Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region IV- A CALABARZON Gate 2 Karangalan Village, Cainta, Rizal



INTRODUCTION Several studies here and abroad showed overwhelming evidence showing the advantage of learners who undergo learning in the first language, thus the Department of Education (DepEd) issued DepEd Order No.74, s. 2009 which institutionalizes MTBMLE as a fundamental educational policy and program within the DepEd in the whole stretch of formal education including preschool/ kindergarten and in the Alternative Learning System with the desired impact that learners will enjoy relevant and quality education which supports their home languages and cultures. The said DepEd Order also provides that one of the fundamental requirements for a strong MTBMLE is the development, evaluation, production and distribution of inexpensive instructional materials in the designated language at the school, division and regional levels with special priority on beginning reading and children¶s literature. The Order further stipulates that the materials should be as much as possible original, reflecting local people, events, realities, and appropriate to the language, age and culture of the learners. With this end in mind, the Elementary Education Division along with the select writers, critics and other stakeholders from the fifteen divisions started the development of small and big books that will complement the Story Track and Primer Track Lessons for the successful pioneering of the Program among the select Grade I classes in the seventeen schools.

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The conduct of the series of trainings and workshops

on the development

and evaluation of the newly crafted small and big books to complement the MultiSkilled Method (Two ±track Approach) is necessary due to the following reasons: 1. As reiterated by Susan Malone (2008) and underscored in the DepEd Order No 74, a system for writing, illustrating, editing, evaluating and producing materials is an important feature or component of a very strong and sustained MTBMLE Program. Malone also stressed that Level 1 materials consisting of big and small books, alphabet books/cards, songs and poetry, folktales and legends need to be written and evaluated because when people first learn to read in their Mother Tongue or first language, they need materials that are short and easy , and are about things that are familiar to them; 2. Grade I teachers of the pioneering schools need Level I materials for teaching the children in learning to read. However, the materials that were newly crafted by the select Grade I teachers need to be edited and must pass the five ± stage evaluation; evaluating one¶s own work, feedback from Grade I pupils, feedback from Grade I teachers and sets of critics composed of instructional leaders; Education Program Supervisors I (MTBMLE Coordinators) and finally the two Assistant Schools Division Superintendent together with the Nationally-Trained Trainers using the locally crafted Evaluation Rating Sheet; and 3. The development of Support Instructional Materials specially designed for MTBMLE and its evaluation would ensure that the materials would conform to the MTBMLE principles and standards in small and big books development vis-a-vis with IMCS standards in terms of: 3.1. Book Design and Presentation; 3.2. Readability of the Story Including Coherence and Clarity; and 3.3. Social Content.

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Regional Workshop on the Preparation of Support Instructional Materials (SIMs) for MTBMLE Validation and Finalization of the LocallyCrafted SIMs for MTBMLE

January 28-29, 2010

Talaba Elementary School Bacoor, Cavite

28 Grade One Teachers ( 2 per division *see p. 12

28 big books 28 small books 28 primer lessons

Regional Memo No. 06 , s2010 * See p. 42

February 4- 5, 2010

F. P. Felix Memorial National High School, Cainta, Rizal

28 Grade one teachers who participated in the January 2010 Writeshop * see p. 12

Evaluated 28 big books, 28 small books and 28 primer track lessons Booth display DepEd Memo No. 5 s. 2010 * See p. 46 Regional Memo No. 39 s. 2010 See p. 48

First Philippine ConferenceWorkshop on MTBMLE 2010 Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education Data Base Survey Consultative Meeting of MTBMLE Curriculum writers and Consultants

February 19-20, 2010

Capitol University, Cagayan de Oro City All public elementary schools

Representatives from the 14divisions

Oct. 4, 2010 ± October 15, 2010

MTBMLE Data Base

October 28, 2010

Regional Conference Hall, Karangalan Village Gate 2, Cainta, Rizal

28 Grade one teachers who participated in the January 2010 Writeshop Dr. Merecelita Pormentillacritic * see p. 12 Curriculum writers per division (participants of the January 2010 activity) * see p. 12

