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aswad.com.sa Saudi Business Machines(SBM) www.sbm.com.sa Contact Mr. Hatem el Kadi Phone- 8821177 Ext-3281 Aujan Industries Contact Mr. Nilo IT Manager www.aujan.com Al Khodari www.alkhodari.com Contact Mr. Mahsan Hamdan Or Mr. Syed Ali Phone- 8952840 Ext-294/296 Al Tuwairqui Group Mr. Amer Bin Las IT Manager Al Abdul Karim Group 8337110 Ext- 46 Zamil Food Industries. Mr. Rahel Abdul Ghani 8950980 Ext-133 Fax- 8951719 NAPCO Contact Mr. Fawad Yunus IT Manager Phone- 8121244 Ext- 128 Fax- 8121322 Dammam-Khobar Highway. JATCO Manager- Ali. Al Sharief Phone-833-6610 Coastal Road Dammam. Al Binali Group Phone- 8595555 Dammam.

www.alfalak.com Contact Mr.Pillai email pillai@alfalak.com or carlito_manual@alfalak.com Riyadh Cables Company Contact Mr. Munib IT Manager Mobile-054177948. Riyadh. Mr. Hosham Zabalawi Hewlett Packard. Mobile-055483264 Phone.01-2731200 Ext-229 Mr. Rajesh Millenium Soft. Akrabia, Saudi Arabia. www.milleniumsoft.com Mr. Vitino Christean Saudi Arabia. 8471814

Coca Cola Bottling Co. Mr. Rafiq 847-4111 Ext-3470 Adam Shaikh Al Majdouie Group. adams@almajdouie.com Basim Bushra Sales Manager. Al-Shaikh Group. Tel-03-8671602/867-1584. Shafi Fakier Khan (Manager) Maher M.Al Saeed & Partner Co. Phone-8982376 Ext-126 Mobile-053-860591 Email-shaffi@zajil.net. Jamal Khalid(IT Manager) HAK Group. Phone-03-8820222 Ext-124 Email-jamalk@hakgroup.com

3M Gulf Ltd. Mr. Naveed S. Ahmed Country Manager P.O. Box 21840 Riyadh 11485 Saudi Arabia Tel.: 966-1-479-0555 Fax: 966-1-477-5869 Email: nahmed@mmm.com Website: www.3m.com

Abdel Hadi Abdullah Al-Qahtani & Sons Group of Companies (Tariq Abdel Hadi & Brothers Co.) Mr. Tariq Abdel Hadi A. Al-Qahtani Chairman of the Board P.O. Box 20 Dammam 31411 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-3-826-1477 Fax: 966-3-826-9894 Email: aq@q3group.com Web Site: www.ahqsons.com Abdulali Al-Ajmi Co. Ltd. Mr. Awiadah Abdulali Al-Ajmi General Manager P.O. Box 86059 Riyadh 11622 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-215-2848, 460-5626 Fax: 966-1-460-6315 Email: ajmi@ogertel.com Website: www.alajmicompany.com Abdul Latif Jameel Group of Companies Mr. Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel President P.O. Box 248 Jeddah 21411 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-693-0000 ext. 250 Fax: 966-2-678-1000/2-628-3937 Email: contact@alj.com Web Site: www.alj.com Employees: 6,200 Assets: SR11.25 billion Abdullah A.M. Al-Khodari Sons Co. Mr. Fawwaz A. Al-Khodari President P.O. Box 3589 Al-Khobar 31952 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-3-895-2840, 3-865-3403 Fax: 966-3-898-6856 Email: president@alkhodari.com Web Site: www.alkhodari.com Employees: 13,000

Abdullah Abbar & Ahmed Zainy Company Mr. Ahmed Abbas Zainy President & Partner Owner P.O. Box 5700 Jeddah 21432 Saudi Arabia

Tel: 966-2-647-4000 Fax: 966-2-647-5542 Email: nasrulla@tri.net.sa Employees: 5,200 Assets: SR400 million Abdulla Fouad Co. Ltd. Mr. Fouad A. Fouad President P.O. Box 257 Dammam 31411 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-3-832-4400, 833-2600 Fax: 966-3-834-5722, 834-0320 Email: fouad.fouad@abdulla-fouad.com Email: info@abdulla-fouad.com Web Site: www.abdulla-fouad.com Employees: 2,500 Abdullah Said Bugshan & Bros. Mr. Marei Abdullah Bugshan Vice President P.O. Box 80 Riyadh 11411 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-478-7711 Fax: 966-1-477-0189/ 477-4225 Email: info@abugshan.com Web Site: www.abugshan.com

Abdulmohsen Al-Saleh Office Mr. Abdulmohsen Mohammed Al-Saleh President P.O. Box 6587 Riyadh 11452 Tel: 966-1-477-0800 Saudi ArabiaFax: 966-1-472-0000 Abdul Mohsen A. Al-Swailem Est. Mr. Saad A. Al-Swailem Vice President P.O. Box 544 Riyadh 11421 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-465-8100 Fax: 966-1-464-8783/464-4108 Email: saad@alswailem.com Web Site: www.alswailem.com Abdul Rahman S. Al-Rashid Est. for Contracting Mr. Saad Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid General Manager

anodized. 419-1691.O.aico.com. 419-1892 Fax: 966-1-419-1734 Email: artar@ae. aluminum architectural products Authorized Capital: SR100 million ALUMACO Aluminum Manufacturing Company Ltd.O. Box 9102 Riyadh 11413 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-419-1574.O.artar. Box 90916 Riyadh 11623 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-220-1340/220-1350 Fax: 966-1-220-1355/220-1356 Email: info@aecl. Al Shibl President and CEO P. Aggad Chairman P. Ghassan A. Box 2256 Riyadh 11451 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-476-7911 Fax: 966-1-476-7895 E-mail: info@aico. P.O.sa Web Site: www.com Web Site: www.P.O.net.sa Web Site: www.aecl.com. painted or mill finished profiles.com Employees: 378 Aggad Investment Company (AICO) Mr. Box 2080 Dammam 31451 Tel: 966-3-857-0184 Fax: 966-3-857-8311 Products: Extruded aluminum products. Omar A. P.ws Advanced Electronics Company Limited Dr.sa Authorized Capital: SR300 million List of AICO Member Companies Industrial Manufacturing ALUPCO Aluminum Products Ltd.com Email: shiblg@aecl. Box 7661 Jeddah 21472 Tel: 966-2-691-3173 Fax: 966-2-691-5722 Products: High performance aluminum architectural products Authorized Capital: SR16 million APC .

