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Mr Flosmans Opus.Dont worry the exam is not hopeless Just take your time and learn this rhyme and dont smoke any dopus

In 1607, the English set up a place With natives, mosquitoes, bad water but lots of SPACE To grow and flourish John Smith he did NOURISH Relations with natives at Jamestown. 13 years later (1620) the pilgrims were on their way _ DOWN_ When the wind blew hard and the Mayflower was forced to dock In November around Cape Code at a place called PLYMOUTH ROCK Later came the Puritans, Winthrop declared they would be a beacon of light; A City on a Hill. But for the witches the noose had to be TIGHT Colonial America was born and up grew the democratic ideal One that Jefferson would _STEAL In order to break from England who taxed without giving representation At Lexington America would begin the fight for her _EMANCIPATION______ On July 4th 1776, from Independence Hall was read the Declaration of Independence To rally the colonies together, share the ideal, not to mention getting help from FRANCE_ America won at Yorktown and in the new nation the states would be United With a Constitution, Bill of Rights, it was outa SIGHTA So the new land was to grow and Sacajewea blazed the trail To fill in America like sand in a PAIL Thats Manifest Destiny which drove people to the pacific Especially after Napoleon gave Jefferson a deal that was TERRIFIC But the new democracy would falter The political landscape Andrew Jackson would ALTER Creating the Democrats and to serve the public being rich wasnt a prerequisite He was born poor, racist, he drank, killed a man; so Jackson didnt give a DOO DOO Soon the United States became divided And the election of Lincoln and the issue of slavery DECIDED A reason for the south to secede Leaving Lincoln the NEED For America to fight and for 640,000 to BLEED So that those enslaved Americans were FREED

America took to Industrialism like a bee to honey Robber Barons built trusts and bathed in tubs of $ Yet these were corrupt, unsafe, and at work the laborers had risks they would taker But Roosevelt and the Progressives fought them, guided by stories from the MUCKRAKER_ As Europe fell into a conflict in 1914, America stayed behind But after the Lusitania, and Zimmerman telegram, US soldiers joined the LINES In 1917, to France America would go At Versailles the seeds of peace the US tried to SEW The 14 Points written by the President WOODROW But to this England and France said NO The 20s were an exciting time Women had the Vote and danced past NINE To Jazz music and illegal MOONSHINE Although the Volstead act had made alcohol illegal and lewd People drank more and boozed it up til they SPEWED But the party soon ended in 1929 with the crash Even the flappers had to sell their hats for spare CASH And the solution came for another Roosevelt , New Yorks governor FDR was smart, driven, ambitious as well as a policy INNOVATOR_ He gave people hope and work if they were able To earn money and put food on families TABLE Yet as isolationist as they were Another war they would INCURR This time as Hitlers armies conquered its neighbour America provided guns and money to England to SAVE HER But Japan would bring war to America from the skyie When on Dec 7, 1941, they bombed Pearl Harbor in HAWAII Well that was it, the Monroe Doctrine was dead, and America went to town They built their armies, guns & economy to be the biggest AROUND They pushed Japan back though Island Attackin Despite Kamakazis at Leyte Gulf the G.I.s were CRACKER LACKIN An invisible enemy it did seema In Okinawa and IWO JIMA IN Europe they stormed 2 beaches in Normandy France After Utah, and Omaha they made Hitler pee his PANTS

So the dictator threw in all his units he could indulge But in January 1945 the Germans lost the Battle of the BULGE Hitler was finished and put a bullet in his head But Japan wasnt so easy and the US feared a million more DEAD So in August on Hiroshima and Nagasaki they dropped 2 Atomic bombs But wars end didnt bring any CALM But instead a Cold war tween the US and the Soviets Most Americans just wanted home to make babies and drive their CORVETTES The 50s were mixed with Elvis, Rock and Roll, and TVs for fancy livin But the Cold War and that 3 year stink in Korea, and dont forget Salem II: McCARTHYISM The 60s came and brought America to its knees With 4 assassinations, Civil Rights, hippies, Woodstock and LSD To begin Kennedy did something that made him look like a dork He tried to oust Castro by invading the Bay of Pork But it was Kruschevs reputation that was torn to pieces (say pie says) When he backed off during the Cuban Missle Crisis With LBJ as President the Vietnam war was ragin And for the first time it was the US Charlie was upstaging America had lied about the Gulf of Tonkin It would be four more years for it to sink in That the US was in an illegal war it claimed it was winning But the Tet Offensive showed America was spinning OUT OF CONTROL and like all the soldiers getting high Even killing women and children at MY LAI MLK had a dream and brought blacks their place in the sun But couldnt escape his assassins GUN The 70s were hardly better as from Vietnam America had to escape There was Kent State, bad hair and WATERGATE Altamont had ruined Woodstocks purity Yo Mick, never hire the Hells Angels for security The temperature of the Cold War was dipping low When the USSR invaded Afghanistan and to the Olympics we did not go


Hey Mujahaadin, where have you been You da baddest dudes I ever seen Trained by the CIA To take the Soviets away You turned on those In fancy clothes And created the Taliban The new order in Afghanistan Girls in school you did ban
And to top it off Iran had a coup They took 52 And so the Americans backed Iraq Sadam Hussein needed a smack
Finally the 80s came and Flosman was at Parkside high school With Maga, Buist, and Boatsmith they thought they were COOL (Only Flosman was) Reagan was the President of the greatest nation of all And told Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down that _WALL Well he didnt wait long, cuz after Perestroika and Glasnost Communism was dead and their system was TOAST But when one era ends it creates new problems with Isreal, Iran and Iraq America would find themselves fending off an ATTACK We have a new President Obama Who will try to ease the American trauma And now what to say? How will it end? It is with this knowledge to the exam YOU, I will SEND So before the exam, I want you to study What else is there to do when the weather is so CRUDDY! Buy me some eggs Benedict And a good mark I will predict

See below for the Presidents RAP bridge:

Presidents Rap bridge FDR went Real Far with 4 terms Truman was only Human but dropped da bomb Eisenhower was the man of the hour at D Day Kennedy was Cubas new enemy Johnson was sending boys to Vietnam from Wisconsin Nixon that little Watergate vixen Ford made Americans Bored Carter tried to barter for hostages and middle east peace Reagan tried to develop his own RAY GUN get it? Bush left Saddam in a rush Clinton was impeached by the Congresston Bush junior went again to war with Iraq Obama killed Osama