According to recent reports, a British man in his thirties has given birth to a baby boy.

The man, who started life as a woman but then underwent a sex change, apparently kept all his female reproductive organs. The baby is thought to have been born by caesarean section.

Medical experts have said that if a womb is not removed when having gender reassignment, nothing can actually stop the man from having a baby.

Process of getting pregnant:

This could have happened several ways- the man could have artificially inseminated himself or it could have been a more lengthy process using IVF.

It is thought the man (who is as yet unnamed) would have taken female hormones to reverse the effects of his female to male sex change. It is unknown whether the man is in a relationship or not.

Joanna Darrell from the Beaumont Society, which is a support group for the transgender community, indicated that the British man asked the details of how he could give birth to a child before he goes for a complete sex change.

This is not the first man who has ‘come out’ about giving birth. In 2008, American Thomas Beatie (who was born Tracey Lagondino) gave birth to a baby after artificially inseminating himself having retained his womb after his sex change operation. He has since gone on to have two further children.

Whilst this will stir mixed feeling amongst many of us, both men were born woman and chose to keep their wombs whilst undergoing the first part of the gender reassignment process. Josephine Quintavalle, from the campaign group Comment on Reproductive Ethics, said the following:

‘It is a distortion of biology.Whether we like it or not, human biology is for a male and female to produce a child and they are then called Mummy and Daddy.

‘If there is one thing that is uniformly agreed about children. they like to be exactly the same as everyone else’ . it is that they like conformity.

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