O. Box 2838 Riyadh 11461 Tel: 966-1-448-0448 Fax: 966-1-446-1392 Products: PVC pipes. Box 27507 Riyadh 11427 Tel: 966-1-490-0909 Fax: 966-1-490-0153 Products: PVC compounds for manufacturing plastic containers and bottles Authorized Capital: SR12 million ARTIC Arabian Tile Company Ltd. Dammam P. high and low density polyethylene piping Authorized Capital: SR20 million SAPTEX SAPPCO-Texaco Insulation Company Ltd. P. Box 4916 Dammam 31412 Tel: 966-3-857-5748 Fax: 966-3-857-1969 Products: PVC pipes. P. P.O. Box 55993 Riyadh 11544 Tel: 966-1-456-7714 Fax: 966-1-455-0672 Products: Cement-based and terrazzo tiles curbstones and pavers. Box 5882 Riyadh 11432 Tel: 966-1-498-6125 Fax: 966-1-498-6129 Products: Pigment master batches for use in coloring polyolefin based products Authorized Capital: SR6 million SAPPCO Saudi Plastic Products Company Ltd.O. conglomerate marble products Authorized Capital: SR10 million MULAWINAT National Pigment Masterbatch Company Ltd.O.O. P. Box 40042 .O.Arabian Plastic Compounds Company Ltd. couplings and associated fittings Authorized Capital: SR75 million APLACO Arabian Plastic Manufacturing Company Ltd. Box 6193 Riyadh 11442 Tel: 966-1-448-0250 Fax: 966-1-448-0543 Products: A wide range of pressure and non-pressure plastic fittings Authorized Capital: SR18 million SAPPCO-Dammam Saudi Plastics Products Company Ltd. bends. P.O. P.

Box 1387 . Box 4930 Riyadh 11412 Tel: 966-1-498-1888 Fax: 966-1-498-2600 Products: Wire rod and ribbed tensile wire mesh. spiral wound membrane elements for ultra filtration and reverse osmosis Authorized Capital: SR6 million STEPCO Steel Products Company Ltd.Riyadh 11499 Tel: 966-1-498-4676 Fax: 966-1-498-0443 Products: Polystyrene and polyurethane thermal insulation products Authorized Capital: SR30 million SIDMAS Saudi Industries for Desalination Membranes and Systems Ltd. Box 52816 Riyadh 11573 Tel: 966-1-498-2727 Fax: 966-1-498-0902 Products: Thin-film. epoxy-coated reinforcing bars Authorized Capital: SR14 million WATAN PAC National Packing Products Company Ltd. Box 8331 Jeddah 21482 Tel: 966-2-665-7502 Fax: 966-2-661-0373 Products: Fusion-bonded.O.O.O. Distribution and Services AREECO Arabian Elevator and Escalator Company Ltd.O. installation and maintenance of elevators. P. Box 25817 Riyadh 11476 Tel: 966-1-498-2211 Fax: 966-1-498-2483 Products: Corrugated cardboard containers Authorized Capital: SR12 million Contracting. P. P.O.O. P. P. distribution of cut-to-length rebar Authorized Capital: SR12 million SACCO Saudi Coating Company Ltd. escalators and auto walks Authorized Capital: SR4 million ARTEC Arabian Technical Contracting Company Ltd. P. Box 14326 Jeddah 21424 Tel: 966-2-665-7502 Fax: 966-2-661-0373 Products: Supply.

5 million SCINCO Saudi Continental Insurance Company Ltd. Box 2940 Riyadh 11461 Tel: 966-1-476-6903 Fax: 966-1-476-9310 Products: Full range of insurance services Authorized Capital: $3 million UAM United Arab Motors P. Box 58310 Riyadh 11494 Tel: 966-1-233-2222 Fax: 966-1-233-2996 Products: Supply and distribution of Chrysler.2004 Fax: 966-1-477-6418 Products: Electrical.O. P.O. Box 50009 Riyadh 11523 Tel: 966-1-477-1307 Fax: 966-1-477-4913 Products: Supply and distribution of Fujitsu digital EPBX and key systems.Jeddah 21431 Tel: 966-2-671-1171 Fax: 966-2-672-5470 Products: Construction/maintenance and associated electrical/mechanical requirements of roads. QMS printers and Siemens Nixdorf computer systems Authorized Capital: SR5 million NISCO National Industrial Services Company Ltd.O. P. Lanier copiers and facsimiles. Box 2821 Riyadh 11461 Tel: 966-1-477. Sole distributor of Abbot Diagnostic products. tunnels and expressways Authorized Capital: SR15 million MEDISERV Aggad Medical Supplies & Services Company Ltd.O.O. plus associated back-up service Authorized Capital: SR60 million GMC . P. and project operation maintenance Authorized Capital: SR1. Jeep and LIAZ vehicles. laboratory and hospital equipment and supplies through medical diagnostics division. Authorized Capital: SR10 million NASCO National Advanced Systems Company Ltd. Dodge. Box 17550 Riyadh 11494 Tel: 966-1-477-1234 Fax: 966-1-477-7109 Products: Supply of medical. bridges. P. mechanical and plumbing contracting.

Gulf Motor Company Ltd. handkerchiefs. kitchen towels and napkins Authorized Capital: SR25 million NISSAH Health Water Bottling Company Ltd.O.O. biscuits. P. Box 58310 Riyadh 11494 Tel: 966-1-493-1117 Products: Supply and distribution of Asian motors. Box 16301 Riyadh 11464 Tel: 966-1-478-3388 Fax: 966-1-478-9608 Products: Fashion design and related retail outlets Authorized Capital: SR6 million FINE Hygienic Paper Company Ltd.O. Box 20830 Riyadh 11465 Tel: 966-1-477-4050 Fax: 966-1-477-3279 Products: Supply and distribution of Daewoo cars and commercial vehicles Authorized Capital: SR10 million Consumer Products ACP Arabian Confectionery Company Ltd. P. toilet tissues. P.O. P. P.O. Box 25356 Riyadh 11466 Tel: 966-1-498-0800 Fax: 966-1-498-3051 Products: A wide range of wafers. infant diapers. Box 8160 Jeddah 21482 Tel: 966-2-637-0090 Fax: 966-2-637-6343 Products: Facial tissues. and ALKEO passenger cars Authorized Capital: SR5 million NMC National Marketing Company Ltd. Box 2948 Riyadh 11461 Tel: 966-1-490-0244 Fax: 966-1-490-0153 Products: Nissah and Alrawda brands of bottled drinking water Authorized Capital: SR25 million REMACO . sanitary pads.O. P. candy bars and toffees Authorized Capital: SR20 million ALMULTAKA Almultaka Trading Establishment Ltd. commercial and military vehicles.

