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Personal Development as a Strategic Manager

Student Name : Shoaib Umer College ID: CMI01/5305 Submission Date: 11 June 2010

Plagiarism Statement: I declare that, apart from properly referenced quotations, this assignment/report is my own work and contains no plagiarism; it has not been submitted previously for any other assessed unit on this or other courses. Candidate Signature: shabiumer

Be able to manage personal leadership development to support achievement of strategic ambitions......................page 6 3.................................................................................................page 6 leadership to direct development leadership for the of development leadership effectiveness the 3...... ..3 Review and update the leadership plan......2 Personal development plan development…………………………………....3 Assess the relationship between existing........................3 Devise an implementation process plan.............Contents Introduction.................page 5 LO3.............page 4 2.............page 1 skills to achieve strategic 1............... ..........2 Evaluate the strategic skills required of the leader to achieve the strategic ambitions.........................................page 9 .............. Be able to evaluate the development plan........ Be able to promote a healthy and safe environment that supports a culture of quality....page 1 of the organization 1..1 Opportunities to support …………………………………………………......page 3 LO2.............1 Assess the achievement of outcomes of the plan against original objectives………………page 6 3.........page 4 2.....page 1 LO1. Be able to identify personal ambitions.............. required and future skills to achieve the strategic ambitions.........................................page 4 2.................1 Analyze the strategic direction …………………………………………………...................2 Evaluate the impact of the achievement of objectives on strategic ambitions…………….................. .....page 8 development LO4......................page 2 1........................................

To achieve overseas acknowledgement which is one of the company’s major strategic objectives. training courses are then sold by the events team on the day and the telesales team following the seminar. Knowledge to Action ltd.. and Trader coaches working on the trading floor. and 50+ external staff. was established in early 2003’ by a multimillion dollar trader. telesales and event sales. Business is generated. highlighting the key importance of trading.. The strategic objectives of Knowledge to Action is to expand its premises overseas once successfully taking over the entire UK market by being the number one trader training company. by the speakers giving out free seminars. the company has tried to run various joint ventures with foreign speakers with a hope to expand its horizons. LO1. K2A has got 25+ internal staff.4. Mrs. was written by the author considering the strategic ambitions of his company Knowledge To Action Ltd. part of this relies on increasing awareness by increasing the number of free seminars run across Uk with a view of increasing number of sales per week.. Be able to identify personal skills to achieve strategic ambitions . Greg Secker in conjunction with his. Sara Secker. and an expresident of The Melon Financial. becoming the number one and the largest trader training company in UK and across Europe. followed by establishing offices overseas such as Australia.page 10 Refferences………………………………………………………………………………………… …………………………page 11 Introduction This report. presenting to an audience driven to the free seminars through the efforts of the marketing department. The key departments in the company with assigned key roles are marketing.1 Assess the impact of corporate and individual health and safety responsibilities on the organization……………………………………………………………………………………… …………………………. with a vision in mind of the company. based on the uniqueness of the organization to measure and assess the personal development requirement as a strategic manager to help the company stay on track in hitting its strategic objectives. New Zealand and US with a view of running free seminars there and selling same courses abroad. now wife. Mr.page 9 Conclusion………………………………………………………………………………………… ………………………….

