Dental Grand Rounds

Your name Date

Chief Complaint

Dental History ‡ Include present dental history and past dental history .

Medical History ‡ History of the Present illnesses/ medications ‡ Past Medical History .

Family and Social History .

Extraoral Exam .

Intraoral Exam .

Clinical Photographs ‡ Front view .

‡ Right Lateral view .

‡ Left Lateral View .

‡ Maxillary occlusal .

‡ Mandibular Occlusal .

‡ Photos of your mounted casts. Remember these need to be good quality casts and pictures in order to engage those students and faculty viewing from the Distance Learning areas. Include: ‡ Frontal ‡ Left and Right side ‡ Maxillary occlusal ‡ Mandibular occlusal .

You may add a slide if you are focusing on a specific PA or BW X-ray . Do not forget the Panorex if pertinent findings appear on that film.Radiographic Findings ‡ Place a copy of radiographs here.

Problem List ‡ List all problems you have observed .

Medical Diagnosis ‡ List the medical problems you have encountered and discuss how these problems may or may not interfere with your dental treatment. What is the prognosis? .

.Dental Diagnosis ‡ What dental problems have you encountered and how might these effect your treatment? Prognosis? ‡ Present a differential diagnosis if needed.

Treatment Plan ‡ If extensive insert another slide .

.Alternative Treatment Plan ‡ List your alternative treatments and be prepared to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of your alternate treatment.

References ‡ Place your references used here. etc« . Be sure to include the entire reference. title of article. Author(s). date. title of journal.

Questions ‡ Allow your audience the chance to ask questions concerning your case .

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