com Web Site: www.H.zamil. Box 106 Al-Khobar 31952 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-3-882-2666 ext. a range of soft drinks and juices including the beverage Orangina Authorized Capital: SR18 million A. P. Sulaiman Abdul Kadir Al-Muhaidib Chairman P.K. Al-Zamil President P. Box 5777 Dammam 31432 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-3-889-2085 Fax: 966-3-889-2086 . Box 9 Al Khobar 31952 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-3-882-4888 Fax: 966-3-882-2509/847-1291 Email: webmaster@zamil-group.O.com Email: mailbox@ahalgosaibi. Al Abdulkarim Executive Director P.com Web Site: www.ahalgosaibi.Refreshments Manufacturing Company Ltd.O.muhaidib. Box 30 Dammam 11314 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-3-832-2033 Fax: 966-3-833-6065 Email: ch@muhaidib.O. Saud Abdulaziz Algosaibi Vice President and Director P. Khalid A. Mr.com/home. Al-Muhaidib & Sons Group of Companies Mr.O. Khaled A.000 Al Abdulkarim Group Mr.com Email: mail@muhaidib.O. Al-Zamil Group of Companies Mr.com Employees: 1.com Ahmad Hamad Algosaibi & Bros. 100 Fax: 966-3-882-2470/882-2624 Email: ahalgosaibi@hotmail.com Web Site: www.htm A. Box 20615 Jeddah 21465 Tel: 966-2-594-0451 Fax: 966-2-594-0104 Products: Al-Wadi bottled drinking water.

O. Ibrahim Mohammed Afandi General Manager P. Box 69006 Riyadh 11547 .O.sa Web Site: www. Mr.O.com. Box 5954 Riyadh 11432 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-477-0106 Fax: 966-1-478-4893 Email: alalamiah1@anet.000 Al-Awaji Holding Company H.albayan.sa Employees: 462 Albuldan Int'l Trading Co. for Trade. Box 42589 Riyadh 11551 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-477-2440 Fax: 966-1-476-5777 Email: al-bayan@concept.sa Web Site: www. Mohammed Obeid Al-Hammad President P. Dr.net Al-Bayan Group Holding Company Mr.net Al Alamiah Electronics Company Mr.net. Ltd.al-alamiah.sa Al-Afandi Est.com.O.com. Box 22977 Riyadh 11495 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-472-2222 Fax: 966-1-478-4685 E-mail: emcc@zajil.akte.com Email: afandim@zajil.net. Al-Faisal General Manager P.sa Email: hs@anet.net. Industry & Contracting Mr. Ibrahim Mohamad Al-Awaji President P.sa Web site: www.Email: akte@akte. Box 452 Jeddah 21411 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-663-3580/665-7438/663-4443 Fax: 966-2-660-8580/665-7428 Email: ibrahim@al-afandi. Hamed Abdullah Al-Sharekh President P.E.O. Almas H.com Employees: 1.

Ali A. O.O.O.com Email: hisham@alfanar.alemtiaz.istt.O. Elect. Fahad Abdulaziz Al-Ajlan Proprietor & Manager P.com Employees: 900 Al-Foadia General Trading & Contracting .net. Hisham M.alfanartrading.sa Al-Busaili Co.Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-487-1980/ 487-1981 Fax: 966-1-275-3072/275-3081 Email: albuldan@istt. Box 4173 Riyadh 11491 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-491-2605 Fax: 966-1-491-2602 Email: albusailico@hotmail. Box 1802 Riyadh 11441 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-411-6566 Fax: 966-1-411-0800 Email: fahad@alemtiaz.com Web Site: www.com Web Site: www. Mr.com Employees: 384 Al-Dhoheyan Consultant Office for Finance & Administration Mr. Al-Dhoheyan President P. Al-Mutlaq Managing Director P. Mohammed Dhoheyan A. Al-Busaili General Director P. Mechanical Works Mr.com Alfanar Co.sa Web Site: www.sa Al-Emtiaz Establishment Mr. Box 301 Riyadh 11411 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-478-0777 Fax: 966-1-476-5113 Email: export@alfanar.edu.edu. Box 59683 Riyadh 11535 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-478-8471/477-2879 Fax: 966-1-478-6945 Email: doheyan@awalnet.

Mr.sa Web Site: www.com Email: sales@alharbitelecom. Abdullah A.com .com Web Site: www.O. Box 53874 Riyadh 11593 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-464-1995/464-0239 Fax: 966-1-463-1068 Alhamrani Group of Companies Mr. Al-Hobayb President P.alfoadia.O.com.Mr.alhamranigroup.com.com Al-Hobayb Group of Companies Eng. David Castillo Vice President Marketing P. Box 556 Riyadh 11421 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-479-0100 Fax: 966-1-479-0171 Email: abdullah@al-hobayb.O. Box 1650 Riyadh 11441 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-402-7557 Fax: 966-1-404-2312 Email: contracting@alfoadia. Al-Hamdan Executive Director P. Alhamrani Chairman P.com Web Site: www. Mohamed A.alharbitelecom.O.com Al Harbi Telecom Mr.O. Jizawi Chairman & Owner P.sa Al-Hamdan Trading Est. Box 67731 Riyadh 11517 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-419-0909 Fax: 966-1-419-0088 Email: david@alhabitelecom. Ahmed F. Box 1229 Jeddah 21431 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-606-5555/669-6690 Fax: 966-2-606-0265/667-4394 Email: chairman@alhamranigroup.com Email: info@alhamranigroup. Abdullah I.

alquraishi.com Web Site: www. O. Box 1848 Riyadh 11441 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-479-3195/477-1618/479-2409 Fax: 966-1-478-6947 Email: azaq@alquraishi. Mr.com Web Site: www.O. Abdullah Fahd Al-Kraidees President P.com Employees: 970 Assets: SR253 million Al-Jawdah Group of Companies Mr.com Ali Zaid Al-Quraishi & Brothers Co.O.E.O. Al-Quraishi Managing Director Co-Chairman.com Employees: 185 Al-Jazirah Vehicles Agencies Co. Ali Abdullah I. Ltd.aljazirahford.com Web Site: www.-Saudi Arabian Business Council P. Al-Jedaie Chairman P.hudaithylaw.com Email: algatatsha@hotmail. Sheikh Abdulaziz Z. H. U.sa Al-Jedaie Trading Corporation Mr. Box 365 Riyadh 11351 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-279-1337/279-1338 Fax: 966-1-279-1335 Email: alhudaithy@yahoo. Box 4709 Riyadh 11412 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-265-0224/265-0228/265-0225 Fax: 966-1-265-0158/265-0159/265-0160 Email: info@aljawdahgroup. O.aljazirahford.S.aljawdahgroup. Box 310 Riyadh 11411 .com Web Site: www. Abdulaziz Ibrahim Al-Hudaithy Chairman P.Al-Hudaithy Attorneys at Law Mr. Box 4416 Riyadh 11491 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-231-9944 Fax: 966-1-231-1811/233-3531 Employees: 232 Email: mkt@ryd.com. Abdul Rahman Saleh Al Omran President & General Manager P.

