A brief synopsis of the story

• A story about a beautiful, attractive widow named Mariah who stayed in a small village town of Molo, Kelantan. • Mariah was a nasi seller and was famous for her nasi berlauk. • Many men of the village would go to have her nasi berlauk because they really love to watch Mariah instead of enjoying the cuisine.

Imam went to have his first experience of Mariah’s nasi berlauk. • Cik Gu Nab reports what she sees and hears to Cik Yam. . • One fine day. • Mariah reminded him to his long lost love.• The women in the village thought Mariah as being the source of the problem. • Imam was transported to his youth time when he first set his eyes to Mariah.

• In the end. • Cik Yam was in silence for the whole night and in the morning she gave her permission of her husband marrying Mariah because she love him so much. Imam asked her wife’s permission to marry Mariah. • Imam promised to still being a loving husband and that nothing would change that. • Imam and Mariah get married. • .

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