28 big books, 28 small books and 28 primer track lessons

Unnumbered Regional Memo dated October 15, 2010 *See p. 51

Validation of the Newly Crafted MTBMLE Materials

Dec. 9, 2010

Regional Conference Hall, Karangalan Village Gate 2, Cainta, Rizal

28 big books, 28 small books and 28 primer track lessons

Unnumbered Regional Memo dated December 6, 2010

*See p. 55

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San Antonio Ms. L. 2011 NEAP CALABARZON Regional Conference Hall. Mercelita Pormentilla Gina Gongora (Rizal) Doris Estalilla(Rizal) Cleta Fetavelo (Rizal) Juduth Clarito (Rizal) Noralyn Ignacio (Rizal Curriculum writers per division (participants of the January 2010 activity) * see p.Continuation of the Evaluation of MTBMLE Materials Dec. School Heads and Grade one teachers of the pioneering schools * See pgs. M. Emnace Dr. small books and listening stories Unnumbered Regional Memo dated May 30. 57 Workshop on the Evaluation of the Newly Crafted MTBMLE Materials April 2829. Bayas Dr. 2011 NEAP CALABARZON 100 Big Books 100 Small Books 100 Listening Stories Regional Memo No. 12 Division MTBMLE Coordinators Dr. Jabines 28 big books. 2010 Regional Conference Hall. 65 4|P a ge . E. Baclig Mr. 2010 *See p. Pormentilla Dr. Cainta. Karangalan Village Gate 2. 2011 * See p. Mercelita Pormentilla Division MTBMLE Coordinators Curriculum Developers Public Schools District Supervisors. 59 Evaluation and Finalization of the Crafted MTBMLE Small books. 2011 *See p. 12 Dr. Rizal Unnumbered Regional Memo dated April 13. Lipa City Evaluated big books. Rolle Ms. L. 2011 See p. Bayas Dr. Linda G. Badillo Mr. R. 2011 GB Lontok Memorial School. C. A. S. 28 small books and 28 primer track lessons Unnumbered Regional Memo dated December 9. Rizal Dr. 17. E. A. 10. big books and listening Stories June 2 ± 3. Cainta. Karangalan Village Gate 2. Padit Mr. 58 Regional Training of Grade I Teachers and Instructional Leaders of Pioneering Schools on MTBMLE May 8 ± 18.

listening stories and CDs to compliment the Two-Track Lessons of MTB-MLE June 2728. 69 Unnumbered Regional Memo dated October 27. 19 ± 20. 2011 * See p. 2011 Regional Office Distribution of the primer track lessons. Roces. 11. 2011 NEAP CALABARZON Nov. 24 s.29. 71 Nov. Rizal Division MTBMLE Coordinators School heads and PSDS of pioneering school Division MTBMLE Coordinators Final Plan Prepared Regional Memo No. 2011 * See p. 2011 * See p. 2011 MC San Juan Elementary School. 2011 Max¶s Restaurant. listening stories and CDs to compliment the Two-Track Lessons of MTB-MLE June 1420. Cardona. Quezon City SDS ASDS Division MTBMLE Coordinators Teacher-writers School heads of pioneering schools Board of critics Regional Office Personnel 5|P a ge . 67 Unnumbered Regional Memo dated November 4. 2011 Calamba City Division MTBMLE Coordinators School heads and PSDS of pioneering school First Quarter Conference of Instructional Leaders of Pioneering Schools on MTBMLE Consultative Meeting for the Book Lauching of Locally Crafted MTBMLE Materials Book Launching of Locally-Crafted MTBMLE Materials Sept. Scout Tuazon.Reproduction of the primer track lessons.

listening stories. Larawan ng Susing Salita para sa Primer Track Lessons. Encourage teachers to use localized and indigenous materials in implementing MTBMLE program 4.e. small books and listening stories that were crafted by teacher-writers 2.A CALABARZON. Evaluate other big books. UTILIZATION OF THE CRAFTED MATERIALS The crafted materials i. lesson guides were distributed in soft copy to be reproduced and used only by the pioneering schools of Region IV. Continue training of teachers on the development of big and small books and listening stories 3. Pagtuturo ng Tunog ng Wikang Tagalog Gamit ang Primer Track lessons for 28 letters. RECOMMENDATIONS 1.III. Train a pool of instructional leaders who can be evaluators of materials developed in school/district and division level 6|P a ge . IV.