these seminars from being conducted three times a week have been increased to forty four seminars a week with an expected outcome of growing the sales turnover by a double each year. 1. 2002) “leadership is the exercise of power. More importantly being a leader to achieve strategic ambitions the author must be able to promote healthy and safe working environment and be able to manage personal leadership development to achieve strategic ambitions.2 Evaluate the strategic skills required of the leader to achieve the strategic ambitions As a strategic manager the skills required of the author to achieve these strategic ambitions involve in being able to be critical about the business strategic objectives and being able to create a personal development plan based on that to determine what works best to achieve the company’s strategic ambitions.1 Analyze the strategic direction of the organization Strategic direction of Knowledge to Action based on the company growth rate over the past 7 years or ever since it was established in January 2003. Greg Secker has been focused upon growing to become number one trader training company in the UK. it can be defined as the act of making something happen that would otherwise not occur”. The company understands that since it has deep rooted its foundations in the UK market it is now looking to expand overseas by providing similar sort of free seminars and running course abroad. 1. 1. The strategic objective of the company since launch was to spread awareness by providing free trading seminars followed by a sales pitch with a view of selling tickets for Knowledge to Action’s trader training courses. required and future skills to achieve the strategic ambitions As a strategic manager the author understands the importance of holding existing skills of both leadership and knowledge to envision the strategic . with this the author also understands the importance of being able to see the forest and not trees as quoted by various authors in their books. eyeing to become number one and the largest trader training company in the UK. which relates to a strategic manager to be able to look at the bigger picture and make or suggest any business strategic alterations that may be require to better achieve the company’s long/short term strategic ambitions. by Mr. with an ultimate strategic ambition of the company to be a multinational working across Australia.3 Assess the relationship between existing. All of this comes with good leadership skills and as suggested by (Warner Burke.As a strategic Manager the author understands that strategic ambitions of Knowledge to Action could only be met once the author has successfully identified personal skills required to achieve strategic ambitions of the company. New Zealand and the US. Being able to reorganize the team and keep the team motivated with the power of influential skills are imperative to best approach business ethics outlining the directions set by the higher management to hit goals.

lead and implement as Bryman was quoted as saying “leadership is defined in terms of a process of social influence whereby a leader steers members of a group towards a goal. 2. and the pace at which knowledge to action is expanding and building its business process. such as going global and expanding the business focus outside UK which may require outsourcing sales teams. Sales manager in knowledge to action is encouraged to undergo six month managerial course followed by quarterly refreshers course to underline and highlight leadership skills and iron out any weaknesses that were picked up on during the initial training. helping the sales team broaden their horizons and envision new possibilities.1 Opportunities to support leadership development In knowledge to Action Opportunities to support leadership development is abundantly available for its employees to take advantage of. Leadership as quoted by Katz and kahn is “the influential increment over and above mechanical compliance with routine directives of the organization” (katz and Kahn. this is essentially a business led approach to develop employees under its strategic frame work to enhance capabilities in accordance with the belief of human capital of an organization to use it as a major competitive advantage towards its business development goals. training and support is also provided to . marketing teams and even setting up offices abroad. As a strategic manager and heading the sales team since majority of the business is developed via sale of courses.ambitions of the company. Be able to manage personal leadership development to support achievement of strategic ambitions The importance of being in constant search of opportunities for personal development is as important as hunting for new business opportunities for the business. running an in-house sales team of ten employees and managing external sales staff requires great resilience. however with the progression of time. 1978). The vision directive of the organization and the business’s requirement of constantly revolutionizing its mode of applications to constantly support it’s mission statement requires good leaders with leadership skills highlighting their abilities to influence.” (Bryman. Other opportunities for the sales team made available by the company with a view of one day replacing their existing manager and taking up the role of leadership. 1992). constant training and workshops along with coaching and support help the author establish the required skills as determined by his personal development plan developed under the frame work or the companys strategic ambitions highlighting the key requirements and the expected future skills required in running the team as a strategic manager. LO2. include company sales library that holds books and memos by past managers. once strategic objectives are achieved.

the employees. The author understands that being able to demonstrate strengths is often as. These workshops help the sales manager reassess his leadership skills. if not more important than addressing a weakness. a personal development plan is setup which is shared with trainers at organized workshops that work with the managers alongside providing them with constant training and support to help them work their way up through the personal development plan to improvise strong leadership development.it is also about proving what the author thinks he is capable of. 2. and .2 Personal development plan to direct leadership development As existing sales managers. Criteria of Judging Succes s Concis e and to the point memos reflecti ng the urgenc y of tasks at hand Time Scale Evidenc e Priority 1 Written Skills Able to communic ate well in writing including business and creative writing 4-6 weeks Results Priority 2 Organizati onal Skills Unable plan to in Able to plan and Result oriente 8-12 weeks Results. as well as introduces him to other methods of tackling his weakness and polish up his strengths. with special workshops organized by the higher management for the sales staff and the sales manager entrepreneurial methods and techniques are introduced to the team giving the team an opportunity to put across their methods of handling different situations. Personal development Plan Skills Current proficiency Target Proficienc y Polish up writing skills in summariz ed well structure d fashion to achieve timely results Developme nt Opportunity Attend writing skills workshops every Wednesday and practice through business writing material made available in sales library Daily sales meetings. and therefore personal development plan is not just about improving in the areas where the author feels he is weakest.

