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Environmental Accounting

Environmental Accounting

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Published by: charina_sapida on Feb 16, 2012
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The Philippine Experience in Green Accounting and Valuation of Environmental Services: Lessons and Prospects for Public Policy Ma. Bennagen Resources. Eugenia C. Environment & Economics Center for Studies (REECS) .

Environmental valuation is valuing the services of the natural environment using economic valuation methods which may be conducted for purposes other than green accounting. .Green (or environmental) accounting refers to the extension of the conventional national accounts to incorporate environmental concerns.

‡ There has been a marked slowdown in recent years in the sustainable development initiatives of government. in general. . in particular. and in environmental accounting. or even the lack of political commitment of the present national leadership. ‡ One is tempted to fault the meagre budgetary resources allocated to this activity.

Egypt. Egypt . Saudi Arabia Assiut University.Green accounting a proposition for EA/ER conceptual implementation methodology Heba Y. Assiut. Abdel-Rahim King Saud University. Abdel-Rahim Sadat Academy for Managerial Sciences. Yousef M. University of Florida. M.

regulations and restrictions.The environmental accounting and reporting (EA/ER) is a proposed discipline that deals with the consideration. and ultimately the inclusion into the customarily accounting procedures. general and specific issues related to environmental and social impacts. . and economically viable energy production and supply policies should be essential part of any accounting and management issues. Safe. environmentally sound.

there are paramount 4 reasons for the lack of EA/ER adaptation: .In regards to accounting profession.

the sufficient expertise to participate in environmental partnerships remains undeveloped 3. the attestation to environmental reports is still not regarded solely as an accountant·s function 4.1. the profession has failed to maximize its potential for leadership 2. the official standards with respect to most EA/ER issues and/or verification engagements continue to be lacking .

Although greater attention is slowly paid to environmental issues in accounting education in many high-ranked universities. yet the general impression about the implementation and application of the EA/ER in real life is lagged far behind. This lag stems from two main causes: .

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