Salamat sa Kalesa 5. 2011 May 15. Reyes Elvira E. Seguera Maricar C. Bacoor. Cavite b. P. Respino Obeth S. 2010 Talaba Elementary School. Bagong 2011 Nayon IV Rizal January 28. Malvar. 2011 Espiritu June 3. Del 2011 Remedio June 3. Bakas ng Higanteng Paa 2. Charmine V. Bagong 2011 Nayon IV June 3. 2010 June 3. Lacerna Raymundo M. del Rosario Shirley P. Regional Training of Grade I Teachers and Instructional Leaders of Pioneering Schools on MTBMLE May 8 ± 18. 2010 May 15. Pascua Mylene M. Goyena Emmabile Maranan Pauline D. Gov. Nasaan si Nonoy? 7.S.A. 2010 January 28. 2011 June 3. Sapungan January 28. 2011 Cavite City Quezon Cavite Antipolo City San Pablo City Antipolo City 7|P a ge . San 2011 Antonio Central June 3. TITLES OF PUBLISHED BIG AND SMALL BOOKS CRAFTED DURING THE FOLLOWING WRITESHOPS: a. Sibalon Gerald Malaluan Ma. Ladislao 2011 Diwa June 3. Sapungan Amador Cortez Roberto S. Cornista Elizabeth M.F. Regional Workshop on the Preparation of Support Instructional Materials for MTBMLE January 28 ± 29. Batangas BIG BOOKS TITLE WRITER ILLUSTRATOR DATE OF DEVELOPMENT SCHOOL DIVISION START END 1. Ang Lilang Laso ni Linda 4. Viva! Uliran Kayo! Elizabeth V. 2011 May 15. 2011 May 15. 2011 NEAP CALABARZON. Ang Panalangin ni Fatima 3. Madrilejos Genevi G. Bakit Nagbago si Jose? 6.

2010 June 3. Pascua Romana P. Sa Araw ng Sabado 18. Kaarawan ni Lotlot 13. Karikitan Amiel Obal Jelen E. 2011 June 3. Sabile Lydia S. 2010 January 28. Biyaya Kang Talaga! 7. Kuting 10. Glorioso Nida C. Natupad na Pangarap 4. 2010 January 28. Belen Roselle Marie A. 2011 June 3.SMALL BOOKS TITLE WRITER ILLUSTRATOR DATE OF DEVELOPMENT START END SCHOOL DIVISION 1. Samonte Josephine V. Panganiban Joyce F. Ang Mapagmahal na Anak 9. Glorioso Elizabeth V. Landayan Maria C. 2010 January 28. 2010 January 28. 2011 June 3. 2011 June 3. 2011 June 3. 2011 June 3. 2010 January 28. Santos Margie F. Kaluskos Kawayan 15. Bidbid Roselle Marie A. dela Cruz Richard Roy A. Maingat na si Inang Ibon 3. Rita T. 2010 January 28. Guerrero Unico Bronce Arjay G. Dito Ka Lang. Feliciano Amiel Obal Allan B. 2010 January 28. 2010 January 28. 2010 January 28. Rita T. Belen Nida Santos Cheryl B. Ang Naiibang Kariton ni Kuya Ef! 14. Takbo! Guya!Takbo! 11. 2011 June 3. 2011 June 3. Seguera Ma. Fabro Ma. 2011 Del Remedio Pinamukan San Pablo Batangas City San Pablo Calicanto Batangas City Laguna Tanauan Lipa January 28. 2010 Tagapo Del Remedio Santa Rosa San Pablo San Pablo January 28. 2011 June 3. Anong Sarap na Almusal 12. 2010 Maulawin Tinurik MalitlitAnangi Labas Santa Rosa City Ladislao Diwa Cavite City January 28. 2010 January 28. Orbial Chona M. Watawat Kong Mahal 8. Julian Ma. Cabantog Joel S. Panza Aiza Lyka Lardizabal Christine Marie A. 2011 June 3. 2011 June 3. Bautista Nilo de Jesus January 28. KadangKadang Uli! 17. Ang Mahiwagang Baso Elvira E. Nassan ka. 2011 June 3. 2011 June 3. 2010 January 28. Madriaga Maricar C. Dionisio Elsa M. 2010 8|P a ge . Villanueva Maureen A. Patawad Po. 2011 June 3. Fadegarao Raquel M. Elsa? 16. Ang Matabang Manok 2. 2011 June 3. Inay 6. Bibe. Reyes Editha P. 2010 January 28. 2010 January 28. 2011 June 3. Bautista Allan B. Dapat Pala! 5. Mendoza Jelen E. Cristina D. 2011 June 3. Mendoza Jomer R.