O.com Employees: 700 Annual Sales: $300 million Aljomaih Holding Company Mr.alkholi.com Web Site: www.com Al-Kholi Group Dr.com Email: info@aljuraid.aljedaie. Mohammed A.com Employees: 3.Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-460-2000 Fax: 966-1-460-1111 Email: info@aljedaie. Box 545 Dammam 31421 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-3-847-2777 Fax: 966-3-847-2591 E-mail: alkuhaimi@alkuhaimi.com Web Site: www. Box 8282 Riyadh 11482 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-465-4240 Fax: 966-1-465-1663 Email: djohnson@aljuraid.aljuraid. Mr. Ibrahim Mohammed A. Box 3513 Riyadh 11481 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-405-6021/402-2455 Fax: 966-1-402-0643 Email: hbkholi@aol.sa Web Site: www.alkuhaimi. Al-Jomaih General Manager Al-Jomaih Building Kilo 6 Madinah Road P.com . Al Kuhaimi Chairman P.com Web Site: www. Box 467 Jeddah 21411 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-660-5111 Fax: 966-2-667-0802/2-663-5260 Email: ibrahimaljomaih@yahoo.com.aljomaih. Hamza Al-Kholi Chairman and CEO P.com (under development) Al Kuhaimi Metal Industrial Ltd. David Johnson Audit Partner P.O.000 Al Juraid & Company Mr.O.com Web site: www.8m.O.

Jamal A.com Al-Murjan Trading and Industrial Co.coraldahlan. Mr. Box 8594 Jeddah 21492 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-606-3094 Fax: 966-2-606-6720 Email: dr.O. Abdullah S.a.napcogroup.sa Web Site: www. Al Moaibed President P. Al Misehal President P.com Al Misehal Company Ltd.com Al Moaibed Group Co. Ltd. Box 4701 Dammam 31412 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-3-847-2288/847-3040/857-7740 Fax: 966-3-857-9993/847-1504 Email: info@napcogroup. for Investment Dr.O.O. Dahlan President P. Mr.com Email: minwal@atheer. Ltd.com Al-Qahtani Maritime Mr.dahlan@coraldahlan.O.O. Box 2224 Dammam 31451 .almisehal.com Web Site: www. Bafagih CEO P. Abdel Aziz Abdel Hadi A. Box 580 Riyadh 11391 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-461-0808 Fax: 966-1-461-0909 Email: sales@almisehal.com Web Site: www. Al-Qahtani Chairman P.net. Box 52558 Jeddah 21573 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-699-5555/694-2065 Fax: 966-2-694-3501 Email: obafagih@hotmail.Employees: 550 Al-Minwal Trading Est. Adil H. Othman M. Mr.

sa Al Rajhi Banking & Investment Corporation Mr.S.O.com Web Site: www. Al-Rashid General Manager P.O.q3group.al-rushaid.722 Assets: SR30.sa Web site: www. Al-Athel President P. Abdullah R. Al Rushaid Chairman P.O.com. Box 28 Al-Rajhi Five Buildings Batha St.com Web Site: www.Net Web Site: www. Abdullah Sulaiman Al Rajhi Director and General Manager P. Abdullah S.com Email: aqm@q3group.150 .sa Assets: Al Rushaid Investment Company Mr.com Al-Qussie International Contracting Establishment Mr.com.alqussie. Box 307 Riyadh 11411 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-401-1134 Fax: 966-1-402-2055 Email: gmrtcc@awalnet. Riyadh 11411 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-460-1000 Fax: 966-1-460-2040 Email: abdullah_sulaiman@alrajhi.Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-3-857-5156/858-0909 Fax: 966-3-857-6460/857-7184 Email: azizqahtani@yahoo.sa Employees: 5.com. Abdulaziz M. Mr. Box 53172 Riyadh 11583 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-488-1177 Fax: 966-1-482-6685 Email: amsa@alqussie.O. Box 31685 Al-Khobar 31952 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-3-893-3333 Fax: 966-3-864-7320/898-3551 Email: al-rushaid@The-Saudi.66 billion Al-Rashid Trading & Contracting Co.alrajhibank.com Employees: 2.

com.com Web Site: www.altawail. Abdulaziz A.O.O.net Web Site: www. Dr. Box 4186 Riyadh 11491 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-498-3900/498-6107 Fax: 966-1-498-6123/282-1345 Email: info@alsanie. Mohammed Al-Tawail President P.O.com Al Sanie Holding & Trading Company Dr.O.SR800 million Al Saghyir Trading-Contracting Co. Ibrahim Bin Abdulaziz Al-Touq President P.al-saghyir. Box 27483 Riyadh 11417 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-479-3563 .net Employees: 350 Al-Tawail Management Consulting & Training H.sa Al-Sulaiman Group (Rolaco) Mr. Box 9171 Riyadh 11413 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-208-6894/208-6895/208-6896/208-6897 Fax: 966-1-208-6899 Email: info@altawail. Box 29936 Riyadh 11467 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-474-1111 Fax: 966-1-476-5405 Email: info@al-saghyir.al-yamama.com Email: director@al-saghyir.rolaco. Al Sanie Chairman and General Manager P. Abdullah M.com Al-Touq Company Mr.com Web Site: www.E. Ltd. Al-Sulaiman P. Fahad Abdullah Al Bassam General Manager P.O. Eng.com Web Site: www. Box 222 Medina Road Jeddah 21411 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-651-8028 Fax: 966-2-653-4280 Email: info@rolaco.

Al-Abdulkader President P.com. (ARASCO) Eng.O. Box 2468 Riyadh 11451 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-465-7929 Fax: 966-1-463-0456 E-mail: amagroup@anet. Al-Hoshan Chairman P.com.M. Nemeh Sabbagh Managing Director & CEO P.O. Abdullah Sulaiman Al-Rubaian Managing Director P.anb.com. Mr.sa Web Site: www. Box 509 Riyadh 11421 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-217-0000/217-0070/217-0071/466-1643 Fax: 966-1-465-6248 Web Site: www.akfc.000 Assets: SR 350 million Arab National Bank Mr.760 Assets: SR35. Abdul Aziz M.com Alujain Corporation Eng.O.net. Sami M.9 billion Arabian Agricultural Services Co. Box 56921 Riyadh 11564 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-401-0928/402-9000 ext.sa Web Site: www.O. El-Hoshan Est.O. Amir H.com Employees: 1. Box 53845 Riyadh 11593 .com AMA Group Dr.sa Employees: 1.sa Employees: 300 Amir H.hoshangroup. Box 50575 Jeddah 21533 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-669-5140/669-5956 Fax: 966-2-669-3986 Email: alujaincorp@xenel. 1700 Fax: 966-1-402-7747/403-0052 Email: nemehes@anb.Fax: 966-1-478-1535 Email: admin@altouq. Eid President & COO P.

