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Published by Deepak Sundarrajan

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Published by: Deepak Sundarrajan on Feb 17, 2012
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weaponsgunsgunsguns Extra money ifiwerearichman Full healthgesundheit Higher wanted level morepoliceplease Lower wanted levelnopoliceplease Tank (Rhino)giveusatan kDestroy all carsbangbangbang Change costumeilikedressingup Crazy pedestriansitsallgoingmaaadAll pedestrians attack younobodylikesmePedestrians fight each otherweaponsforallTime advances quickertimeflieswhenyouVery fast game clockmadweatherFaster game playboooooring100% armorturtoise Clear weatherskincancerformeCloudy weatherilikescotlandRainy weatherilovescotlandFoggy weatherpeasoupInvisible cars; wheels onlyanicesetofwheelsFlying carchittychittybbImproved car handlingcornerslikemadGore modenastylimbscheat
Health Cheat Cheat code: GESUNDHEIT Weapon Cheat Cheat code: GUNSGUNSGUNS Money Cheat Cheat code: IFIWEREARICHMAN Armor Cheat Cheat code: TURTOISE or TORTOISE in version 1.1 Weather GTA 3 Cheats

Fog Thickness Level 1 Cheat code: ILIKESCOTLAND Fog Thickness Level 2 Cheat code: ILOVESCOTLAND Fog Thickness Level 3 Cheat code: PEASOUP Nice Weather Cheat code: SKINCANCERFORME Pedestrian GTA 3 Cheats

Flying Cars Cheat code: CHITTYCHITTYBB Crazy Pedestrians Cheat code: ITSALLGOINGMAAAD Pedestrians Want To Kill You Cheat code: NOBODYLIKESME Pedestrians Carry Weapons Cheat code: WEAPONSFORALL Other GTA 3 Cheats

See Through Cars Cheat code: ANICESETOFWHEELS Blow Up Cars Around You Cheat code: BANGBANGBANG Better Driving Cheat Cheat code: CORNERSLIKEMAD Spawn A Tank Cheat code: GIVEUSATANK Change Character Cheat code: ILIKEDRESSINGUP Increase Wanted Level Cheat code: MOREPOLICEPLEASE Decrease Wanted Level Cheat code: NOPOLICEPLEASE Faster Gameplay Cheat code: TIMEFLIESWHENYOU

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