3 Devise an implementation process for the development plan Personal development plan such as the one stated above can only be implemented through a constant learning cycle as mentioned and quoted below in an article published on the website • “The first thing that you need for a personal development plan is a goal. seminars and reading material. Yearly AGM’s. Organizatio nal planning books and texts from past managers available in Sales Library Team building workshops. to get them to do things they wouldn’t do otherwise . you need to brainstorm all the reasons why you want to achieve that particular goal and how it will benefit you.advance or to motivate and instruct subordinat es organize team into groups to achieve specified objective s. love bringing up the morale and influence key trigger points to get the tasks completed Priority 4 Motivation al Skills Must be able to work in a team of people to work with a structure d approach and perform and number of team roles Maintain skill set and drive ideas to influence team. d team meetin gs. 2. Priority 3 Team Working Skills Unable to build a unified team and need to reiterate the importanc e of working as a team rather than a group Great motivation al speaker. Targets achiev ed well within deadlin e Higher manage ment feedbac ks More interact ion with team membe rs. Make sure . 8-12 weeks Feedbac k. Once you have a goal. increas ed numbe r of exchan ge of ideas Results 4-6 weeks Team bonding Books.

• • • • • you write down everything so that you can look back at it from time to time to keep you motivated. other implementation processes revolve around going through and applying for management development programme that aim to fill specific positions such as CEO. no matter how busy or tired you are. keep you motivated and driven because you will be that much closer to your long term goal. Along with this other processes such as single-loop learning comparing consequences of actions against desired outcomes. For each daily goal. with the view of selecting candidates with good leadership skills and the ability to lead from the front in view of the company’s vision statement.html).babyboomercaretaker. The more specific your daily goals are. This will help you chart out steps to overcome the obstacles. capture feedback on leadership capabilities. Four Format for example helps identify key development goals. As part of the personal development plan towards developing leadership skills. The idea is to remain focused on your daily personal development plan so that you can achieve your long term goal. And once you embark on the path of achieving your daily goal. Then look at your current situation and see all the things that could pose as obstacle to your goal. capturing leadership feedback. 2) reviewing firms management skills inventory 3) creating replacement charts and 4) designing management development programmes. As stated above personal development plan can be implemented through a constant learning cycle. you should have a personal development plan. . This will have a positive effect on you. Your plan should help you chart out the easiest route to reach that goal.com/senior-dating/selfimprovement/Strategy-And-Implementation-Of-Personal-DevelopmentPlan. modifying behaviours with double-loop learning that goes beyond detection and correction of errors.” (http://www. that allows further Goal planning and progress of achievements against goals. It goes without saying that your daily goal should be realistic and achievable. It is better to have smaller daily goals that can help you achieve your long term goal. This means setting aside time everyday for your daily goal. you can be sure of the outcome. This will also make you realize your long term goal faster. such positions are opened up to candidates after undergoing the processes of 1) anticipating management needs. that involves identifying learning needs to setting up learning objectives followed be planning and designing learning events and delivering learning this is than evaluated by evidence and compared to current proficiency versus the target proficiency. an accompanying worksheet “Reaction finding worksheet” may also be used to identify ways to learn and enhance performance. and borders assessing actions and outcomes. the easier time you will have accomplishing them. Along with the above stated another useful method of implementing the personal development plan is by using a development log that allows you to: identify PD goals and objectives. as well as the log helps the delegate monitor progress and achievements against goals.

