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GA 'Voiiice .



8irutall attack becomes rallying cry to renew hate crimes leqlslatlon In Ga.
Inside the lVle Gro c-ery &: Deli, a large jar oif pickled eggs slts Oil the front ~ounte'r next 1[0 a window filled vvith l,ou.ery tickets, On. aJ. 00loent evening; a young woman puts in an order of hot wmgs, A piece of fried chi cken - a wing - sits alone on the warming shelf

behind. the glass in mhe'de·~ area of dle store to

'the' left o.~the entranr:e ..


.,I·· 1·1 nree ... .m,en,


II in

rh,..~ k ng II!,. orner"iii: ... ah'~ rne Il!Ja.c., -'. c
I1 . !-


;'fL llll!.If.

store, W1eartng, winter jackeis, concer.t!lJram~eon

... ·· fl

s,amb~i~s, machines. Two=liter bottles of Fanta,

S pri te and Coca-Cola line the floors along dle racks. holdlng ·ty'p~calgrocery store stock. coody bars, potato chips, milk, eggs, IClllUJncWy detergent, dish,\vashirrug liqeid,
There is nothing that indicates

0(29 M·cDa_nje;~ ~n St Adlalua:5 ms~oric ·p~'msbu![~gh neighborhood" is at tI@, heart of ,3 national SlO~~y aJbo1L1J1t nti.=:gay crime and. ,gang violence, a and has. become' ground zero fo a new push for G·i~orgia'to pass a hate crimes bill,
F ormer s~~te Rep". Douglas Dean, a member

'mrus store,





of me Pit~·rbmgh Cornmunhy ImprovememAssodaden, calls dle store a "haven" ·forcrime~ an ~"e,'yesolte~' the 'COfnmf]llnilly fined with boarded in

houses and empty store':&olOJ'~m

he fifW'n embers UlL'l!w.. u: It'iI'g '·~:JJ.·v.·ll.~,·.·.~ [~~ W as be iU-..e,'.!i,llii W'll'irii ~In.y 51,'::; .eureu ners from the church's steps on a cold, wfundy day middle o·fthe, afternoon on Saltlllill'day, IF eb. 4;1 and '~D where more dJ1aJffillOO people gaidle])ed to stand he went to the S~UIDt;~, buy a,piece of chicken. "They sell some good chicken, he said" in soliidarUy m~ih Brandon Wh~t€' and the P'futts= perpee aror is across the street," Dean shouted
'i''l... a, Y!kLlU!J·", l:
I~ ',_"

A'l a I, eb. 11ra ~~y leon ruUID Baptist Church (rut - across me sttee~, from the store 'where BrafJJ= don. ·vVlOOt_e,~ a 20"yeaLr old g,ay man was viciously attacked by gang, members, who repeatedly called him, "faggot" - Dean recalled the days when the store W'9S SJ ,pharrmnacy and doctors served their patierss upstairs. ,mOM' than 1.1million v.w.€!'\tvs. In ".lTI l'i""i'~""riI"I:'-~I~,~r w·- ]",;.L. '-·A- \rO"rl;~i,""'~,-Wl····: said ~(.We need to SW]Ji blaming the vktlm, The ,U..I.·: ';' 'I . '. r,~,'t~,
.. 1

the d'n~l~eg,at~:rug members who blindsided


lIJ.J/IU;:LIL "'i!·,llJ.~"






'~Irl!"ii ...



1I!-..,1111Ag-.·hi -- - .,.,'Ii! ~;.ty comm _ llli~l,'. v (,"We·W·CJlFlt to close 'the store, '~,eep schools open ..Do you. see how clean I[the store] is now?
~'~~l :"I!



smiling, UI wasn'

even in there "for move' man ·MO minutes. I was calUng m.y g,[,andma, and as the

fight, I watnc,ed to go home, change clothes and go back, I wasn't mad abour the situation. but pissed because dtey didn't want to give rne ,a, fak fight If they ga:ve me a one-on-one fight it would have been 1dJ],ffeFlenr~ ,~ you have to ,giv,e that person a chance to protect themselves and
that's scrnething dley' didn't give me,"

!I'I 'was Dis:5ed/~he said. ~~Iwas ready to


... ... , ·u~ie "'...lil 'iJ...,: •. 1.. hard ~ll.s, -eatJllng, W'atu~m-~g v.lueo n f- k~ beati ·was widill.· - ; ·Whi~lealcl\{fJ)owledg,ed. He didn't ev'en m.orW the attackers 'threw' a, tlre at lim WIld] he w,atlched ",'Lo. ~k 'u.~e id~Ol. B-..:'till[ now h b ed~V1ts ·u.le g,aJfJg .m.eI'n-' V~ .. . ',e. - ~.,

"Once you decide to '[.ate [the video] viral Yi()Uset )l.()urge]f UPI for whatever comas for you, the police . they set themsel yes ·u.P' or everyf

bers "set themselves up for d isaster


,;j;,Lriin'D n U.!l!lI! . 'a"

''hi ,\::If'! ~ ;i'Jj; ~t:u.


ill~is because of Brandon Mli~le. ~haJt. ,311@getwe'

dng the auennon o.fthe Atlanta Pollee Department, city services," he said. t.iin. doesn't ID.aJUer if you are rich, poor, livable COlllll1unlity agtID]l1~u Dean addedm The beating of V\rlDte g~eW'ed national atw~ti.on (ID:fte:r video of tbe' attack WiS lLlplloaded a ro wor'lidsta_rm.poo[Ji..rom ood W1@nt v"n~a1., of As press time on Tm~sday~F@b.14" th@, video :had



gay, s-cr-alght - we


to make

dJe punches and rue. screams, .I. didn't know' ~1eyth~ew a. tine'un'tU I saw the' video, u he said, "And ji~st like that they took off runoing, I. walked horne, packed up a "fewthings and left, ,., He is now s:tayirru,g M:th a :famHy member
and looking, -for,a

phone was rlnglng someone' just 11llt me on dlle side of my head and. from there came' the kicks,

,anyone what happened; he' w,as going to ~llen.it
.Mo[1day~ Feb, 6:, came and k~egot calls front. his cousins telli.~lghim hie' was
over," But [hen

vVhi ®.e sajd at firs'[ he' wasn ;'[ go~ng to teU



White said as he walked 'to hills 'house and as


be said, "'1 cried that day., Mdon't cry for nobody,
I cried because

,al~over the TV' and the' ,~ntJr~nlet. "That's when the' emberrassment kicked in,"

t() '~~.vle'.

me:[i~1were so rna.Tn.y emotions,



0'" ltl..-


'W,{[S OV1@t,OOm,@'

with amp@r,at e,

.rassmellt; th@.;[@ was sadness.,n

was p~ssedj tJeJe w,as anger~ dlen:: was embm .. ,


. uma: ~ sald thJ$ week his office also. connoues '[0 ,P!9Jl'''' I knli"Nlw····.' w,o:i' ir\l!il scared I know W,'" e :i' tl,"'1' p' he hr 0 ""I,~~,lI"I;n!i'~'O·· n· 1 m tized," Slmmons said a~the Feb. a, :~ ally, "~~e ¥,.,. ~!UJJl!1. ongo~flg~ :he said. ,,~ w,ant justice. But this is not how sustainable The' APD has made one aITeS:[ in the attack, changes happens," Christopher ICaJn~, "8,. The police also, have White seid he knows his. aJl:iIlaci( drew aru!ntiol1

erlng crowd, state' 'Rep" 'Rasb21d Yay lor (D\..,A't-,
lool~a)announced bills plan to irlli~oduce a hate' crimes bill in the IG'eorgrndlIGj~lle:ra], AsseJI1ibly., Taylor said eb.. .4 me bill is, currently being
'for him, to introduce it into the 1,e,gwshrtlLlJfe"next '~";;"ill S·' wee I . or SO~ H e IS aiso worll:\JJJ.n;~ nn sra e een, ' <. .' ,.'.n , ... ~,1.·." w :.,;1.1-'.,["
" .. r-


__ ~







Ii!'\O ~1Ii;.

'FFI,~ . Y~.J



''=!I,I',B .; in, 110 :. UlL ll_JJ 1JJJ.1·


11 ~!iJ'lUbal!UU,



' . ,'"



,L '~'lL\.~,


.;,~, L:t!


reviewed by leglslatlve counsel end plans are'
- ....· '''III . "-i I("0" A-' I': i.a I' . -I' I· .' \iiincent, 'Fort r .'" tl anta ) " ]ongtnne"
= ','-.'. '.
,J ,~

ri ...


. uPP01, ter
,! "



of ,haJh~runes ,~eg.ills.lClli()fru;; well c as

as IGerr~gw

Equality and the Anti- DefamatiollJ League to g,@nderJ, edmildty' and '[eligw.on., Georgia is one 0;[ five states \\rithout a hate' crimes biU~~oinifJg Arkansas, Indiana", Wy~,
G oomgia.had abate aimes law on. m@ boots for ~ - 'I ',:': \' ~,-, ~,,~ :' • il!"iI'"."",,d ,.;,L. ..."'" I ~ ,~,'OU[years" aner . ,ruJIL was p~~J~ 1! ll,UU, g' h oil... If:~5. 'l·a .. U _." II)JLle - jj'i.

ensure the w ClnJ]'I1,g of his bill lndudes sexual orleruadon and gender identity as well as race,

msenttamiv1es are not addressing the hae crime that this was," said Nyki@'fia Chaney, ~·~mhey \-~re mJO~ scr emlW:n1tI, 'no 'billacks in Jack City" or"nc women in Jack IC~It3,.j'they were

other sus peers 0' n Feb 4 M'.' ',;}Y':' or Kasim Reed raised the lie-wardleading to the capture of the 'MO suspects to $2S,,OOO~ But more could ,.be d "i",'iFliQ .:xu·· , ~. ID":i~'~O[~'~JLt.:!< said sr UIL bioo P.iusJbnrg'h resident who, 2]ttended 'the rally, HI]' ,~. \ ' TIl " if .- r.[ .._, ·t·· .... reer as. n a ,0 0,'f '1Ii~b... ITI.e··d-"·· a:' 11!WIJ b,-l'· rep u ie . ... ] a ' l.fl pUJUI ic identified
, .. ~ _ ,,~,.' 'h.il;1W'i; IL~-v-u

'... lllJ~!b


!t; b~ii











g , I_I

OOC8!1lJSe :rnt.

'was posted on the in~em,et But after

:Hving, ,~, the P.ruuSburgh nei,ghhorhood. for ,eight monms.!, he ]mew the community's ldangers '\wl.L





..1IUI\JI. .l't;j!




lot of iSS1![eS ~nthat cnmnu~j1ity, 'B"Q£' ~1F'Ii['.t9I, my' mcid ,f.1! U- n O'Il...O·. dy: ....ared ,,' ¥!!t .. ~o1-,"';'11 .• ,u,. ..
Bl'€ aJ
.iI!. ,i!.....Jl, , .Ii;: ,Ij,,;!', C "
I t;;:,


'I' ~.


''II:jlitli..:,tg HiILt



I -,



the' GA Volce, up

'~'illf\W/'mt happened to me had not :showed

mwng and South Carolina

s.ped'ftcally statlng, "no faggots in Jack, ,C~~:~TIla![ means ,(hal'th@y W@.1[lespe.rifi.cailllly tHg,@tmg GLBT

'the' 'news or 'the internet, '\V'tbo 'would ltamie'? Ev~n rn'f lilY '~ncid~n~ happen and did there 'was no proof of .i.t who 'would have said all tl'ruis. BlttentiOf] would have hapnmer ~It 'f'!'. ",-"IiI,ii"'Iil'li!"!i medi ~ ~u ~~u.:u, N·· ered it, "l'- he said, Josh Nobliu .. WhO',is white and a so· lciaill jusdce minister aJ~ Saint Mark. Unit.ed M,emomst, Church, 'was, a~lackiedfor beE 'wng g"ay wn 20 0 at Pledmont P ark ;f~"Atthe end of the dary, F. am Bran1'00" . .Jb lL_~,'1 .


:inmviciu.ai]s and ,a'tteolpoog


,~nv@,k!e. :fear- and

p2ln~d? People have been killed on that
~t.l~'t' "i:I1l1'i'~;i"'i; Illll\Cl)~ ~llJ_lIJ.J~
~I!!I " .


,1i"'Io V llJ.lIJ.J~



'iO"'lltf= "f

mre b~l~ 'TI1e' law was tossed by rbe SlttaflleSuon" ~j'f!me 'Gou~tin 2004 for being f,tunconstiltlWfionally

-,::.: " ,-,-~mu.!ly G,·,-e[]£;["al~' A·''''';:-~, i -'jlk,;;], p~~
"",~~,lI'Jj.r ;illf'll'd'
U·Y.·IC:. ,lILIJ~· I

des su(il as rare and sexual orierwtatiorJ., VJhen the'
-,''=lIt''.~".." ...1


· ~""','I;JI'I;oIIl,;i!~


11111. _

'drn"d',~vinclud _,..;:....... u H. - ,ii"":l'iiTOOO, not _,~" ...- CIJ1'\l+ll{""!~,t;:·c· ~11!bi"e'.·· : .~' ..."IL



r""::.: 'bill! '"II' ,g.', 1!J.l ~e .1., ,lD "1\00,11 '~'N'~llf'C ~l",,;,~n

ca'tegod@s '\\7el'e '~,eft ut in order to avoid aJ battle, o

1~1J...8 !JJll~lW,~

b"ill" iI'!I!..~.,. time for 1·!I;o have teeth nd uJ." all,'_ lllu lllli ]iudges to e:xact sthffe~rp.enm ties if the'Y' :Siee :fit as
UJ.l.l. IU 1',ii"Ii; loU
ILl. 'If 'lb
l ~,

Ff"'.... J.1U.J

vlor .

~:"';i ''''0 ~1'.i..Y£1l.JJ. : '[11 uUU.lel !r'.tIi1V1 ~ ~ill ~_il:lI.. nof"lli~'~'~;iOE,I"IJlti:IJILlIL '.
'~~IL ,lJj 11UIl.J.v~!t; ~'~~:'


e ''3i 'J',..;;!I


~'t\mi,g"'..v orles

''i''Oll'lil'£II, Ii-,..... l.llh;l, V ~ IIJiJ!
'!S 1. IUJL_llr.





don Whi've and aU, of you are Brandon


AJil' .. l' UI''t~

in 'a-hues like the Ollie' comlfi]tted ,a.,ga.il1st V{hite~ .t.r. 'dli~ Brandon Whlte' ex,emp,rulftes why w!~' :ruf!ed it. What happer.u~dto 'him, ]$ nom-,
· 1n,g 1TIii""ii[[Ii'dI, 1"1b. ~I1' ,Ie ". u ,~ 1Ul,1u "

'Whi®e,', he said at the :r,aI~.y:. f"We are all de:lepruy~ deeply connected, As we move this process .,.. log ethe w' with Brandon ..J 'CaJl. on yOUl 'miUO:~, to sucrunlb to '[eelimlgs of :~en.c~'ours~,m,ves..""
~I _

:reve'nge~ Fee;~ngsof a]1ger~free'Hll1gs of via.. D'e¥,in B,.rin,gto]1, 'Ward" one o~ dle g~y or= 'iil',':in!'~a.l¥!' of '~;'i'~ r~ll'!lJ'W"~"ii'O" ']~:s' r-n'n'I1''Iji~i11·fIliild ..,..... W' ,or'k d~t~ J' '
,!E~ _

a 1,1.". ,...:.ll,01 ,i\! ~'o'rm

11io"mlJg'jl;"t'mc' [··.Qill1"1f!o'n· ~' " ~J'n 1Ll·,~, ~W"IIJ,·, "
~ri:)L!Jl, ,


Simple policing ran'~ldo away with it,~~ Thylor sajdj., 'r~This,Ol"Une WitS so. obvi01LlS'~Y motiv,aJed by hate,. And ,for crim.@s based in hat,~ ~ which. is ,a larger cr~~me' against society~,lihen~n,ee,ds to. l


_, LU,






with i~le Pi'tcsbuxgh IOOmJ111)Jlity~ hopes '[be nega-

d,ve incident f~an ill,@ad to

POSil[lVI@. fi@SUbs.

ne~bnrhoo.d, for 'the sta,te ,and :101[ djs31m~ng



homopbobia in the South., Chooces of ,a_ ha;~e'aim,es, 'bill bemg passed The' omer victim in the 'br-u~ali ,attack 'the Pitts'burgh ,(:o:nl111un~'~,y,_ U1USt ,also ~ot ~his y!ear are :S111~UJ'Ttwylor acknow'~edg~ - thf!' d be 'f~rgouen. a.:ndWard asks, the LG,B,T c"om.. legislature' ,~smidway through hs. sess.l'on and ;f'oc~ 1~U: ... 'bai~ra 'n-'-'t ~n I!J! ,I~ lj--""'c"k"- b-'--'n 1",,1,. :m'llllity' to not disappear w'hen dl,€' spodight ~ _ . .l~L 1I;;:1u:t;; l""U ~" ,·Ul ," ~".But I''d ,~e [10 stan ~he 'QOTIv~~aJJion;<'J he' SoUdar.. y with the 0'1' er' 'v"c,timl shuts off ~That incliudes, not demoniz· ng, t said, influwng ta1king, w,rnth, R,!p]Jh~ican co:n-, 'the aJ'ttac'~<er.s;he .said. thle p·'tt'slburgh cOlmmlllili'ly "W@ need '00 reiad1. out 'to these 'folks. leagues 'who m1ay not be eagler tQ suppon I~hebi~t ot{.oThe ruth of the' mBfm[er' is. ,a, hate cdme is L Behind comWD B apdlS'[Churdl ~s a hou.se' so they ean realize dIe hann they com= no- ,II.'Il-..~1Ii'I"g- , ot:'·h,n..... n(f I":']nm'- ;Gille~~':r ... ri'~'m'. ,,' 'iF"~v,]IO-I,l" SUll"OlLUlded by ,a, wooden £enc,e fill M!@d with ho:nes mitled against t1lills IcommWlity and'th@mllw.ll, a t lUiu, l,tI,.J rei~er,at'ed, and missing, phrunks,. S praY''' p~dnlredin bla,'ck a~e' se'lves,;~VVft!(lsaid~' l"wfs 'the' omy way ICIJ['t.,JJ wt!, can nla_k~ lasting, chaL1_g,e.,I 'fu[_r1j{ Jeff Graham" elXle(uti ve ,cirector of 'G'eo.rgia the wOllClis ~~RJP' Equality~, SElJid wlrrHe. tl~e 5ta,te larg,est lG BT ~s The' COmInlllil1i'ty is one of ttue leity ~s oldest just as, ,S,rlndoll is nfl} hrotheJ~~ e,. 'm advocatcy groupl has aLl~'!Ia.ys ,uPPol1ed. 'lllile' pas-, ne"rngblb.orhoom. African, ,AITu~ticarJS settled ~n all! my b'rolb@rs~'[0;0..n S sag,e ,of a hate crimes bUl in 'Georg;a'J it has, ta.k... 'the Pitts;brurgb ,M'ea as they '[a,ced segJe,gatffi,on, , Ml'et me' :men 11a.ve' 5eID.'Ved en a back seaJl m past years as time' is maJde 'to a~[er tile Civj'. '\i\7~~and M,artin ~ur:hef King tfue<jr rune ,run pilSfffl safud Ward) Jr. ,is,alll1t~ 'C,hi"istimle Kmg F,erds;; ()nee tau,ght it is Ul) 'modle LG,BT com[~,alIDco ,aJnd ,~duc)a.te' 'me RJepubruj,cCI], ,~,eadrrship! t £lI'~·e··m' I~nt-'::Jiro ""'"1 ~,"'"vW t1"ii,~'f"£II' about 'what d1Je bin would do. murility to. be tihere" vv]lifu aID' '.. But there is no denying 'me hi:storh: nern,gh·, ""o']ive brand1JJ, n to ,qelaome And" iGnlham sWe'ssJed" it is nOit just ·G B' . people that ne!ed protections 'from ha:~le Q,;imes., 'borhood is in ne,s,d ()If 'help~ Black ]L,G·BT activ'- tfuem ,and MJ educrJJte' as a, UThewe are' many~many' communities. in d~s-' :isis spo,ke' at the' :raU" ,~nd CQn[lnue uo srn;u~'ak,of way tQ elinlinC)lwe sti,grna~ the pera'~eD@iOO :far hate crimes lelgjslam:mnn/~ he said. parm,er.ing, WIDth d,e [ommruJnhy ,~n waike .of idisaim.lffirlaJtiO]l and hate., ~,yIUh:;1~ A feder-a] llaoo' eri_mes '~at,,~, signoo by 'P-msi-, ,·'ru..1~ an'le; g:a '::.'iI-.·~~'-[m~a was c'Bfmg a menlber of u o :. Co,mpassi,on ,mus~he' shown to, the au(u:~k,ers, the Afri,can- \me'rican dent Bma,tk I01Km1a ,m 2009 mld '~le 'U.s., A't~at-, J and LGST eO][1f[F]JJ11Ili,= ney':s Offi.oe alIld the FBI ~, 'working 'M1jh the At= as welt said activists at the F.eb. B ~'ally. ~We are Brandon \Vhite/~' said oUday ti,~s ill feel ,aJ oooltec= lan{a, ponce Departmneillt '~O '~If[vestigatej f dle 3!1ItaCk: Sirnmorrns o-f :Lambda legal~ ,an :LGB,T leg,al or,·, tion to 'lhe a!~lack,ers as en Wmte is indeed ,it 'federaiill hate cime, , . l~ '~I~ ' 'd ganization.. UBut we alie aIsO'd.te a.nackers., We' we1!!., h"e as~e-., "'1f' ~'The'FBI continues to '\vork \N'ith the Adallta Police D~'Parm,ent and galh'eir 1n:~onllat:illOI:l dlat are Bl re:ftecdon of each orner, Wllar~,is a.nothtr W~ ate not 'tl1em~e when could :make tnrn$ a :ha:t@ c:rim e'"c(!, said Specia.l 'blac.K man :in Jan. going to. do? Wba,t ,am' 'we go- tJh~ g~t out 'wl~t Agleut S[lephen Emmett 011 ThesdalY., img '[~ do 'wit. tl~N~'m? does thai[ S8l;Y abDut ~~:I now we),fe' an,gry, I :know we"re hWlJ om commUll1ily?~) k J aIm, ,Hnm~ First i\ssjs'[alIDil~. U.S. AttorfJ,@y:;

be' Irrougner peJl1al'tie's~

"'II :!'ei:'-'-I ii:ii!i:" ~11i"a ;;;!! pJ!, II;;.








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K,sish,a Walitas s-_-_-Iorn in as ·ourthlapelnl', ga, IG8. state' le.isla-or
Keisha waites too k 't:h~ ooth I~rarnue Feb" 13 - - . _e' ~.,tJ - '0- b' eoome' iltr :s;~C!lle re~~

~:y~y~na lI'a9by

Town hall meetinq set for March 6 'to weigh nonprofit's options
By' ~,anaBagby

In dlis constm~, 'C~t[lm-22,'..'.' if Terence has peopill€! 'he finds to be on m.e board .,.,.but w,~ don't have! an e!xisfing board 10f dlillrectors that's a. legal €ndty and FlO provision In the byla.~ to elect those' people he w,mlts to bring on, h,ow do we'
-. gl@l ,a b021\-(]- f .. 0
1 : -

di rec,[o.~~:s ,-h- e elM@:d• "11",. .... ,... 'I~or
iii" •

db<J:g,by@,rheguvo,ice.,com More 'than $34;00 0 be'~1irujin rent. and with no legal board of dlreetors in. place, vlabil .. Uy - as, weU as le,gaJlty - of nonprofit YouthPride' ]s 'being h@tID.vily questioned by a. group of volunteers seeking 'ways. to either S;;1[Vethe orgPlJ,=

'The :investlgati,on ]11.'1.0 'You.thPride"s via!bjU 1Iy is not to laJYblame' on W1(Yone,Staddende added
"I~tis, undeniable 'm~[t'Yollild1Pride is in a bad

resent atiVe for ~itrict s

60" The ceremony too k place, ,at t he Georgia S'talte.


Capib:d wulh ~u~b:m unt,y Co Superlor Court Juij~ e Do·'
ris Dowlns :sweilnllllg her in, Stand~ng wi~h Weiles Kej.sJlt1'~hES as she took '~he oath oW on:h:~ were h'e r mother~ Chfis~in e Harden, and her

sp-ot right now ]'111 '[Ie-TIn s 'Of their finances and their g,ov1ernanoe. . ~~ ~...obody 'came onto this task f'Ol"a' with me intent ~l)ftryiill1g, 'to cause' harm to Yo ulhP.ri d e. All. came an ~~. the' hope
to com,€, 'ID' some sort of understanding

of where

nlzation or ensure' its services are absorbed by
other ag~n[.rn.es, shouldit

., • any 'J!.. . .J! 'Ik,.J.~ SGUd,. !U-ouy~, .IL -

¥oudlPr~de' Is d,gl1t now" not place blame on

T,vQ 'Volunteer' task forces covering programming and 'viability met Feb, 8 ,t3"( the' effieiIfii¢

n elph'ew~ Elias Muh ammad.8, ~~o ~eld the, Oible. 'Waib:.s_ a IDemocrat, became enm,otionall ~lIe

iifiii~ ". ~ ~. '.. ' , ,. , uJl

Kids .~non nro .,ttlJ.. ~L''i'o:iI,t "W"'O- ~~k·· ;lI!::,~. eo with
~~.:I! ~ ~~


, ",

- ~,,,,:_~ ." ~U

youth .. The v.rnabilit:!f" task force reported that.
¥outhPr.lli.de" whru,ch serves lesbian, ga.y" bisexual, transgender and IQlueer youth ages 13-.24) is in "lmminent" dangler of ,~o-smgims home tn a space ,['@FIDted from Inman Park. United Method•S~,Church

¥outhPr~'de ~f'cud~

Di,rBGor Terence Md?:huul told ,(lm!mees Q,[ a Feb., ,8 fasJ{.force 111eefi'l19

being SJi\lom in artd af~ler ~:aking her oath '~han~e~ a host 'lJf ~~r.elnd~ lV' and su~porl,e~swho ha,ve 'fami badked her W! Imor! than a decade. 'W,slut.es won ,al speda~ leledion on ~eb~ b) re p7 resent DiSiEnlct60~ wh ~cih1nclludles ~arts of Clayton! Deltall band FIU~ronCD untie$. lhe :spedalle.ll~dkm was to fill a :s~:a~~acat:I~'d

the ,agency oondnues

to ,tty to fi_J.ndro,fSe



M:,c'Phau~,said he. is, 't~ryingto form a new board of dhl~ctors. CLJ1d has reached out to potential members, Hie added he has not received much help from tIle peopl,@ he beH!evled w"~te'
board members,

mounting debt (phoro by Q¥noo Bt1;y,by)

due to unpaid rent

The' 'final task' orce reports wlll be released
to. the public 'OIl Feb. ,2,4, nd a town '[hail! meete :ing, is SchB~,led for March 6 aJtSt. MMk United :M:,ethodffist 'CI1U1'ich from 7=8,: 30 p.m At the eb. 8 meeting; volunteer task force members painted a grim p iC1Jrneof the ag@J[ry

by Democrat G~oruaT~nubu" who. was swom ~n en Jan. 10.,20n, ~n mber, lIi nu bu an nounced Dece s~e was resilgrn~ngi mov~~gto South Cartl~ii'na and n.mnllllg for Oorngm·,ess;. Wa~tes..will ~h~!V'e to ru n '~or ~I~ctiij n agaIn ~'nN ov~mb@~;qua Ilifyu'ng 'is ~n Mav. 'lhe campaign wa s Wait.es,· ninth bid fou pljbl~c
office. She has P~II[~MsIV ~oug'lht seats irnthe Geor" gia 1~louse~ eorgiilal Selllaier the' FIL~~~o;rn G County Com~ m~ssJonand fh@ A'~lanta 'Clty' Cound L. ~~MaV people bel h~ve l~i:s wal$ a 30 day elec~ n

ut h Pr~delow InllIi I~M eet~ nil T~esdaYr Marth 6~7 p,,,m. Saint Ma r~ United Methodist Chun:h 1:8,1Pea,c:h~ree St. ,A,ul,anta, GA 30.308



"One of the dl~ngs I',Ol. doing ]lOW is trymg, 'VO fiod out how to preserve the YoudlPrkle brand. I.'rn :r.:aisrnng money snd keephrrug it ,going, as it ~,O.ll,gas it has and all the whrn rue hophl1 to " ted eXlSu: j ,;

ge1t SUppOJr1l!, 'from board membe-rs' ·thoughc still
'·v~'11e-11 k·.... I'f-ne 1:_" 11 as;'~ _...::A • ik..

