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Investments in healthcare and life sciences are expected to increase in coming years Information Technology solutions and services delivered speed to market which lead to better quality of patient care. TCS became a key partner for a number of leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies across the value chain TCS supports the global aim of "saving lives and better patient-care In TCS, LSHC ISU has about 4000 professionals

Today s health care issues are as urgent as they are complex Escalating costs, inconsistent quality, uneven access, and devastating pandemics are all pressing problems Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) based upon the best practices of the industry As technology and practices improved, the GMPs evolved as well

The companies manufacturing medicines are providing health care plans More stress is being laid on prevention than treatments Sufficient supply of the essential health care products are made available to the consumers to meet the demand of the health care industry The total number of different health care programs and different health care insurance coverages are increasing for the last few years

Trends in India
The GoI (Govt. of India) has allowed the private sector to establish hospitals in tier-II and tier-III cities There is a substantial demand for high-quality and specialty healthcare services in these cities with:
Low-cost model High patient turnover

Future Trends
The customer's (patient) aspirations are fast changing The billing and pricing though important, is not a very high priority now as insurance reach is getting stronger A report by IDFC and Mc Kinsey says Indian Healthcare industry will be worth $125 billion in the next five years Good times ahead for healthcare consultants in every sphere be it new projects or existing.

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