In Knowledge to Action’s sales department the weekly sales are based on company’s free introductory seminars run across UK. in comparison to a great leader with leadership skills who works on a social level.LO3. 1993). A good leader is works on individual bases with knowledge and trustworthiness. recently in order to grow the business across the globe. with social awareness and trust encircling mutual respect building bonds and having the abilities to manage conflict with a vision to get the entire team motivated and dedicated in accomplishing the tasks in view of the company’s vision and long term strategy. self aware of pro’s and cons and with his ability of self motivation directs and lead from the front. The difference between Leaders and leadership plays an important role in determining the productivity of the company and scaling the rate at which the company steers in the direction of its vision and mission statements. decided to run its seminars alongside a famous stock market celebrity Mr.1 Assess the achievement of outcomes of the plan against original objectives The achievement of outcomes of the plan against original objectives play a vital role in assessing the progress of the business growth in the direction paved through by the leaders of the business and the vision of the beneficiary. Jordan Belfort. along with envisioning high number of sales. market environment and values. the objective behind running the seminars of a British based company alongside an American brand was to put across a unique brand stigma as well as use of brand compliment. 3. This joint venture after numerous promotion campaigns and marketing research fell short of original objectives since after the seminars one third of the number of expected sales went through which though was an achievement was far of the company’s original . Be able to development plan evaluate the effectiveness of the leadership “Leadership is the ability of an individual to motivate others to forgo self interest in the interest of collective vision and to contribute to the attainment of that vision by making significant personal sacrifices over and above the call of duty willingly” (House and Shamir. Leadership development plan measures what is more important to the organization with constant analysis on the organizations thrust. Knowledge to Action in order to promote the business module and establish name. it then identifies those categories of leadership behaviours which are important to the organization defined by these critical factors.

2 Evaluate the impact of the achievement of objectives on strategic ambitions Evaluation is an attempt to measure the achievement of the objectives in conjunctions to the strategic ambitions of the company. which is why further seminars with Jordan were scrapped and the idea was wrapped up. In the above stated scenario for example if the Jordan Belford’s event had gone as per plan. with almost every house hold invested in the stock/forex market.objective. what went well and why? What still needs to be done? Etc. . in this case Knowledge to Action did succeed in running the joint seminar which resulted in sales as well as a star in the events list where we can proudly declare that we have spoken alongside renowned stock broker Jordan Belfort. in reference to strategic ambition which was to penetrate into the US market. This evaluation analysis could be put together in the following format: Developement Need Apparitional. these aspects may include. Jordan Belfordthis was to be achieved via free Jordan events along with Knowledge to Action’s aspiring speakers. 3. Existing and new clients have shown dissatisfaction on this approach as they were not impressed by the American style of sales approach and cut throat products being Sales managers and marketing managers’ ambition to grow the business global by expanding over to the US. The impact of achieving target based results works in favor of the company’s strategic ambitions. the strategic target for business audience lays in the US market. lots of aspects could be reflected upon to determine the factors facilitating future strategic objective planning. No. however on the other hand in future a thorough market research along with better planning may help in achieving strategic goals. while working aspiring wall street Guru Mr. Knowledge to Action’s strategic ambition was to use that as an artery to move into the US market and build foothold around Jordan’s events in the US. Though the company had a few sales over the seminar the expected return and impact on the target audience was not as strong as expected which resulted in scraping of future events with Jordan and co. Visionary style Objectives Relevant Strategic Impact Achieved ambition Yes/No? Evidence Organization needs relevant growth after covering all of UK. To evaluate the impact of the objectives which in this case was to run a joint venture.

an alternative approach towards penetrating in the US should be considered.3 Review and update the leadership development plan Having assessed the outcome of the development plan and evaluated the impact review of development needs. Existing Existing New development development development need still to be objectives still need identified actioned to be actioned Gather market facts and figures and research on ground work for future ventures with foreign companies. with a view of signing more people up from the seminar over the phone. and understand their criteria of acceptance of a foreign speaker. More thorough market research should be actioned by the marketing team in order to gauge audience. Though new business from this campaign increased sales figures. New development objective identified With stronger. In the above mentioned scenario noting the failure of the development plan the following review may be undertaken to iron out future failures or deviation from the expected strategic objectives. with a view to run a trial . researched and prepared approach further projects would be outlined with speakers such as Robert Kiyosaki and Anthony Robbins. Follow-up with all the clients who attended Jordan’s joint events to gauge their feedback from the seminar. 3. development objectives and the assessment of outcomes may come in handy to review the leadership development plan.sold at the seminar.