com Employees: 290 Assets: SR263 million Mr Aujan Industries Company . Box 6277 Jeddah 21442 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-651-8070 Fax: 966-2-653-2478 Email: info@baj.com Email: rubian@arasco.com.com. Ziyad Bin Zaid Mohammed Al-Sidairi Partner & General Manager P.sa Web Site: www.O. Hamadeh President & CEO P.sa Employees: 800 Bank Al Jazira Mr.com Web Site: www. Box 990 Dammam 31421 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-3-857-0777 Fax: 966-3-857-7923 Fax: 966-3-857-3226 Email: adel@aujan.Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-419-1819/419-1933 Fax: 966-1-419-1520 Email: info@arasco. Adel Abdulrahman Al-Aujan Board Chairman P.com.arasco.O.com . Bassam R. Mr.sa Web Site: www.com.O.ae Web Site: www. Box 4611 Riyadh 11412 Tel: 966-1-463-3059 Fax: 966-1-464-4014 Email: albassam@emirates.com Employees: 945 Arabian Auto Agency Company Ltd.sa Email: aujan@aujan.net. Box 2223 Jeddah 21451 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-660-6988/669-5595 Fax: 966-2-669-2359 Email: equipment@aaa.baj.com. Mishari Ibrahim Al-Mishari General Manager and CEO P.sa Bassam Trading Establishment Mr.albassam-me.O.arabian-auto-agency.

Box 23344 Riyadh 11426 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-476-6965/478-1722 Fax: 966-1-478-1904 Email: maainvest@zajil.com. Wahib Said Binzagr Chairman P.com Employees: 60 Capital Advisory Group H.E.sa Center for Economic & Management Studies H.Bayder Group Mr. Dr.binzagr. Mohammed H. Box 4372 Riyadh 11491 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-476-5065/476-6364 Fax: 966-1-477-5994 Employees: 132 Beit Binzagr Mr. Box 209 Jeddah 21411 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-643-8235/643/8235 Fax: 966-2-643-8983 Email: abuobeid@binzagr. Alohali President P. Sheikh Mohammed A. Faisal Al Bashir President P.net Web Site: www.O.com. Abalkhail Chairman P.cag.E. Box 7188 Riyadh 11462 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-472-2555/479-3321/479-2673 .sa Web Site: www.O.O. Box 26796 Riyadh 11476 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-476-6965/478-1722/291-4010 Fax: 966-1-478-1904 Email: maaininvest@zajil. Al-Omair Managing Director P. Saleh A.net Consultancy and Research Center (CRC) Dr.O.O.

dabbagh-group. Box 1039 Jeddah 21431 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-669-7220 Fax: 966-2-669-6184 Email: info@dabbagh-group.com. Ahmed S. Box 19580 Riyadh 11445 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-478-3800 Fax: 966-1-474-2813 Email: greenberg@zajil. Amr A.mamoudou@synovate. Box 6800 Dammam 31452 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-3-847-1777.bh Web Site: www. Box 430 Jeddah 21411 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-671-0000 Fax: 966-2-671-7056/671-0347/669-4264 Email: irshad@dallah.com Dallah Albaraka Holding Co.O.25 million DevCorp International E. Ltd.com . Dabbagh President & CEO P.memrb. Abdullah Saleh Kamel CEO and Executive Director P. Mr.000 Delmon Co. Mr. Greenberg Managing Director P.sa Web Site: www.net Email: devcorp@batelco.devcorpint. Mr.O.C. 847-7777 Fax: 966-3-847-1683 Email: info@delmon.com Web Site: www. Al-Ghunaim Managing Director P. James L.com Employees: 35.com Web Site: www.Fax: 966-1-479-4122 Email: mamadou.com Email: cglover@memrbksa.com.O.com Web Site: www.com.O.sa Employees: 200 Assets: SR4.com Dabbagh Group Holding Company Ltd. Mr.delmon.albaraka.

Moutaz Fouad Kayal President and General Manager P.com Web Site: www. Khaled Ahmed Juffali Vice Chairman & Managing Partner P.O.com Elaf Travel. Box 784 Jeddah 21421 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-639-4477 Fax: 966-2-639-4058 Email: info@alamri.5 million E.Dr.sa Web Site: www.O.com. Faisal Musaed El Seif President P. Mohamed Al-Amri & Company (CPA-IT Firm) Dr.com.O.O.sa Enany Group of Companies (FAMCO) Mr.elaftours. Box 5865 Riyadh 11432 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-478-0038 Fax: 966-1-478-9773 . Mohamed Abdullateef Al-Amri Managing Partner P. Box 15665 Riyadh 11461 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-454-5996 Fax: 966-1-454-0863 Email: fes@elseif. Juffali & Brothers Mr.com El Seif Group Mr.com Email: jeddah@alamri.O.com Web Site: www.eajb. Box 1049 Riyadh 21431 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-667-2222 Fax: 966-2-669-4010 Email: juffali@eajb.: 966-2-664-1233 Fax: 966-2-664-0838 Email: mfkayal@sedcogroup. Tourism & Hotels Group Mr.alamri.com Employees: 87 Annual Sales: SR9. Hassan Mohammad Khalil Enany P.A. Box 13541 Jeddah 21414 Saudi Arabia Tel.

exxonmobil.S.fakiehgroup.com.com Web Site: http://www. Box 18366 Riyadh 11415 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-478-7801 Fax: 966-1-477-3836 Email: fouad.com ExxonMobil Saudi Arabia Inc.com/poultry Fal Group of Companies Mr. Fahad M. Box 4900 Riyadh 11421 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-419-2990/419-2353 Fax: 966-1-419-2239/419-2890 Email: fal@falgroup.mobil.com Fakieh Poultry Farms Mr.com Web Site: www.com Email: poultry@fakiehgroup. Alaedin Managing Partner.O. Ltd. Daniel Nelson Chairman & CEO P.com Web Site: www.O.Ernst & Young .ey. Box 2621 Makkah Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-556-2946/557-1011/557-2225 Fax: 966-2-557-1592/558-2985 Email: ak19@hotmail. Fouad M. Mr. Al Athel President P. Stephen W. Box 3362 Riyadh 11471 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-460-5796 Fax: 966-1-460-5041 . 273-8195 Email: r_d_nelson@email.O. Middle East P.alaeddin@sa. Abdul Rahman Abdul Gader Fakieh Chairman & CEO P.sa Email: fahadm@aol.O. Mr.Middle East Mr.eyi.com GD Arabia. Box 40228 Riyadh 11499 Tel: 966-1-273-8000 Fax: 966-1-273-8099. Scott Managing Director P.O.