'.....SCBll " .l ~e -'"d


'~I oiL s :reoe,w.v"euh 1P' from Oiilller ",e'' L

board members, ,MCP~:lEUUl said, "It's been stI1t]_ggle - arid I ''D leave it at rillla!t~;


to try~o make' sw-e 'me lldds 'cowd still ge~, me services they so des.pera[e·~y"need,'" said Charlie
B. gay

that was founded in 1.995. "We were trymg, to get to the ,CflIX of 'me issue and fig,me out what w,e could do to help save' the org,tUllzation and most importantly"

declined comment by press I~blleon Feb .. 1~. Ctandullo also estimated YoumPride 's approximate debt, according, to documents made! available to her by McP'haut at nleady $74·,000.. This Included $.2.1.~'900in :lJe'naldes for .not '~U rung '990 ·tax retlLLms, '00 th,~' IRS 'ror 20ng, ,and 20 ]lO~
S.he also sailldj dlere' was :no plioof' d:1E!ag,e':rlCY has paid m.on;: dlan $10,,000 ,in pa.yroU taxes forJ the' dlivd .and f"l)uflh qualters o'f 2011~

A task force to look at providing programmmg f()f me youth who we ¥cruthPride s!i1owdl
the ag,ency IC]O.s~! 'was also set up ,13.5 a contin'!i1iiI!'llIDiI\""l1;la·~ ". ~("-a- ,',)' ·C;f'1;']:b.-~'n~.t.[Iin ICi.XI~ii'""iut~:'Il~,··:n".""'r .., ~.,.,~-'!,..J' p ~ J!! .II __ tho NJ' y,_Il)! l!!, Jt:'\;"
1 c_

PI!a - 'iln placl' to Icar-e for' youthrs nleeds

!O",._, .;;I'"",,,,_


~ __ "'- Il;...~ _

''f "'"'


~ion cvde'i but for 81~ of you here '~otd1a~; ~now you ~ha~isr(t ~rue., Thls has been g' ~ornQIjourn ey., I wi:sh 'l,~ fhan1k th~ marn~'dedica'b~~ oval~o~1 ~ u~t~ers tham have :suppo:rted me' t he past 'I] ye,arst Waite's saI'd after fhe (:,ere'mony,
Sh,e' a I so' '~h.ankedl Rev. Dc 1M~b:'i'Bic~rs. 'Who 'i's open Iy gay and 0 former D'Fesii:derd off th e' Atl anta School Board. B'i'ckE'!rs is ,a pis'~awand als!o wlorks. mor A'Uanta Mayor IKasilr11 Rleed. ~~Everytime, II ca IIeo her sc~eOlmi ng and C~t

t\~ach~r,'whJO org~mzed a Jan. 2.5 :meetill,g of LG,B,T h~aders that lied to db,e fo.r=

tor of' !CH:RIS J(i.ds" @%.plalned 'mat A~[DIAdantat , '[.~.n." '. ~I..JII t- .... ,1 HIV· ..... ~~In' 'tl"" ~~, ~ n.n.'iil_.·:ii' n uL!lJll!1l!II . v part 0:£ ¥outhPride,lIs se.lv.li!(!~while 'w·@@,kI y s~.m(p-'
",c -t1I.'i;.~. O'il:r.ID[·'



... 0,






,MU. .12!i


'V '!,I'M'

vo~unteer task forces. jp'aJrutt. Crnm1ci.ullo; a C.PA who co-marred 'mB 'task Force, '~Olook ,at the fina.n,dal srntua,tion saJid

m,ation of. the

McP.haul ru_s,pu'[@d that ,a:tnOmrull,.. hDw@v@r~ beca.use not aU doculTu~~!Vi[S'w'er€' ,gi.venl to the'

port groups could be h.'e'~dcal Sai,rn1[...•. U'rd®ed lark:

:i115, ,@ on Edgll2'wood Avel1iJe~ hom 0'11 J.aIL 27~, Id1E iar,w firm a.:f B:rls,kirnll eros'S & San:for.d~ replFesendng mnman 'Park "U'nhed

'the' nonp[ofi

t, WS very

,cj1ose' ~obeing evicted fn'.)m


inq and upset s he would 'be~ me we would be OK," I
W'ait,~s,addled. 'Wal~tes is the '~o'Urt:h ~pe'nlv' IgaV lrnrrtembe w of ',he Georqia GerIDerGlll1 A'ssemb~V. Sta~'eRep., Ka ria

M,ed1J;od~s.tChur-ch deB vered ,at an:otl.ae 0'[ !errolnation~~ to YouthPride dem2lID1ding, ,pay,m.12fJl of
$34~ 7,43..53. in pas~ due :rent and inc~,udi]1:g, laJ~

charg,es aJiJd attorneys ~ fees~ The Jan. 27' illetm:er
'[oUO\'VS a ff'd!mruld 'for p~~lym!l2ut,and llotioe of deifauh,n notice ,delivered OIl. J rUl1m 14, Bilild arusOI ,a Delc., j meltteF asking 'ro,r 'Ullpald .ren.t. ¥trumPdde' :EXI!rN:Uri.v'e :Din~N:tt'jiJ.· Te[(\e.nce

Orenner (D~Avondal~e. IE'siat,es) made Ihisbory


'mtrutely 20 dorumenrrs bu~did not :re,cei'v'@ a~!. also tak'e over the' Lm__m1ediate need_s of YOi1Jlm "If 'we' as i comU1U~lltY' were to pn:slf:']~e' who ixe cmI,erwtJly udllzing YoumPride ~s bee' 'me brand of ~ou.thPdde'" what W1O'wd itt. take?'~I' counseling, services~ ~1 d:litruk. we' .are' good 'wid1 hav.'jn,g ,a_ plmt 'CiajlCiu]~oasked., UDo. the' Uabil"tmes. far e'x,ceed that asset?~ that could go on :for .sever,aJ mOlldls., . '.'. This is, s:IriC:1 y .a short term emerg1enc:y p],an to maJ!k,e, StlI'e that :[]}O kid st[ff.;~T's-,'" Oilbenson said. C ~:s'Vo uthiPridle, a I eQ111 enl:i1tv?' McPTh,aul sarno at the Feb. 8, 'meeti,ng d1a.t M!cPhaul sa:rnd ID]ans are smHluTildenv,ay ·~otty boaxd chaH JOlidan Myers~who be' said did nOit to s,e,CW"e' nuuJJng £or the ag,ency~

task force" The' 'msk. force' ctsked for ,apPlioD-

M,emodilltst 'C111lD.ch" CH:ruS Kids 'CoUIfuSe]mg Program would

's"uend 'the meeting due

Geo~Qlia's fJirs'~ openlv' Qay :state lawlrI~ ker. She was fomlowed by Rep. :S~moneIBell (D-Atlantal), who also ran for offioe ,as an o;pan I,~sb la n. SLarte IRep. R-l' ha __s__~ _ay_o_ f 'l- __ 1!Ji2b W-"~ ~11l~-~ 'In L~ :~t-~a ~~I·t-,-I,- J'~h~\t~-lf1I~'\ _ tJscLe2h.l!V ~h--s a~e ~_a__ leg islatu ne v.fihen he came O~~as ~~av las,ttyear: 'WafJt.es r s a oontract, 'e'mpJI oy,e e wHh the Feder~ allEm ~f~en cy M:alnag,em~rnlt Ag,e nc.y:, Sh~ Is. a~so ,C} busi[1~sS ow~uw who OYJrllS fm.Jlf houses ,an dl m~n[s 'l,oI~ow~in come falmiHes. She holdrs a d,e gree In po~ liit~lcal s.d en.ce 'from Geor,gia Peni met~r 'Co~Iege an d was ,a ~ra[k star at lLalkewoo d High School.
l l

:Hlne.ss.~,",vas a:ppar,ent-, ,ly trm]scribing dl,e m:niUUles. mom the 1boan:rs la.st

YouthPride'~s financwal 'itl'oub~,esbecame' p[Wb-,

'1rCrJuIhPri.de~'sl~a~€· is ru)w' '~~·t.e'n:n.inat~d~;; ,and

M,cP !law has sru.d. 'YoultIPrid@ ,pays $80~OOO ,S year to' .F1eIIt spaC5e :&o:rr~,'the' ,rnun:h .. The' Jan. 27 ~,ietter g,oes, on to sa y ![hal

offirm] ,m,ee'rri.ng held. in ..De~mber 20 in.

,agency ,clmvendy has a. .nnn.-fUlDcliorling board

Myers and McPhaul harv,@ ,puldi ely stared the'

lie 'mn DecembelJ~ when M·yers posted on Face-' book that 'Ifle ag,enry n.eeded. ~o ,raise' $2:5,,000 ill. Qne wee'k, and 'McPtJaJuJ sajd ¥oudlPr~de' h~ld to

raise' $40~OOOby Dec~ 31,0[" face
days. ,Desp.nt@

or-de'f to :mitigatE!' further da__mages,,"'~
'II C:s 'y.19'ry

urges d~ose ]"11. d1!e a.,@)ell'CY·to ""quit itJ1.e ,premises piromptilly.and peacefully of your O:~ a(JooJid ill serious,,;" Ciancwullo said about

eviction notice., ,j1,]t"simfnin@i.l1t. n The' attorney rep'resendng Imnan Paik UM1C


b'ylaws~ '-The 'by laws ,aJ!:Soie.qWre' mlon~y b l 'meetings and an annual nleeth~,g~whHe the' Youthfride board hasn't I-net since 'Decenlb e'r .2010~ That J.,eadls ro (~uestion$ .of 'whetfuer '[b,e' ,agellcy i'rrself .actuaUy iexists~, sald S~adt1ander;

_. :Mye:rs list~d ~hlree board m.~!mbfJS" below' the nmllinum .of ,five':reqWred by YouthPrlde'~s


mains opel1~

pilssiDlg, 'wiUrJ, olfruly about $~OJOOQraised~ YouthtPride CUll1lentlliy ·re~'

m.at deadUne


in 160

"''The qm~s,.tion


,and ] £@lem lik:@~~',m. last board m~etin~g'was held.

illn tb;e 'w,a.ke of dIe; 'financial eris;is,- qu.estion-· in.l, by 'G,A Vo:~c~, evealed CO]lWs.l(Jn 1Ni thin r ¥oumPdde' aibout such biS:~!( :issues is who. Se'lVl!S on tl~e boar-d of dilec~lcrrs ,and when dl@'

GA 'Voiiice .

" 1[·"- .' Ca ner



.e. 1'....


Appeals court: Same-sex marriaqe banserves no

purpose' except bias

By LUU'IM DouJ'I,as-Brourn l,brown@theyavoi,ce.,('om
same-sex marriage in Cali fom na" is unconstlmtilollaJ~, panel of the' Ninth Circuit Coert of Apa
i!" ""i' .. .t'"~ltll.IJ.i3 .[.llJ.l~.-

\1lQ'S,hin-!},fon IGov; IChrisdn'e' IG~ol,f\e'

a~m.e' ballot iniriative

signed'le:g'i'slation Fe'b. 13 .giving some ... sex or:nJp"'€'S {he rig',ht to marry. (P'hot.o coul"lesy Wash ~',ng£ofl GG~ernort attice)

nq .... ]

I,~d,Fgb· 7/~ ~'We consider whether that a~jlenrulilefltviolares the Fo 1Utrleeridn "~unendment ttl' (be U rd~led

Sta;t,~sConstitution," the ruling states, "'W~;conclude that it does," The Rwillg, goes on to note that" eonaary 1[0 tbe argmnenls cd Proposnion B defenders;" m@

A handful of A1:lanfans" or:gardmd by the Q,ueer Jusdce L.eague; f'ialll'td Feb. 7 ,ar the comer .of .10(n S~l and' Piedmnnt.Avenu€' to C€'leb,raf€'the' appe,als court ,ruling ,OIl P.iUJ', f1 (Phoro' by Dyana .Ba_gbtv)
1 ;l;1"11l~ R ,vvcllll\.iff.r . ul.... Ul A 0" - liP '11ii1i1}-0" ,j,b, .!" ed i '.'.U,jS,UShL.;:;;.U UJililL ,..'iL!... -.

Walsh becomes .seve-· state to alii Sllme..sex ma.,rllage

'meas'Wl€ "could not 'have' been el.lac~,ed to ad~.1~'1"II~ ·'Jt.·I~,lL}C: C. - : '" 11: . dHllu

forni ~'~'It:" in
D. i:J.

t~II\",~,t-!r' LtlJJ.IC·~'~

,lJJJJ.J.'. [.Iillll:ll"~CI1lIJ.,


c'~"';i"r1....... m'" .:f:jl ,~lIT' ,0:



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had no erffect on [he' righrs of same-sex 1OO1Llf)]es to raise children Dr on d1e procreaJdrve PJa.CiltJ.Cl~SO'f' oilier couples." 'No~led me court" "Proposition 8 serves no purpose, aod has 110 effect, otber than to lessen the stclfiUllW5 and hemen ,dJjjgnwty of g~.ysand lesbiresporslble procreation, for

ban on. same-sex marriage was unconstimdonal. 'Propos "'lion. 8 singles out gays and lesbians ,atl1d lle,g~.timates their lJlrnlequal treatment,'

non of .m_BilTillaJge' for hererosexuals, '~-.I is implausible 00 think that den.y.illlg, two t

men or
.,I.,~,· ~


women the rlght to call themselves
ii"\'1Inii:'ii V.lIlllJ~ .

ans in 'CaU fomia, n
The' ruling, from. a ~three=judg,e panel 01£ the

Wan~er ruled, ~~o:dn,ghat i~"perpemates the sl['e= t reotype that gays and lesblans are incapable of the; cow, wro~.. fanning long-term loving, n~lartioIlship5, and 'mar[, ~I iIh. • ciT I tide is not tu rlnhlg; 'it iblS, gaiys an d. ,w,eS'IlJ'lams Me' not- goo d- parenJ[S~ ~

:mdlln'ID"ed could somehow' bolster the stability of ,t'~IVII']"~;'I!1I't."'rjI!1J.~..lII!1l...:!i1 by m g.~ 10 ,IJU Q"f!I; """~O"m-' ':II]"II...1i1 an," l!~_ lIJ!~~l ] ,~J~p~,IUJt1!UIJ .~. "~ii
,I I ·.l ~.~
t. .
l _ '..'II




,.j. ...



The ruling drew qulck praise; from lG.B,T

appeals coun, could 'be a!ppeaJed to eirber ,aIll :ll-judg@ panel of tlli1@ appeals coot or directly to 'IDe'U.S., Supreme Comt, which could decide to hear the case or let the IOW1E'f COUl['[ ruLlimg stand .. The mutt noted in the' n.dlllg, that a stay 0[1
further same-sex 'weddling~, in Cali forma 're-

The National Ceoter for lILesbIan Rights, whic_h filed a. CQiu:n b.rief agaunst p.r.o.P~S;; .fu)tled !!~hathe case is lik@ly ,far :from ov,er:, t ~~he supporters of Pwop'B:ha0Ve 15, days to .ask me" mOl lCID.Jjm, Ilrulel 'to reconsider .~LS df!dsllion or to ,ask for rn'1scousideratiof] bjl a harger. 'panel of judges on 'lllilEim. OJurt,"J' NiCLR said, "AlternativeJly" '[hey halVe' 90 ~y$ ·®o req1JJe5!u.mat dlE Supreme Com1 of dte U:nited Sm~es lW~ewthe case.~~ The Califo.rnia Supre'me Court ruled .m 200S that barmrnng 5atrn~-S~X [oup~.es.from mard ., ". - ,(1, ". naee VUl a.l-e,_ d U~state OOllstLWiILlon~ ".ore d _1~1l1 -8~OOO g,ol,Y ,cotrupl,e's W'€'lie married in ,ea ~i [DI1= ~ 'nia be£on! ¥ote1fS, r.@p~aled smne-sex 'maJJiage
IO' ""]

mains 1.neffect.

refused ®o 1 o;no~ 1 .ll·IRIIO' 'Iii..· (·· r.1 ~n~~ of th b.. ....1 ba d,[~Jl1ht"'~,!C 1* 1;",:~ "VlruA~£ llUJ lIJJ U .. n'ILAtlL.~[. , 1l..Jc.D1"1 uunanve _. cane d 1II1i ~~.1~1 01 . ",.. rooted. M·_cnl"lag e - ~P= .': 'pealed ~be'declsionto the Nmlh Circuit Court of ,A,[O peals , Brown is now governor olf California. A three-judge panel of the federal appeals ,l"O~1 m~IAI~ un u.!!, .!I' ludaes Stenhen =Re.. _'iI!.. !i;iIIii\Flf~" "'= _ 'Ir'" -.1:'" ,...;;,.{;: r!!!IHI!;i!!!!, ~i I :_,.JI Y .Ii"'res], ellt .. ·C·a;ner Ra- - n dv s-·- ",~,,,",,,,, d _- . . -)1 dPPOU1JJt~!W!j b::-~ ~-. y.mlu .. (appoinmd by Pres,ide~i 'Ge~[ge w. :Bu~~h)and , ,Michael Ha.wltins (appo1nt@d by P,w,e.sideru. 'CUrll'ton) hea_rd airgum,lents in dlle' case O~,ill .Dec.. '6t. 2.010 .. The. fed@ral p,anel '~,elil a6k,~d the 'CalHo[ni.a SUpm'e_meOourt to 'we:wgh in on whether tile then-Anomey
91\...~ o- .
I.. :

General JerlY
lL lJll~1

~Br- :Ii,it'" [""





rights advocates, "There 2JJT@ days in our nation's .history when ,gelijuil1e progress toward our ,goal. of' forming a more' perfect union is reallzed, Days when America 's foundlng promise that all men and
women are created equal, is once ~g.a.in ful'E qua- I]..n,., "hiN' ~.-1(, h 'b-, - - -,'~~.~..... case, ." . I-'- 1M;g" Yj W.ulR(:" roUg~.I'!i,.l,U,@ .- --']]1 fj- - ,..:ill :u _U._j~lW,;
..•, noteo ·th -, Amencan ae ~, 1 "- ,..;iI

g(~:~re'si'g~,edl hnto laW' Feb. 13 a bilill that will aHov~ fulill llilriarr'~alge rrg~ts ~or same~'se'x O(J;Ulples., New Ham p:shi~e" lawai Mals:sachu setts, Conne,c] ~cut N 9'W York" Vewmlonl an~ t ~(~m'strlct of Columbi~ elso allow same-s~x marrria'g,r:t. Greqoi re cal ~edthJe lawls passage' jjhistor'i c" icommend our 1~louse members, and t~ank Rep" Jaml,e P,eQerseln '(or :sponsow~ng this. bilt,r. IG~ego'jre saId prOf to '~he signi~g. ~'Ou lre;gi$~ators i 'sho\\redl CO urage. respect a~d pr'(j,fess,[ooolism.. ~ look forward to s.ign~ngl t~is pl!te of Ifeg~sl~~lon and putting into ~w a n end b) ~n era of dis,(Jimli~Ui[ion" llne Was1hlngton Hous'e ~u~'ssedhe'mea SUlr~ ~ - n r ~ ,;8- Il J~ ~ILche's-. J!,..[]arlLl~ p._S:SI~:d .thJ~'_iiNI tLa r~' - ['-b th - ~!IL - t -or (" ~ - -!I- - - a - - - _ - I~ - '0

low sarne~sex maru-laQe (.rf~e'rGov: Chr~st[ne GHrl~

Was h i1nqton became' the' :seve ~tlh staib:! to aI·,


IYlI,.1!. "








II;.!iIL. w




11' ..

~'. I a. press - I_ --. r'~~.leas~' F,eb~ 7.. '~odaJy is o,ne' ,of dlose da.yslo N'CtR Exec~tiv,e ,Din~-ctor Kate K,e,ndeU



-fl~~'i ounoanon-



t: - ·

I'i er this


'p[OPosl.uon ~-.- _;--:''''i";
1-" -

balillot measwre backJers had s~andif1lgto deEend
TI, .Ill

(:aned '(hie 'W] rnl1\g a "~g,iar1llt S1!.ep~ ,~, Mdl codayj's 'ruli!lg w!e' are .a giant s~lep .. ,rlos@rr to the eta.,. when m.@ promis:e; 0:£ our ICOnsdi'ruuoWiJl SqUdfJfS wim lme livled fe~ity ,ijf LIG B,T
peop I,e~

unti I alft~u a[ Novemb~r vote on saml@.·s~xmarriaQ@lf t~e' Ac$'soc'i'at:ed P~ess reported. Som!e, '120,000 srg~ ~alt!Uresare requ ired tto ha\l\e tlhe measure put on

~e'~ts.are' expected to '~rybJI de·~ay 'i1mlPle;rmetatiolil n

The, I~w is. set


to ~ake' e,Uect Jun e 1~Ibu I' IOiPP0-


u... SIIl,le'

i ,

'state'~$leg'i s ~atuneand ib, gave rnor arner passing

S~lme·slex. marr~age OJdvocab~,s [praised ~he'

[Long bs!ttlle fOlr' eqluality 'in can :~
I .' - _, . -, _ ' (. . - I'

. _,ne. ,.., [- i ly .run N ovem'llber 2011 that the backers could de... 'b'".. ,- f- .~n .'-.lavor

C '~I·' ,. {mgl~ " .l1e'. JlJullllomlaJ. 1..:" 'b ,com rule dO- 'llliJilllUlilll'l10trnS.. -.

Qi 0.,

L,mnbda leg,al, whi,ch j,oined N'C [ R ,and other 'pwo~g,aY' groups fun. d~M~riend-o.f -d,,@-c(n]ill_~t f
- ,f- I - - -. 0.. S(l!IDliJ~Sex.

t~le Iandm ark ~egi:s~ati 0n. fre eo om to lManry ls prou d to Ibe a Illeadcoo Ii~
and ci'~[zens abou~ why m'anlage m,aUers ~o gay ,couples andl tlhe'~r ~amli Ih~IS.U'Tha IiSI Z,epab)s, dI~ rec~ tor cd p ubll ie ,e.n~!a~ emleint mij r F're,ed 0 m to IM,anv~
tion patr~nEm h~1'Wash'ingllo n UnHled ~cr MOlrrialQe,r w~'~ch wonKed tlrleles;s~v to ,e~tlcab~! ~egrsll,a[ows




"I. I"




1 -.



'rlights lin N·ovem.ber 200Jl
The CaB fomia SUiH1~·m,~ COWil uph~[d the

fend [~hecase~ 'The' Nindl. 'CUlcmt p-ane~ ,agreed 'mat ·the sp-onsors of P'tO'posi6on a, W~F,e entid~d. '£0 defend :it. B,ackers of Proposition B also eJsked lilia~ 'W~dk,er srtIling be throw.n out because' WaJk,er ~ ,Cm11eout as g~.,. and in ,a ·~.oJ.1gtei-m, relationship
,df~~r e .r.etin~d. h

,caned me :.wm,g a '~~mom,e[u(Jusvilc~ory,.-J'
"'~Tlkg .•::"'::11g; lL ~~ lUlU!!;;:

••. . - '"I ,-,:-, marnag,e

'II' - -I l.~;g lts~,


10 nil.


Oil' .1/- I . -:' .'g'. .n - h,,":ii'Il"'iILurnlt;, 1I!.1IJ[llnn if ~'t .!tl.::!i I" --. ~d~


Iii ... m ,!tU.1l1U1


we an~ glad tOi see' the Nirmtb Cj n:uit j,o~n.the ........ "d hi" 'D .. ",1 r]gl~t sl, _e 0'f _ -sitozy,., ,j) note d J'onaVi~orw~Al..... !ule .g[10UP;S l,egal dW@'ctor, The ,~U1!tji-gaJ'N,atwona!IOrg,aniZiJltion :For'M'ar.r.ia;ge sent. oult. trun '"~urgen~.~t~' .rundr,dJi&run,g appeal

:Said in G start:1emen~.

r'iaQe. said he'r orga n iization iis pre pared ~o Ufe.fend 'same-sex ma rriage on the ba Uot.

~a[t,eyAlii" t~a~1rm 'Washingrb:ln United for Mar~ O

.Eqruhl FOg11lcs M.led a feeler w. Mawsutt challen,gm.,tJ
~" -'(l

a_meJiJdme'IU but '[he Am,erican F oundaJoon ~or

U~S.. 'D~sl1iaC~)u_r[Chje'[ Judg,e James. 'Wa_n=~ shordy afl e'r 'the' run ng, .as·kllng gay marriage op~Ji.J.. U.,
I lim.