. Under these regulations the employer must: • Make arrangements for implementing the health and safety measures identified as necessary by the risk assessment. As per the basis of British Health and safety at work etc Act 1974 the general duties which employers have towards employees and members of public and employees have towards themselves and each other. seminar with the big giants in Australia and New Zealand first. Be able to promote a healthy and safe environment that supports a culture of quality Like any other company Knowledge to Action’s responsibility to its employees with regards to health and safety holds extreme importance and comes under strict checks for quality and purposeful implementation of the highest health and safety standards to maintain culture quality and safe and secure environment to work in. In other words. an employer does not have to take measures to avoid or reduce the risk if they are technically impossible or if the time. “these duties are Act by the principle of ‘so far as is reasonably practicable’. LO4. • Appoint competent people (often themselves or company colleagues) to help them to implement the arrangements. targeting audience from trading background and providing products at competitive prices which would be determined by the reports prepared by the marketing team. trouble or cost of the measures would be grossly disproportionate to the risk.alongside better marketing should be focused upon as well.

motivation and morale towards the work as well as serves as a better reputation for corporate responsibilities amongst investors/stake holders. which in return as mentioned earlier increases employee productivity.uk/pubns/hsc13. and since from posture on a chair while seated at desk to all the other health and safety hazards are under strict supervision to avoid hazards. stake holders.1 Assess the impact of corporate and individual health and safety responsibilities on the organization By incorporating corporate and inducing individual health and safety responsibilities on the organization Knowledge to Action’s impact on the culture quality substantially paved way for a healthier. Communication gaps are also focused upon by the managers to be filled up by better forms of transmission of safety information.pdf ) 4. In this instance knowledge to Action’s culture of quality based on its achievements of strategic ambitions.hse. requires all managers from all departments to be thoroughly briefed on the health and safety requirements as subjected by the HSE.2 Estimate an organisational culture of quality on the achievement of strategic ambitions Creation of a well structured and a well scripted health and safety culture keeps a positive environment in the company and motivates all employees in hitting and exceeding their targets under utmost care and precautionary conditions established by Knowledge to Action in the best interest of its employees. Organizational culture of quality on the achievement of strategic ambitions would automatically get a boost based on the team being physically and psychologically motivated enough to adapt changes easily. 4.• Set up emergency procedures. happier environment that did not only work as a daily motivational and morale booster for employees to come in and produce results but at the same time. • Provide clear information and training to employees. and clients. and work towards the company’s strategic ambitions without being motivationally put off due to bad working environment/conditions. by which the administration expects the workers motivation and skill level to increase based on proper health checks and improved safety provided to them during their course of work on a daily bases. To achieve these fundamental health and safety requirements managers are tasked to brief their team on a regular bases on their responsibilities as a team towards each other to maintain a safe and secure environment. time keeping and fewer number of days of sick.gov. this also entails quarterly health and safety checks as well as any new member of staff that joins the company is asked to follow-up on the company’s health and safety manual before they start their line of duty. (Source: http://www. and therefore safety . Health and safety responsibilities being properly implemented and reviewed on a monthly to quarterly bases therefore benefits Knowledge to Action massively since it reduced the absence rate of employee turnover. this ensured clients being motivated towards punctuality. risk of legal threats and accident rate are almost negligible. • Work together with other employers sharing the same workplace.

the author understands the importance of having a meaning personal development plan with the ability to appreciate the role of leadership in comparison to a leader. References: http://www.com/senior-dating/self-improvement/StrategyAnd-Implementation-Of-Personal-Development-Plan. Conclusion Having done the module and undergoing training on developing a strong.procedures along with highlighted instructions on good and worse case scenarios are imprinted in most places in the work place. strategic development plan. time keeping and above all with a happy staff the productivity levels went through the roof as well.html Title: Personal development plans: evidence from research on their use Author(s): Ben Bennett .babyboomercaretaker. objective based. Health and safety was another important subject covered in the course modules which helped the author appreciate the importance of establishing a strong health and safety policy in the company which resulted in having a high turnover of staff.

hse.pdfdd http://managementhelp.uk/pubns/hsc13.org/ldr_dev/ldr_dev.lib.gov.scotland.pdf NHS refference on leadership http://www.uk/Resource/Doc/54357/0014228.edu/groups/learning/ldo.pdf http://www.htm http://www.com/how_2103165_develop-strategic-thinking-skillsbusiness.umd.html .1108/14777280610706167 Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited http://www.gov.Journal: Development and Learning in Organizations Year: 2006 Volume: 20 Issue: 6 Page: 13 – 15 ISSN: 1477-7282 DOI: 10.ehow.

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