of Active Directory in Windows Server 2003 & 2008 like creation and deletion of users, groups and OU’s as per the Organizational requirement. Computer Hardware & Network Troubleshooting and take care of entire network connectivity. Support Microsoft windows based OS errors detection & Troubleshooting. Installation of anti-virus Server and Client edition and updating security norms day by day.

Creation & Configuration of mail profiles, mails Backup and Restore in Mail clients outlook express, MS outlook, Thunderbird and Evolution. Installation and Configuration of different software like Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2005, Oracle and process related applications.

. SAMBA. Task scheduling using cron. Creating. • • • • . Troubleshooting Linux operating system in various run levels & using rescue mode. NFS. Soft link. DNS. FTP & Squid servers. Managing Disk Partitions. including user and application installation. RAID5. File system hierarchy. Installation of Linux operating system using text mode. Mail. Apache. deleting & Modifying user accounts and group administration. Configuring and Troubleshooting ISA Server 2004.PROFESSIONAL SYNOPSIS Linux Knowledge: • • • • • Sound familiarity with RHEL5 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5) & RHEL6 on the server side. deleting & modifying files. DHCP. mounting file systems & drives etc. FTP. Windows XP/Vista/7 at the user level. Disk Quotas. LVM (Logical volume manager). Good understanding about Firewall Configuration and Troubleshooting. IP tables & Security Enhancement Linux (SE Linux). • • • • • • Windows Knowledge: • • Sound familiarity with Windows Server 2003 and 2008 administration. Installation & configuration of LDAP. Installing. Familiarity with Intel-compatible hardware. improving system performance. removing & upgrading packages using RPM commands or using YUM (Yellow Update modifier). POP3 WSUS Servers configuration and maintenance. directories. DNS. Hard link creation. Exchange Server 2007 installation and maintenance. graphical mode & network installation. DHCP. IIS. educating users. Installation requirements etc. Basics of shell Scripting. Familiarity with various Linux flavors like Fedora and Ubuntu etc. TCP wrappers. NIS. Quota Management on users and groups. Installing. Familiarity with Active Directory. Familiarity with RAID 0. RAID1. Server Backup & Restoration. Troubleshooting network issues. Group Policy Deployment.

PROFESSIONALCERTIFICATIONS RHCE Certification with reference id 111-178-307. PERSONAL DETAILS Name Father’s Name Date of Birth Gender Marital status Nationality Religion Language Known Permanent Address Hobbies Strength : S. : Khambampadu. Hindi & Telugu. MCSA Course from CMS Computer Training Institute. : 15th August 1989. RHCE course from CMS Computer Training Institute. : Male. : Indian. CCNA Diploma course from CMS Computer Training Institute. RHCSA Certification with reference id 111-178-034. complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Macherla. Date: Place: Hyderabad Signature (S. Brahma Reddy. CMS Certified Network Specialist (CCNS). Brahma Reddy) . Fondness to learn new technologies and adapt them. : S. : Smart working with self confident and positive attitude towards work. Guntur . TECHNICAL SKILLS • • • A+. Sanjeeva Reddy. DECLARATION I hereby declare that all the statements made in this application are true. : Hindu. : English.522426 : Use the Internet to gather information related to Hardware & Software. : Single. N+.

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