I' -"m. '..' ,. ~;;, 'llIJle ,QOl1S '-0· hi",1iF~ - -I"'rlnr- [) 'f'. .r.mpOSIIIlJJl.on !!JwJILJlol1ru.rn ...}



TI"ii']' ,cr]'rj'=·prlnt::,nl,.n. ~: ,I til ., . vlW

rn ~


'atto' ,me'Uc Tlfl._...lil '0'.''"1'~ili"1lo'AI 1 '" 1.J. ,W.I~ lill
,"' ~



a'['II...li1 ,~.U

1,11 "~'i91F11n-" ~ 10":'11 't,o ~I~IW. ...'Ii....;Q ',. -if" QSum' - - P'Iii';1 nFli ",,'bo~lJ1t" IlLJ.lcU IlUJ.ll,;:: P eu D"lIV].'·'. ~dl paJruaHty ~nd 'fairness as oth.er judges/'~' but ~le - ·01. ,1UJj
if) O\p. .

rtuled agmns~ the cliaim; notmg [that gPlY ]udg,es



.. ~ILlIJ.IUJ.,[';:)


ClL, .. ILl '

~'FFIi .l.l.lJI.~

p(fnemJ~ '~o help :[r,aisle:$. OOlJ(]0 in a week. 'to he.1p ta[l(l~ case '[0 the' Suprenle COlll1.

Boies ..The' (loncrov!ersiaJ case, filled as P~'ll(Yvs. ScmvID:'Zenegg,er and now' knOf'wn aLS Perwy 'IS. BroM1~.is 'widely le'x:pe,cted to evenwaU,y ileach
...t..iffIo '..• Ul'/;;

'U' ·S~, S--::-p,-"£ii'm",ifflo ". U J'I,;; ...



il""iir'ii"tl' vl!JJ!.IL.,

The' .gay marriage advocates, won me' first .FOund, when U",Sm D,jstdct Chief JUQge ·va.ug',m

Prop ,s backers. a,ppeail,oo that decisjon to the 'Niuth Cin::l]i~ CO']JJJl o·f .,.' p:psaJs ,as welL ,'IPiui':'i;'!lIl '.' " --" ,I ftI ,~1 - ~'-b- ·7,...:1l.-..·' ~. - ",,'ib. ap~sooun.-. -. a;gID:Tee d- . I)Jlft'" e _. u~aS~O~ll" u.JE _ i ,'-- '~I~;~ , u.. a.~Va.~r - s. nJ U'!lig .. ..,. , '1 rlTId_. '. -.t~' 'd.' Th -! pane~. ~so. ~ It 1: Jio;r" ]1...... SuQ,1UlliL Sl!!tLri. .... dJir-ecdy ,ad{Jj~d m~claJm dlB1t ,anowing 5amesex. CODJ~1li@s mcYry som,ehow harms to insti'lu.c' •.
......... 0_

''''This sets up an an~or=ruo:tlli.mugshowdo\Vn at ·the; U'nlted States Supreme C01illfil1, ~~ NO!M EdlJ,caJtion furrud Executive D'irectuf' Bria~l Brown sa m.d :wn the mID1draisirrug ,appeaJ., ,askiL1.J~ £or m.on ..
I~y to help s~op ~~sam,e=sex. m.ilT.~ag~' :r,a.dicalls ]n dilel!r campalg{D 'tQ 'force g.ay marrla.ge on ttthe,el1tllrn~' atru.on.m 01f},@ :fell swcop."" n


'The' enactm,e~t of' 't hi s b:i111 i II prov,e to 't ~e w world ~hat 'W'ash~grton ~sCllgre~l p~ace to live', wl~rk n amd raJ se a 'f:a[miI~~"An salid~ ,j"We do not doubt our ,opponents wi II be s~coessfull in placinQ[ ,6 re:f@re'f1~ dum on t~e b'oliliot and we willi OOlmltinue to bune ulDOn ct]r mom,e~tum an.d "i~~in[ Novem bef' O~hef s~at~:s are a Iso m milnQ 'f'arwa fll wH~h
m:!l;r ri~11I"1 >;;O'"iIIUI;L'LY _11;":1 '1'5' _!J~ __ n I I~_ .J! '::~~r iiin"t- A inn ":\! ~ _!;!.,~ ...:r.n - ,- iJ.-.- I~ n I~~~o- il!h"l~ Vfi;!t!l.,. ....J.h,IL __ M aryll~n~1nd N,ew J,ersey, a
__ '!I;!L .

c'. . '- .. - -].~



S-U-- - R-1

NEW :2012









'2,005 VlN To' ,neg ,,'"..", " "" 20~1 ',., ion XB" ' ' "'..' '" .. C
..' .' . S···
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20 -:'r· ~I IHIODua .JUlie: IIl:V L u 2 n ~I 20' '0'8' I-N-ssan ,AJI tll'na 3' 5 I, I'
_, '.''frl7'1AIII' I:O····S·I 121 OJ"~17 ul_ v' yl 11;, ... :.:






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I!! ~~Iil~~ ~ij i~'il~~~!! ~ ~~'i!!~~ ~~'~I,i!! ~~ ~~Iil~i ~~ ~~ ~i!l~~~!! ~g'il~~ ~~ ~~ ~~,~,~"




5-' €!if 20 5 · ,,"".,,;'s115. 217' 2008 Acu a lSX Nlv ,'"'." ,"""".' ' ' "..".." "'20, 'BO :.,. "'-u_-- '..S-.U"'b••.a~u IIILISgacY' 12-'-"-' la I . -. '. IIL'nl'e-s: , - _"_U ..· -S-i'uba··' '." _. . ._ ru 17 413 2008 l"om AvulDft ,I' ..." " ,...." " """, "' ,,'""1,824 n a·1 S _-.,X __-. 544 2007 M-Irni Cooper Conlv S..,' '" "''" ,, " """".822,895 ,~O..-.U.., '...:-"u-b~'a- Illm'--IP-Imll'a~ 'WD'n_' 12009 Subaru IFDlres~r 2115:X $117 ' 7I"'3..... '
~2·····Olfrl_g~ ·

2009 Ford Edg e SEl

,..."., "'.."." ' ,

S" -' 819,835 ,-- .n[~~' .'.'_.b~_~: 11i:·-: l U: :-'~-.' arlU rD re-SIILGr "
I -·-:-.,;\ -:
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a~u, UI_, !I)I t'117 I,'9 2,009 BI-VI ,328i,...".""" ......", ".",.."" ".".".." "'' ' "." S27,101 2011 Subarn ~mIPllma.Oulbm:" "" " " $118' 4 2.009 A~ di Q5 3.2...,..".",."""" "."",,' ' '"..." "" " "",.:32,176 201'0Sham FD,rester 2'.5X . .." ..' " "" 1$118,9····6··5-· 2,0110lexus, HS :250h ."',.,...,,""'"..""..."".,,",,."..." " " "".. 3.2,651 ',::_ '11n .-.__a~u ." U -- Hel\..3'" 6 " 20·····1~lu- -b'- I~' .
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2008 BJ W ,328i""'..,.." ..,..,..,..' '







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ml!~'!~!'I!!n! !11!!m !HI!'!!! !~I![!'!!mm'!U! !!I .~,

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9 5 0'" O '-- '[-10"-N- 'D'R !\/' DE,C,ATUR.IG,A

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DECa-·. - -HI GA

'wwwS"'I/ ~









:S:, .

GA 'Voiiice ..

.A'I Il1lnta 's Q ld est lG B,T efrlu rc hi


Antonio JOIiH~Swa.s dlspaJtdl€d fmm 'NevJ YOlt: . ('lvf.y message is 00 invitation to take a spaitu~.1 ...L~nh ' ",1-..-1:::. .-.:nl Afri i\ .... • ill jO:M[rney U~[l].'Ou&,W me lra,w,fJanliw, .'-,. lean, ,ro n,er.~,=
cwn IJIieli.glliotl_S medium - music praise and worship," Jones, who is also (J), 'U,[f.C €'lder, notes on . the church's 'websrn~~., Atlanta's 'Uml[~l Fellowship Chunil 1i1aSspo1..'...." ~II!,. ega d•net , anti ~'L' BT b ~~,~ ;ii""i' rna ·]:!'ne;lJlllifill:=!rm G, ,t'i..!,C 0 01·· '. ".~ conJgreg,a'oo[\s' inclucUrJg Jones ta]cJiwlg part in proI. 'Iii!" @." 1!"lL" .. , .., . [~ ,ill!I!.!. '"''
".;;',!o;.!!;lI!, ,

'tIro, . lid~ .i' -. an.,~ ... [$ . . .. J..._. 6·· 19(·72· . ·1>~,. now . A·....mlm.S .oj[ esl. LG' .·B···T congregation, c-e,lebraill,ng, its 40th Wilnru.versm.y

It began as a. gadlle__ring


about 50 people on

d1iIDs yea_r~

ag~tr Bis11OP, Eddie Long's, 2004 march CIl~ajnst gay rrwa:ma.g,e and ]!o:i.nllrn!.g a 2006 A,tl.antl In ammlr on homoptIDlbia in me Black 'Churd1. - - - - - _.. -1- - ,,- ,~, -'~I- ·]1' ,",. irs ·,wom Th-e (orJJg["eg~tlon- - a SID'\VO["1~..-.,c~,oae.w,y "'.......~I'~illS

The' fhurch began as M'CC of 'the Blessed Redeemer, not eV!M,four years ,after 'R,~tV~ Pel"Y Troy founded the M'e'tnJpolitan Community !Churdl ...:1, ..,. L.,:, " . .1\ ...... uenommabon ill rus li',rVIng room In 1.OSro~@~.1 ~'R'ev~'Pleny scheduled that first 5eN],C:e :in respouse ~oa y01L1IDlg ,~aJ man's despe:raM,.e Icry ~ (1

cal comJl1un:"I[jr
,"-osti tu ;~D~ p.([iUi:lo- -


even VliID, IDose' who mJght

not seem ~~cceptable" '~O orner c-ong[1e'gadons" a An early ministry invoruved reaching out to py




~i"ijl"j~U~i"''''' i:!iUl~~li::Ii ..

~!:Regmdless of where mey land on d,e sexual orlenradon spectrum, the message J brought
'~,If' ~,IIiI,;;ll !l..v' ,"':1...... - - ,WtiJJ~ 'ml ~,iI' ,i1!".8 , .... iIfIi'Ii '!:!iIi+.r!Iif ~ ollJLllilllll ,th-8'!1l u.lLt!m -,. Ull U.l~y :JI.Ji,:WJIJ..l~ .. , ~.J.

one. Moves.me, not €v;en God, n~ the' church note-s
011 its websne.


"I OV!~~J ,JI\;~~I ~W C 3']'.'_ . Il),...li ,,', 1II'ii"'ii'Imi,O"e ~..;:.,

steadily and deOlrncat,ed its first permanent horne, located O~~I HigbJood i\venu@~ in -974~, en years. mater~rut 1C€1T
,Affilamta,' s grew 'But -984, pm:'Qv1edto be :fti,ght'ef]il1g for the loGBT cOfJgreg~Q,OIl~ 'vihi.'m, 'was a beacon to lG BT C~lris[illaJUJsbllt. could not escape d~@ bo'

M"ee: rnur6h

The Ichun:h aims to cross lines of race, sexual orientarion, and faith 'background.

-nml anniversary
;i\ .... "",

d lin

~,I-J, ~,~-J


]·'lmirtl!Jl'lt"tnaw' ,WIII _lll;.lJiY 111,,,...·.

0'l1"li 'i!:n:."o I..... U _church's u 1111L~1i;:





ebra!led pa.yin,g off the rrruortl~,ge.

,,'jb ...... ',iiA · 'ii":lli~,~~ us WBIlX)"rnll!'C :SllitJJ~;;]\;

"i'S.1 .11",II1"V Ilh.!!.:::" Latino t",rl··.~ .• acE'l.,,' JauUJ"

mophobia still rampant

around it, "In one year;, the cburcb 'was burdened Vlil~l a. se ~es of five break-lns, m, 'the most se lous in.. "...ll-

m me world

ClilLlL~fJ~,IIlJ l~ SaIW"IDCllla"Y


,.,.1-.. -

- -_.


,- - -:. was se t- c . ,t: :. ,," on Wtre,

"',t,r. " .. ~,L:),

ebs ·ili-L \-ve, .sWI~e

recalls. "Glven the clirnste of the times, 'm_any
. .. ._. ·'b· ..d iencs . ro JJr~gl1J'!i.~ne· -~ '\,~, memoers ..an- fr,- .;:1[... were ,iIl'.."'. 'Ik.M,- ··d ,atW,ay.,:let,
Ii ..

Meet seven congregations that-oak risks to make At~anta more wclcominq
~y,Lauro Do~g'las' ~o'wn' B
relco m- 0•. "f'l..iffIi~ - !JJ~~-.JJ.i:Ji had not £el~,arthome ,_ f,"']nterfmm, couples
~'Ig], J,_

N·~tive' Ame,]Gm, Aslan, f\s]M" IG.aYJ' Beptlst, COGIC~ ,A,PMro~liCj, c.atllOJliC, i\rvrE, Presh,~eria[1~ n,-:;.l iIi... . ; '8 ddhi " .' ,uTI,. ..... ' , I. E ~USOO'~.d!n~ ... ,!1J_1 m,US[ ... Hind M': 11.6,lim-" .F.t:gnns= '" ue, Arb' . etc, - you am:ewe'1· ·'II),llerust come mt th-·, ~()](u'Je',.'. ~lS ~


~'. ./"0 ,t.,;' i) ,t., f..:! U"· Jr"euO\~5~1~p ':II1i,J;.U ...flU), lie:' n ~,unlY;fe~'I(.l'~~~~!.,orgJ' t~O~uS

New Schools at Ca~~ 9 !G'an1rnon ,Av.e'." ,A tla.nta;" GA 3'O3'l.5.,
s1!:rvic;es at

(alrliy cutwea eh •. o

Road at ',.... Druid 'H~ns. orth The vibrarn laong]:1e~gatltion shares ."'t5 resources 'with OthE!l" I 'GBT gruupSj' illcludlm,g of6etin,g
I .•
l~' '_"_ _

survived aU of these ch~~eng'BS, and , continued its ministry. ,,', The dmrch soon rnan,g,ed its name to First ,M,CC· - ~~.'t IS S.till· 'l-ffiOWn 'touay~ 'If ... , 9·94· FlO' .,. I .... ] UJ. . ·-i .·,I[fst M,CC purchased ilS pre se rut, hO]lle;; on Tulli uuie

me church

Haverim, as the i.ndusive "queer Je\~shl values"
'~I;od.- .lilJl~ '\.-. - n Cfrf.) garion .. uu lIJ,~. +l1!..g of"O·
;t,~ ... IlU ~


w.··. ~,W.'Ii...', .




w·. .··!'Jl.. .I ~,J!

'CUrlnlded: 1812 Regalnl llillrch'ingl iout to LG~BI' pel,I'e:: 199~ ,,,,pre.'imatl' m)emiJers,ilIlip::'t862 E:sti'm)atld LllBr 1I1n1lblrsliti'p: 90 J}9roe rn'[

to At la nr~~al id e Pr


nomica Hy dsadvanwged '~o~'ks~ s~ngle parents,
las~,rruartlJe8, to ,preserve ooonymiq,.
".B,a.'ck in 1986" ,m'os.'~sy.na,go,gues view@d Je'\~ of 'OOIOI~:mJUltietltfli(~,-,tatiai1, faMililles.;;~ The IOOJl1gm-,\@ga!tiO]1 '5 membe~'Sllill,1D' now evenis :[y split 'betw1een he~emsexlD.!als and LG'BT people. - C-~ilorsonriJe dl!is lJJfam we' ,are' no mang,e! ~,gay !enougrril~ esser said., t'!F'or me 't :m.eans we aJl'e' "J~ building, a sa:fe\[' 'worl.d Wh~I"e people 'wo~~k'~;[) ..,

a, ~'dlUJ[lch, extensionjJj 'oonQJegaltllon. caJJ1,ed The 1il -J Durney lin, . lConwers IG8 '1. off,erin_. ' 'me~d,ng··I'5Y -'HCe - '..:. '-~' . _ , 'J' .. - '_- D ®oother org,flnimtlOl14S in its btlldlng~SInd hosting I~he ,anruJaI.lBlack IGay lIPrid@, G1ftd]@light 'Vlgjl ~~So any p~opb~in dl~' g,aJy~, leshruaJl~ bisex= m
uaj~ ttBlilllsg'ender COmmJUllum:y hav1e' had Scripture wed agMns~'mem ,as a s,P!l1tual w<e.apo$'lli/~ Firsc M'CC 's websi~~otes; bf!fom'E (J(ln;(::lllJd~ng~'~'CO[1= n ttalY 'to po.p-lda_r 'ff:,a,lching, being, a Christiall and 'IIJ..._~' ., I a~I~:-'~,i'II!:!!' u I!." ,], "_' .. . not' ~'n c·O'i'lfl'~r-;If :;. l!!Jellllg ~,fliy .~,'I;,.,l!i.,'

'GL,BT peop~e ,as sh1JJne~s OE" as sociany Ullac-= ,QeptabJe'. lEitIDl.er th~y 'wem spe(ific'ally 'UTI'we'1,- -.'. .. -., , ..,.. .....r [JnrnJ~ Hl• e.xpebl.Bu. ..:!I1 11l.0r~mawn 1[1 i-i'll-..- '. ose!J.. Ie .cl- - . 'R_abbi JOShUB_ L'esser said. 'Ev@n pr,ogresswv@ synagogues did littl,e to ~@-, ,ally include gay members} and Atlanu_a'~s main-, slJremn Jew,ish ,oommumty initially didll~t wtllnt to ha,v,e ,anything, 'W' do w,].'tlh, ttth;enew synagogue.
;ir,.-., : . - ,., :. ,., ,c· .,-If ,,', !J.!IJ

of several prominent dlurd1es tlila[ line ~eadlttee
parr;ade-,. ['11 1991~ me 'chu_rCb~s 'members. made' at decision 'mat mID_;ght, seem simple todaJy~ 'bUf iOfo;o
@'ve:l'al~eredme, rnU[~ch~:s ' ,oourne.,
,A· S
;001- - ;01 ~,- - , - - o:!IflV' 'ik.OI"e C··~iFil"ii~ rob,r 11Ll1e t:l]J:! nlGJlII;..H~,""-i['U,u,e . .J~

· do. ,... ..i.....•. ~I-'" .' S' a1nt M awlr!,'U. n1te- M elY, ~ootst i.C"h UIIJ,U, ~ ~s ()]')e
..,'b, .



ge~her nd oe'lebra,te d]fferen.'ce~ " a

,Congnegation Bel fla\Jerim (c-ongrngad,oJ1l..,

Stree~ -

,ilio the route. of .J\dmta 's G,a~ P,ride

,belhweri m..Qrg)r S'hU7leS spu;ce 'wl,',fh Cenlir.al CQ,ri,gregational IClu..n"C-n; -"'676 IC':airrnan.f. R.ood; At,tanto" GA.3032.9,.

d~U'i k -m- ~ ....



Dm- - _

~~CB, was denied lenmy rulo lhe Adanta

A ,sp iriitla I he me' 'I r IlO BJ p eo;plle of


Fi,rSl MCC (JIrSDnCCmcom) is located. at 379'
TuUle Rood, A tlantCi" GA 30329'.
FOI[J nded

lFoulndled: 1986

bV all1ld


LGB.J Jlews

synag,o,gue, cOllJilllcil on the 8)rounds that it did not have' a. [,a.bb:i and 1Nhen 'W~ did 'mt 'was sl].11 d\eniled b€'!:au~e of its insistence of kl~eUng,itse'l'f as a 'G'LBT synag.o.gU€il" L'e!5ser s~lwd. "Evelllwal]y
prog)niffiSiVie Eabbis demamcIDed. ~h;ey jom and :mO[ie 'Cionse:rvEMtlve :ralbbis insisted tba.t 'CBPI: be dleml,ed s'o the endI"€!' cou_nchl djsbaJiJ(]ed Olver' dle issue~~; L ess@'f becdJm~ ,raJbbru,of B,et ,fla.vl@ir.im 15


cl@11 0 r

FOUID,de d:: '~99'1

'ber.s passed out. sUps of pa.per readJing(! ~~Ev'ery'" one is w,elcom,e at Samt Mark. ",'l-.. B· ,:,,"". iU:ln 'u,[(I:l 'u~e ,-.:aptlsts 'W'e(lt '.... I_JUg antle- d ·'I-..l·· ' h···· UJm,e~lujJal .:" - .,~" ......••...0',.'. }- _, g:1UIaJl, liS a,~.t_,e +;, - .. ...1. ,-, Slmp,[e nlessa~e ,lij,d aJ. blg impaCl[~ said Senior Pastor Rev~ DT. B!e'[h n


II ,aR~occa-Pitts,

ApproJ_i'matl mel1blr,S~'ipl:: ,310 (a d u its) Estimaled IL'GB,' m,ellbiers:h ip:: 4,0 -50 percent
'!UiJ'ibL;Q'n '1('1,[ l'l!; ,
C' ·:o·'~'li!ll're'(:f';~'U-·o., Fri '.. .. 'U'Ei; . _,~I;I, _ U

years ag!o,~and r€caUs re oeiving ha,[le m,(ruil~ dearth threats", amd encoun~ering rabbi" s who :re'wsed 'to shake' his band or speak '~,O him"
'Chan,ge ,carne g;ral~lndly..
• J ., •• _ ••

'!l~:Slowly_,CBl-I and I ha(Vle boot ,a_ saUd replIDta,... ." '" ,. ~~I 'non 10[' crea:bve- 'weII OOflllDU 00-d· 'meanmg·'lIllU!w J IIe-:-W::fOllrnd!d 25 YH2iIrs ,ago, the' idei, o:f a. gay Je~sh ,ish ex~mil!noe./~,he said. ~~l~, atre now ,mclud~d.n synag,ogue was. 80 lexn",atoKlina1jl that the 'm~mibe:rsmp clirnaolY moo't iwrlud@ mosJ[ p@o,p]@,~s Thalt reputati,~l)n,also b[~,ought dlaIl;ges for Bet

'8., ~.. l::J'a_'t·.~"... n·"ITI, _ was_ _ ::-:ill! lItl ,






Tlhe' next year" Saint M'~uk ,allso passed out ILIIT me. bersfrl~,::Nat ava ~I a b lie by p rE'SS t im{~ water to ,marchers BlS 'they havle conHnued to. ,. d"0 levl~ smo::. "We IQ(JfllM.Ue to do. U becaruse .it changed omr The Unity JFeUowsmp Ohur,dl Morv:em'ellt> ~'16.. ,,··..-."16.' would .. htaVl@,diedasan,t[crinQi 0 fOrn.1ded by Rev., Carl B~an m Los, Arruge,les" ce~,=, UJJIUliI.U.l 5. l~;'~rn"\t\~~ .. w.Lle.]. . _. [0-{"Iilmilgril!Jla!!i;t;o·~'1i1 iDl1n'h "' !Io;,.,vlIIl~:. 1ILl1Ld1~ ..J!!lU!.... 'ebrates ~ts30d, ,anniversary ~1is - lnaID:~k~ffi1g ...... ·~~iruu .. o'~ 1Il'-~'t'~l· ",'b.. 'lIiiilO- I 1"-"!Ilie.... '" ....fIi':s 1·f "... ,year dtn,ee decades all providing wornhip 'W1U1 an I~m- had ~ot been joined by the L'GBl"~loommUIDliry/; phasis, on l G:BT peopLe' of '(JlJ~or~Th1i~~, w '\tyeli(JOlJlLa Rooca,- Pitrus said. 'i'~aJ't parade saved us and , ...mTI L ~... 1·: 1"1........· .. :~ng ~JL 'W,lj.o il!Je,u,e'Vie'mIl l~m:anonano...1l a.cre pt_anoe,; ~ •. opened, up' a, 'whc.d,e' flew era of min£stty' and life By the' 1990; the' d~naminailJoll WdS, :lleldJng heliie tfuBJ[. w,e I(-ould :n.ot tlavle' :imag]ned/~ .... 1 ;rk ... "·' '" 1 ,..... 1 !CtwlS liUID gay ~,,,iKll]SIdlarlS ,m, Alllinlm. W 10 W~' SaJn'[ Mm:l\"s. mem'bern'hip is. ]lOW mostly y&'J.J1illng for a local 'urrny FI@llow~hlp~ atnd R@v~ gPJY~ and the chllffi.lrh is now .on@ o:~ only tthr@e
I. • •

'~al mernlllrsll1l;ip[:: Not av,aiIit bll@ by Pn~sst'i m,e






~'1I1"iJ ,I








Ii; ..

in NOllth GeoFgia tha,'[ aile pan of



..l~'~'~ClIll';~lIdie utOCl}O~,CIC~'

with, on.

nO'~~o'il'k, "bt '_"_
,.'Ii!...,g '. " Ilfll[:

Urn ,~tlIl t,n.dl


But 'il.'li1k~~les:,~,~;'it"ii~ ark 'M",',' '~~,lIlUJll. .

me RecondlU1

',.' < M

1~~'ib.n,A:'C'jiT ',' _ ~llJrluUill£'-'~

Cburdrs ,-l..:.lrl


stands againsc 'Ordaining gay people Vlho ewe'in
permered [e'~attonsh]ps and de [fi]ymg, marriage rites no g,,a~tcouples, ]t has not chosen to' join the handful of UIVIC c~ergyand Icongregal1i.ons that haiVleopenly broken those rules, III pert, 'that's because Sablt'Ma_tk is one of ihe
:~e\lY UMC congregs tions 'w,m'tll,a majQlriry

people /' Schmellog said, Jesus was wllllng 'UD , isk his llfe to provide love for everyor e W,hy show.dnJt we?'~ I, e'mrmoil drew national headlines end fream iof schism \~min 'the denomlnatlon But rather

_ 'Vrurgima-I lighilaftd, is. focused on 'MYe€'ateas::
IqjuaUty worship, Justice and compassion. "The blggest dlal1ellge' Is ,findiug the re= sourees to :fulifHIthose three callings eve'ry ~y~-j' Plliullruk'ett said. 'Virginia Hiyf1land Chun:'h (vhchurch.or.g9 is ,loc!1ted at 743' VJrgirlia Ave'" Adantalj' IGA ,30306,
StlOIO d

Meb'Op o~i.tan IConflm)ul1i~ Cbll~ches
~1!lW,m{jcchu]ich,org Unity
1F'~~~'llwsbJ~!p' Church MO'\V~Dlf:nt

than Vilfutherunder th~' oorutliny~St. John's dlil:'i~d.,

clear abooe ruts wimess 'to 'wel,c-o,m,eall people,"

"It made I[he'


sOOnge:.r and more

and leaders "choose our banles carefudly:;;; became fuey don ~l 'IDO 'the sate wanl risk harbor ttll~YOff@ili~'£01' LG':BT worshippers, For nowJ tha~;means S airJ~ Mark won ''t host same-sex 'wedrnngs end cle'!gy can't perform, them, Instead, LaRno-cCI,_,PtCts said they can refer
~'~'I¥li,Q_pg,v o:::;w.lJI.~ i.::I~


Sdhnrul~lIDm1g,said. '~'NwnJ1bers and, budget gl1~w dum::ffig'tJe period 10,1 tihe 'ilial'~ , •.OW~St, )01,1111'$ wants to expand ]'15 welcome across aIDlomel[' cuill1lJrdbmier 'that '~§.)O often still
divides our
SOCII@ty _,

... I ,. . .. ,

tllP to Soul'h em IBa'ptmsts,


race, rOllillillded: ]19113 APPiF:\IXi'mllte Imemlbell'shi'p: 3,00 Est~maled lO,IT Mll!mbersfli'p,:: 30 pe res nt



iii",o Q,",1'jjio.-rILU,IL'~

.,...u...'I........ 1..~~ YJJ!UlJL.Ll,[~i;:);;



Saint ll. ~lU=

being a more racially mduslve congregatlon, We 'felt like we needed to reflect ALL the diV91:si ~v'iI-!r o;!iii"',e- mrl~li!;lIIiit' U1!J_(jn;:J
il:!!\lILjI' ,l["'"

"After the 'wal, 'tllileCOOlm sets its sights on
; 1f"Ij.;!j. .. '11 1C~-C:lL!IIl .lLlI.J...l:"\.JILI!OlII.HU,

~11f"Ij'~-:ii!'" :

,S,1lk,-.o:,")lilnQ U,UJ,],c 1II,J;o,




Mark, cllftgy' n1_(IDy '~e a :S~1_aU role, TJhey also nffe'lIi" U~::!i'II"!II'ri':1'1Iy 'Ib. 1 si ~lg ,t'''''''1Ir'' ~n'=illlt" .U,~~lIJ~, 1..'." ried elsewbere.
Vi : 1IJ

I)J! ~




,I,~l.ll,- IIJJJr~~


Change' comes slowly, and Saint Mark doesn't want the denomination ~oschism over LG-BT lnclusio ;ryl
.' I~





want is. to convllinae OUJr VlHO'lE c'hocoo th~2JtGod's, ruov,e and tu:~oe-pttm.,res availi

St John ~ .Lutfler;an ,Chu'rch (sJjnhns~tlan.ta'., OiklbMl'S'~Baptist Church describes its jour= OIY~ is' i:oca&!d at ..410 POI1(,f' de LoonAw.,;~,A~- ney to full 'inclusion !ItS '~Org.aIiru]C. 'The first out ,IOr1ta,- ,GA ,30307~ member jo1ned in the 1'970s., The road too irn:'~.usiviW launched in ~~e IK'i(k'ed Qut by Ga B a ptis,t CIDIi'Ulention 19805" 'when that ffilrst out member was considered b S'.'111ilfliday:':' chi ol tn~liI'"""'~~" The V'IRGII NIIA-HIIIGIIH LA, .... D nommating commhtee declwil]ed,~but tilile pastor
Jj~ ~:~ 'I;; t,i"'I; ,UJ ,'I;;.

