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In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory

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Published by: Diane Karina Cunningham on Feb 16, 2012
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"He has not gone away, he walks with us everyday......

" Five years ago to this day, he had walked on other planetary plaines and watches over whilst being perched on a cloud, or maybe he reincarnated into someone or something and is on a glorious adventure somewhere in the midst of the chaotic w orld we live in. This is a testament and in someways a celebratory piece about a man that lived a mong men, the one person who was able to look at situations with a birds eye vie w. He was able to sprinkle fairy dust on the most dire of situations and calm po ssibly even silence a storm that was arising. To you i would say, you were the real Peter Pan, as in the one person who had yo uth pumping through your veins, a restorer of faith in an array of situations. S omeone with a sense of adventure, i can still remember the first time we had met , id drawn you a masterpiece (well i thought it was at the age of 8) - Balto the dog, where i had spelt your name wrong and as "Amen." It was at a time where i would've been sorely embarrassing but instead you just looked over and smiled. T he echoes of your laughter can still be heard in yellow cottage, and sometimes w hen someone pushes down the door handle at Nan's a part of me still wishes the d oor will open and you will appear. I remember both of us eating an avalanche of cakes and savory snacks before dinn er and putting it back in the packaging in hopes no one would find out we'd eate n the best of the cakes. Going to the shops in the van and scoffing sweets befor e we got home. You had almost been like a guardian angel that id seek advice fro m about anything from school to whatever occupation or path i was thinking of tr odding down in the future. One time during my birthday a suprise had been planned. I came in the house and you burst out the door with a mop on your head, and a frock, you even had snoopy suspended on a lap. I laughed so hard my eyes filled with tears, and to this da y it had been the best birthday i had ever had, nothing would ever top it. A lot of things have changed since you had departed, but i still remember memori es that are imprinted in my conscious mind like old school photographs. The clam oring of cutlery to old AC/DC tracks whilst we waited for our dinner, and the st ate that we'd left the kitchen in after the most brutal water fights known to ma nkind. Water dispersed all over the kitchen, stories of your childhood and how t hings had been in your day. Sometimes when i'm looking at the nights sky i can still see the correlation of stars, the one that resembles a kite. It disappears and then re appears again fr om time to time, and sometimes i find myself looking at it. Found out its called the Aquila star constellation, it perches on the milky way in the summer. Kinda ironic that its named after a chocolate bar we scoffed at some point. Regardles s of its name it reminds me of a star we had once looked at, if i could re name the star i'd probably call it Eamon's star. We miss you. I miss you.

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