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Orchard Establishment

Orchard Establishment

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Published by: Dr.Eswara Reddy Siddareddy on Feb 15, 2012
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.Selection of site is of paramount importance in fruit industry as the fruit plants are of a permanent to rectify at the later date.

y In addition to the soil and climatic factors mentioned in the last chapter the other factors which need consideration in selecting a site arey (1)Water y (2)Climate y (3)Topography y (4)Soil .

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Site selection is very important in orchard establishment. .


build u th terraces. After cleaning the bush the next step will be to level the area and. .Site preparation starts with the cleaning of the area. if necessary.

.This can happen where the soil depth is shallow.


This is important for efficient irrigation and prevention of soil erosion. It also improves appearance. In slopes of over 10% terracing has to be done. .



It is put up for protection from trepass and for attractiveness.barbed wire or live plants.It may be of stone.This is one of the costly items of the orchard cultivation. .Most live fences are not strong enough without a wirefence.




: .

rigid-mesh panels. v mesh. including: woven wire. durability. chain link. ease of construction. and Wire-mesh materials vary in weight. welded wire.Wire mesh is available in many different forms. expected lifespan. and cost. .


Fence design shall be exclusively to meet the targeted animal(s) installed around the crop using existing posts. Daisy etc. Buffaloes.Fence is designed to protect agriculture crops from domestic and wild animals like Wild Boar. Cows. Monkeys. . Gaur.

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