Carhollc II ,Dilni~ urSA
..:ill' ,

us 21.,,011,

E'piscJolp,alll'nteg~i.ty US ,,

iG!i'Ci"'IIrTIB U&tt,!L~,






is: '.. ".

t[i _y U



www. rn.rru'Legr~tyusa, org J@wish I 'World C'lJluflgress esbian, Bis@'xua], and

. liD nlde d:

at 'the time ,pre'a.ch~d'i:1:1B)[ "Oakhurst will not
'nave ' secon. _oass memters, I ·d~' bers," n 19S'5 Oakhursl appointed a committee of
j 'C


able :to all people," Lakocca-Pltts
L a, WuO l' cnuren 'LO U]an,o,e,,; u e ..-.L~'L j-,-~'ri-.-

reason we go slowly ~ecau.se
at 78'1 Peachtroe'

said. "For 'tl-ws

we' want ~he'

&lint ,~4ar-k UA1!C' (stmarkumc, orgy is ~ooated

Ad'anta~iGA 303OB~,

1'9,23 le,gald Ifeaehii'nfJ I[ut il LGia-T Ipeop~;e: 19',89 Ap,li1cnc,'hllaie Imembersi1llip:: 150 E,s,tiimatedl lG BT' Im;embllfslili'p: 50 pe rce nt

VrrgiIti(ill,-1iighlandChurch '~e,gan,'\~e]OJming Q,By aue:ndees il1l98St \Vidrin ,five yeal[S~out g,ay mien served as deacons and in other d11wch roles illn 'illfielaI[re 19908, the m1!IDroh marched in d1e A~lama Pride parade for the first time, O;ther Atlanta rnmme,$ wen~ also ,reaming
At ilr~ '~;;n;;,Q.. l·t !lJ h:;: IW,:II,JII;;; 'was Vhginja-'Higb~and 'B,ap!list Ch.urch.
lLJ·; o'lI-.:m w' JJrlJLb[ JlIIiUII,,I-,

;gay dlID'itdfi~aightmeulIDers to exp~.ore the 1sSlIJJifiS" s '51 Rev elanie "l.lt!l1]:(1hlli"'il~~.i·lf.eC'11i' ~'!I'U Oli nO:'ii...:r ~c.... l'!O.lJ!Ju .... V~~L!L~'IIi'¥! -"~y 1" ....3i'"" tors 'the churoh with Rev,,' anny Pe~~ers~ "'bm 1997 the church VO~iOO, to approve new ~I· ddins' ,wangu,age'lrnll our coveuant aJ ,udlg, 'sexua 1"OD,erru=
. "-'!!flO

TransgeH,der J@ws,:: Kes:Iil@t. Ga,~a,v',ajb ww'w;.,glb~jle,'ws,.o'rg
Ludler3_l)J, ~:Lud1erans, C'ln4Jl!'rRoo ,\rVilV~'rJ,cn,a~ org,
Mo,rm,'llU], ~,Affir..at~un




'!i:ii,;r .....

tadon' to


Icrintinar[;.ed against,
includes, of

that woukl not be dlisi'"" VaJu,glm-'We5~; said, "This

W\~:.affirmrruJ21ti,on. org.
MusUm I AI, .," dba
ww w;.,al-,fatiha.



gay worshippers


the time~ Bum Vttgmla~
if"'1-.111~r,..""""'· ' U"l!Ulli u,~.



J·l'I¢~ ,UJ'!J. (ll,,I'J


G'iY ,clergy in, commiL'too re'lationships !((I]1 [i(JW' Si€'JVeas pas1tOrs in the :EVBnge'Hcalli. Luther;..
ICC ile I Ai· ..... Dr" • C- 't" :FL.,: 'elk.. ,("0; ifc,e; -- n1i;a 'i"~;, "!!in .till i[;IjJJj1..c tMU!l'- 1. fi}, l"ll.lh~J.l ,OJ ¥'!d,llll U ·blJWIt;"" ,m.V'llt; 1Il1rll.l ilo!Ii'

'i~d' . , -

Mna verry ,public proaess in. 1999 the; (hmch Vl~IC left 'me' :SolLlthern Baptist Conr~llen:ti,on~ t11,@ mO'leasingly fundalnentaJist denomjnat]on~ was Idlis-fellows1flilOped first 'aUlD tIll! Ge~ta

~s~Irynd rnania.ge'" a Thm~bold starJd djdn~ e:xacdym.i.ruor 'the pol~ ~id,e5of Baptist g()ve~ning bOOie5~ 'which we~}e ,gro~~ iijcr~~srnngly oonservative,.
,B,aptis[ Conve:nti.ol1" and the:n &'om, 'm~' OU.thffill S
,B ~~U~~

issues of ordilinailtion to min-


jpl[f;fSbytli!ria_m1-' ore Liglwl, 'PresbJteria_us
~.mllp~org Sev,mdl, ,Day,AdWoMt,

,.......:1'~1· '[1, ' 0WJ,llJJl " .\, ,m-

nm- ~l"¢ 1'-=' -, ib- Ii::


~iP!.n.JIi UlI. IL1bU,J.!.

"'IA'd- ..:n..,,~ ,f'\'ii"~'I'nth,
, IIl.!I..litC ~U~,.lJ1:.L

j I.

A-: '.U' "Jj'F1i't "!!""¢,
~.lW, ~

in makmg 'ma.t po~ibl~',.

St ,()lhnjs lu~heran Church played ,a,Inajior roIDe

larlta in 2005 and Sdxnefu.1g's (ongr-egatlon at ~'", Q'~i""n· ad' ' ","~li", u, S' In'I-......Si w~W.llbum.'!;:;i- 'iI"kil'!l; ~OW,lil!ll,l np' ~n vUH U.l~' BIIIJJt. whe~~S cnm.eUng to].dl hjs s~~lod bishop, about the relaJtionsfuilip a ba~tle began ''Wimin me
, !J.;;,

'" .d' . M I S,Chme lin· f ellil m, Iove MI.1 D,am: run "lJ~n " ,g" EaJS]l@r; ,ruso a, Lll[h@ram, minister, tbe MO began, ill. COlnmitted :[(ie~atl.onshIDp. Easler moved to At'" .

mamy yedJrs~but in 2iC~)Ot-ook tbe s®ep of (:aJlin_g, Bm:.adliey Schme]jmg, - who is optnly gay ,_ as
--: -] 1-I ._ --:-, I '-', I , -, --: ~ -,',' , ,-,

S'L Jobl's had been open to gay people for

cluOMflg fue fuU ,run.dusion. of 'WOmliiJlfn., "~rg]jlia:=HlghlaID1d IChmch" no1rfficing the shif~ simp:~.y5to:pp~d ,giving t@ the o()opetati¥e
pro,grarm aimed'Mitb;drew ·mem,be'rshrnp'~ 'vid Plun_kett.

m, th~ leady , '99~s ,over a nrLllifllbe'l"



KiJ~w]J' InteI"Daooma],
IN\~.:5da klnshlp" arg,

·CO:'llltll"an.hriill/'rii _-._ ,i~'I;:, ~/ViJ,

!i;u.,~o. U,.IJi;:



A"'~"JIn'~ B~1n.ti'"t·, Ii; .... .... "JIJJl~,.I,~,


·~*1~I= ~

said 'Da~

'~'m'rhink honesittl;y most p-~opl@'in the ,churCh

United Me!tbodist ~.um)t[:ffinmFJJ,.,or,g

I Aftirolation

\tVould say ilW,ilS bltally posrn.tiVie' 'for UlS " '\laughw~

West sWid~while acknowledgrnng, '~~'grlef~ at

U',nim-ian Umvf_r.s.ists

I ofl.ct!: of






'ih ..

0/ -

~'~~ 't;ll.IILW,h).,

Ichmch retm@d its mem'lbership in tll.e Georgia B~ptist Convention Imti1], it 'w,as ~~d1sfeU.owslJjjj.pped~"n, 'Wl18t Plumkeu cdls a i '~~djstaLs'te'ful dtama:tic~ ,and 'Very public: forum in N.orve:m'b 1999:i1" 'er' '.',., The chmch had :rented its s.ancruary to a gay cO[illp~e'for their wledding,
~(V~ then was 'brougllt up on Icharges of Ie ili11, 'L '" ,0 ,onl05ex,llJ~lS~, P]un k tt SSJl- ,.' 1 'u ,~1.111Jijn]lb 'h '.el-_ '"d

:~'ost ebitionsblps, r "'We rll0Ugl1t we' colllill.d be a 'vnice :6or som,e,thing posidve atIDld mChj5i\li~ ood stay' engag,Bd

.GB,T !CII,ncerns archili've~Ulli1. o~g!obg'~'[d

w~ttJ'[j[1,e IG€:OI~iaB ap1is'[ IGonwrJrion al1d S outh=

E'v,angelical lLuthe~;,an IChrurCh in Arne'rica, on
'~:~Ol FI\"Ii,t;';~~:'n~ ,['.fi" ILJ. '.II,J~HJ!,.t"......ulli,

unified 'Oakhurst's m,enib@[S.

]But the ~i1ga.l:Viffiilzil1gn b~ttle brought s~pp[nt from od1er cllruJrChes~ dhrnrch a'tlttendees,., and new

. - '8',aJpllS·t 10:-' ,- , - ",.. -~, ,,,,"1.. - saJ.. • _.. ..000nvennQlllji' ~lle ~"d :

Urd~ed C,bUfCh.1 Chris't Co,a1itioll f:o!r L: B,T !Concerns,

LGB,'T 'Ministr.i,@s: '~.,ucc.orgJlgbt

wheit1:u:r ope'my gay cWergy in tJon1.1nwitted r@la",l"d .:::ll~1L ~~"
i!Ii'OI, ¥c,.

=[[1.ta1 git"lly· ,em'

'ihiil0- 7 ,,;::;,u,, 1'..:::!!

S" ,Ji'"'hm~'l~[l"J ':j§,
·IL ... I I, IIC JI.

nu~ churcb decided not ~oba.ck. doml.

was put on a ,church '~daJa_nd that summer he was Iiemoved :fnrm 'me ,d,ergy ,roste:t

St jom~s sMmd b:y SdtmeHng~ ke~:pi[F],g hinE], as pasmr, In 2.010" '£he EL.CA, voted kl allow' ,ga,y

Md ,m.@ri1 into wMJli1@<Verroille' '~ , Spirit caIDled 'd1.em"u Pluukett said,

stay the' course aIJd COl1rrirfUi! co welcome gay
rec~~ved suppon

~'Them,embersblp' '\footed 'UlllanimolrnSl,y '[0

"~nme~~ never any' doubt tl18~we' were do'was ,bl,g right ttrlng ':fur righ'[ :reasons./~'SITe'said, OakJhul.·s.tis now aUgned 'with s ml]1er; m,ore




'0m '~Iebsite "'srelligion.directory


dOZiens ,of

w~,coJ"I'ting,Baptls~ orgaIIiza:lioflS;; and ~ik~e


'VUgifmia.=,Hi,ghlatrud Chum ,_ whld" was also ..,'!iI' _ t -"1-]·· ,.Li',. 'p~ans -.'- ,k'eep . ~~B ,,-,," - ] 11 - ~I ,· 1~I.sde,,, ,oWS'JJJ.ppe.dJ -t(]I ,,~pust

LGBT-welcoming, ho'Us!€'S Olf' worship,. Most ,~l[1@' locat@d in. m,e.t1~o ,Adanta~ 'but


lili :',


clergy me'mbers m ,oommilted n!h!!tionsrups~ and

,~,ts ~amt€;,.

dJ}i(l~in~ a]so '[o:ngn~~~gatio:nsn. Athens~, Co-' are i ]W11bus~ CoOny ers~ Chauanoog/a; D1ahlon,e,ga,!,

St, Jolm"s riiked 'ELCA sanotion ,and a.lel1gtby chrrrdh ba'We ~odhaU@rng! dl€' denomifiadon~'s rules. Ii!' ,~,r -. .1 ,lLW -. !tor a SnnpltF!._ b- -t pm~OUJ1~~ reason. i.~@: rn,mlch ~s doors showd be, open to aill],
"'I .,'
I~ .~ '-_. •



the clergy'lli"oUs.,

other denamina!U,oI1S and gro~[Jc.s} ,alld is now a'ffi];fua~'ed'vridl the mO:Eie prog~essiVie'Allia:n.oe IQf ill3aptis~ and the Unilted !Chmeh of Christ _O\i\f' under the leadfalrshlifJ' of 'R,ev.Mite Piazza - who (UU~@ :~ed. CamecLr,ID of lIope in the Dallas~ 17e'XBS" ~he worldJ's larg est g;ay' rom

'~"H·-+, - '" - .-..UI 'wua-lI!,apw~ iii-. '8'- -iIi"~'lf'tr lSlUr1C:'dll.Y'

- j-, - - d' S'l:OO.-

£~ ''\vas!1WI1f -

freed,om of rleljg~on~ ..'.. We :£eel thcut is such a valuable part of ow' histoD)' mat w,e want to r@;member arnd IcIano thaJt~,,,, aughn-'West sailld. V
IDakhurst' ~ptist (ookhurstbapLiSt.argj fs ,l(:r roted ar222: East Lake Driw ~tu~, GA 3003(1

DOUJglliasvUI~'~E1Ujmy~, law~efl,ceville, Ma.oofl~, J .Mari~ua", San.dy S prlings~s,a.'va.nnah;; Sau:u~e Na,'Qooc:hee Suwanee and Thunderbolt., G Q to ·~.tbeIG'. voic"eJ::OJll~ tllen the 'I ·b [rule-I] organlza " ", -' C'I "omm,ruJ],]llli,,f l~,~, ":~:'I" ,'. ',--:' ,.. ,'t"].ons an d IC'l·',.n,~ lCII:\,
r -,' --

,''',iIt,~:, -,

~'R,e]jgious,. ~"


Is it hard 'for LGBT ..• p " .•..•• o peo pie to speak b t-••ranm f~·t· h?····· ouit a iou




Each community has rul[S own taboos, practices and int,e;res'[s that people don't ah~ays drus,=, cuss openly" and for some it's sharing thar they
are both ,gay CWJJdellgious. r As executive director '[or the MEG A a_mfu]jy Pro] ect, 'Kathy 'Kelilly is. one of the' most well-known names amongst G,oorgia~s ga.ys wwth kids set, She's helped couples adopt ,chwl-, dren, lron(i~i.ve them", and '~"ilik@ldpeople through


the thorny issues o'f g.aJ pa_renID_ngin the Deep
is her 'faith.

~IMy' C:hli'ls:ti'an I.milly ls mOlr'e _ ~ ltot" i'CC:ep' tl 0'f my' :5,.'I,uaUI' Y' IOQ tlhan mly' QIY fr'i'end's, af'e of Imly' Chlr~st~'lnlt,.f Scott: Lutton


South - but one dling she doesn't often share'
~iiIf nd 'iUlliOI~ I'm somewhat closeted when
it. 'Even, though faith is a ve'ry irnponant thin:g in ,my life :I don't talk about it," I{eUy said, '!~I [mink dlat falith in the' gay loomrnruJDity ls hke be-

[II'f~ndthat I lot of pieo'pl~lelife -- _.- .""- O a ~-t -f _.- _. -1'lilIQlno,s,tIC,~,-li_.- to 101 peop_e belli'eve in II lot of nonl-'tr'a Ii~,tlonal, D'Dn oF\gln~,zed Irell~gioln" Bllnld 'tlhla m,IV' be put ,o'ff' by t:lhie 'w'ord a'th.,iist. Cherone P'a qett
. . _ _ ' .. _', [' _ ,I . .' • . . . . _',




_, '(













'~m 01!Jt, hi the oo.mmunlty~,., lrs not something ihalt F hr]l'DJ,g 0["' find the need '~O talk about up

II ju,st th~nk, i'trs ~nter,astiing that fai'tlh ls siolmletl~dngl 'thai WI h!avl' to hide i:1 olur COrlmll~ n~tYI"and keelP Olnttle, dow'n low' es i't w.,r8~1' K.athy K,eli III V

inteI,estlng, i[lllat faith is something, that W~ have, to hide m our community, and keep, on the down low as ,rut were, Ijust mink that's 00, irnilJ~eJJ.\esdngexperience and a very tm'foltunaJ~,eone, she said, ChaID''OFle agett of Atlanta started a group! P called Queer &Athe'is~,of America She's 'mood Walt being openly antlleist O'[len conflicts with both d'lIDn:h~g,oirng gays! and those who express
f,f,E ] ust d"ink it's

ing, bisexual ,_ people don ''t like to talk about it because it's not p:o~lID,caU.yorrect." c A member of Saint Mark United Me'rll0dJJst Cherch, 'Kielly was raised in a religious family and waJnts '~Oinstill her dildren vi]th her fanh But she' has been careful aJbou~, haring it in public" s

'well with a number of gays, 'The' Roman CarhoUe a,.d, has taken a h_m~d line against ,gay issues and has been crbicizecl for seerningl y blami.ng, g~Y'priests for an ongl~)'rung pedophde scandal. "Sometimes it's awkward, but 'more ]~ke~ y it's people who have s'[[on,gIy heidi beliefs about tllf! positions die 'U niversal Church has taken on various issues, and theywant '[0 'hear 'my s~deof

"I ~v@ been fired from a chmrch job h~.:fo;[@ £01" be',rung, .ay~and that 'was the' only job tl1al I omit= g 'led the' !GaJy ..•.len 's Chorus -om my resume, :M,clntyre, said, Currently M'clfltyJe' plays the' o:rgan for a Catbollc chwc'h in merro Atlanta, a. :fac~,that

Mm;~ead 'belrl(g 'CiSti;~ted for betng; gay,. Lutof 't<..... 11 Sf,1]}1W!I l JiL:i; '. 1~WPU i e .. U.n,,,,~ _~ ... ··... .1 m~ he raced 'Ill..::: m wl..~1·"~II£ii ~~hasn't w .~- -1· ..lI11"i d"' : lli'~"""";1Jl-. em .... W~::Ji fcrood that aCClep~m' ]n, gaJy comrntmilltty.. ~~,~on't ,g'oout that Dlurn anymore due to d


~!l;!I_;;J;Ji ~

my past eddicdons


.1'vie found it v1ery hard to find very- supportive gaJ,~ I don't want to Sal} C.OIJlI11U[lity. but grouPI, that wi Jru aceept me Eor who ill am and 'NiI~,continue 'hang ' lout with me,' ,I he satd,

,ru sa.y~and

do esn't

"1 irmJlly believe nhaJm \fve"'re not a gay com,. .'. '. -. .":i,.FiI .",ii, _ . Ii!: .'mumty, :!;" II.. auUJ.!~U.:,~(M ne- 'fiDIdIOn a.,iIl corn ~ utm:nn . . .FiI .y .,4, mUllity is one d191 supports people regardless. of hat ",,1-.0 do ~'m'iI'dm ···.J1 t :.:tJ,~~ that if" '"wna tr ~ty'., ()lIJI! 'ill' do -~ ,1."'D,o, 'Ill ra ~hap pernn g ,1LLlI
W ,


£iii -"


the' gay community ..t"

a :~,ess, iI~im1iZled. faith, C

((,1 the' community is wrapped find

sUenoe/ piagett sa.' d., ,,~. like having fs
read thro1l1gl1 what the silence it

I find that even if folks feel tllile SaJntle' w'ay they don't say a~y~irru,g., It's aJ 'w,eird, ,ee:Jie 50[1 of

m silence.


wl1f,Y' ill could 'work for d1E church, and .ru:l~S,U511-' ~Py. . _=U~ ~. ~"-' ~ ~ ~ v~ ~_Vtt~ u~, ~It_ how IC.'9=- ~1~{ii lke ~J. ... n J UY dJl..l w]'jo' .... some so rt 1"1;1'" horror .~ work there," Mclntyre said. '~,,rom. my side~ it is that Whe<ll I: 'was yOlm.g'~

.,--,-'U -' (- use (] '. 0 'ppon~nts·.,r~ J! 'G·,-S'.T e.quadlty" 0,f'len'. - ,'' ' Ie ~. . d 19;1OUS ,org,BlnlZaJbOll-S . '" ngious arguments, an'- re I·· = ·W:.·.'. ,1li~U,~~ ttlU .~.U~tJ.b ~1"iI'Ci ?1~f,!:""n! .....?,If"'IV (JIli'O~IIIIIIIlil"'1"1· mK~..!L::I", rul,~,1[; ...lLJU.. ..her .. ~ ,/'i.. '..... eriean D~" ..
1 .-,".-'

IA ~ovl'n,God'










~"~ find that a ru,ot oif people! are i,grIDositi,c~ or a lot of p~(Yp:~,e 'betieve in a mot of non "'tra.,dli:[iorJal~ non, organ],li~d .r @Ugl,0F1 an,d]'tbe,' may be put o:ff 1li...1\~ ,jj;:I..~, '"'w':"'O'i:',r1i'=fl,,~!Ii...~l·;r!'i' n ~ i ()!JU,l,..;: i:!i'-" ~id· ' IIlJJ U.lV~ ..'.

er I spent a lot of ltime '[rymg, to dhangel cming:s trr()m the siteps outside of thes.e org.anizatlorJs;J

Family Association or religious denominadons llke the Southern Baptist Comrvendo.l1 'the' Mormons amd the Rom am. 'Catho:~ic !Chutch _ .,~ '- :_le ' ·onlul,]1,eS Ow, ~,g~u113 ,a,gamlS _ L"G"B"T ,~.lC.]_t;,. " ·t . "'. ' . on 'd-' fr·,c_ii']'·
J w
I .,

'but the'fi!
. "lit;

;i';}m ,t'...n'm "Hlv"


peop~le! ~ike

Ule ,3



I· j'1"I~' dr-;j'Ji :lIl r-11g 'CO'IJRj''''~'F!i'I'~ d"111["1· ,'IO:;~ "~:_ D' .. WWIUUIWL'C'

'whO' are' chang'wflg



'D..i;!!, 'Il' ..".lli,..;; oI:!<rtil, .•

WI@l,(om,es rum cles,pi'[.@ the.

Mt~In:tyr-e' has :round

~ongrega.tlon. thal
of dl@ Va'li.ciID1;; gays 'w:hn.sfil~,

Ito" ·as= sun]e that ,cill'~,!leHgjons ate :hosrn:me and thit aU alli'~,~Jf '~~p. Ji~~I~D'~Oll m~ll;["iIt r-b~"'·1,~ 'II[" L,G' .'B···T-·p~lj"'lIipllll~ w: ' -hOI tJ w, .w, ',llIl.,f)c'l. 'n be,en hJlJft in som,i~w ti!y. rH,ip'l!...fe ~J-lw,!!
._ I

·T-·ik::Il11i" JtIUIL.~.·- =

ilf"an le:!:!Id- ~u . _e" L'G'" 'B:,T' ii"'IIm ....
.~ . ,C.
C;' . " ,-'

pi:!l!ii"'IIn~lli!JI< I~t.' ~. ~}U.lzl'~~






c; ',"'11 11;;lIl, ~.

, ....


IIWI U! l~"

.OJ! ~

,I'Whe,m Iw,as YOUlnlQlr ~ spent II lll't ,oil t'i'm1e 'trylnQ to c:hlnge th hilglS fr;olm t!he steps outsiid I o,f these I[:re Ih:j'iiOli s:I· lorge nl~zl't~om,SI'I'but 'there ,are P'OP~IIUk. Ill! 'wihlOII'rei clhalQI~nlg them from the ~ns[Jdl'irr ,_ Je~'f'r-e'y Mc:~ntvre
own ima,g,e of IGod.