Box 227 Jeddah 21411 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-642-7679/642-2661 Fax: 966-2-642-5807/643-2609 Email: anasabudawood@abudawood.com Jeraisy Group .jadawelinternational.Email: scotts@gdarabia. Karim Algahtani President & CEO P.hatcon.gdarabia. Anas Ismail Abudawood Vice President P.O. Khalid Hassan A.com Hajjan Trading Establishment Mr. Ltd. Box 991 Al-Khobar 31952 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-3-882-2058/882-3569/882-2846 Fax: 966-3-882-1709 Email: hatcon@hatcon. Noueyhed General Manager P.O. Mr.sa Web Site: www.com. Ayad Y.500 Annual Sales: $200 million Ismail Ali Abudawood Trading Co.com Web Site: www. Box 61539 Riyadh 11575 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-463-1760/464-4679 Fax: 966-1-465-1013 Email: info@jadawelinternational.com Web Site: www.O.hakgroup.sa Hassan A. Mohamed Bin Issa Al-Jaber Chairman and CEO P.com Email: khalidg@hakgroup.com Jadawel International Mr.com Email: gdarabia@gdarabia.com Employees: 1.com Web Site: www.com. Box 195 Al-Khobar 31952 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-3-882-0222 Fax: 966-3-882-2111 Email: info@hakgroup.O. Karim Algahtani Sons Group of Companies Mr.

Al-Jadaan Partner Mr.net Web Site: www.H. Khaled M.O.com Email: yousef@aljadaan.jeraisy.net Employees: 102 The Law Firm of Yousef & Mohammed Al-Jadaan Mr. Sherbiny for Commerce .com M.com W Tel: 966-1-478-0220 Fax: 966-1-476-9332. Box 317 Riyadh 11411 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-419-6005 Fax: 966-1-419-2651 Email: jrsygrop@baelco. Box 112 Dammam 31411 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-3-834-4422/833-5555 Fax: 966-3-833-6666 Email: info@albawardi.bh Email: chairman@jeraisy. 472-6606 Email: info@aljadaan. Box 3515 Riyadh 11481 Saudi ArabiaM & A Albawardi Group of Companies Mr. Albawardi President P.H.Mr.O. Al-Jeraisy Chairman P.com eb Site: www.5 billion Kingdom Holding Company H.kingdom.aljadaan. Abdul Rahman A.com Employees: 4.albawardi. Al-Jadaan Partner P. Mohammed A.O.com Web Site: www.000 Assets: SR 1. Yousef A.com.com Web Site: www. Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Chairman P.R. Box 1 Riyadh 11321 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-488-1111 Fax: 966-1-481-1954 Email: alwaleed@kingdom.O.

com Employees: 405 Marei Bin Mahfouz Group & Co.com Employees: 600 Mahmood Saleh Abbar Company Mr. Box 32703 Jeddah 21438 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-674-0402 Fax: 966-2-676-1274 Email: info@binmahfouz.abbar-sa.net Mohamed Al-Awadi Company H.net Web Site: www. Box 601 Jeddah 21421 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-651-8042/651-2366 Fax: 966-2-651-0970/651-5704 .sa.net Email: bmahfouz@zajil.com Web Site: www.el-maghraby.com Web Site: www.com Web Site: www. Mr.O.com Maghraby Hospitals and Centers Dr.com Email: akef@magrabi.O.O.O. Box 3082 Al-Khobar 31952 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-3-894-4298 Fax: 966-3-864-7278 Email: sales@sherbinyforcommerce. Ridha Mahmood Saleh Abbar General Manager P. Akef Ameen El-Maghraby Chairman P. Mohamed Al-Awadi Chairman and President P. Mohammad H.E. Box 7344 Jeddah 21462 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-636-9052/636-5000 Fax: 966-2-636-1420/636-6164 Email: info@magrabi. Box 461 Jeddah 21411 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-651-2768/651-2940/651-2764 Fax: 966-2-651-4032/651-2750 Email: abbar@abbar.Mr.. Abdullah Marei Bin Mahfouz Vice Chairman & CEO P.binmahfouz. Sherbiny President P. Ltd.sherbinyforcommerce.O.

Mohammed Saad Aldrees & Sons Co.O.aldrees. Muhammad Bin Suliman Al-Jarbou President P.nic.200 Assets: SR410 million Muhammad Al-Jarbou Law Firm Mr.sa Web Site: www. Suleiman Al-Herbish Chairman .O.com Web Site: www. Abdulmohsen M.net The National Commercial Bank Mr.O. Abdullah Salem Bahamdan Chairman & Managing Director P. Box 3555 Jeddah 21481 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-2-644-1100/649-3333 Fax: 966-2-643-9595/644-6468 Email: alahli.com Web Site: www.alahli.com Employees: 4. Eng. (NIC) Dr. Moayyed I. Box 606 Riyadh 11371 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-477-3606/476-2816 Fax: 966-1-479-2754 Email: aljarbou@zajil.O. Aldrees Managing Director P.com. Box 26707 Riyadh 11496 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-476-7166/476-9910 Fax: 966-1-477-0898 Email: general@nic.sa/english Employees: 39 The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia (NSCSA) Mr.com@alahli.800 Assets: SR76. Box 609 Riyadh 11421 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-206-3333/206-4115/206-6333/206-0964/206-1542 Fax: 966-1-206-7777 Email: info@aldrees.com Employees: 1.66 billion National Industrialization Co. Al-Qurtas Chief Executive P.com.

084 Omar K. Ltd.com Web Site: www. Box 1520 Al-Khobar 31952 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-3-887-1000 Fax: 966-3-887-2000 Email: ofc@olayangroup.manna@oshco. Olayan Chairman P. Omran Mohammed Al Omran President P.O.sa Email: ceomail@nscsa. Khalil I. Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Thehaiban Managing Director .com. Al-Gannas CEO Sitteen Street . Mr.com Employees: 500 Assets: SR4.com. Box 6456 Riyadh 11442 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-477-3660/477-3656 Fax: 966-1-478-5015 Omran M.O.com Employees: 3. Al Omran Corporation Mr. Aidroos Hassan Al-Esayi General Manager P.Malaz P. Box 91929 Riyadh 11643 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-478-2278 Fax: 966-1-477-7521 Email: omran@omrancorp. Al-Esayi & Co.com Email: k. Khaled S.com Oracle Systems Ltd. Box 8931 Riyadh 11492 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-477-4982/478-5454 Fax: 966-1-477-7478/478-5454 ext.O.sa Email: nscsaruh@nscsa.28 billion The Olayan Group Mr. 111 Email: kgannas@nscsa.nscsa.com.Engr.sa Web Site: www.olayangroup.O.