2011 May 15. 2011 May 15. Torres January 28. Rita D. Pepe at Pilar 23. Anong Sarap ng Tamalis 22. Torres Alrinazon A. Malayang Usa 21. Ang Harana sa Nayon Carlota C. Ang Kwintas ni Kenkoy 24. 2011 May 15. 2011 June 3. Natuto na si Mara 20. Nanca Ma. Cantos Almirazon A. 2011 May 15.19. Cabasal Jaylyn A. 2011 June 3. 2011 June 3. 2011 June 3. 2010 May 15. 2011 May 15. 2011 June 3. Palmiano Amiel Obal Genevie Lacerna Amor C. 2011 June 3. Belen Malou de Ramos Roanne Eve N. Reyes Maria Felomina Ederon Amor C. Medalya Para kay Lea 25. Pienda Amelia M. 2011 June 3. Ederon Lea D. 2011 Hilagang Mauban I Del Remedio San Antonio Central Kumintang Lawa Kanlurang Lucena I Kumintang Quezon San Pablo Quezon Batangas City Calamba Lucena Batangas City 9|P a ge .

2011 May 15. Andoy Walang Iwanan 3. 2011 June 2. Onie at ang Okra 6. Ina at Irene 5. Carurucan Amelia M. Rolle Mary Grace L. 2011 May 15. Nasaan si Mona 2. Rolle Mylene M. 2011 Rizal DepEd RO IV. Evaluation and Finalization of the Crafted Small Books. Ulan 9.A Binangonan Lucena West I Lucena West I Elementary Education Division 10 | P a g e . 2011 May 15. 2011 June 3. Bilao ni Betina 8. Suka at Sasa 4. Batangas b. Aran Agnes G. Ederon Ceferina L. Regional Training of Grade I Teachers and Instructional Leaders of Pioneering Schools on MTBMLE May 8 ± 18. Lipa City DATE OF DEVELOPMENT START END TITLE 1. 2011 June 3. 2011 June 3. 2011 GB Lontok Memorial School. Sina Olga. 2011 May 15. 2011 June 3. Rosa City c. 2011 May 15. Big Books and Listening Stories June 2 ± 3. 2011 May 15. 2011 June 3. Rolle SCHOOL Lucena West I Lucena West I Lucena West I Lucena West I Elementary Education Division San Antonio Central Binangonan DIVISION Lucena Lucena Lucena Lucena DepEd RO IV. Villion Agnes G. 2011 June 2. 2011 Division of Sta. Malvar.A Quezon May 15. 2011 June 3. 2011 June 3. 2011 May 15. 2011 May 15. Turon 10.LIST OF LISTENING STORIES WRITTEN DURING THE FOLLOWING WRITESHOPS: a. 2011 June 3. 2011 June 3. Kariton ni Kardo 11. Ang Lobo ni Lora 12. 2011 June 3.A Rizal Lucena Lucena DepEd RO IV. Okay na ang Yoyo WRITER Michelle S. Goyena Rosemarie C. 2011 NEAP CALABARZON. Ang Empanada nina Elan at Elen 7. Division Training on MTB-MLE May 25-26. 2011 June 3. Tuzon Maureen Angelica A. 2011 June 3. de Guzman Teresita Cuales Agnes G.

de Castro Rhodora C. 2011 June 3. 2011 June 3. 2011 June 2. 2011 June 2. 2011 GB Lontok Memorial Crisanto Guysako Memorial Gov P. 2011 Calamba Antipolo Antipolo Lipa Laguna San Pablo Batangas City Santa Rosa City DepEd RO IV. Perida Cynthia P. 2011 May 15.A DepEd RO IV.A Rizal 11 | P a g e . 2011 June 3. Mabuhay Ka Quiel 26. Espiritu CCMES Elementary Education Division Lawa Bagong Nayon IV Nayong Nayon IV GB Lontok Memorial Crisanto Guysako Memorial Del Remedio Kumintang Tagapo Elementary Education Division Elementary Education Division Binangonan Lipa Laguna Cavite Laguna DepEd RO IV. 2011 May 15. F. 2011 June 3. Si Noynoy 16. Cabadal Judie D. 2011 June 3. 2011 June 3. 2011 May 15. Denden 19. Ang Halaman ni Helen 20. 2011 May 15. Muntik na si Carlo 22. 2011 May 15. 2011 June 3. Pantaleon Ma. 2011 June 3.13. 2011 May 15. Nganga! Mapulang Ngipin at Bunganga 18. Ang Lola ni Niña Rufina Edna A. Celestra May 15. 2011 June 3. Bueneraje Cheryl B. Si Wally 21. Nganga. Gonzales Ma. 2011 June 3. 2011 May 15. 2011 May 15. Rolle Agnes G. 2011 May 15. Vinta 27. Barroso Agnes G. Rolle Marilou T. Bidbis Jasmine F. Gonzales Maria Jonaline B. 2011 June 3. 2011 May 15. Porcaje Jenyric A. Ruben at Risa 15. 2011 June 2. Rolle May 15. 2011 June 3.A Raisa B. X!X!X! 28. 2011 June 3. Si Felix 24. 2011 June 3. 2011 June 3. Ang Damit ni Pepang 17. Belen Lea D. 2011 May 15. Rita T. Kahangahanga si Zeny 25. Pinakamalakas si Gary 14. 2011 June 3. Virtudez Agnes G. Si Jack at mga Kaibigan 23. Emelia T.