Th,ere is a subad:ture' of gay 111,1e'n. 'who 'work as musical <Jllin~ctors~hoir: leaders and o[ganbn.s c
across ",·t]janta's ehurclles. Orft:en thewr orl.'e!llta:-'

Chaln~;fnlgllchrun::hies I'frrom the .''-si'de'

a thr~'ad that ~'sCOMm,O,ll


non is ,~nlopen secn~tJ' ut ,an,increasing, numb e-r b lite JI€!'fkey Mc~n~yre don;t bide' anythi.ng" Mc='

is the fou.nder ,and a 'forrner artistic dIDec-,
G'dY M@fi"S 'Chorus.,

[tow'o:f the' Adanta

costal Church ,and sittin ~denu'fies that wary., ~'1A:Y'OyjstIDalfl £anillly is 'more aaC€,pting of Iny sexuaLity .t!hll1 ,my g~y:friends are of my ChdstLan~ ity~ if mBlt :makes ,any sense" I vell upftlOO~ and "'m very honest about. ill ,('an.]E out wh~n I: wars 16" I watS vely t2lcti',Vf' in fue',cburch" ) ,Lutton saJd.

themselves .a S 'fa ithfuL Scent LUtlOll of Sne,UvilIe ,gte,,, UPI in me conSe:N.ct' "vle' Plen~e=

,of inJte,[,naiZi@d hom,oiphobia in, some" od,,@.[~ w,aJ.k away Mill1sc~rlhed. Born, Lutton d!ID1d ,Ke~.hy gllew up "'n ,cornservati,ve' ,d]lIDrnes." but icam,e

Wlliille' !(!OnS€!fVati ve theology cmattes ,~lsernse

away whole,. g~nning" (TOm 'me very beginll]n_g, Igtl,ess ~'!Snot
your ,a.veral.g.e' P\en.tecostal chun:h", meY;:[i€!'o8, Htde

churel-ru hH1S enlbraced m,le' from, dte be-

mute liberat~J' Lu.tmon said.
As ,a child K,elly said she d@v,@lop@d her

'''I . 'OI~i' W up "- .. ]"a 'M'I conSeUVOlllJ"lVe OlUlm'C ,ill. ". ]0. a .. ~,e .. ··:f:·"··] 11-' gl, lin Fru,orida, but I don~I,~ know~I didn~t '~,~e ,away arnlyth~ngne'ga,tive worn tbat~ I{,en,y said ..",[sort dI o f·(:..a:m,e'UO lDy OVin1 '-b 1~ e. d : lei ] liUJ:e'~leve_,. n at .ellelS, ~'k , iih. ~. '].;'[1,';" G='iii"ili";:ll ~ -nld '~;o·'J d'~ldn..,.;.ll-.l~nk. It'~·, ~rt IG' od W~·~·~·1f' l~l'ng' v!U,:!, ~, IJ..I dl e' son. of pemon 'who would send 'yOU to hell £or be.ing who you, W~f@~ ,,',


,'!/.i!"~ ,!Ii, "_'








. _'



!ILI., e, 1!l,!I., gil.,







Pespc ses to ati-gay reliqious all quments
f'do'hbea~" paso:::;tl-,~~, verses .111";1 lB"b' .'10 rn -- --onlv useu 'to U~~ 1 commoru J A.J' condemn homose~ualiJtry~ '\~reas LG:B,TJ people tTequentIDy eneounter reHgjo~!S objecti(lM to everyFrom S~OgBljlS
~ -\O'i'C',~ •-~'".iigDIl' 91..0 I~ 'I ,~~,...~ .,

50:DO__ 'I'f dl!Il!'Y siIly'tI! 'G O.UII d···-'Iw;·- ed 'S-'I"'d'~ , due I~O .bon i','~ :.__ .AI _ esY), oye_ 0 om ue __omosexua~ ... "'m 'G' ieIl€!S]S 11;9~~·_OW '11!!Jt!=ore ,~1k-: -: l-:ru' down ,jj;i~~-: l~r . -:-,--:"-; .- N' '--;-, Jl.. ...... ~-:-.-: l1Uey B" . V'f~U, lllne

···· RE,v.. M ICHAEL. 'p [AZ,ZA
': . / . /. .'. I) '
i.' .' ".
'! ·• ..

-F, F\ I'i< - ,. u,I;!(M,.

'lE'rm,-I'. - ;f""!I""lA; I'ii 'I_i~:- THl'1E n ~ " ," ,I'\.,.,:A~ tL Vii;\;'

I' .i ,l..,J,-\ 1;!IL'lJ·,~,

1'ii·~'E·il:"T w.... IIIG'

lEI' '1Ir c· l1Jj lIJ '.

-'I-'III~'WI ID s= H' ,~.'~'-N' ~ ~~, ~~,

'W'1tJI'1I:'" [I

n,t. W' o· ....

. I;'L ul n



ARE" ,.

p'n'jO" =~.N

·'·U .•... 0.·.···.··, •.- .•N::::-·T,', T. C.. · .._ .··._·O ,
. -

lI Jl

N-········· ..U... ~E _ "l-L- J,..., •. '-N-·-I D··RE·· '

',0 ttte so-called




'W'.. ..··:E, -:·.··

t.c·O'·.···M--(" '. "

G.···.·,· ..

.' ..... , '.'

IC.··· 'HI,,", •. i' .

'dJri.ng from out ftailll ~qlkiJlfuty to our v@,YexisaenQ~.

,m.@[jJf rl1e. c~~y~ men of Sodom, both old. aDJ1d o rl1.@ yOWl& aJm the peeple from e\1'ery 'q]uartl"~; SW"= _. d d" led Lot d '[OUIld· d the- .-,e -],lOMe., S,'A'11.1>, .. ley ca ]"'.,',"IW L an-_

. · S W'O---:,D~'H'I'rni'Jr" ]1 .A·····.M~ '" ,.:U"IN>:" __ Jr\..r~ ~ ~ _, .. _

'!A,Y .~ ~

:,C-'H' .--:·iJL'_··· ::','A ·.·,.M·.· ..·,~ S ,~. "O-'O..:_. .. 930_ . ..-"_, _.~_



MQ'll l"'11-r':'iiT,O .~Jl ''r'" .lllliLlll.~Jj



form. 1}1jJ..L

,'1~1aJ, .ji, _.·~~U


cp- ~.-;II!-...., -""'1*i9'[" J.'W'.l.i,!t~_

.tlll'1!· lliJJ.

Jerry Falwell turned, openly ga_y religious leader, Clltta,cks 'these argum,ents besd on in 'What 'tile Blble Sarys (And Doesn't Say) About HomesexualitJ/~ ,2.41Pa,gle< booklet availalbl,e through Soula force, the orgZllnizatio[iiJJ \Nllruliffe founded, to coumtelr oow-L'GB,~rellglous bi,g(lttjT \iith non-violence. Here aai~ eJ{ioerpts, to he]pl you counter aad t1llilderswnd the passages comm.cJl~]y used al,ains!t,

ssld to rum) ~(,\IVh~I1~' ar-e 'm~ men who came 'LO you tun~ght? Bring them out. ID us thet 'W~' 'maiy know' them cimally:.J~(N·lew' I(~ng,James 'Version) You can say,~",.. and f J1ti::6u.j, CJ. ,Il!1v~' 10- ld Test i!\'F!i't pro nR1i'.\jo)[" a'U ~6wl1.1,!LC.u., - '. r-l £LD' -speak of [be slns maiIL led '[0 the des:m.:tttiOf1of Sodom - and not one of them mendons homosexuality .. Even BrnUy Graham, doesn't mention




VIRGINIA· 'IHLAN'- .- -'" --D



us, 'You can download the entlre PDf' 'for. free or order a print C[Jpy 'fur $3 at '~VVI~soull'fol1:e,,(J[g.

.. ,La'u.rn··D·DUgJ"'B"-' ,asrown
:. ':" '.~ .. 'Il"

illf 'mey ,say'i • .8"'bl TIr:ce ]. , e mn. d -. ,. omosex.u m""ty... -enllillS. h 1t,

'!!:",:r'hliJl'n , 1ii11HIiJI(ac,11'i!:lI~ rliflt"ii Sod om 11\.., .... J Llsten to what Ezekjje'~ 1'6::4849 'tell 00: "Ibls is the sin of Sodom; she and her suburbs had pride, excess of food, and prosperous ease; but did non :hrt~p €fJCOl!}ra,gI~'ihe PJOI" and needy,. Tbey 'W f!OO or arogant and dm, was abormrulb]e' ,m. Cod's eyes," It was (ommon for soldiers, ttM.@'V@s" buland
~i"",'~11ru - .lJJL ~VVl!.ri\,}UIlruJ'~J· ~,

W,O;: t'.IL.!!!.r.._


U~_J. I





743 V~RG:IN·[A.AvE. N:E/Co,:&t.N'E:R or V':I,RGll,N',[AAv,~" ,AN':D P'ON'C( PtA.C'




rape a 'J.aUen lenemy~ asserting


10CJry by deh~ing











_. -


: ..



Vou ,can, say,~ ~~ J esus sa,-s nOir!1iling, about same-sex oohavrn.or., The Jewish prophets are silent abour homosexuell] hy., 'On]y six or seven of the Blble's one m H= lion verses refer to same-sex behavior in W1Y way - and none of. these verses refer t-ohomosexual ~Q'nlit!1J)tlnon as it's ]IIIi"i,A~~t-:,oo'U ;r'o...!lbv' .... u~_· U:\lb~" ~~UlI;.rtt~ ... -.J -. JUI)~IJI!l

power and revenge, not about bomosexuality or 'homose~uaj, orientauon

and demeaning the vanqlilllshed., This act of raping an enemy is about


.. tropontan Cornrnunltv
- hilt ylOl1I .' ·I~_IXPS '.i, -,nce lit . FI'rst etrapol1'IJ··.1 [0 I'mu _ilYI C_u,n:h::
• IDYla,Mil£ __(lrsh~p,that is a celehratlon featulinlg to d a~'s 1[0 11~:e P (J ra ry m usi I[ ml

• ,


1'1 ,.'11IPV a-~~· _ _ '~:tiII\i!"..... U C~J'
1_ ,!!I

'w-ntlllle as one lies w~th a. female. illt is at" sbomina-

Levltkus 18:'6 reeds: "You stJdl. not He' wlth 8J



don," A simllarverse OCruIS,two chapters laJ[fl', in evhicus 20: 13,:: o:~A, man whO' sleeps ~th anomer '~11C11is. an. abomrunaillion a~ldshould be e'xecuted,,~~
'You ,em sa.y.~
,0 •

lion 'wnLo tlle! '~ex:tJ' even tholll.,gh ,the text :is

........ ...11 •. 3' ecce wn'l'ell ,-', 00""0:.years The Bible says God made Adam and Eve, finn, a,go" Tbis IOO~ indudes ffi1art}" of oiher lou~d~ted sexual laws (like stonii.~g adll!JThluelIDelrS brides and Adam aJnd Steve. w:lJ"J/oare' not vhgins, and ~ecutmg a ]]k1ET~ed COl,)~e £or having, sex. dlIling, the·woman;s periioo]iJ' You CaJ_j) say This cwsatru.ol1 story rnsprhnarily (lbout God,~ and a.liOt:more. It ako i1cludes p:rrohibi'ti.ons ag~t. a story wrir~~n ~o show the power of God. w:ho ,round Ilc1b'cll1s;! taooos,. WO([king Ofti, 'Ule' Sailjbarh~ wea.ri_ng g,eJmll@1usof mbt:ed faimics) leaming parle or cle!l[ed the~wlorld and everydl~ng in it Because 'tIe text sa.ys, .'[ is (llatur,aJJ'~ [tha.t ,D ,man ,and a, s1t€]lfisJh>, g@tting, your 'forbJIle tol~ arnd ewrru. playwoman com.e' to,g,efu~J'~OcrealLe a. new' HJe~some ing Viiillh IDe skin. of a. pig" (llner.,e: ,g'QleS :roolliaU!) people tfu.i.rn1khis Jneans gay or lesblan couples, t S 0 what'~s. hoUness lcode·':?es Ell fist of behav= a l are ,"~nnatural.. ~~ They read thills irD:cerprf!€'la- i(lrS that. p~apl€ of 'fruth find] Qlfrensillv'e m a cert;1in u
, ,- ,,,"'1...0.11' iCii~ lU]IJ'-J' I~~J:

Ii! !!J

,; 'I~ ... , ,L eVl'00ll51S a 1101mtess

!i ~

• le'a [h'i n IQ tbat emp owe'l'I, 111'11~ not p weach es aft U0 IlJ
• A divlfS mu,Titi"'cu.lbJr-_'_ ~cong __Q'ltiun that w'ellclomles luau ,and e'uerl~lonele~se
J _

II !I"~

., OIPP{lrt:untties to mllke I • ,A gn~aJt plla~]!to mllk!i

di:~~-'rflncelin the wlorld
Ei bun doom munity

~lbout a.Hkinds of relati.o:ns.mps dlat don ~t.lead
rnlationshl.ps '~'Uln[}atUf,aJ,'J?'

sne~,~,,~~jlace' tinrue.. In this 'case- ,the [ode ViaS '~written ood
for priests. orruJy~ to s-et '~he':priles;~ of Israem, ,over BInd ,a.gainst pFiests o'f othe·J" C~.lJlJJ[ri@S,. '•• ' .,
Jesus ,and Paul oort1,. said the hOIIm.ess code in Lev.m.d.'cus does not lPerLa!IDn to Chdswawru beJiev!ers ..

_xp · ·en£e tljS, and mre ,_SI..d



ro 'havl,ng, chHd![\e.n, like heterosexua.ls 'who ~.re inEen:U~ 01' too oMd '~O hav,e cJlilltJllLiern" Me d1.ese

1379 TuUi'e IRoad NE~ A'tlamta GAl 301,32'9 (just off 1195 at N©fth Drui~ HlnS IRo,ad) " Phone:' 404·-325-414,3 I Rev~ Palul Graletl, Sen~or Pasto'f I www'~f~'r"Stm(c..cDm

.. GA, Vcuce
~ "·1

. ".


'1 012 W 2~'


I' .. '


OI_I_ ..·•. IN']' k~ldd;ng'



Whs'n I sa~yfree, I mean ,8.bsolutely'- no, mliiinimum ba~an!De~ monthly service no tees, no, suprlses, no hass.I es, no gimmiilcks. _ free, That's State Fanll B,ank·lfree ,chec·kin'g . B,an' w'lth a 'goodl n,el,ghbolr~(!l CAL.L ME T·ODAY FOIR MOIRE INFORMATION.

, C.·

• ••

"" .,'






Chamli'qLU~'Holdsdaw also serves

aJS producer

R'eal~ty series aims t.o It;.•.,·.-·.e·.··--•.•... 5·_··_.-.· 1~,C S h IO'~.·W a'~ d ive rse of Atlanta lesblan II lte

lng 011 the v[arillous backgj[tOun& Qif the lndi-

vlduals so llhat evern:yone could relai~[e'([0 [at


llufl 'all,

• ;1;.'11


'F· ,. lin ,. ,"tatlC1S(Q next m ,"~e~








IJ '_


least one' person, "We wa]1~,~O show women who are [(,(1([1' fident, know who they are and are success!1Jl/~[ ays IUngl. "These women 'have lov~ng s
families end '.... t. elatlonshles E~[ii""l].; them has of a ~to!ry to ~[ellWe want to '~IJltet.t~, and edo~." 'Tlil ~~~,,,

Acr:crdlWg to CIi.1t-eilltden, more than 40 hoW'S of' dIe[ Adama version have aJlmreadty[been shot, A uailer for Ih,~'nn!r!ntlaJ senes lis av00,t"-.... able on the project's ,~b6rn®e - towro~~D[]m.,

'Of Braadon W~u:rf · ~Adm~a~ Als~on feels there is a 11Ug,e

m IDight of '[he recern1~,b eating
lIk '!:jj,e k'il'" u I ':Il!u!'y'~' !f" iI"iiOCji.~ JllUI.II: ~I !.JiU: ~.J. U_~I ,j;.l!..:::;c ;'[ U,lJJ.~jE!

"basis . u_~~~








_:_,. ~,,~



ca~,e,.We want '[10 show America that 'we .,e If producers ,AIrJ(g,e]j[Ei laste~'Khlg and no dlfferent~' [The series 'vAll, foUo,w' 'me' women TIn.a, Cri[~elldeJj} have their \vay, lW. reality s.e='
'n"rel..:;' , ii'li~ /!1,;;',j" .~I(;J

tential lesbian '(ieaJli~y series envisioned 'by the tVJ"OI WOllru~n; who hive been a couple for alnrruos~a, decade, They havre been work ..· lng on the PJJ:o·iea~ for two land, a, half years, and _g~n the ld,ea, 'whil[~warching "The Real _'I!.III;,;I! _~,,"';4 :., I 111_ ,:, H·O'~I·~'Ce'llJJi:rh:T.oC' of ,A·ittl, anta" and real ~Z~i'll1ig tbiI!JIl"Q
, ,I .

through their dllY to day lives as, they :i])~er:ac[ 'vJi:~heac ~other. Accordlng to tile pro ducers, be on television, "Ihe Other Womlen of America' is a po... a lot of time was :spen~ :finw ng just me rig'h~
,lid 1ll111ti)['" ,~_ ,-UJL~O

,.- ~'- ~ll1fllli1l[O A' n'l' "[a. '., - -,' ~'IJl'



1- sbis " 1

';;1'Ii'1I;..:;" .lJ1U1i~·

-W',nru,';:'--,Ynn C'o' ,

King, 'herself an Atlanta n~tl¥eji thinks the The cast of the' p otennal series were elly is a. great place eo llunc'h me series, u,:A\rJanta, was ehosen because it's m gB!y mtrcduce d at a press confe[('ence Feb, 13~ T 'e WOliiEIIl are KeID DM;n.cru1lJ~ an Atlanta mecca. [md, OrIDe011 the lamges~ dH,eg for dle " ~ ...:Iir: , ret _g[[1J[[er ,. ;I;.'~i a 1: willilllru nearing ,tmpewm,en~;N'ate .... lG,BT OOIl'fl[tD!Wlity,," she says" ~7.he tear fi fi 'n! CO'nlmu~l~qrs very invoruved here. 'It also sib i H,alB a part-time nanny and creasor of the in the' Soudl. Wei atre run fie Bfu~e Belt and \'ie AdaJlJta 'GB;T Famllles on-profit organlt--n. ~ .r _",',' zation; Camille Thomas, a mother [and busi- want 'lJy (";!I\:''7'P'~' myths :n ~_,
tt. ''r'tGLI,l

neS$"NomaJf~ hum Larson, aJ mother
'!!ii '1m' !!d-

'Ihe show's

mix of women, [The goal" ,8 CQOni]Og '[0 a s:yt1opsis of dl@ stH)!W,.is, dlspel 't11e myths on '~e hves o:f lesbian women, rbeir Iamlhes, d1eir etaJiiom.smps",
I (~'~Ol






,I, '!;;.~



wasn't the balance ~heywouJdhke, '~Mos~, :t1eaHny' :9!lies are ,ewlberr all 'wThlite' or
alike." 1(1ng ~eels me satme[w[ay~ j'j'Eve-ry 'lime l~)[).k.for 18 reality show I. can [lelate to" it com1es tOI a s~~ching, bah,1'iJ

fu.tir oodailll clrdes, their spirituQlHlty, [and "lost of all, their place in America,

sn '~'d.c.iIi1I[~" [UIL·,ClIIlIIlll .. '.!IeW-' ·S·"'·'I"o;J;t.c Um-"1: rst I~j ru~,~,iI' K' allffl,in.o.eiff",,! aad CWWIL 'lUIl.~', ...:V'II;;.,;'.103 [a;spbing model who has lupus; Elenl P.a_= paillldF.leou~ who O~VID];S Buckhead Floris! afid w'hose m,other still. tries to set her rnlip with
~,~;':;m, ." ",,c

and avid softball playet;, Antonene Currie,

New York;: Paula Martin of 'iliree~ business owner

next cU,y-,Sa.n Fm--aJlcis(!o,- it's different. Noone cares (abous one's sexuWi '"'





tyJ. ~n[sa[chcity~you'll see' cliffe Entt, culture .. ~ ~ Most of ~h,e'\AfO.lMJe', ~ from, the p otential series are mothers and many own. their.
own businesses. Some are even Iqrul"te~elllgious, and all wailll~. show 'W hat makes to them unique, resu.i,ID:WODS at 'her job and 'w'aJn~ to show 'viewers "a disiBJlbH'ity doesn't stop you," For MOl~g,anJ''ljNbo along ,wlli:bh her former ,paMer was 'first :SEI11l€HSie'X coM,pIe whose weddmg IO€iie1m(foy 'vas anillouna:d fun dh.e .Atlan~J@}.=J[[)Ultn~Ll Co:nstimtl.o,mJ~ rn,'["s about a itt ~I" ~] I~ruere,~ atl OfID o,~:es b' ]',t: we " •itaim ,11w,e,.

aID1d remise ¥lin be done III p

'GJeek men; Michene Alexa nder;, known £ow:"er self-help series "r;A Gid'$ 'Guide to h

an black,"

Ell C]El1SSY~ lLnpretentious

says Crittenden, "Everyone looks


The cast for tbe ,Adarw~a ¥ers·'on is sp··t


'oo(actes ~he:ysome;rrimes etlrou_nrer,,~" King, a busin,es'5 co LSllI'tan't,!, md Cri~tElD'ruden a, w.,~aill es.L1me consumtant a!J1d a clodru= ing desrn_,gner, p~an 'to pili'oduoe a fulru season - consisting Off [elght episodes - and COIDJn

tl~e ~,vomen in tillleir prorress[ol1Ell_j, 'farnrmily and personi!iIJ.llves to .inrllllrde the D,RA){1A']1ICkru ...

[Gettrun" It;' Sue ,A_rnlne 'M'organ,~ who owns [e'V'lent pla'llln~ug [QOmrru_PaIRy ideaLarn-wd; and Sara LYm1nG n1'ba, iowner of mile lncalrecrult .. 'll"'lg :' fl' run T~t,...: -D..'3_'k'=,0 w ·G----:··i On. .'. rl",..:n ~e .··' ~ ~ - roup.. ·C- n'!J... ..I" - a_rID ., ~i d~Luen . 'd .~ ,. .' '·· _ , ..::. ..' -.. ll(,e,arure·.. m 11. e Kin,g[ '\M]n" 1al 50 b',,' . ~ I _. d·' IttIf se .u~s" India AlSltnli1" who also se~~s as 1[](ll~'icd dIe

Duncan who ills. deal ln one ear, has















" '/ ..




n;i!;Jlh'w:~o]·kC' !I::"IJ€""h ::. ~ LW 'Il...
I, ",,~, ~,

~i1::' '\71JJ['i1 'G [1f;L';;"V n JL. ~ T '0" c",~ 'b.;i



B'r21r~;l'O-, :~~ ".~

WE' "

he goa m in bringing the p'ro~iec~ tog,ethe'f

Ih~C' :--"iif'rjI'I(J . g.vh

'=i !Y,

,,,,lr:'O:~lifriI~lI'!iI[ 1!;!I_.;i; W, "iI' !l;,.I,.;i'l;;; c-~'~t .



.~,!f"C'-'-i!iJ;I~'ly~ w~,~,~c



b}J1jj]fJjched, they ',"rill 'tak,lE'tbe' sho~v ~o odler.

and O~y'glen. ,Af®elr the; Ad~n'la, version is

'''It's ullovin,g 'fas!te~'tlUJlll '\iVl~' Elli~U,lcrnpat[ed/~ she says~ ad.ding they bav'e ta~ked to

pnoj ect's [e.xeruti.ve p:rodUQ3e[l'S,.sa.ys the te'aJm 'hopes '~Ohave 00 ouer by 'me lend of Man:h.
'nl~Fil:jiiflii"'lliii'~I~\ ~ ...,

'This is .not a'bo~c 'The' L 'Word,"~ s~he says" '"Those girls are trashy.. I'\Iv-ant thj~ 'rea]
'W 0111,fn







iif'rj,.-jIi ~iIkO[iti'O .~ iL.~[lflIiih c




~'ntlr.:iil"'t.:i!f'iI' 1." .~,lll;;c;;:!lIL ..

ch~'= 1f!h'thro-' .-~'n!Eli 1.. , " i;;JIlw, =. _'" , ,. \'Vt. :,b .1!.tl~_I!.lil;.

to. b e rep'resernl~ed;,There won't be

GA 'Voiiice '




To advertise, ,ema~1 sales@thegavoic,e.com











404 425 161619

* 3JUstal~cI~n in 9 It h:litta. elm

'Your home will be you r Va,lentin~, ,aft,e'r,a vi$,~l '~'ro:m ~StarClea ningl, All Ou r p;rofessi onels wiiU rna k.e it it Id ean! eri2..y.11 artd wal~ml p\~eH~:e to snugg le UPi and celll,ebra tie,and Y'OI!J !bIni ng Whe'chocoI1at,e'! Ca,1! todalY to sdJhedule an appo~nfument;,







.... 00i

~elio·l~'A C1I1'~ I!!!!", ~

D;I!i;--'~1 _ L!!!I ~,,",",!LV_

,'.411489 ,,3 ,23,




S,ta'g,e'd t,c,





















IG,aT'den 'Viie"

eybody, a ey Boy

Refer 3, get next month free!!.