com . Musa Al-Malik Chief Executive Officer P.H.sa Raka Holding Co. Mr.net.com Email: zada@alrashed.com. Mazen Ibrahim Hassounah General Manager P.sa Rashed A.sa Web Site: www.P.O.sa Rana Investment Company Dr.O. Box 550 Al Rashed Center Maazhar Street Riyadh 11421 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-276-7676 Fax: 966-1-276-7378 Email: rarinvest@alrashed-group.com Prima International Company Ltd.O.O.O. H. Prince Abdul Rahman Bin Saud Al-Kabier Chairman P.alrashed.com.com. Ltd. Box 60148 Riyadh 11545 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-462-6262 Fax: 966-1-462-6056 Email: rana@rana.com Web Site: www. Box 295675 Riyadh 11351 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-273-6000 Fax: 966-1-273-6100 Web site: www. Al Rashed & Sons Company Mr. Box 16010 Riyadh 11464 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-464-6767/464-3962 Fax: 966-1-463-1639 Email: rakaa@ae.rana.oracle. Box 66971 Riyadh 11586 Saudi Arabia Tel: 966-1-470-5323/1-279-0328/1-279-0327 Fax: 966-1-279-0331 Email: prima@prima. Abdulrahman Rashed Al Rashed Executive Director P.

com Web Site: www.athath. Omair Al-Omair Managing Director & General Manager P. 2541 Fax: 966-1-404-1255 Email: baselmg@riyadbank.sa Web Site: www.sa Web Site: www.com Employees: 1. 2556. Mr. Box 3250 Al-Khobar 31952 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-3-882-2220.200 Riyadh Furniture Industries Mr.sa Riyadh Cables Group of Companies Mr.rezayat-commercial. Box 5038 Riyadh 11422 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-498-0808 Fax: 966-1-498-1216 Email: info@athath. Maan A.O. 882-9998 .com Riyad Bank Mr. Box 22615 Riyadh 11416 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-401-3030 Ext.O.com.com Saad Group of Companies Mr.riyadh-cables. Teymour Abdulla Alireza President & Vice Chairman P.net Email: rtclcomiy@rezayat.O.riyadbank. Box 996 Riyadh 11421 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-477-2630/477-7061 Fax: 966-1-477-4969/476-7864 Email: taalireza@rezayat. Hamdi S. Al-Sanea Chairman P.Rezayat Co.com Web Site: www. Basel Algadhib Executive Vice President Treasury & Investment P. Zaim Chairman P. Box 26862 Riyadh 11496 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-265-0850/265-1415 Fax: 966-1-265-1423 Email: rcgc@riyadh-cables. Ltd.com.com.O.O.

com.salehiya. Box 991 Riyadh 11421 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-463-3205 Fax: 966-1-463-4362 Email: genmail@salehiya.O. Mr.safari-e.com Salehiya Trading Establishment Mr. Sultan Mohamad Bin Saleh Bin Sultan President P.com Web Site: www. Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Hudaithiy Chairman P.com Email: saleh@safari.com. Saleh Ali Al-Sagri Chairman & CEO P.O.com Web Site: www. Box 51743 Riyadh 11553 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-461-4121/478-9840 Fax: 966-1-464-8520/477-6193 Email: info@saic.com Employees: 200 SAS Corporation Mr.sa Samba Financial Group (Samba) Mr.saic. Box 833 Riyadh 11421 Saudi Arabia .O.Fax: 966-3-882-8699.O.saadtrading. 7710 Riyadh 11472 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-231-5577/232-9487 Fax: 966-1-230-0010/232-6438 Email: shm@safarico.com.sa Web Site: www.O.com Safari Company Ltd. 882-7989 Email: info@saadtrading.sa Web Site: www.com Saudi Advanced Industries Company (SAIC) Mr. Abdulrahman Saad Al-Sadhan Chief of Staff & Corporate Secretary P. Box 2770 Riyadh 11461 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-476-7010 Fax: 966-1-479-2186 Email: sascorp@saheel. Sulaiman Abdullah Saheel President P.

maaden.com Web Site: www. North and South America 725 Fifth Avenue.com.amiantit. Eng.com. Box 68861 Riyadh 11537 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-479-3825/472-1222 Fax: 966-1-479-9428 Email: dabbaghae@maaden.4 billion Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma'aden) Dr. Dabbagh President and CEO P.sa Email: maaden@maaden.com Web Site: www. Information Technology P.com Employees: 1.com.sa Saudi Aramco Dr. Fareed Y.sadhan@citicorp.com. Box 5000 Dhahran 31311 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-3-875-6385/873-7607 Fax: 966-3-873-8708 Email: misharis@aramco.Phone: 966-1-477-4770 Fax: 966-1-479-9428/477-4770 ext.O.com Web Site: www.O. 18th Floor New York.saudiaramco. 1200 Email: abdulrahman.com Employees: 25.saudiairlines. Ibrahim Saud Mishari Vice President.sa Email: webmaster@aramco. Quinn Manager Marketing & Sales.com . NY 10022 Phone: 212-751-7000 Fax: 212-751-7270 Email: svmktg@aol.000 Assets: SR20. Thomas B.sa Saudi Arabia Amiantit Co. Box 589 Dammam 31421 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-3-847-1399/847-1500 Fax: 966-3-847-2307/847-1645 Email: fykhalawi@amiantit.com.234 Saudi Arabian Airlines Mr.com.sa Web Site: www.sa Web Site: www. Abdallah E.samba. O. Khalawi P.

com Employees: 12. Al-Mady Vice Chairman and Managing Director P.sbg. Finance & Corporate Affairs P. Box 8918 Jeddah 21492 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-2-664-3033 Fax: 966-2-664-3261 Web Site: www.O.com Web Site: www. Khalid Mohammed Al-Nowaiser Vice Chairman & General Manager P.saudibrothers.com Saudi Business Insight Group Mr.Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) Eng. Mohamed H. Box 14069 Jeddah 21424 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-2-669-8802/644-8802 Fax: 966-2-668-0866/644-8721 Email: habiss@yahoo.sabic.O. Yahia Mohammed Binladin Managing Director & Deputy Chairman of the Board P.O.sa Saudi Brothers Commercial Company (SBCC) Mr. Mohammad Hadoun Al Attas Group Vice President. Turki bin Ibrahim bin Abdulaziz Al-Ibrahim Chairman P.com Web Site: www.com Saudi Cable Company Mr.com. Box 4403 Jeddah 21491 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-2-638-0080 Fax: 966-2-637-5447 .O. Box 5604 Jeddah 21432 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-2-660-6802/660-6925 Fax: 966-2-660-8140 Email: info@saudibrothers. Box 5101 Riyadh 11422 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-225-9655/225-8000 Fax: 966-1-225-9660/225-9000 Email: almady@sabic.084 Saudi Binladin Group Eng.com Email: turki666@aol.O.