Fabro Josephine V. Cristina Gov PF Espiritu Gov PF Espiritu Sta. de Soza Laguna Lilibeth D. Landayan Gina A. Cavite DIVISION Batangas PARTICIPANTS Gloria D. Jabines Invited Resource Ofelia S. Belo Cheryl D. Belen Roselle Marie A. Madriaga Thelma D. Concepcion U. Magdaraog Quezon Rianne P. Samonte Maria C. Rosa City Elsa M. Pascual Merizza S. Quial Batangas City Nida C. Flojo Speaker SCHOOL Balayan East Central Bauan East Central Sta. Rita D. Torres San Pablo City Ma. Bidbid Vivian V. Tiñana Carlota C. Ederon Jenny D. Pugay Lipa City Maureen A. Castillo Teodora A. Tenorio Regional Office Dr. Pineda Cavite City Maricar C. Glorioso Sta. Reyes Antipolo City Lydia S. Sabile Tanauan City Chona M. Santos Marguie F. Bacoor. San Antonio Angelika D. Valenzuela Lucena City Amelia M. Nanca Rizal Elvira Seguerra Elizabeth V. Fadegarao Calamba City Josephine B. Cruz Quinale San Antonio Mauban North I Cresdavile San Jose Juan Sumulong Bagong Nayon II Jose C.PARTICIPANTS TO THE REGIONAL WORKSHOP ON THE PREPARATION OF SUPPORT INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS FOR MTBMLE January 28 ± 29. Pastor Calicanto Jose Rizal Memorial Lawa Ladislao Diwa Julian Felipe Anilao Malitlit Lucena West I Lucena West I Del Remedio Ambray Tagapo Labas Tinurik Tanauan North Central 12 | P a g e . de Castro Marivic de Chavez Cavite Cristina G. 2010 Talaba Elementary School. Sillos Almirazon A.

2. Cuarto 24. Kristine Garcia 12. Diokno 21. Maria Jonaline Gonzalez 19. Rhodora Buenviaje 15. 5. Razon Mr. Lydia M. Remedios M. Catapang 26. Judy Bambao 7. Jocson Ms. F. 4. Jasmin Virtudez 17. Maricel Tampili SCHOOL Gov. Malvar. P. Rona May Vicente 11. Evelyn S. Lolita L. Espiritu MES LAGUNA Ms. 13. Anicia H. Nonabel D. Limyoco 20. Batangas DIVISION CAVITE SCHOOL HEAD Dr. Ontangco Crisanto Guysayko MES BATANGAS PROVINCE Ms. Nieves Figueroa 8. Rosalyn Dela Cruz 16. Nora Cawaling 10. Carlom 23. Ms. Avelino Mortel Lemery Pilot ES 13 | P a g e . Remy Comendador 18. Sally D. Rosa B. Susan P. Avelina Piscoso 1. 3. Jovy Guinto Legaspi PSDS GRADE I TEACHER Joyce Vergara Rose Ann Espiritu Shery Frando Catherine Salgado Emmabile Maranan 6. Ma. Loida R. Irene Jungco 9. Adeline Montefalcon 14. 2011 NEAP CALABARZON. Princes Matanguihan 25. Alvarez 22.PARTICIPANTS TO THE REGIONAL TRAINING OF GRADE I TEACHERS AND INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERS OF PIONEERING SCHOOLS ON MTBMLE May 8 ± 18.

