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2012 Seattle Mariners Media Guide
2012 Seattle Mariners Media Guide

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Published by: WWU_SID on Feb 16, 2012
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Photographer’s Areas

The ball is “in play” if it hits any of the railings defning the photographer wells and
bounces back onto the playing feld.

Ball Hitting Roof Trusses

A batted ball hitting a roof truss in fair territory shall be judged fair or foul in relation to
where it lands or is touched by a felder. If caught by a felder, the batter is out and base
runners advance at their own risk.
A batted ball hitting a roof truss in foul territory is a dead ball, regardless of where it
lands or if caught by a felder.

Outfield Area

The hand-operated scoreboard in left feld is part of the left feld fence. A ball must
clear the scoreboard (defned by yellow horizontal line) to be a home run. If a batted ball
hits the cyclone fence under the scoreboard and above the padded wall, and the ball
lodges behind the padded wall, it shall be ruled a ground-rule double whether it lodges
behind the wall on the fy or on a bounce.
The ladder and the handle attached to and to the right of the scoreboard are beyond
the padded wall. A fy ball striking either the ladder or handle shall be ruled a home run.


A ball must enter the dugout to be considered a dead ball.

Movement of Roof

If a game is started with the roof closed, it may be opened when, in the opinion of the
home club, climactic conditions warrant such opening. However, roof may be opened
only once during a game and shall commence only between innings after the umpire
crew chief has been notifed. Prior to opening of roof, the visiting club may challenge
the opening if it feels a competitive imbalance will arise. The crew chief will make a fnal
decision based on the merits of the challenge.
If a game is started with the roof open, it may be closed during the game. The
decision to close the roof shall be made by the home club, and may be made solely for
the comfort of its fans. Play will continue during roof closure if possible. However, the
umpires have the right to stop play during this process if they determine it is necessary
to do so.

SAFECO FIELD (continued)

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