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Ten Ten Connections Organizational Guidelines (Originated Dec 2009; Amended Dec 2011) Purpose: The purpose of this

s group is to provide a forum for professionals of different industries to gather on a regular basis in order to network and exchange leads and contacts to promote business. Group Structure: o This group will consist of one person per industry. This person must devote at least 75% of their professional time to that industry. o Group will be limited to 20 seats. o For situations of specialization or overlapping membership, acceptance will be decided by the member who would be affected by the overlap, in conjunction with the officers. o Each member can represent one product or service. In the event someone can provide more than one product or service, they need to decide what their primary business is and represent that one in the group. o Members within the group can approve by majority vote certain requirements for membership to the group that are not in conflict with or contrary to the Organizational guidelines. o Nonmembers can visit the group two times in one year period as long as they do not conflict with a business in the group they are visiting. If they wish to become a member of the group they must submit an application to the officers for approval. o A leads group member cannot represent more than one company in the group. Meetings: o Group will meet bi-monthly on the first and third Thursday of each month. o Meeting location to be determined by the members of the Leads Group by a majority vote. As of 1/1/12 the location is lighthouse deli & Grill (10-10 Rd) o Suggested Meeting Agenda: Starts promptly at 8am; Network from 8-8:15 President welcomes all; introduces officers and welcomes visitors; reminds group of purpose/mission of the group; Cell phones to be turned off Officer reports: 1. Vice: current member count; # of visitors/referrals/1-on-1s had at last meeting and/or last quarter; if possible report value of seat; remind of 1 seat/profession; collects/distributes referral receipts as needed 2. Secretary/treasurer: Speaker rotation, receives new apps, announces/keeps track of new member dues; reports on cash balance and expenses in Group bank account

3. Social Chair/Community relations: announces upcoming events; weekly motivation; group events; 4. Marketing/website: status of collecting business descriptions; updates on website, facebook, linkedin site, etc. :60 second introductions members first, then visitors; In the interest of time, no questions to be asked during these introductions; members are encouraged to set up 1-on-1 meetings to learn more about the member and their services. 10 minute speaker introduced by secretary I have segment: each member then visitors makes a positive I have comment (referral, 1-on-1, appreciation for speaker/group, Other news/announcements CLOSE

Member Responsibility = Participation via the following acceptable actions: o Referrals: Referrals are to be communicated as soon as possible via phone, email, etc. Referrals are then to be formally exchanged at meeting for record keeping purposes utilizing the provided receipt book 1. One copy to receiver, one copy to VP, one copy to giver A referral is providing the contact info for a personal contact who has a specific need, for which the member as been pre-sold and recommended. o 1-on-1 meetings Each member is encouraged to meet separately with other members to learn about their business, and to provide other members with specific questions or suitable talking points so that the member can uncover potential need for their services among their own clients and prospects . 1-on-1 meetings are to be reported via receipts and recorded and tracked by the vp o Visitors Members are encouraged to invite other business owners in community to visit with the goal being to fill an open seat of a desired professional service. The member who invited the visitor delivers a receipt to the VP. Officers: o Officers are nominated during the month of november, then placed into office by a majority Vote to occur during the first meeting of December o members to serve for a Twelve month term in the following offices:
President Vice-President Secretary/Treasurer Social/Community relations Marketing/Website

Responsibilities of the president include: To preside over each meeting Prepare meeting agenda and arrange for key speaker Resolve conflicts and make determinations concerning any rules questions or violations With Vice-Chair, contact members about absenteeism, lack of referrals and be the contact for individuals interested in joining the group. Other responsibilities include: Responsibilities of the Vice-President include: Record and maintain attendance at each meeting Record and maintain referral records Maintain current listing of all members and distribute as needed Maintain leads group binder Report monthly on the number of referrals given With Chair, contact members for absenteeism, lack of referrals, etc. Preside over meetings and prepare agenda in absence of President Responsibilities of the Secretary/Treasurer include: Assist President and Vice-Pres with records maintenance, Group promotions, contacting members, and preside over meeting in absence of President and Vice-Pres. Resolve industry conflicts at the door before meeting begins Organize and maintain the speaker rotation Communicate and remind members of upcoming meetings and events via email Coordinate completion of, and maintain, member e-bios to be used for 10-minute speaker introductions. For purposes of the group marketing efforts, Gather member business summary and logos to be turned over the marketing/website chair Collect and manage member dues and report on a regular basis the account balance, recent expenditures, and upcoming expenses. Manage group bank account. Responsibilities of the Social/Community relations Chair include: Report on local events happening that may be of interest to membership based on reviews of local chamber websites, etc. Announce business events of the members 1 motivational/positive attitude tip per meeting Responsibilities of the Marketing/website chair include: Maintenance and ordering of business cards Maintenance and Publishing of the two handout pieces (one for prospective members, and one for members to use with clients) Maintenance of the primary group website, and ancillary websites such as Facebook, linked-in, etc.

Dues: o $50 per year, $25 per 6 months: Annual dues to be collected during January Partial year dues to be assessed based on the member acceptance date closer to either Jan. 1 or July 1. For example: 1. member accepted on Feb 1, prior to -way point of the period, would owe $50; 2. member accepted on May 15th, , past the -way point of period, owes $25; 3. member accepted on Aug 15th, owes $25; 4. member accepted on Nov 1st would not owe dues for that year but would owe full annual dues in January. o Funds will be collected by the Treasurer, and kept in safekeeping in the group bank account (to be establish @ First Citizens bank, Fuquay-Varina branch) o Account balance and expenses to reported on by the treasurer during regular meetings o Use of funds to include: Helping to pay for group quarterly socials, as scheduled and voted on by the group To cover expenses of referral receipt books, business cards, etc., as voted on by the group To contribute to holiday donations, or gifts, as voted on by the group. Other group expenses that may arise through the year, as voted on by the group. Waiting List: o A waiting list will be maintained by the vice pres in the group binder. If a spot becomes open, an officer of the group must check the waiting list before inviting anyone else to join the group. That person on the waiting list has two weeks to make an application to the group before the spot can be offered to anyone else.

Attendance: o Regular attendance is important for the success of the individuals and the group. Members are asked to limit absences to no more than two in a row without prior notification to one of the officers of the group. o After three absences your profession spot will become open. Pre-approved or extenuating circumstances will be given separate consideration.


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Each member will provide their own meal, drink etc. in the event meetings are held at a location, which sells these products. Each member is expected to bring business cards and other information about their company that might help in the explanation of their company. Other expenses may include charges for printing of Group promotional materials, name tags, etc. as agreed to by the members.

Leads Group Binder: o The leads group binder maintained by the Vice-Pres should contain by section: A current list of all members and attendance records A business card section for all members A guest sign-in sheet and business card section A six month calendar in which members can sign-up for presentations Referral and leads records Member applications Waiting list The binder should be brought to all meetings and kept current to be passed on to the next Vice-Chair.