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by Carol Greenberg November, November 2011

rVotes’ core is based upon all the great power and revolutionary concepts developed for VoteBuilder the VoteBuilder, world’s most proven Voter Contact technology, but has been improved, tightened and matured into rVotes. rVotes’ software is ready and available NOW – exclusively for Conservatives and their allies. Liberals need not apply.

Ever wonder why the “Left” is always beating us? y y g • • • • Dems, unions and lots of money Progressive groups Aggressive GOTV Obama for America/Women for Obama The Left claims they aren’t capitalists, yet they aren t capitalists capitalize on “capitalism.” You guessed it. They don’t use “JurassicWare ” But it don t JurassicWare. we can beat them at their own game.

Most people think President Obama’s Organizing for Obama is his primary tool. OFA’s website acquires names, emails and phone numbers of people they sign up Most don’t realize behind the up. scenes is this behemoth database system called:


Howard Dean/DNC hired the independent company Voter A ti ti N t V t Activation Network (VAN) k to build the database system VoteBuilder used by OFA and the DNC in all 50 states VAN was states. started by Steve Adler and a partner. VAN has other clients such as SEIU, America Votes and OFA. The next slides show us Adl ’ product used b OFA & t lid h Adler’s d t d by the DNC.


“Organizing for Obama” (OFA) Home Page g g ( ) g

OFA used VoteBuilder to toss Blanche Lincoln on the H/C vote. They made 7,060 “contacts.” 114% more than their goal.

OFA used VoteBuilder to toss Sen. Scott Brown on Wall Street Reform

OFA used VoteBuilder to make 368,000 contacts 368 000 in one weekend for the Dems

VoteBuilder’s Volunteer list

VoteBuilder’s Rapid Response Team p p

Problem and Solution The Dems and liberals don’t eat, sleep or take vacations and neither should we. But fortunately the mega-nuke database interface system referred to as “Ob t f dt “Obama’s secret ’ t weapon” is now available for Conservatives and Republicans Former Voter Activation Republicans. Network (VAN) owner Steve Adler, an IT g genius who with a p partner built the Dems/DNC VoteBuilder has come to the rescue and has given us rVotes.

rVotes is licensed by state and is available in Rhode Island, Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Arizona and Mi hi I Ai d Michigan. And coming to a state near you! rVotes comes pre-loaded with all the p voter registration files from the state Secretary of State. No need to track them d h down on your own! !

Features of rVotes
Micro nano Micro-nano targeting Bar-coded walking lists Smart phone & Palm Pilot capabilities Export and bulk upload of data Enhanced phone banking including 411 lookup phone-banking 411-lookup, canvassing of others in household & ability to add emails & notes while on the call • Search of activist codes & survey answers • • • • •

More features of rVotes
• Can be used by a candidate, Tea Party group or for Precinct Organizing • U li i d number of users within a committee Unlimited b f i hi i • Volunteer management & sharing • Real-time, web-based voter opinion tracking • Adaptable, flexible platform allows for customization i i

rVotes Home Page

rVotes Voter Registration File g

rVotes “Create a new list page Create list”

rVotes Virtual Phone Banking System

rVotes Barcoded Walking Sheet w/activist codes

rVotes is built to accommodate every kind of user: from the most “tech-savvy” IT p y person to those who have limited computer skills. rVotes has a spot for all and permissions may b upgraded as the user gains trust be d d h i and skills. The next slide will show what a “limited user” sees limited user sees.

rVotes Home Page for a “limited user” limited user

Four-point strategy p gy • Become a precinct committeeman to GOTV for the best Conservative in the race and elect party leadership • Become a poll worker or poll watcher • R Recruit as many volunteers as possible i l ibl • Implement rVotes for strategizing with GOTV, volunteers, walking and virtual phone banking

VoteBuilder is a proven model in all 50 states and has an estimated 1,000,000 users who have uploaded billions of pieces of data to fight the Right and its antiquated “JurassicWare.” It’s well past time for the “Right” to use “Obama’s S “Ob ’ Secret W t Weapon” against th ” i t them. T coin To i their tag-line:

“Are you IN? Are IN?”

For More Information www.rvotes.com www rvotes com For pricing and licensing information: steve@rvotes.com @ 401-751-1999

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