Body. by Vi
, : L'"

Rates stort at j'ust $45 fhr Open 7'days
a week


K1en:11 N,eillse n I 404,..454-.8 214 ~ .your1, bodybyv~.com
Conftact M1e ':10


www.theGAVoice· .. om c

1IIIIIliii by Jim farmer


19S0s~They find book th~t ttlells th~m of safe places they C2m visit I[ is during, the Jim Crow-era South and tlhe' family gets. turned arw,ay from gas staJrmons andl

mg fromChkage


abou~ Etn Afrtcan-Amencau 'fEUUJly navel
~IOAlabama ]11 the



J'lll@ Will ('lei cd aIr
F!eb. 2,5 - Mit rcih '11at: Alii a nee lh eat re 1280 Pea('htree SL At~ant~11GA 3.0309 www.alilianeatheatrs ..o ng

Althengh 'the Alliance Theatre's version of "The Wi2ard of Oz" is belng S'tag,ed,as ,palrt of the'

~Rut hi illllid the Gree n

800 11"

company's Fam'illy Series, IOipiellilly PY' aott',()I" P,a![-' rick :M Golery is (idly a\~aID}erl]at audile-flees will proballbly be dlvlded between }rou~gfif panons and LGBT theater fans, (~O,z'~ opens Feb., .2 5".
IT,n. il'J,.:




., ~m versu:urt 0f,till.., 'II!... .'~1. ..J. icomc ,. ~~ l!J)eJlOVeLlL-,

w~vw.pu ppetorg

lhrouQh 'feb~26 Ih e Denter for IPup petrv Awis 1404 Spring St, A'tla nhl GA,30009

,and1dau,ghteF~;~he says, (, Ie is affected by me racism OIK 'dle day 'but he is careful shout 'what he says :in 'front of his daugh~ler., ~~ A'(Joo[1dlng to Stephens, LG BT Budierruces, coo cel1ain'ly rela~le 1'.0 t~e material and 'the' nolion of b eing clliscr~Il1ina.'[edagainst and, I'ising

hotels before 'fin.djng safe places to smy - ailld "'. '.-:,..", '.g''..~,1".,-'g' .+ilk.,mal,,t- ,.', '~:' - hili· t"0....0·,[·r-",er.s. '" h···. Pi35Slfl mOll u ,~n~onTIaunn based book .~~'" ~-FI~lr TI n ....'-w~nro d' -1l1Ili(ri, ~.r;I!~!lJ, lUu.~" '[ell by A tlanta aij]~'tlorC aJvllin A" Ramsey Step:~ern1splays Daddy. ilt:'D:'a dr-em!y ];5 all~, opu 1']1'iIJ1;St 11,1. ,,[JIVe ,r-[. ,'1 -h' Swire . . ,", .. " ,.. ,- ~ - -] . I ., ' .. m~ n , if'
"!I,Q ,,~.~ '" ,'IE '_ '_





ii"ill-lll " '!LS" ""


Fi;iffi"lil yJ.lJ, p





.- I

















and s~arrudlifig up.
to! MOW

McOol,ery 'has. aJ number of roles, He' plays Uncle' HenIY~as '~qeillI as OrIDe of fihe' mUIldri_kins and tile' spple 'ow. Heeven puppets 'dl!' WJizard C_hara.cwer. Most O'~ the' small cast doubles as various eharBc~e[l's"he says, The only performer In the cast who doesn't double ,~sthe ac~e.s5 playing, Dorothy, As for Tot~)~~e character is ii, puppet hut "has plenty of U£@1/~ ays MlcCol'~lll. s This is OJ, pared down version ot ""'OZ,n says ~he actor, ahhough '[llii]ere is. very :~i difference nle in tile actual p(lliot~lhat sets it apart besides the'

.c::m....... rum,

_CA'.., l:t~jtWoiUJCh us " .Ji .. ] .... I ,,G: .. "

Meat is, 1M ul1l eNd


!Marchi 2: i!jl[ Gra\lev,ar~ Tavenl 1245 GII~nwoo~ A~"r A tila nta GA 3O-3~ 6

theme -M",~,;i"1I;'ll;fliiru' UI'!;:, , , ,Il,,:.'l.... vJl,!<;,L J

UH's somethhrrug, we a]1. ~knO'll and love, and fut'saboue home ~ findmg. the home m youJ'SeU. ,~ ~J ltl,Jj~~. ilhi ....,,£ openl U ..UV , ,~ilUL~: ~:t U'll- .J tj;'[.' the 'm''UC'·lC dl1 wI.; 'IPtJiC-I~,IV\~ ~ ;y.,1b ::
~,I~ ~
~'l ~l,:

are," he' says,


'~O go,

..Jil _ .. .'. : ._ .-. UlJoesmJ t -h-,aJVe. a 'tr·-., )'-1 g,Uh.JI e"1 ,aV!el i..JiI··

where the safe places,



,.1 .~'IHIJlJ'·

... "

'Clraf]stophe':f 'Canno]lj this version of '''!be 'WIZ-

The Smiths reme bered
FWnmJly~ a bel1e.tll





'!l"_";11~ .;;3ii;l,j!' ..... '

when Isaw 'mt and tlerrffied, but '[here' is so much 'oudllJ to it," be says. UEt's abour '[acing, your fB~Ut5.,'N'o~hingcomes easiliy tOI any

of ll1b:e',fa.5C"maJtilon~ borde" ~ ,g on obsession, 'IDa!some ,LGBT :ialllshive for fue' film, He is


ard of Oz" features of course the perenn ruaJ$. "Over the Ralnbow' ,a,_ndFollow the Yel" ill()w Brick Road.
= = N;

ga,Y' themed show ~~Meats Murde[i@df 01, March l .2 'will benefit "I Stages theater curn:npany,known

for .IS gay fare, The new show feanaes the music:

~~, ,was


characters is a strong folk art

0:£ these characters,"

',Meat is M"lm~deredl\~s about the demlse of i Operuy gay actor Sp eneer Stephens "s !;.p- 'the' English alrernatlve rock band The' Smirhs. IleOOrig in The Cj~[]t:e~"fat PiIlJPpetmy'Arts," ~"'[ew Among the' ,gay cast mernllbets, is Jed Drum' "'~Ud1 and the Green 'Book. 1m'5 a world premond, who pbJ.YSone 0:[ Mo:mssey's gay lovers,

. ,vigathlg the, J~m Crow Soul

0:1MOITissey~,the popular bisexual smgem':,




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L@eral ,3ifid l@ngl r.Hst;ilnoo, IM!OVE!S, COiliinmerlcJ!all an d Residiential Mwes


ItlM entian t'his, ,ad ~or 1 1ifee~o!Jr'" :1 of p.ackifi1;g~ ~ :1 Ca II (6 11) ,47l6..S616 ~




- 40.4-664-7-653 " ,-

, '~.:wemaveSie'mors.
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Jeanl Barlea:~ ,M'ltsl:.1.'h~I.]JjJt A1l18n:tl AROJ,"~I'17'8-%1:1-8154' =



nr. M:ic.hel~e,IGre':iss,inger nr. To,n:y Lo,ng
1512 piedmont Road

I Ste.202 I 404-873-2957

like my own
. Pet Sitting
Sj~n ,Ams,ferda In ,Aye,.~N l!

I AUa nla~ iGA,,30~,O' I 40'4,..et7,3 ..,!4D~

,04 345- 5682
I j ke M ~()wnPet S~ttin g. co'm

GA 'Voiiice .


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......~ .....



'.' Be at least 1S,yea'rs. of a.ge and have HN ,"Have T-cems ,grea~:erthat 50 and a vira~load
goo.a:t:er than

or' equaIDto 1000 copies

'. Have taken,HIV m,edkaion

n ~,e past

0. 'be

curr-en"~ on HW 'merucatiora. t:[13t is not wor:kin.g:
'. Have never '~aken an mtegrase inhibitor (ra1~' or Isentresg) for gteab!r than one week

Myq Kaplan's humor tb d~ ]lo'ln,IS, au t: ti hlei a_.:surJIII,y of anti-gay bias
.,... . I .. '. .... ,'. '. . [ [ ... ' I









At a dime when some in. middle America would stillprefer to laugh at g.ay people than laugh wid1, US;; one .rurn,m;y little man decided.
i"iIi _'!;"II If'''JIijO':l; "" ~ ];"!!;:!I;lI, "


;i"'i;UiIi'JI!. 'I;], ~ v'

-b.... 1_, 'if 'G'B"~T lJ!.:;;JO., 'ut ,L_, .' , issues
_.Il,.!! :


;i"'i;iIiii' ,,,,:b,1E'i; Vii! ~ U ~Ii;:


11ii1i '2!j),l.,n !lJ

co!>< ... ' Sit

''10, -, Dn:~I1.··

stol :~JI!I.'lrer.: Sn· $~'b-.. '. vmt,F .... 'u·,"" ~iII""iorii rb.~o,nfis l!Ii.IL~ "''iiI ~ S n~i'- 1~ ~ir':..... -"-d ""';m,'lI]IO nl[
,Ii:'i.. .....,


study' and will pro'vk~e all s.tu:d.y related procedures and Study D,[ug at no ICOst to fOUl. The study wW last for g 6 w~ek:s, and 'VIii][ be,n,~mded for OJ man:ger 'period, of '~me ]I you; continue 'l,o''!benefit from the 01\1;g. You willle~~live :$50 P~1" vis&t :for ~l'ou_r fIDle
• ~tartm;g "L 'I ·W.ltlJ,1J 11112 ,. screeJ:ijjnn~'WSlt ~

season of the prlme-tlme NBiC comedy show" "Last 'Comic Standing, ,~, Myq Kaplan" a heterosexual Jewish comic, had Amenca laughing about me' ebsurdity of de:nying ga.y and lesbian IQ(M.lp,les'me right to marry, "Prejudice is getting weirder and 'more ,(Ol1fusing, Kaplan jokes, "~I'IT, used to 'be' just about keeping people' sepa;l'aJ1!.e~ like in~'elTacial.mlrlar.. rlage, People were like, 'Don ~tlet tdl,em, many usl Only let them :rnl-ruan~y each other!' Tbd!ay

.' a . . .', 'It pi.' as.: CiDfta£L

11! ~.


. tad.Mlr-·· Ai !!lIP]

'!lMrO- ',~,

:!.,-,J:i,ft,~ 'a~~~D''aLln~i't .iD!!I! U_~1V..'illl:II_&J :·~.Vl - .~. U WI 1&. tt:.}l'iI!
,iii • ''Dh'I!Ii':II:



aad fe,mt


'pa,tieat :fa!ct sl1ea:1 ,.21 8

. ···t S, ,II nAI)'" '8'71'· "'1'3' \"'2:".. :
I.' .' ...... .,

st,,_,Ay gg ..
,I. ,


with gay people, '~1ey"~e like, 'Don't ~et them marry' each otherl Make them marry, ...u1LlS,?;:;~; m t 'was a risk. since the carnies adfvano~d -b 00 on a c all . vote. UJ ttI- "E! en d.Ameri _as . :':1 ;. "U1 '''' ,erw,ca. ap

w'V~w~th eG,AVo lee.com
Marc.h 1,4 at Laug hi n Q Sku II to u n~le ,818 Pe,a cht ree St '. A't~an ta GJ\.30309 1Nww.lauglh'j ngskuIlIou~ g@.CQiIlIl
•it... , lt~,!

Myq lap!lam

··.':11·1'··· .. '


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1.. ··-·1:







preciated his presentation style Md he ~l1ded up c •oming in ~I!JJL[.!!! o,v~r['a···ll 'G·. A Vio' i""'o:!I'ulc.g ih~'. ejO'~1 . .. ·1'·C'O; .. ~ up'
~. .V~~U_ll!!
,I _~








with Kaplan about hillsstyle' of :hUTIJ,Or and. his


,rl.!'!J~ .


up the LG,BT t'aus@'?

New Study at a C· ·5, .'atry __ I'I:0., .. y ,.Io~'lh)IOir ,IIV

.j,'b..n.,l1i!IJ ht~ ,1fIIo'Ai



O':'lly-' e




Shannon': Let's talk alltout gay dOngs!:
Mylq: Let'sl
'J:II'-i~ _..C.FatD. 11"'iI1' CfOOur~ .,.,11 h-i' IlIr~ r--I'd,' O,IIJ. ,--'~;' ',; IIO UI!.' . i~jlJ:ml,F


~ d' ery ana 1..:1,--:::-,-

nm for 11 -:. three years, She was instn.mentru in helping me' lll1derstand these issues, I ,g[i~W'up sort of sheltered so when Mmet this woman, she; opened my
w·-.. '1iJIliJ! '_".!JI;'"
!:!Iilli'1t'-I",iflI'd ~~Jl ~.'

I've always had a lot of queer folks in my



fi',ii"'Io ~u

a bisexu ... m -.·.JL.I.)I~&!LJ'A::UJ.

w· - _ v '"





mind up to


ways of thinking about sexism

'. Be

a~ ],east

1 year'S, of age and, have HrV

Have T=c-ellsgre,a~'€rthan or eq,uaJ 'to .250 and :I1!O past T=oo'[ll, count below 200 ,. Haw a 'Vtrad Load g;maJtE!r ,than or eq,uaI to
5 ~OOO eopies


at 'ld '"n,. that ,cwe lU~',m.Wiy f:aJboo,~ 'VOtU J1tnUmd,@(jI, ,M@ oif Be.jammu, F,r_kim pl kbt,8, 'full at the Puritans~,'They made UPi pia t of his awdjeRce' but-Ie,· ...I,,-,ould see ,the humor in the ab,u_~dlity· ,Off some ,of it and 'taiJ11e' ba,ck tllf mere, "ltes" And another shnfularity between me ind pokes


,"Have :never had a, Hepa tit~sC 1mfecUon. '. :lHave ne:V'ef taken rUV medicines ,m,,the. pa s~: (some ,exceptions may apply ,(aU .AReA to, rund
aut :m,o,[If'::)

'8 . ., ~ kltn l "'... 11 U~' e'1 ",. an~, '~ ., d W]e -·';en]lafl1run .I['"n::an[' III liS, mat ~ 18ctinclty'
ill ~;1..':,...lr, .. . b JIl 'Ull(U\ iu

• ~~.. rullverrut-eci.,R so

"" JEU'your Q('fft1parrJson IS a.pc..


'L..-"Jt3 ,~

Tobrra, Th,erap ~tttics .is sponso,ring the s~;udy'and wi[[[ ,provide aiD s:ludy' ,rel,a~ed p:roc-edu__fies and Study D,nJ)_g m,t :no cost. to you. The ,s~udy w,hlI last. for 48 We€Ks and may be extended IOf a ~onger period of 'lime" 'Vou wil] mGewe compensation far YOUlf ttmle, ,and 'tm!Vel 'la~g with the screening visit. s

pbiy jokes,", On ,pape-Ij. it do!Smr'·t s,eem '10 6t 'II~f,.;;r ~I.r ~ W·· Jfl..~ '.' . b . you '~ealllJj nlaJri.e'lt \,\,,(lil' k"'~'lIJllJj d-,e,IVe nlit'o ~ut gay .aniage i'f. it dlliiesntt,aBed; you l' ill ~'ve'al wa.ys '\wiuen abou~ lhe things that art'le of interest and are' impofltanr[ to mle.. I 'Ihi~kiU penp:~,e basi[~aUy wan~, appiness., With ,reUgLon" h we suu.t 'to dJsagr-e'!2; how 'to ,get '[here.. 'Ulrima.tely~ w1e shrrwc], start and end, ~dl, ('Don~t hrnt other p~Opl.le<.,on . dO"'Ili"iit rea111'u ca'riiJi; ·w-· :l"io "il'iI!""l.Uf lU~.W._1ef·,s· ~ ~. ::;' " ,'.
~f:wI'liJ" I~

'You pUI. rel.gjousl b~g~RY ,~ues in witll \VQlrd

'~Jl,jft;'I'·1d- bo ~ ~ilW' ~.

and discriminanon that stillll'~xm.sts\o Homophobia and sexism, boih came from tbe same place, It's the' idea that maleness is a superior state of bem,g~ To be SP\y and a moo is, iiken@d to be a womanly thing. Or to be a woman or a 'woman 'who [ike£; women is dlJSO m~erlor. I'm nor the protorypical manly man so mat migllt ha,ve' scmething 'to do wirrn m,y am~action ~o this parucular ICaMS@., People who am.~,e h@t@ros@'x1S[ lmJd they 'Illhhlk maJt i[he sm'M quo is lhaw ev,eryone
.. 'lir\lf!Ioall' U,lLl ~ ,~'~i



=y g'-'eili\1i:' m' y.
'," . 1~





'Late Shorv' lritb D,avid Le~ee:nnaD'" ,ilBd worked ilQ~o ywur. VIiUfUI1@ hWlw' Sll.IWes, show t_hat kids; wWth
Las~,Ollr.l:ob~ :YOWl welle do just
-, .

OR ,~ 'he

.,ilIy' p,arel1!b
I·,' '_'


II _. ,_ 'Id··. 0.,f- h n'"d . .' .' "ft:~oseXI.·, mJ COIllIP ] .fS~"IJ· "YOlitl. ,gfit. ,imy
._ .. " -'", I ._. ._'._ ..


~n,.·if. UJlJt better, ·tb!atll

:pla,a:se: cQDtactU'CA .,t (404) 1871~2311 ____ _ _ _ a,tieat :fa!c't sliee,'. ,~2:1il, ~~. Wi_. __ and~ re,fer ~ I,D, 'P-~

For :more: laro,anali,Qo ,8"!0.t tMs :sl;ltdy

Isaid bu.t d1aJt particular thrnng about ga.y p~[ern1ts, she w:hen ]f'CfU're, nOt hrurting. anybody e'~e;, Most being b€;tter~ didn't like it She' said]F 'i;f¥otm;r.e' peiop'].le \1V(Jlill1d rather you be ,B good .persow 'th!at not supp:OOIed '~O teiU 'me vd1a~, you thwnk. ¥o:u ~n~' ,d]dn.'l beH,leve.lin ,inythilln;g rath.er than a, bIBd pe ..... just s,up,posed. ~o make :m,e la,ugh. n I a,gree' that >, -,". "'," -1..., ~'om'i:!!id, ~ J J!!i.J!' " I.;!! 'Fnc+ '''',n iCiin~,ii"iirt~~in ". '~iijli;d;-m·~·~I ;'lii[i.b· ... iCii, 'n a.!!;"', I!.V !!.i!i;,lll :son 'N 'h0 goes 'to c" urc '[1. every wee,k_,. peoplle laugh btu ~f I'CaInge,'[ a vle'Wpoillt aJaos.s, A.,,.. - '~-"f--~',o'L'" - -'-' ····-h'-'". :'-'" - ~.......... you. 'til 'w.tIne ruso doing thaJtJ then am th~ 'beue:r. " ~ if S[I!JIl,iII.;~)lJn man~ w, aILpmmpl.~ '.'.. " 8
.' . ".lJJ , ..... ~ ,)" :lI'~ _.'. J'U~~. JiV.::, lIhiI!JIl]1 ":!iifD

to Ole' atll1d said that she I"e"dly miked :mos~, iDf whaJ[

Hac'k for drlart? Af~er the' Leuerman

shoWj, ca, ,~o'man lcame up

. ...













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I!;Il!!!!II· ......




I~alnli' Brent Corcoran/RNZ Photography by








IlaADW,'.,··...· -

FrFDl 'DlmlD''bNK


www ~heG: M Oil ce ..co rn ·!!LV·"
• I~ .

......... ...


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~Iet- I"al '.__ 'I_-. III' '. 'a~,,:8 Ul0 IR1.ures (-


II"" car' balances


o"n- ·1' ur'IIO-=-' ,

. ~1'·llp:0'-=-",1 ,J .... _, _.'DII, _ ,e _, JI
1 '"

u'o-u:r sIcon'- moltg'-'B'g- e .'...--1-1-0 .. ,-' I .

• Co'Rsoli date: your debts l,ntD
o-,e managa,abl ... 18ymeat
.' stop 'U,riC ,0000I'

··.·.·'iill~g MANl" ACKER
Satur' ay, Febrl.ar ...25 ..... ··· , ..
111 !)oubl E
1 ,':_ · ..

an,·8oo,me srdS •.... ,u.-,enl on ha,use·aylft

du~f()~m lntoa magicallu oo "I·er,D~I1(e

,e . Xp(l)i5e~

]S;riidg main J'P',a'Cki' '.- .,', - .



8 p.m . ex,pllodesthe who• ." - - .._en~'lmaoeano . !Heal and virtual


rea~llt~'==' lue" J ~__ ..'I; ~' d' . -1 '(011""" lblllllJrlri~n,~Lk.~. popu_art@dI.stace I" Ule 1"_= bet·w lIle __ , allcer. (reatling striking'.- .-)' een t '~heirbodies- th '. _... ..I.I~age5 011scrims and direct--I--' ..'-... . .".IIe lIVork wlully po' •.... . ....,', _ '. - y Oon percep't!o!1 and expectation. poses questions about idellitity,


m ~Im_ record iiln ~_gf ~r.. ,0f., ove~thr ..d f-'..- - .. III f1 .. , . __ ~-• Igui~arlst Ealfl'l Killugh h 81S, ~ .•.•.....aJUee eCOIdflo es, .mlas'.er_. uee nl ". ded '~I . '- . ! grolJlldbrealker .1. . • ..' ,. . .• irs. a,s a, prodig,-,~ ,all1"illd ,__ _,mell a de!hnl~n!lfi ..' - 1 .1,,, the true sitMesm@H, of'... . . ...~llIre, ,and ulmimaltely one of
. . ' ,_ ..' , '.. 1_

-'II! 15····~t c'd a 1',.'- , -. al'" _~~url." __ M!!lilrc:l" 3~ 'SIP
I, ,'," \I!!I,i!ii,il'

~ARLKLUI .••... H


,.. H1ll"

A F@rst 'favOlrite!~


:: Jo'iiln 'the IdisJcuss'iiol1\1~ :: B'e a part of '~.heGA \inire com~,



~, mu nil-y {lIB F~meboGkan;d Twr~,~e[

:: twlt~er.c~mflm.eGAiror.~e ~.


5--IU: -'n- IS:'



















The G@org]!a Safe Schools Coalition and Gleu~glia 'Equ a lily wi II host ·tThle' 2012 IGeorgia Gay-Straight Alllance Summi t at IGeorgla
State Univ'e'l"s,i'CY on Feb 25~ 'J - 1"-- ...._., . --... _. Tl-·1@ summit, a cay ..ong event, aims (0 con.
I' .• ." r. -I --.... -.... .' I_I

Setu !'idaIV. Feb, 25, 8JO a, m_ ,. 5.:.30 p. ~., G eorQ.ia State U niversn~v Co~11 of E.due·at lOin ege 'gee rg ~a1ou~hs l!Immitt.~iogs ~ot.ce m
IG eOI1jI'i.l IG,SA Vel ut[~ :SllJlmm'it



. _:_r.",



_. -






nect students with the tools and support need-

ed to create IGSA.s


11 their

own scho ols, Mo:re
d1J~' confer-

Singh of '~heiGror:gia Sale Scbools Coali dOrJ~ "Reseerch shows !ilat ~en you have, a G SA., it's not only LG B TQ students fu~l"f~el clo cl·no .iJl!... '_/ ou' ,f1I1·.,ol"i>olJiil' nl~trans u·S" ··In;!lJI1.. savs • 'L.t· Jib UJo.l. y' ·JI·.lO~ .iXl.,J' .. sefer, all students feel safer, Singh says .."Ihe Support room adults, 'whether parents, summir is a place where we can ~nk students school faculty or sta'ff, is. crucial, she says. with one another and with '[iE'OOWiCeS that they "The responsibil m·t]( needs to be on adults. whether th ,~illiJ', re str~'1' ahr queer 0- r ·h'~ 'tnl may 110~halve access to..~ ' .' :_ _.U..h;;;:, _" !.:;;:JI' y,'~u~,. 'U" n.l.O.IJ.1~..laJk:~.y~. 'txr. ;.,o:-rgil1J[~UIJ!.,lI.OrJjs OU.len '.Ea.ce IG' S' A: .' - .- ~ .~ rna 11"'0, sure that IG'. 'S-'A' held .•.. Q-:'.,.U,'!!;;;'!O;, and user '. .c l_U~ Wl'l;;; youJth need om SUPPOllti[, ,., Singh l10t'eS •. difB.clli'tles espedtaL1ly he~,e.m Deep Soum. d1e "The hew thing ls that in G@oIgi.a~there can Works,[~op.s £:01" dlls yed[ 's event ]ndud!e' "":"5' ': . . ~ .'.. be'alor 10f: obstac les i.wru 51etti.ng, up a, GSA." wheth,~a1.t11ng, an d' D'" -eve~.lopUiJ~ga:·: G"S'A' :'lIn ii:rtLI!, ut Y= .0 ~l S er ~r's ifficulty runfinding, SUPP0F.!t. or :feaw.of' dlw_s~ irJ,g aID1d afety" and '~~LGBTQ,Pop 'Cuilll~~'and d

G·ar~{'-sffiraightalliances benefit all. students, not just those 'littaIt iden!li.fy as L'GB~ Sail'S Ann e:tie5e'

enee when, 'mt launc hed ·~.ast ear. This y'e\ar~ ory ganizers expect 'move 'than -50 students" PW'=' ents and educators ..

than 1 students (lc rtill.'cipat~d i[1 001


'lUI. -


.Il. C""iI! ....rcIL:.l


IU Ullll·· ,

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,p :t:;lt, "-





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IIl;,II.KIIi;. .;;!! _ .l'~.


if" '~i"liEi; l!;ILiI! ~

iI;;I.!I!III._. 1Ii"'ii"~iiT"iie !!J,..I!.!;iI!lJ! .. I.;;I'


'Iransgender :ldenti·[ill.es." Georgia 'Young AdThe vocete Award will a]so be 'g. Even to EfIJ "deservin 10 d yOiILl'th ~~ho has de:monstra;Eed ,a comrninneot to LiGB,TQQA advocacy in Iils. Of' her cOlnmunillty The .k~Ilo~e speeker for the conference is slated to be Ga Sta.te Rep, Karla..Dreaoer (D= Avontilale Esta'llies}, Drenner was Geo;[gi.a·~$ 'first lapemy gay state legislator and is cUllI'end]f' one

a. ""

o fum openly ,LGB,T membe-rs of the IGeo~~ Cenersl Assembly ~ Fo]lovring, the summit, there will be' a dance at Phillip Rush Center 'that win gJve conference

palruclparrts a cbance

in a safe and supportive environment, Si~gh says,

mlngle and heve

I: Ie mont, 1·.,a~lkIprovides :- hI 8.··:r---'e-' a-----'I-y -- --- hi lime' . ---- "(-· rom fo ··~your.lr'81I11i-,

'. www ..heGAVoiCEtCOml t



Pi'ed mOln~Balfik 501 A rrnsterda m A.ve. At~anta. GA30006 404'"\813~54COr w~lw,piedmmdba rkcem

Serving 'the needs of Midtown Atlanta's dog. owners .is more than (; business for Piedmont Bark owner WrniaJm. Campbell=-it's his. life '5· calling, Campbell, w'tJo turns SO this y,e.ar~ used to 'work in corporate banking, but mat all changed 10 Y'lears ago wh~n he brought 'me; do,ggy day care concept to Mld[owl1~This year, Piedmont Bark celebr al~.es.its lOtJ. ,anniv,ersR"., .'0'J.\ t the time, the concept of doggy daycaJre' wasn~"[me' n.onn/~' Campb eU says~ ;c~e' set dle pace and me' exp ~cta!dons.. ; ~
B,etvieietru aD to 90 dogs nf shapes:, bf1f'eds ~n.d sizes call Pie (illm.ont Park home' dur.ing any gi:v'len day. 0]1 ,~,spe.ciaUy busy daJ.ys~j'Cam pb@ll 5aJ.yS ma( :11@"5.im. charg,e o.f .100 or .m.on~'fwry frri@'fids.,

has outdoor play areas and more than 6000 sq. ft. of climate ,co[1ouUed interior space' where dogs can run and play to their hearts' content, Langer breeds aIDe se'{kTamed from smau,er oues,

