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My reading with Cheryl was extensively researched, comprehensive in its scope and precise in its delineation but more

importantly she offered me deep insight into my own psychology enough for me to ponder and explore for a long time to come. Bill S. "Cheryl Hopkins astrological readings are insightful, intuitive and informative. She has a unique gift that gives her clients some understanding of their place in the universe, if they are on track for their life's purpose and different routes they can take to get them there." EBZ Getting a chart reading by Cheryl is much more than a personality profile or a list of predictions. Cheryl keys in on the life issues you are experiencing in the now (often with amazing accuracy); her coping suggestions are practical to your individual way of functioning while still offering the opportunity for personal growth. Sonjii "So much was going on in my life when I was fortunate to get a reading from Cheryl. I was total amazed by the accuracy and helpfulness of her unique reading. I was able to focus my time and energy where it needed to be utilized, all with a positive outcome. BJ Evans There is no question that she is naturally gifted to do this work. The insight she provides helps me to know what's ahead and what I'm currently going through. Her interpretations are RIGHT ON and she'll tell it like she sees it - a straight shooter so to speak. She is definitely a precious part of my life. Nancy G. CO

Cheryl Hopkins
P.O. Box 490 Crozet, VA 22932 Skype: cheryl.hopkins490 804.306.9055

An Evolutionary Astrology For The Souls Body, Mind and Spirit.

The Natal Consultation Astrology is the ancient system of physical knowledge of the planetary bodies, the constellations and their symbolism in our lives in relation to a specific point in time and location on planet earth. Your astrological chart is a reflection of that moment. It is a map of the heavens mirrored in your energy field and expressed by your personality. It is an immensely useful tool for navigating life. In its highest application it assists personal and selfawareness growth. At a minimum, it reveals characteristics; why you think like you do; what attracts success, challenges and how to master both. Taken higher, it is your dharma blueprint and master plan for self-actualization. I interpret your energy map with the understanding you are a spiritual being here to know thyself through the experiences of your physical life. I guide you beyond character traits and predictions to illuminate the often hidden causes creating those experiences. They are golden signposts on your path to achieving fulfilling self-mastery and the success that generates. There is deeper personal value in working with your chart this way. I offer techniques to learn from life experience. They may help refocus attention, and improve self-support. Upcoming events are reviewed to create awareness of the opportunity for increasing harmony, success and selfunderstanding. Namaste, the God in me honors the God in you. {Consultations are in person or by phone with astrological chart, and .mp3 file recording included.} The first consultation we have is an overview of your birth chart. We review dominant themes manifesting in your life; including your life purpose, inner life, soul growth and relationship orientation. The Update Consultation We discuss current and future (1-2 years) planet placements and what they mean for you. Utilizing transit, progression, solar arc information I help you adopt a supportive mind set during upcoming times of change, challenge and opportunity. Solar Return Annual Consultation The date and time the Sun returns to where it was when you were born begins your personal new year. This session reviews what the new year holds for you and is good for 1 year only. Above sessions 90120 minutes.$150.00 Relationship Consultation Two people in relationship - friends, intimate, business provide opportunities to explore one's self, and improve relating skills. Synastry examines how the 2 energy maps connect, impact each other and what the characteristics are of your relationship as an individual entity. Prior individual natal readings suggested. Above sessions 2 - 3 hours.$275.00 Gift certificates available Additional services for existing clients see

Cheryl Hopkins offers an integrated approach to wellness support incorporating astrology, PSYCH-K facilitation, intuitive guidance and energy work. She resides near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. In her astrology practice Cheryl has consulted with national and international clients for over sixteen years. She became a serious student of both astrology and spiritual wisdom in the early 1990's apprenticing with astrologer Celeste Harper in New York. Her astrological consultations reflect her study of spiritual wisdom as a path to deeper self-awareness and spiritual awakening. She is a Level II graduate of Stephen Forrest's Evolutionary Astrology Apprenticeship Program and the former Program Director for the Richmond, Virginia NCGR chapter.