com. Al-Shawaf Chairman of the Board & President P.com Employees: 950 Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) Mr. Batterjee CEO & President P.se. 522 .com Email: mattas.A.net Email: sc@saudconsult.O.saudconsult.com. Peter Baltussen Managing Director P.O.com Web Site: www.O.500 Assets: SR 15.O. Suliman Abdullah Al-Qadhi CEO P.Email: saudi_cable@hotmail.sa Web Site: www.sghgroup. Box 1467 Riyadh 11431 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-406-7888 ext. Dr.scc@xenel. Tarek M.xenel.sa Email: seweb@se. Box 22955 Riyadh 11416 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-218-0340 Fax: 966-1-218-0351 Email: ceo@se.com Saudi Hollandi Bank Mr.com Web Site: www.73 billion Saudi German Hospitals Group Engr.600 Annual Sales: $343 million Saudi Consulting Services Eng.sa Employees: 7. Sobhi A.com.com/site/industrial Employees: 1.com Web Site: www. Box 2341 Riyadh 11451 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-465-9975 Fax: 966-1-465-0530/464-7540 Email: scr@zajil. Box 2550 Jeddah 21461 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-2-682-9000 Fax: 966-2-683-5874/690-5038 Email: sgh@sghgroup.

com The Saudi Investment Bank Dr.com.sa Web Site: www.com. Box 50417 Jeddah 21523 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-2-660-7874/664-1845 Fax: 966-2-663-8058 Email: sitm-sa@sol.sa Web Site: www. Abdullah M.com.E. Box 130 Al-Khobar 31952 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-3-801-0109/801-0110/801-0111 Fax: 966-3-801-0222 Email: yahya@sipc. Abdulaziz O'Hali Chairman P. Al Khenaifer Executive President P.O. Saleh Mohammed Al-Hajaj President P.sa Saudi Logistics & Technical Support (SALTS) Mr.sa Web Site: www. Box 57085 .sa Web Site: www.sa Web Site: www. Box 21977 Riyadh 11485 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-405-8080/408-3734 Fax: 966-1-402-2854/401-2622 Email: siec@siec.sa Saudi Industrial Export Company Mr.com. Abdulaziz A.O.O.saib.O.com.siec.shb.O. Al-Zamil Chairman & CEO P.sa Saudi International Trading & Mktg.net.Fax: 966-401-0968 Email: pbaltussen@shb. Abdulilah M. Saleh Kaaki General Manager P.sa Saudi International Petrochemical Company H. Eng.com. Mr.sipc.com. Box 3533 Riyadh 11481 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-477-8433 Fax: 966-1-478-1557 Email: info@saib.sitml.com.

com.com.com Shobokshi Development & Trading Co. Walid S.com. Waleed S.spimaco. Box 1280 Al Khobar 31952 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-3-894-1700 Fax: 966-3-895-2597 Email: akhtar@softtech-saudi.sa Email: drabdullah@spimaco.sa Sawabih International Group Mr.sa Web Site: www. Saleh Abdul Azeez Al-Namleh General Manager .Riyadh 11574 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-465-0138 Fax: 966-1-465-5712 Email: sales@salts. Hussein Ali Shobokshi President P.sa Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries & Medical Appliances Corporation (SPIMACO) Dr. Abalkhail President P.O.O.com. Mr. Box 56944 Riyadh 11564 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-419-1111 Fax: 966-1-419-1144/464-7870 Shoaibi Contracting Establishment Mr. Box 20001 Riyadh 11455 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-477-4481 Fax: 966-1-477-3961 Email: general@spimaco. Box 16286 Jeddah 21464 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-2-660-0446 Fax: 966-2-669-0568 Email: husseinshobokshi@yahoo. Abdullah A.sa Web Site: www.com Solar Energy Trading Est. Abdulkader Managing Director P.com.salts. Al Shoaibi Managing Director P. Mr.O.O.

O. Abdullah M.O.com Trading and Development Partnership Co. Box 1178 Jeddah 21431 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-2-651-4621/651-9818 Fax: 966-2-651-8789/653-1912 Email: desertfalcon@earthlink.net. Amin Dahlawi Chairman P.net .al-tamimi.ho@al-tamimi. Abdullah M.net Email: ttaher@aaltaher. Mr.solarete.sa Tamimi Group of Companies Mr. Box 5720 Jeddah 21432 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-2-669-5528/663-6666 Fax: 966-2-663-6165 Email: info@omniaworld. Box 40968 Riyadh 11511 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-206-0622/206-0662 Fax: 966-1-472-7024 Email: solar@awalnet.tdpco.O.com Web Site: www.O.P.com Web Site: www. Tarek Abdelhadi Taher President & CEO P. Al-Hugail President P.com Trans Middle East Co.com. Box 1327 Riyadh 11431 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-419-4444 Fax: 966-1-419-3058 Email: faiz@tdpco.O. Box 172 Dammam 31411 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-3-847-4050/847-4130 Fax: 966-3-847-1592/847-1725 Email: tamimi.taher-group.com Web Site: www.com Taher Group of Companies Mr. Tariq Ali Al-Tamimi President P. Mr.sa Web Site: www.

Web Site: www.O. Saleh Al Ali Al-Rashid Managing Director P.O.5 billion Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Mr.xenel. Wallan Chairman P. Khalid Ahmed Yousuf Xenel Alireza CEO and Executive Director P.sa Employees: 175 Xenel Industries Limited Mr. Box 572 Al-Khobar 31952 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-3-894-6120/894-6021 Fax: 966-3-898-4152 Email: saudiunt@sahara. Abdulla Ali Kanoo Group Chairman & CEO P. Box 2824 Jeddah 21461 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-2-643-7619/645-5555 Fax: 966-2-643-8405/644-4651 Email: xenel@xenel.000 Assets: SR2. Box 37 King Saud Road Dammam 31411 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-3-835-5700/835-6000/835-5744 Fax: 966-3-835-5747/835-5710 Email: info@ybakanoo.omniaworld.com.com Web Site: www.com .wallan.com. Saad F.com Employees: 25.com Web Site: www.000 United Saudis Mr.com Email: abdullakanoo@kanoosa.ybakanoo.com Web Site: www.net Employees: 2.sa Wallan Group Mr. Box 3176 Riyadh 11471 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-493-3331/491-0808 Fax: 966-1-493-2238 Email: saad@wallan.O.O.

Mr. Esam Hashim Hakeem President P.difacompany.com .com Web site: www.sa Email: zanmail@zangroup. Box 7293 Riyadh 11462 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-1-481-0000 Fax: 966-1-480-2600 Email: zanest@naseej.O.zultec. Zulqiurnain Ali Khan Managing Director P.O.com Zultec International Ltd.net Web Site: www.com.Employees: 2. Box 15792 Jeddah 21454 Saudi Arabia Phone: 966-2-670 0490 Fax: 966-2-670 0341 E-mail: zultec@zultec.000 Zan Trading Establishment Mr.

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