To house that :ror~ally pets, Piedmont Bark



dog, has 'to! lllIl.dergo a ~[l]jt:u~.ramenl test.
., .1Lllli,g

'EO lbe ao:epood


and offers boardi ng and groom hl.g services ]'1"01 addlinorJ co doggy day (an~ ~ CampbeU, mem, ·his. parmer-, Jason GIrodJI aJiound the sam!e''unle he 'was putting together ,P.ID,edm,O,(u Barl<t.:s inhla'm busin.ess plaJn. Girod has been nothing. but supportill.ve, say's 'COO1Pbe,' ; '\~ho .has c~l.ledAtmanta :ilom,esjnc e 199B .. ~~m: (ID gay bus.runes$ ol~er:/~ iCampbeU 521.,5 . J1D

iI1rrD '[he Piedmont Bsrk fSJmJlJ~ ·-·~i_.· .': ,'. -. .. .-.-,- oys ..: --'. I . a rers P··~.I~L111.u~On.[ 'B ar ok' ernp.-·1·- '. some- 15 . Staffer

.. somet thi ill .-~ ~'ng. ..(llve. Im.s ,3 g;re~J[:f@e 00· ~,g., ' ''t,e ... - - .Il...., .. 'OFy, 'if'!i," _..Jil .. - B" -' k L_ I·UI us l' O·-year rus ·t·-·· .r.ruieumcr~.~. 'a.r'. nas . given away more than a$,() 0,000 no .locm
. - - - - ,-I -."'-. - -'.' -. ~ .•

HI 'm

one o.f those rare people that's



versary with a ·bas·tJsometime 'dlIDS fall, bUJ[ Campbell :SQlys the'business has been c,elehmoog an ylear.. New renovatiens, includinga l00=:f-cot moral aID1d
new 'fellCEng :llilJiJlsidle'~ are jwt the begin.nillflg. C.ampbeU added milt he'~'ssigne d a ne'w 10-, Y'le;·arUlease 011 tlle ·bun.dhlg: ,s.(JaC)e~'meanhlg that p.rn.ledm,rijl1~,B ark. will be a MidJ[,o~rn staple £:or m,an;y years to com.!€:"

,chari ti,I!S and non-pn:::dits lwke. PAL S;! he says .. ('Every 'ti_m1e gh7e ba.'ck tlO IltJe ,com1n·ulI1fu·-· ty~ it comes to m,e' tlel1..fold,;~t Calnpb f,:n s·aJs~ ~The,ve' sup!p(J[~~ed'me sinae day' Qine~I lmew '
that 'wou]d he erueial
·p·L..... ""l_FiiIl"ri[·· .",l~l.lJL~,lu.l,~
_' : dJ..lK, _:.,t'Oll1.~ ,-Vi ~~~~

B, .......I11p~ ... ''Jiil''lle

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1 here .91re h\fo way:s to a dd 'yo Ulr eVle nl~Sto our onlilline and print. caendars. $ubmlit your into to 'w'ww~tflle.19ItVo~lce,~tQm 'Orre-mail A~~ IlLJ!el~a•~_S t.:110e ...t ~t Iii. ,I'Vo.,ce,,.'c!o •. , [I'IOr~ ~~'I-:"_ ~


View sceres from ULy'ln,g in B:ed: ExplllDF1inJg Q'IEtS,'" t:h"n S orf' :Sel, Ide:ntitv and Sa,f:et,[fn fo [IUS! ngl o n ~e.s!ba~,.,g&'~1t rains (lAd q QJ eer Ipeopl'B of col,or. 1~30 r p. m. at rC'ha ns Boo;kS nS9 8~ cliiidl Av,e NIE, Atla nita,!, GA! 30301, w-ww.,ch,ij nsboo ksa rnd m eracom JI"lk AI r- - II,~ - n - AI ~ - ,-, ' M.. : Illiiu ''Olf w\le'~ - ,a (!II0cumer1Jl~a ry a -I) oUr~ l~IBr : , !II. ,~:,
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r-'idaY,1 Feb. 1'7

~ usl ~Ims i3lr-o u n,~ tine wor'~d,sc r,e.ems dlt 'th e' T h:iir-d Fr~dalY Iri ~ml Serie's. S ~lglgl~S'b~d(fomatio n $,l-S'IO $1idil ng sea II~" Ir~11'"iI-, SILi.ll 'a ,t 7'3,'n p.m,;, aiLF~r ·~t,EXI:S~EmiLI,a_IS r . .' rtt ,r.v - . I hmlS -'LS, - .~. + !I-~ I~ l,{)n~re~' g,a~~n {)f' Ana nta 4701 Cain dl,e r fa rk lOr" NIE~,Atl.alln~a.; GA, o 30307! 'Www.firs.t:exis[entifJl istor-g

East Side, Plnide Itosls uShlp~~ng fir E:qwaUt,,',rf a II'-blJ,-cortt,lil' to :s.u,port JIC: ~enlileyfor not cav'ino to conser~ative
pressu re to diu 1Mp Ellen DeGe~erles as the soor,~s :spo~espersonMeet at tine' ~ower 'fIoo.r entrance of ,JC Pen~ev;,~6IPJ11..at Non hla ke Mal~t 800 Brrardifi [RDad~AJtlarita, GA 30045 .. 4

[v,e ry at her Fr'i:da, iis Round ~[E:rIII p lFr-r'i:da, with I DJ Jack Daddi and M'j 55, M nl~r p:iinni rn~ cou nttry s f av,or'i~es, un'e d1anc ing starts at 18 IP,m. at My Sfste rs Room, l21'1 Gilenwood ,Av1e., ,Aft Ianta~ GA 30316~ www: ..m'Vsi$~,ers,room.com For'.p,la, Frids,yS, arei back $talr[~ ~ ~o n~:g with IG~rl n ht 5 il'n 'the Ni:glht: ,A,merlca. Doors 0 plen at 10 Pl. m., at C:lub life, 1189 Cihes,h ~IrleBlridge Road A.t~anta GA .30324, www:,g ~rlsinth en iglht.CCMll

DJ Bn Ii DlSlwg a rid DIJ Ilu dry 1M uxtabl,e 'S piiin a Manj~' Gra s IBearracuda IPre-ps rtv. 9 pm at Maryi'Sj ] 287 GI,enwood ,Ave'n u e SE, At'Uanta, GA, 30316, www. m,arysatla n~a,.tlOlm lh e Fintas, hima. B;U is hosted by·th,e GDb(lii'n IKiing Ilf La b,lni'ntbl a I1d ineilides al'ri r'e and aenia! show and erotic st:alij'e :shows by C'oeo laltSWlrill of Tokyo. Cos'~ulffies e.n(rOura;~,ed. 101P.I~TI.!~[J u ng Ie~2115 Faullk ner Rd.! Atlla nta 'GA 30324 WWW.]'M ng I,eclu~at Iian[a.oom
I' 1, I ~


ilih eater lregen ~ IBerlnad ette' 'et!ers IP'erf:orms ,at 7:30 pm fo r the Atlalnrta Sy m p hen, IGa 181 a[ Woodlruff' Arts C@nbu '1280 Plea chlbree st, ,A~'llalta, 'GA 30309 r www ... aU-;ntasvmplnony.GOOOi

:Saturdla¥, Fe1b. 18


Pop star Keilly 'ClllllFlksoml perworms ,at '7:30 p, nlt at lFabu~ous fox Tlheat fe'~660
Peachft re e St N IE,Atlanta G,A 303'08 WYM:~1ckstm asts tcom

lGBT aetlvsts ga th er in Viliia Ri,cal to pl~otes, - Lowe Wo:nl OUlt~n a conf!e. rerce by E)to d ~ s lnte rn atio nal des,iglned to help Qlay pleopll'e chan~e 'their seXJua~or'j'~' entati(Ht 1a ,~1. at Mi d'w.aV C hu rch 39115 'Calrro lito n[I., Vi ~~ Rji ca Hilig hwav~1Vi[ll~ R'i c-a~GA :30],80, a a

:Sa'turday~ Fa,b,. '118,

NO AE ILOII EVIE NTS: Vi s j'~ 0 u r we bs,j~!e'tor ,0u r exten s'f'~'leda~I'V cBl11e!n a Ir~inc Iud in g n ig ht ~'~fe'S.c ed u I es~,s ~olr t $, Wj(J rsn ~Pi 5Iervh:e:s a n ~ o h co m mlUn j't y org aim!rza t~ion mlE! etii~ s. www~t'heljavol'ce~cGm/ca'lelldar g
JII ile Qislbolrne presents t hie Love '~NLau~hteli
Icolmedv :show' at 1 pm at MV Sister's Ro t)m~t21'1 I[;! enwo 0 d Ave,~,Atla n~a, At 303116, G \l\rww.mjysish~ rsroorn.CQlrml DJI M ,(lInd 'W@It host t hie S@cr@t; Part, w~th 1raxx, 'GIrls at C:~ub Ra~n 448 Ral~ IDavid Abern at h,~ plh A t~,a GA 30312'., w~~w;.t rita, raxxg~'rl~co m DJlIH o 1[105E!1]1I ill IIspins for ulil the Presidenf,"§; ME!'n~.jl~ th 9 ~res'i:denrs D'ay party' ,a~ Maryj:s!, -1281' G~enwood Ave.,j' ,Atlanta. GA 30016~ \'{w~"m'a rysatla rmt:a ,Icom

S,unday' Feb:,., 19
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'land, Be,t:h Gillmn., w'no successtu Uy :sued thle'

www:..fa ceboc K,colmlOJ L.Atla flj~a :Spin to E:nd All IS ,2(111.2' ben ef i1t Actio n Cycl ~ng CJ ad to AIDS 'valcdne resealrcJh at the Emory, spns 'fr-om neon t:o 6 pl.rll at the Athletic Club Northe~st, 1515 Sheridan Road! A.tIs nta, GA :30324~'www.SpinloEnd.org


GleOlr1gItl le~li$llature- for d~sc.riminaJtrn~1 al~lain$t her for be'~ngtren sgender, is th e sp eakelr as PflLAG Atllanta hold s its. month IIVT h'~rd Sunday Irrnee'ti ng. 2:45 ~ 5, p.lm. at fl rst Met', 1319' TiuIIie Road N[ Atla n~a GA ,30329L10 ')30' OIl!' '~.. r. nf~'~':JI-Il-'~II.v :~ III u~~ U ~ om







HOlt~anbill,Sorft,b,a] Leagu e no:sts s,ign"ups for the
splfi rnq $Ieaso~ '~ronn '1=,4Pl. m., 0'[ Woofs, ,2425 p'~edm Qrmt Road, Atlanta, GA 303241 www.ho~llantal$ionballl.oro

lhe IRoy G~Bi'll~j@ct:: At la nita ILG~Bf f.almUmIIS, hosts OJ ,coclld:aU ,a_-ly with d~'r~ing'i' danc:ing amid
m ilng ~ig", 6:30 P'.m" to 10 P.lM. at: al private IoU: i~LiUI e n' Iriv1e POints, ~Ob~cock~a~s.eve-ntbr1irte,.colrm i J1o~'r~ie: h,avis, Chn: III~ llalm~INlfJrBtA ilIrrud BlackOIUl to hcmor the'18th ib'iirthdarY' of Ilate pas,_' ,ludfl LDlrde. 10. share a tribute'l ema'U Ialm~nobllairvahoo,com or orde rs.{jchdlr'i1sb ooksiillndlmo re'J])lfWll. 1:30 p",m. CiltChGlri s Books, U89 Euclid Ave N[ ,Atlarrta, GA!,30307,

DJI ,Jalfles Alt,bo:ny s. pi'rl s''~or the Mard j' G:ra:s, part" inc Iludi n gl a COS~UlmQ co nt:est 'from 10 p.I~TL'~o:3a. m~ at JlUng I:@~ Iraul kn @f Rd., A'I~a rita. GA 3'0324 :2]115 I www.jlumlglle·cl~ba~llal1ta.com

DJI Ron IPu Urmalil sph~ s '~or D!eepe r lJove' at Mix x, ]492 Piedmont' Ave NE, ,A til a nta, IGA 30309,', www.ril1l~:XKa~~anta.coml DJI Mal,t Con:Siola of Sa n FrariC lisco sp~n s 'fQ r BealliTiJCud!al 'fro m 9 p~,ml.o ,3 i3. m, al~ Her1et 1~,2069' t tlhe fhlesh~re B~lidioe~'oadl!,Atl,ant,a~ GAl 30324, www.h@ rEticat~ ant-a.oom

Every MondaYi catch uS(mlalsih"J!f NIBC~s,n,ew mus,ical dlra m;a~at 10 p,.m, on tt he video sc re elr1S(lIt ,A,m'sterdalml~ 50,2-A, Am st:e.rda m A'1IJ~.,,,It ~a~t.al GA 3030~, www..ams.t~rdalmatlanta.com

d' -, FI 1_u,e,say,l,e_,.; b-' 2--'"1'-1

sp ins ali 10 [p.m. at J unglle!, 21!15'fa ullk ner Rd' At la nta'i GA 30324'i wvJW.j'ungl~ ec !lJbatlant~l(,o m

D\J Ch rils


Celebrate' Malrd~ G:ras 2\11:2 s.tartijin g ,at 5 p',m, frO~~owed by IEW\f;J Iv,e., !!no~your 'typica ~shoMune~~~ VJ Marco w'l!th
P,o..!0 at. 9 p~m.,at Ams:t~rd8Jml Atl a nte'i' 502~, A mster~am


WWWJ~ n,aris.lboolksa

~dm ore ..co m

AVla Atl! anrta! GA 303a6~www"a m's~lert1a mati a rmtalJCOlm

www.tneGAVoice ..com
rhe Deeatuf' W'omenfs, lea g ue cone lu dies. ib '111'ntier 1 bas ketbaU ,sus/on tnnighr~ lI'ilth ga mes art Decatur W~rs,tU11ib:~dMe~hodl~$t hM rich, 300 East Ponce teen C Ave'. OeciI'bu ~ GA ,30030, wmi."I~eca~lJrwume'n.oom (0 me han g out, and (Ihalt for COi~fle Talllk, a Chlonice for a f u,sle CM p of joe end 'to ~e"arn morE' atou t 'G'O Atllalnitl A liD Atla filb~"s qaly' ou~ r,each p ro~ ra 1m. 4-~6p.m. €lIt AJurora CoUee,]' 992 ~'" H ighl~a nd A,ve'.,]'Atlan [it, GA 3030 6~ steven .i~al~'S'~@alidart ntao rg h Ia

Callen dar . FebruSf.

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Saturda'Yr IMalrth ,3,
'S how,s. '1 pm an d 9' pm

Ull Ba'liIlkhtad from ~08 hosts and DJ 'tanut spf!'ls for 'GLOW from '10 prn - 4, am a~XS U Itr.alto unQe..108 Sp,rling s, ,Atlanta~,GA ,30308~ www.)(Cessu~trakJunge.com

tes b~an-~nc ~~,SIl'V@j'4'aI~@ a~q rn rass'
ban d R,Q,lie' 'W:atSOI celel~ ral[es. the re~ease o:f tbei I neW' 'CD with two

Wedn,esds¥, _;-1_. 2:2 _1
'he' ,A'tIllnta Gav '& Le:stJlallil

metr,ce hosts two Bu sIle/s,s Bundler - mlln:llIeon,s: c 11:.30 a m. at Ma r I'ow's Tav,e rn Bit ~h,e INort h ~ake' [lou b let ree' H o~,eI! 4156 ta V sta IRoadl' A t ~ijlnt~l! GA30 084,~ ,an d ,a ~ot he r at '11::50<11. m, ,at Ea$~ IPoi' nt Corner J~lvern~, 2783 Main St., test IPoi'nt GA 30344, W'wW'.atIa nt~lgayc ham berAlrg The DlecatUir Wo:m,el1l~:sILea,QII"I'S Wiilnter Bow1l'ing ta kes th e' Ia nes e've rV We d n'esd,aV 'fro m 6::30-9:'30 D.ml. at Su bu rba n Lanes, ,2619 N. uecatu r Rca d Dacatu r!,GA 30033~, w~w.decabj rwom@n.co:m

Ie him be,r of Co:m"

lhe AUDnta Gay '& Lesbialn C:~alllnbel" of Co;mlme:ree hosts ~tsFeb ulary' FOll!llrtih ff11idarv Ne,two rk~ngl !31[ 1 Sta ~ es, n05 Euc Iid Ave" Atlan~a GAl ,J03011Deta iIs to be a n mJU meed at www,j3ltiantta,Qaveh,a m bier,Q r'ij

her ~ @w IIe.sbian nove I~ '~~SlUlr"iv!dIby ~le'r LOlg~,e.rm COil "anioflt 1·:30 p. m att Cha rls IBooks, 1189 [ue! r d AYe ME Atlanta., GA. ,30301 www:.C'h,~risbooiksa~d morero m
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c hiri:s, Pa,lmteF' reads trom

GA 30030, www .. ddIes.aUic.lc-om @

,Attic, 5151N Me Done ugh St De('atulr;,

,at Edd~,e's


IMash ,A!tt,ilClk_s,iis a ben ~'fn'~or Sa~lnt ILllst~ '& Fllllllln,~, wh ic h hel ~s h am e'~e.sslGBT youtln, a m,dfea~u res IMlashllll p ID'JI Rmb,Iml S kouteri sand IDJI IPat s~cotl'.~0 p.m a:t th e' Atla nta E~g~,e,306 Pomce' OreLeo n Ave. A'Uanta, GA 30308,. www.aUantae\algI1e.coml

1MIE,GA Palfl'i I, PfJioject, hosts GI sem ina ron Iega 1 p rot-eelf oms for lG6T ('0 U pies, 1'-9 ~,ITt Fo~ 10euai I~ regiis.ter 0 n ~i 'IIMW. m,egafalmiiilvpro] ect..or~1 neat Ca~,c:h Featllmlrs '& f l~s,lrltl'a bu rlle'sque review, at n p. m at ~,!ake's on the Pa rk ,22110th :St N IE Atlanta GA 3,0309~www:,b ia kesonr~ hepa rkaUanta rom
,I ~

(~~~, '(11a'~C'beans:~!,nwIt h coshrres

Ini' ...... !!J OO~.'

~am II-"~ fi"ilM'~~n't~'- ~IE:':";'~",'_: Dli"lliiaMC" rCl~~:r
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r... .. I ~II~~I ihil!!lim~lmii'li II ~1!iI11J~.iJJ" ~~II~

Q- .fi.filJns· . _I,,"",,""\ ..

Sisie rs Room, www.f.acebook.comlBe~ lam Presents

lenCQ!Jjraged fur gob Iirnrsr dwarfs, quee'ns" IkilnQ!s~nd mo:re, Fe~tu res. mWI :Shillile, VI $~ec~alll~ uest host Sam hi Mim~clherand slPecia I perf'ormanc:e' by Pli~nicess,Chillil as" 10 am - 3 a"m. at IMy

~~ My PlOp. if IGOI!!1n a farce (en ter lmg <lIFO und a ga y L,lt 'C:O~pie scrreen:s at '7 pm at the UA Ia ra 'Tlheater as, P l:Ilrt of' the ,At Ia rrt'al Jew~:s Fi Im Fes.t:~\I'atWVJ j'ftorl~ h w.a

Wedne,sd,B'Yr IFeb. ,29



Th e I,esbi(lln"'~ed Dec:artu r' 'Wo.e'n'I':s SPOiFts Leaglue

_Ihursday, FSlb,. 23

5:30-7::30 ~.m. at MeI~onis ;A,p~ '& Ta p~,2500

hosts si'gn~ups to r th e s.p rln~

~sonball~sea'So n 'from

~'aa(t DecabJ r, fiA 30033" lNww.decabJ rwom en.co:m

IDsea tUIF

lhe Gieo:riQlila GiSA,fOltb 51 mimI! u nit,es Qay :st r,a'i ~ihi[ a~liiianees, stu dle'l1ts wa nti ~ g to start t:h e:iir ow n GSA,Si palwen~Sr and LGBTadvoc.ates. f10r a day of ~Iea Ing rn olnd SIll Ppo rt 8 a. rm. [0 .5 p,.ml, at Geo r,~ial State Univetr~ s~tVI33 Gi Ilmer St, ,Atil antal, GA 30303,~ g,eo rg ia'yOl.JI~lhsUlmm'it.blc ~.sl~otcom

:Saturdir~"IFelb. 125

Pf:a Il1Ined IPatre n~[hloo d dlnrllGeiDrg'ia [iqllalliily h,ost '~~WD'm;e[1iIn the Hall II; lobbv dalY to focus on LGBl ~ iSS!~.H~~S;"a. m. ~ra ~nin Q:' 10 a. m. lobbyi n,g at th e Georg ~a 9 Stab! Capito~ Co m p le)tr Coverdel ~Leg j'slative Office 8Mli Id~n g" R!~lom 306, '~8Capitol Sql~,alre So lJth'~~est

,Satulr,daIYr IMalrch ,3,

,1\ tilanta

CiA 30334 www.~le orgi aeq ua ~~tv,o rig

'rim,! 'l~m errs!,a soca ~g roup for a Ioer ay' a nol bise,xu,f:il me n meets at. ,3 pl.m. at The Ruslh Center. ~'530 [)ekailib A~e'iAtla ntiL, GA ,303m;, www.Atlant.aPrimeTimleus.com

rh e ~iay Atllantal Ex,e(I!lII:'i've' Neltwo'li~h~Jr5 $,aMi ~

~. m. at th e Rushl Cen[er, wWW.'.,aen.org

eve n ilno ,of networki fig din~ d I'seu$siOln of: pC11 ~Ucsand t:~,e ,20l2 IeIe ctio ns. IIm: ~udescomplli men~ary Stria cks, andl wi rile" plus ClI ch a nce to register ~o vote. 6::30,,8:30

lhe gay A't Ie nita Bucks Irugby' teal. ta kes 0 n the Va Idos:ta State BlaLlelU$ at no,on at Coaln Mi dd Ie Sc ho ot ] 5!50 Hosea L, W i'll~a ms D,rh/e INE AUalntta~ GA 30317r. wwwJa oeboo ~tcolm/atlaln ta b 11JH:ks,

~~ P,Iul1 GOiDdm1i!l nl Chang:ed 1M], Lmfe~,j'r a fi I m a b D~ t the lbij'sex~all poet/writer who was 'jnrnU,ent~al arnorngst the INew Yo rk, IIitera iii i1[n~,el ctu a I crowd, sc reen$ at ~e 1:310Pl. m~at th e' UA, Tara '~eab~ r as part of '~he AUantt81

Je.l%fi,Slh Fi I m Fes,t'iv'a II,. W'WW.aljfto u~1

wrij te r :SandFiI le,alslle,V sh aires from hem brvo Imost r@c@nr~b a oks, ·'!Don't Ki IIIt:h e Bi rth d av Girl:: Ia I'ss firom an A Ilerlg'~c lifei~'alnd 'UII WClIS '~~'e,JlI ~eboJ(."1::30 p.lm, at C halris Books~ 1]89' E.uc ~~,dve N EI ,Pdla nta~ GA. 303011 A www.,(lhar~s.books.a nd:molre'.,cOlm
flU e:sdlays and l'h ~rsday5 ariB now' ,3,·eggll! d Ciowbm, ClOUnttr, nig ht:5, Sl[ the' Helret~c,~ 2:069' C hesh ~reBr~dge

Poet seiVle re f,,~~)dallergy' $urfferer a n~ no I]~'f~ on tti

,uHio8'fiden;, and Hlighli'ghtsl!l' is. the theme' '['{n'the' Ii)"x", IB~l)wllleirsY1 lms;s G1utt,erball [2 0 12 pa,ealt from M 6,-]10 p.m. ,at ,J~ n g le~ 21~15 Fau Ikner IRd" AHa rnta~,GA
1 1

llhe Vtu~llla IMianollolgllU!J!;'r th,e Jamledl womle ~i:s 'em ~Orwermlel~t ~ Ial' Iby I[ve Ensl el~ ben e,fUs th,e D,e.ka Ib Ral~le(l'i1sis Center. Doors, open ,a' 1p,.m, alt' Emorv's WH SCAiB A.ud iitori u m~,1440 C mino~ R'oad! Afi'IIanta~ GA ' :30322'", EmoryvdaY'l 012 .Ievent briteJ:om
I rif~coac.h, talks a bout her n@w booK, .. ~~SIRI'inigl Mall18l ',rr a'boutt naviga~i[lg dif'ficu It marte'rnall f,e~atkmshiIPs"7:'30 p.lm. ,at Cha ris Books~,1~89Euclid A¥e

Reme m her WhilihulV HO,us,tlon at. (]I sp ecia I ,sdi'll om of DJ 'Vi:!: ~li owelllllf:'s Siunda,' S,enice P ,at.1 D.,m.,,at Si:s~,elr louI sal's Clhurch of' th e U~~ng Ro[}m '& Ping Pon~1 Empori'um ,466 ~dgew'Ood Ave,~,At~(n~tal, 30312 GA

Sunday, Marc:h 4

'!'(ll ~,@@ n

off Sou I' Alret~~)a IFlran ~li Ilpel10um s' ,at ,8 p.Jrn. alt tine Faoulous. Fo.lt 'Tlheatrs, 660 Pea chb@@' SL N ~ ,A~la nltal, GA 3000161 www,ticketmaster,tom

1M on dllY., MallR:lhl 5

30324" .www.jungleell~ba~lanta.coml JIO~'r~ iche~llle Mallola" Dedt Vogt!' Car-olliine ,A'iken M alnd s pecia ~Quest IMlary Elllle'liIlJ10nes 'for an in the rounrr shO\\r ar~B p.m. at [,~die's ,Att~'cr 51.5N MeDonoug h St., De,c atUlr" GA 30030, 'wVllw.@ddii:@sattic.,com

p rof~iona

Df, P,sllIe1la 1I'liIomnpsolitir. ,a eli nica~ psytholo~,ist and

We,dlle,sday, Mlarchl 7'

~t, At ~,a it'a!~ 303m. www.chcui:sb ooksand mCMl~e!,o~)m m

Roald! ,At'~a~ta, 30)24 www.her·eticat~anta.clomJ GA

Go~Llec he presents, the Nu est Fa Ie lez:a lSI, - aii nlBI 201112 wit h sD,ec~ II~ 'Car.I'n Ca rnra 'ftom !iRua [jlest
Pauli's, !Drag IR'ac'e,l'r Club Rushr 2115 Burfordl H!ghway,

IMlaloslbaft brinQ 5 its. LUillbetrj'ac:k IEdi't.i'on pal1y to the Cockpit features DJ W'"skuhfs, spinn~'~g8,-1:0:30p',lm., foUowed by DJ Diab;lol IRojo, fo:r the' rnst of '~he'n i~lht.. ,8 p.Iiln1.- 2:30 a.m~at '[oclk pit th,ema nsh1aftb Ilo~ slPotcom

