You'll blow past defenders with your first step quickness. The controlled imbalance created by the Proprioceptor Plugs forces your brain to fire impulses to your muscle fibers over one thousand times per second. After just one workout you'll feel the amazing difference in your game.y What is the Proprioceptor? Proprioception is a form of training that is to pro trainers perhaps the most exciting recent development(and also the least known to the public). .0 are the only platform trainers on the market that have proprioception capability. The new Jumpsoles v5. You'll also possess bionic knee and ankle joints that are virtually injury proof. with faster results than traditional workouts on a flat surface. like nothing you've ever felt before. Team trainers have discovered that their athletes are more sure footed and injury free. The loading stimulus is radically supercharged. Proprioception uses controlled destabilization to multiply workload and sharpen neuromuscular reflexes.

Bagaimana? .Fungsi Reseptor Regang y Otot mengawal pergerakan badan dan membantu mengimbangi badan semasa pergerakan.

Berjalan? 3. .VOLUNTEER PLEASE!!! Ikat tali kasut? 2. Timbang bola? 1.

Berjalan dengan meletakkan beberapa buku di atas kepala? 1.Susun buku sambil menutup mata? 2. .

Sukar? Sulit? .

Apa itu reseptor regang? Tonton video berikut .

tekanan dan regangan badan. tendon dan ligamen. y Reseptor ini sensitif terhadap pergerakan. y Reseptor regang didapati pada otot. .y Aktiviti-aktiviti tadi melibatkan reseptor regang.

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