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Published by: Raghav Krishna on Feb 16, 2012
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E-Ticke / Reeaion Voche

Ticket Number: 7693091 Date oI Journey: 04-02-2012
Service Code/Name:6955 / TDP - BHEL Service Category:SUPER LUXURY
Pickup Point: TADIPATRI Time oI Departure: 21:30
OB ReI.No: O_1219493 Time oI Arrival: 05:40
Payment Gateway: ICICI No. oI Seats: 4 (Adult=4 Child=0)
PlatIorm No: -- Start Time At Origin: 21:30
Passenger Information
Name Seat No Age Adult/Child Gender
NagaDeepa 1 25 Adult F
Vara Lakshmi 2 48 Adult F
Sesha Gupta 3 57 Adult M
Balaji 4 29 Adult M

Fare Details ( In Rs. )
Basic Fare: 1201.00 Reservation Fee: 40.00
Toll Fee: 48.00 Service Fee: 33.00
Toal Fae ( R. ) : 1,322.00
ID Proof Note: One of the passenger booked on an e-ti cket shoul d have an of the ori gi nal i denti t cards
(Dri vi ng Li cense, El ecti on Card, Rati on Card, Photo ID card i ssued b Central /State Govt./Pri vate
Organi sati ons, AdharCard, Pan Card, Passport, Credi t Card wi th Photo i denti fi cati on, Student ID i ssued
b an Insti tute, Pass Book wi th Photo i ssued b an Nati onal i sed Bank ,CAT CARD i ssued b APSRTC)
duri ng bus journe.
The seat(s) booked under this ticket is/are not transIerable.
This e-ticket is valid only Ior the seat number and bus service speciIied herein.
The ID card will be required during journey. One oI the passenger booked on an e-ticket should
have any oI the original identity cards (Driving License, Election Card, Ration Card, Photo ID
card issued by Central/State Govt./Private Organisations, AdharCard, Pan Card, Passport,
Credit Card with Photo identiIication, Student ID issued by any Institute, Pass Book with Photo
issued by any Nationalised Bank ,CAT CARD issued by APSRTC) during bus journey.
Please keep the ticket saIely till the end oI the journey.
Please show the ticket at the time oI checking.
Corporation reserves the rights to change/cancel the service category.
BOOKING/CANCELLATION oI tickets can be done beIore 1 hour oI the scheduled start time at
origin oI the service only.
Free travel in city buses(except A/C buses) beIore 2Hrs. oI departure time and aIter 2Hrs. oI
arrival time.
Booked B Naga Deepa (ssk1234) Pined On : 04/02/2012 08:32:11
WISH YOU A HAPPY JOURNEY Bked O : 02/02/2012 07:39:49

2/ /12 WISH YOU A HAPPY JOURNEY B ked O : 02/02/2012 07:39:49 2/2 .

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