1 he iB:cl,i) im e d doculm e nta ry ,u Vitali]'~ a bo ~[ the ~i'f'e of iiCe,~~~a'idel oseit" aut:h or Vilto, u II:&,SO, w~111 ave its SOlUtheas,b:rn plremllen: h ,as a f~ndrais~r 'hJf O~[ On fillm's 25th ann ~versa ry' ye'a r. 1:3:0 p. m. at M idtowiri Art Ci n e'm a, ,3~M·tlnroe' Dr NEF AUa ~ ta~,GA ,30008, WWW,Q ~'~o nilll ml,org

Atlaln~a, GA, 3032:4"
Toniglht i's tlh~ Plfes,i;dlnt~,s DiY' IBlaclk HI"s,tJOr, Month! t r'jbu tie wI[ h Ido Drs a p e.n ,at 1l:30 p.m. at XS UItria tou nge 10,8: Spr~ng St Atlalnlt~t GA 30aOB. W\~w,)tcessultra 10 ung,e,(omi

:Sulld!i1'Yr Feb,.,26,

~ II ~ -': ~ IMalre~ h _-.. Thlllirsday., ... ::- ~ -111



[a's,t :Stde Pride hosts a do gig ~ediy' at Ci,ark$on,rs Mil a m [)o~ Pa nl .3-6 p'.m. at 3867 Normlam Rca d~ CIalrksttofl GA,3002't ea s~sr ~ e prlid enews.lb~ogsp CJtf~om

l~e~lb~· rr~ .,~ Ih e short. ull m ur~IF'Dlg 't h e 'Wildowt' ab Q~ t ,t) ,tlos~ h E'ted you ng 'WOlmlm dea li'ngl with aUra c~~tnm an,~)ther to worn an as a S h'ablba t Idinn~r a pproa ch@s, .$( r~~ns,a 5,
B• f1 __ '--lY,
part of the At iUiit,ill ,J@wis hi fil~ml festlvall today a[ 12:15Il..m,. (l t the UA laral aJndagai n at Mlen:ha n [s Wa ~k o WI Feb~,26 at n a ,m, 'WWW,(J j~f.or-g



lhe lH]oth~lIiI~aoftlball Lealie ~05'tS:s,i'glm"lps for th,e S sprij n~ sealson from 5-8, p. m. ,at M ixxr '1492 Pied mont Ave'
N t Att~anta GA 3OJ09, ww1{J,.hot I,an~asoft ba Itorg

lhe AUanta 'Sis,t.ers,of IPlrpetlua II Jndlll!g;el~ewi ~~ wea Ir t h,ei r PJs and i!1vite \liCHJ to rnlon you rs fOlr ai Pajam,al 'arty'to benefit, the P,aJalma P'r-ogram a charily that ~rovid'@$ n~w p,a~'am,asallnd books, for ~'lid$ who ICilr'eh omleless or una ~Jop[ed.Bri n,g a do na non: ,even~n ~ aIso inc I udle.s bi ngtJr. a ralf'rle ,and a best dressed pajama (on~e'stfr9 p.ml• ,at Woofs, 2425 P~edm onrt Roady At:lalnta GA 30e24.~ www.woofsatlanta.com

lfiliiday, Mlarc:h 9~"·I'--rdla- 1.·_1. I·.... ,~II:U· -',--'Y-r -M-a "''''h 1-10
lh e ,an rn~J,al Slaloms

funrls for elM 111:5 K~ds!wh ~(h prij~ides LGB,T~· iI nclusiv! youth serv~D@'s~ pum. Irri mary and ,a, Sart,lj rday at 14~hStJeelt Playh o~:se',~13,'14thl St. AtlanltB. GA 30J09~ www.chni'skJds.org Almry I:al' a rid her ban ~ perfonm a sola show bJ pf(J'mO~eh etwneW' ,a~Ulm, ,~'.I b LlllIlngl of LOVI~I"r lh,e Shlado~~bole'rs opelTh. B p.m" at 'Var~lety P'~aVhouser 1099 lEud!d Ave., A~~atnta, G,A,30301;

Ir ILo,ve 'c'aballet rn'ises

Salturday~Marchi 110

D~anal 10,$s pe rform s' at 8, p,.m, at the fal bu IDUS f()x 1[h(~N3tu9! ,660 Peachtree' St. N[~ ,A~'~artal, GAt 3030 S~, r www.ticketlmas.b?r.com


GA 'Voiiice . '. Februa

11~ 20112


_ I__:.':_ :_ _: __::__:._:__: ~_ _: G'lve' t-he" pr otesslnn a'ls at


, M- . ..-

F~ln"'an'1'f'Ii'"'IBI-1 G'-r"n'llJP"_'__: IF'sl-I-111 8 1..1 -::_ lu _.
1 ::_ ~-~ _


. ': I








A ZIt! :SP[CI L 0 '[FER


If ,e igib~le,'YO~ will pallrticipate in a study to evaluete the sa'fety end the potentiel


efficacy of an HIIV vacclne, The vaccine does not 'contain HIIV, loeetl 0 n in D,e'catur, Georg ~a.'Ih is study is, bel FI'g eo nd ucte dI

w'illl receive $75 per study vtslt for your time and trave~ expenses to
~)'['U Y d

' ru'J 7t li\"'r VEG........ DES".-SERTS" .\1\TE,DDING' C,Al<ES
1·.- ..·· .................., .....•.•.......




by Dr, Marik, Mulligslrl of the Hope Clinic of the' Em'OIrYvaccine Center,
II,oca'~le'd 6'0,,3 Chu re hi Stlf"~l~t~ Dec etur, G,A 30 0'30. a'~

LEAR"N '.L ORE (AL 877 424 HOPE (46-73.'.')'·· -0···· WWW.HOPEfUN IeEMIORV,EDU VA(ClIN E@EMORV, EDU
_ _ . : .,'_ _ ~ . :_ ~ __ _. _ _, ..... _ I. _ '... . _.... _ _ _, '_ _


_ _: _






tl N rV:E iRS IT.V

T.kt; H'opCi: CI inic of tlh~'

V;s;ocLne: CeirrWJ:



:SUPP'RTIN"·· G 'If! E co JvDVIUNTIY' ..... ' .•.•. A


o·····~·~ 18·····.~n~!s····l:I'I::rJTH" '
_ ..FV'[J:d:\ "I~·


PRlD-:::'" <'E·
l ',II



te .1.:lng Maybe It's time to C le-"-a 1'- O-"Iu't"' 0'-, u r'- closet

lth an. I' '_
'._~ . ~~ •. _.

IMel~$satarter is also al~vritelli"'for HIUlrfi ngro~p.~st. She b ro k'e ~Iround as '~Ihefirst out lesblalrTI radio personality ,on a malar 'st,a~iOlrn ~nAt la nta and was, one' of ~he fe-~'IOUlit morni~g $,how~erso malli tjes,i~nthe (ounrlry. ~o~ ~er omlTwitter '@IMelissEI Cader 10\"









. "__)




own, You let go. Thatcan be an ,eMY concept

'" ,,'III.. • '" iwng unseen, B,aSIF,al~ -J, '"] S trust In someu ",1-.,. call y you wlllingl y accept lack 10£ control of a situation. and simply le't Ufe p:~aY' on its out

an emotional ru.@velfor mamYJ


our society

encourages 'Us to deal with exp eriences 'from, (JUl past, let mem go and move' on, H'owe'ver~ tO pby:sicallily ~~~ things, go ,~san entirely druffeJsnt matter, t's all weD atfld g,Qod to say goodbye 'to a bad feeUng(t. butt, g~.ving up the souvenirs, of a time gODE! by ]s dle ulnmate hurdle, 'Wh~th@F.i~.be 00, OV@[tI@iXPOSro photo,grapllilof Yi()Uffi" s1bUo_gs or dtat combersome futo 1']1 couch from your first apartment, d1ro~ them out :~e.e_llis rippling away ~ piece of your soul. like

pired ,hrru ,2010.. I talian dressing Mayonnaise and OU~e' Oil dressing [rom 2.009" And yes,

.~-;' '"-1,.''''-'',...::11 ~ rd soup"-, mIlJJSIL2lI an. ,.,... , ..~.,- ":;_;["j'- a jja.vulb ex U vuiaigre re, :-:111--"""'·.·:'
-i~ ',-"'.-

,;ill j[ erunz 5~'7· g.II!"lII, .... a-'~llwitLU da tes ending in .... an!lJ ,1 =-"j _ ,. J_, ,U W·· g,.,. 't:l..pEii 1~etc :l..rn ~Ip to ''-m' .'.:Iie U~~ ~lh.!!I eto 2.· ".' Then ·t11_.··011:l ~l~,u. .. ,.
I I" 1i::"~~lmlii"'~ ,'i;:l! .;;;! O'iRtlll ~!!;;;.!!.'IiR _ ~_ " ,IL _~.:ll' :_" ,U"I,,:: " __ !J,i, ~ " 1

Than, made me qU,ie-strn,'on how many items in our 'fridge ha.d gone bad. I gw'abbed SOJue salsa and saw i t 's expiration dace W,(IS Sept, 24 - of 2.0 I~l. found some chopped garM lie, cilantro, vodka sauce~ ranch dressi rrug,~

,,..]..,.. ..... iflIj 2'f'liIOO .... t u ,1.faWnl OU.e rn . v·, UI'.

had some m ustard that should have been


JUSl, ta ke a look in your anic or gar age at

all ,the thi.ng,s, you, lntend to 'one day organize wlli1en you 'have time, 'YOlU vie ,elCulaJ~y plsnned to organize {,O]['" years, but you just can ~tbrmg

1\\7enty-'eigllilt I(On~1ners mal were in the l refrigerator door 'Wl~in!expired, ThES does not

C_ ~'ln,ICia, ~.,syc
J" ..... /

r. SeQ. h",,'t,'"·I········~,t', kriq ht COin ._. "'~ P'(" ".'

,10, D'!gIS:


dlat, ·f'a· e"d':,.R: :-, " "d':y A"',um d. ,Ow, ., [".' - d- ,J]_gge. " ~ _~r] ; "Ii: -":'l·l~ 11 ,t 'I!..~ mom" l't",!?, .o:iI,i!-"' JLJ. ." ~ 1J.j.iIJLl,[llW\ .ll. IllJ.l\; ~ 'r"]'OS ~'f'""W'O lose ... item '1.. so .,IlJI, decide ~,_,~ 'b'. ,,",' IlJI,SiiT U~,'~, '_~ ,U:II;; it's jUS'[ to let the' jW1Lk piles grow and keep these items. in our gras.p~ I'no, SO(lTy~, not junk _, ,'" na tiqnes. n We .ha,V',eto show respect to that [listed
,nO[eI~OO,~S, .'. "L-. 11... , ." or
rI1t! i(JU~

yourself 'to throw
W' .,g

OU~ those
"',,~_ifD 'W:
OTT ~ ".

old high school
111"i.I?"g I,YGIi\;;

tim-~~ m"" -, '0·. lull!t:o:!<

food poisoning
i"l"£!;, .l't

scm,lenee' expernnents g;rOWUlg m the depths 0,[ our fridge. The CDC, estimates





oft V


8'fl,I!.::" ,

th .,

'"=iiIF'il, UJ!!II.,

'0: utside ~JI.!lIJI,t

in privat'e home's three
.iIi-..,a;, 1!JJII,h::. '0:

h m-' ,1t.,.!Ilm' n-'In·w·':
Il} ..

,10k ~ ... JII'

111"\_ ,Y



III, ...



C' ",.;;I!~


'W.. '"



understand '\vhy., But why have we hoarded these items in

IIIIIIlt· Out ot control sr;3'xlJIalIbehaviors • Co miing out Depress'iionianxiety.' RJellla~~on.slhipi1liculties, d HIV+ 8UPIPort glroups Groups for deve~oping CI'OSI8 en d int~ mate relatlonshl ps

e "so talk .:bo ut
I .. ... ...





the first pla!oe? Is :H a bout control? Comfort
'with, 'the familiar? Laziness? Or 'focusing, on the ~~o.n,gthings?

sco ~-_@a,t'llanta'th~raIPYiicom
www~atlantatihelrapY.CQilm • 11955

_- ,.,315. 715,0

Q;rarrudfatl':~e~rused to OW Fl. I'm no dl'ffe re nt, In our c'nlose'tjwe still dedIcate hanger space to 0 d Peachuee Road Race and Kidney 'Walk t-shirts, as Wl~,Th1 as sl1asg,~d



We surround ourselves mth comforts
~11iI~ I!i.l!JJ'

- = ....'~...D m.clJJl:\!!':;'

feel b il!!lith~iI, r~
iIlll;;.!C,lI;;;;"tI ...



Fii .'.!I,n '!:ii'H'lil!!JiiFiRl'PI'I' l,1II WlI,J, tHU!t;JLILIllt.

[,11"1; ,~'"'~ II"I;~ lliil" -!IJ JLlA. U'UI.lIl

ern Valle'y' 'WaYl' Ste. 11 5 '. Atl, GA, 303129

sweaters and seamed . ennessee and Georgia


that have seen their better daJYs, 'Of our dress pants maybe' ,SO pereent get used
:n~gu.lar:~,y:~ Katie has a, pair 0:£ blue j esns, and 'I kld.. , v'o-. 11'i '0· "M'¥ hJU. ~ 'b'11'i'tto'ii"II, £1- ,!IL m e~1 'iI'ii'"iI!:ii "f ~' l!.. ,K j. . ',a,w=""Y· '" 1., .ch,eck,ed. 'the pock,@,ts dlere woulld. be a Van illila, .l,ce ,c()n,rert tici<Jet stub in mer,e llhlS ide'a of ~h,old]l1g, to' stuff even affects the 011 :ki~d1ttlThe o!ht"t ,d~yI waJtdted Ka~e @,at some garlic and helm cheese on. 2Il,cracket"~ and couldDl"~ rem~mlber'u& b~g arny~aIlic cmd he"IDs Cheese li~rely.,I read1ed in 'f-rid_ge to find aO]lJtamer" wha,rn had ,an expiration d~te' ~)'fSept .' When I brought tl~s to KaHe s ,att-ention s~he'asStn~d. ,me 'IDe mOl1tfths..old. d'fe~e' lirasted 'fine.
I!"I, i'II iii' ,1,,9, . 'I)"j '" .. ,"" .. '91
I!.,I, .
r.,r. '~~





brains and forget anything that makes us feel bad" But all this ene'rgy spem on our external w'Od"d keeps us from 'focusing Ion tbe Internal Sb'ug;glle 'we' can address by '~Ie:tti[1g,:g()~So 'wThla t if your co~~,ege' ioouoh went ~ntbe YB.vd sale or if you gave ,aw'a.y-those 'vin.yl records? Whit remains is, you, AU those experiences land ,ru@mori@s, a:n~ you, ,and having am ie.ntin~ home full o'f rem] llders d,oes.n ~l 'maJk~l tlilem IDore lor less. real 't jusit clul'ters tt,oday~
"F al·th '" 'b ]., . '" so:m~*,'L.,. . .. :..IS ...~,[ ~,'evlng nn u,dn,g unseen . '1.&[ liVe



:m,@IUOS, from, your past doesn "~Inean the pas~.
d'd ~,'Ih appen~ _1:_Tr't, You jU1S ,hav,e ,D1l0f,e ,[[oom ~o move forward"
1 [

tend to associat,e; "that conce.pt Vlith religion., But maybe' W,f sbowd .app,ly '~ru,dlto oW" own lives. Just 'b eCSJuSIf2' stop tri:ppii:l1,g ove'r mey'OlU












. ,-

'.. '

(F' l ·'m a·' IITAT' ,.'" . ·'I"-'.·".r' -···'.:-,.-··· .-.':. v' 'U




, :r i,31m. La.'lN'1f,e·rrs ,A,gg t' .8S~

v'el'" ' ~',ep"rr sen tit


Famil les



L'GBT Commu


My Aunt Trish was passing through Atlanta, and stayed m O~' guest room for the night, Ihad to work late, so by 'the time got home, she and


Tophu Paylurue 15an Atlanii"bmoo ~Iaywrlghtandi tne aurtmouor the book, !!N~~ ill lul(urf~s~, N~t,esormla Semi~r'4lbllJlbu5 Ufe.:" IF~mdl more at tDptterpay\rne~'oom out: ing, and woald go about the business of his day. TIllis.is the succinct rej eetion one I@xpedenaes in small towns; No one says anything, to your ., '. ':"", -.... .m.. 'rj] J'Ii1if" t sh Jf!. :.. '0·ff 'III m th ;i!:'iiII' W:. ld A Ii". ~ E
• 1!;I.1I;,..'!;;;:':l! - JJ.!;:,J

..O,N=TH"E~~'O.B, INJURlES [<'LMP/F··· 1
A froud member

,"~~,th!:frvla~'~'rm,.,!C'Olll Rand.V@the:fr-ylawf':irm'i.,eo,m

my husband Preppy 'we[le, already pretty deep mto their' second bottle' o'f wine The, converse-

'lion had turned ~ob~;gideas, as the second boule


B'~rAs.sOO'-ilnOf] Gtoova. Tndl Law.ym' A5.n~a~tion Ammcd,n 1Tidll.a~~ers ,As~aciation


· ·O-:··) ,1-,e~lC.1 ...•..• ,~,& 14·.._"' .. n" .·hit·.ree ,.,. 'S·.,t,", -N···T1!JI .. ""00'" 5·0····0···'·, At an ~a,". '. '.~..:':_''ant 'G""A' ~-'r'OI"I'O""'9'1 '.,'

..... '.







of wine tends 'to djctaj'te~ 'Irish was reminiscing about her mother, my Grandrnama, a :fie~."Cely .~.oJ·at,funny; incredibly opmienated stridem woman. She 'was die sort of person who aJwaJys let yO~1J know €'xactly
wThlE[if you stood with her, and rn'[ you stood


1; 1 1 ''tI''!ifjIIIi'l ~ .. I!,J - ,J V!,..l_,

., .. ".





,if'[IIt"" """",J. ~.

.. ' .,....... ..

ru.ally~ 'ltJru may not be Just a small


Bllr As.socia't'ion,

in the

pi.. it would send j3J, cold chill ace, d,own ,'our spine, :1 long. ago made .my pesce with how much Itake 9'fte rn" her.. Grandmama died before' I ,CaTI1@ out, ood I 've ,a.lways 'fell 'that was 'for the best She' was a Depresslon-raised churchgoing, conservative. :My wanting to kiss other boys would harv€! PJiobab~y smck in her craw, 'even ~f did many a nice ieUa from Mlsslssipp], SiQ when 'Irish told Pre,p,PY, '''IOh~,and Mama
.,,1...,11 WO'IWU ,"

him on the phone' forever, My si ster and I couldo'r believe Daddy understood a word he' said, But Bil I had been [;~lHng,my fame~'"'fur 30 years at, that point, so the lines of commnnieati.ornW€If€' 'wide open, :M:y farther had been taught as a Ichild to show 'Bill g,e~tleness and patience"
According to 'Irish, Grandmama was disgusted that other p~e]1J1ts hadn't dowrue the same, ~~OhJ'it made her :50 furious, n .lsh said. "These people who we're in, 'me' duueb every Sllifnd\a.y~'fkvery' 'Neck1~d~y~ then they'd waJ]k. but erouod tfJrwndlinldng they didln;!"[ have '~O talk to certain... .t':';;. neoole -,.-oFil'iTIdn'lIi" g~''ii:j'£jj ~'!i..mE. W U.. time of !!,\;;;' .... A ':iiljr '~.~. '19in, -iI':,11 th J ,1,;1...;:... J~ ",'k,~l~ j~.'Wg~lC; . 'lLflli"lli~ '1~,..,ii'"'JIiliW' ?',' . Ut_!lJj-'i If-,,. 1.1LU lUllJJ . t,:! U.lllIilll.ll\. IU.~1t; J jnJIJ.lU"!' '. The principles Grandmama ~aug'bm, Daddy to and Tr']c·1I..".'w· -]'!I lch thev Pu,Ji;j'- U0'iiVl1j,..0 the ir ti:h. ,U,=' chi] ~\u I!!~.J . assed Jillf'lllL"l'fl

Bill Teny would call :my fdt~er~ and keep




, .. ~'~~





,jIol..Cii 'i IUI'!U.

I..:; I,y.


'~WeU,she' would 've illov!{!d.rum tmltUl she found 'OlUE he was my h~IDld/" I said, smirking" ,p~CM'~n,gthe steely ,galle she would've fix'ed upon him, possUlly 'wm~rru_g rum into a :pillar of salt "Oh, ill thmk it would've been &h~ighrt me in end; said. Trish, "Mama would have coma around j LIDSt like ~@ry body else in, the family. 1 mean, she would ~'ve'asked a whole kat of in=

me nod-on",

h,ar.V'e LO'YE' ,..j, '.' you~··1Il toO;;{ umr bt.age -'D'" n:rr 1 -'
I •..• "


''fV 't;JJ"It;~~1

~,~ ~I-



, .., '

'ii'Fit 1'



m'en, were rooted in grace and .kindntss., It
IJ· '. )~, 1 . ·..

..w····''1· ':~·~·li'iil " . llJJlUllIJ 'UO~II··~IiJ;'"'~Mgl..'t - '''0- ~.~, lIJ,J. lW t! _"

your heart to pe\op'~,e'you don 't understand. ~ Tib'.l!dii' ",p "'~:...~ !fOI undati 'O'IA of ill"'" !~'.lI.'·l"'~:'l ~111-' my': !tiJ·· iIla.. mind. Faj.th ,rus I10~.meant to be' aJ barrier from
.Wlmlll.:!< IIlJII.J,'!;:;;
IllIJI:IU, . JI.J.

expect the best ·n.fI1 ,~v.~ ;)" .. '1WI'1 ~JiOllJJ1dyou, bu~ only when you first app'ly those expectanons to yourself That means opening
.' ~b
1 ~ ~~.-



;n,itri •


n 1!I.lli U'b It;!;



• HlumidiJty I,
..:...11 .;)~!~'



E--m--'o"!II!!,.".'IIM _ -.. 1I\~.IHi1-""·888"'"..' ...•:.~;IVUU ~ .. ~.D~D
,,-1.~Q' -Zinln,nll'lNr. I-Rid" "'.,.01 .' VIIIIU u:. '.,"i

• ,l,ilif ."::: 'UIII'" ,it'lllln,iI\e' 'Iml~lfiIj,\",a ~,~,,-ho" W",t.ull~~~ Covev,@d] Iioladi ng ,alv'ea
• I(Ilean

A' 'Ja'lnlt'':II 1(:.111.· -',:' !1If'Ii so 6"'" ._u~ UA, '3 U-·"·U··_·,.

i ndoow.'e r1iviro nment

M-d _'OWDJ 4· AJL ,:~._,~III:.. ",~,~ .., .' UU ___ .._t- '.' .,1:" _-'III '5·t·iA,04'" _~I'~\;JI~__ IRA I

appropriate questions, but that was just hell" curiosity. She wrue'Vler judged a pe;rson for how' they lived if ,"t wa.sn~thUllii[ffig arJybody - ..... OWl' h(Ypocdtes, that's ~al she' couldn' t stand, Like how' ,pe!.]ph~'lIe~®edBill Terry:.,." m ,remeJiE11]ber B,H~.ll~n:v' from my mmdhood. Ie
ler.,BUI rode around tffi!iln on a .~oo b~CJ'de,,aTh\vays m. ,3. p~t~ocd pID@SsedIOxfoKl shim1 arnd 'blue j~ans., Y


world around you; It's supposed ~o be the

means for 'f,orgirJJg, a ccnnecnon with it.

have been room ill Grandmama's heart fU];J 'my' 'husband and nu~'.He~,;faith w,a;s strong be:ca:us!e'
it was built 'upon Q]uestionoong, .a[1d leva.rut1a:nrn1g dlle'

ThiIDfs why Trish is 'oonfider][ there would

• Wi li1es't,orralge' at M idlown ~olcalti0 n
FREE Tr;uclt
,Ren'fal at'
,iIi·~,ii,I:a. ,illn-~~' .. JI.r~ r 'E=" \Ill,' : III

G - 303 ,'. . .. t NW!, - a~rta,~1 A, ,', .. - 8 ..... 680 '4..-mh S'1r,ee~ -_.- - ,At ~I
....... , : .-. ,.-..-', ".' ,.-'.' "'," _. I" ..'
1, ",~,

was :my :fa.'[her~'sge, but. still Hv!oo.'\~ilh hils m,om.= a

Deadur 404.292 .. 106 0
2 9" Or N~D,ecatuw IRd,~ D,!catut, GA, ,30033:

I dani't kn!O\»I '~h!at h_l;. specific: d1alleng,e was~ i.nl 'rfut vemaaJ.. of the tirne~,be w~ Un:!wd~d.,~t' And he' was, ] Idlisoove~e.dJ! viJJtUJaUyinvisible., HIe' would 'wa]J{ in~o ,a shopl and sudcIDe'l1ly ,eV1E~'IY

m.derr5~md j[sn'~ fai'1h ru: alill ,iii. Wt ~!LIC.,

'wo:rld she, ,runhabited. F.ajm 'built upon r-ejecdl~g what you don~'[

itJ·s, vfJJllfU] ~gno-·
.~ •. "il6.""'n


n'll'l'· ·W·','C·l,l.J' ·'II10·'~1m n"'ri u :h'Il'liiFri ..IIl.!II. ~..... !!lI.,J



ViI' U.l: , . 'UIII'lI'1J1 J!IUI ..

da1n~ 'to show' Cl0I11Jpassioll" 'to see' life frOl11 all,-· ~

oilier poin~ 0 v1ew~'me wbo,IDe wlocld opens up,.


lemploy1ee' and OJstomer' woWld 'beoome othlet\~;Sie occupied" I Ie wou~dspeak, and people wlould. be'ha.·vl@< 'lho.u,gh 'they caw.dn.'t hlMI ..If he as was hmt by 'dl[s~] cO'lddtn.' t'tell. He just kept s:mU~

Grandmama's :m,emOl1f "]a~, n~:gbtjand to dle e'XaJn.plie' she set: The dlaUeng,e set be:fro:r€'us in U:fe'Is. Flot deter--· milling, who you '[lie be~teI''[han~, Ul ra'~her how b
]'111 '\1"0- ~I'~"""'~'n C'·rr·· J ' .. IILCU ..l .:II.' !WI. 1·.u~ 'tl""" -b-'~'~;Q;ji.Iit'~r: ,., 'M' ~ . lUre 11!JlII;:; IlJ!!:!.:'.

We raised our :g]asses

78,1, Peach'tlliee St." INIE

et me corner ot Peecmree & Fifth
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