AY0809 October Semester

IT Project Management
Tutorial 8: Planning Processes – Project Communications Management                                                              Project Risk Management Objectives: 1. Describe project communications management planning tasks and outputs 2. Explain project risk management planning tasks and outputs Students are encouraged to prepare their draft answer before class, as this will help  them to discuss the questions and answers during the tutorial session. 1. Using the template below, describe the key planning processes and outputs of  these processes for the project management knowledge areas indicated. PLANNING • OUTPUT Communication management plan

KNOWLEDGE  AREA Project  Communications  Management Project Risk  Management

Communications  • planning Risk  management  planning Risk  identification Qualitative risk  analysis Quantitative risk Risk response  planning •

Risk management plan

Risk register

• •


What items should a communications management plan address? How can a  stakeholder analysis assist in preparing and implementing parts of this plan?


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AY0809 October Semester

A project communications plan should address the following:  Who will receive the information and who will produce it  Suggested methods or technologies for conveying the information  Frequency of communication  Escalation procedures for revolving issues  Revision procedures for updating the communications management plan  A glossary of common technology It is important to know what kinds of information will be distributed to which  stakeholders. By analyzing the stakeholders, the project manage can avoid wasting  time or resources on creating or disseminating unnecessary information.


What are some questions that should be addressed in a risk management plan? 

A risk management plan documents the procedures for managing risk throughout the project and address the following: Methodology How will risk management be performed on the project? What tools and data sources are available and applicable? Roles and Responsibilities Budget and schedule Who are responsible for implementing specific tasks and providing deliverables related to risk management? What are the estimated costs and schedules for performing risk related activities What are the main categories of risk that should be addressed on the project? How will the probabilities and impacts of risk items be assessed? What scoring and interpretation methods will be used for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of risks? Risk documentation What reporting formats and processes will be used for risk management activities

Risk categories

Risk probability


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AY0809 October Semester






3. Match the potential negative risk conditions to the appropriate project  management knowledge area.  4. KNOWLEDGE AREA RISK CONDITIONS Integration management 1 Poor attitude towards quality;  substandard  design/materials/workmanship;  inadequate quality assurance program Scope management 2 Estimating errors; inadequate  productivity, cost, change or contingency Time management 3 Unenforceable conditions or contract  clauses; adversarial relations Cost management 4 Carelessness in planning or  communicating; lack of consultation  with key stakeholders Quality management 5 Inadequate planning; poor resource  allocation; poor integration  management; lack of post­project review Human resource  6 Poor definition of scope or work  management packages; incomplete definition Communications  7  Ignoring risk; unclear analysis of risk;  management poor insurance management Risk management 8 Poor conflict management; poor project  organisation and definition of  responsibilities; absence of leadership Procurement management 9 Errors in estimating time or resource  availability; errors in determining the  critical path; poor allocation and  management of float; early release of  competitive products


 B6  C9  D2


 F8  G4  H7



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