Pauline Del Rosario 54. Roanne Cantos 62. San Juan ES Binangonan ES ANTIPOLO CITY Bagong Nayon IV ES BATANGAS CITY Ms. Mary Grace de Guzman 38. Gemma Anore 40. Pantaleon 36. Mylene M. Oseña Carmelita L. de Ramos 30. Elizabeth Sibalon 53. San Luis 46. Divina D. Diego Mrs. Rica Marquez Mr. Briones Kumintang ES 14 | P a g e . Aurora C. Myla V. Medina Edelyn B. Rowena P. Jonna Acorda 57. Roman F. Rhea San Juan 50. Baby Shella Rose Latina 47. Apolonia 32. Susana Certeza 39. Amelia Sapungan 49. Jonelyn Tamayao 55. Pillerba 28. Mylene T. Rosemarie Aran 37. Marciel Alaguia 58. Marina Palaca 56. Eugenia Ochavo 48. Eliodora B. Ms. Jelly Grace Aquino 45. Carlito Ms. Miriam Celosa 44. Malou M. Tiñana Isabedra 29. 27. Evangeline R. Jenyric Perida 59. Eloisa Francisco 52. Campo Revez Dionisio 33. Luisito F. Gurpeña Mr. Nimfa Mitra 31. Santiago 34.QUEZON RIZAL Ms. Arlene Ruiz 42. Cynthia Pantaleon 51. Maribel Aran Mr. Lea Cabaral 60. Abarides 35. Elvie Fabelon 61. Romana P. Eden Picones 43. Marilou Celestra 41. Baby Rose Falculan San Antonio CS Mariano C.

CITY Gonzales Ms. Almirazol A. Evangelista 73. Maureen Angelica Villar 85. Raquel B. Emelia T. Barzaga Candado 71. Porlaje 65. Jenny Tores 82. Tolentino 76. Lazo 77. Jenilyn Trapani G. Romalidan Robino Francisco E. B. Yolanda A. Arlene L. Pilar A. Capanan 69. Rochelle Cera 77. Badillo 78. Ma. Rosemari E. Mary Grace S. Gonzales 75. Raisa B. Rosalinda 70. Ceperina Tuzon 86. Sonia Ebreo 83. Acusa L. Teresita Zeta 78. Merlina S. Salazar Lawa ES CAVITE CITY Porta Vaga ES DASMARIÑAS Dr. Ernesto P. Edita P. Teresita Cuales 79. Vivian S. Celia E. Iluminada P. Medrano 76. Badillo Mrs. Amelia Ederon 81. Barzaga MS LIPA CITY Dr. Leogan 68. Jocelyn D. Pineda 64. Mailom 63. Lontok MES LUCENA CITY Lydia Hullana 15 | P a g e . Olap 74. Dulce E. Michelle Carurucan 80. Divina 72. Olave Chinita A.CALAMBA CITY Ms. Nazareth Ms. Joan B. Lota V. Lumbres 66. Rutchi Rama 84. Umali 67.

Romero 103. Ma. Marjorie Alcantara 102.SAN PABLO CITY Dr. Elsa Fabro 98 Marilene Dizon 99. Rosa M. Manalo Del Remedio CS Ms. Melinda Alinsud 101. Liza M. Roberto Cuenca Ms. Ruby Villegas 94. Romeo Hernandez Ms. Renovetch Malit 92. Araceli T. Rita Belen 88. Judie Barroso 100. Nory Alcantara Ms. Criselda Moresca 87. Shirley Cornista 91. Carmela Aba 89. Enya Calingasan 95. Mildred Sotera Cale ES 16 | P a g e . Jacky Intoy 96. Antonette Sochayseng 97. Ma. Garcia San Antonio I ES SANTA ROSA CITY Ms. Leonila Buitizon Tagapo ES TANAUAN CITY Mr. Grace Llanes 90. Christina Reyes 93.

LIST OF DIVISION MTBMLE COORDINATORS DIVISION CAVITE LAGUNA BATANGAS PROVINCE QUEZON RIZAL ANTIPOLO CITY BATANGAS CITY CALAMBA CITY CAVITE CITY DASMARIÑAS CITY LIPA CITY LUCENA CITY SAN PABLO CITY SANTA ROSA CITY TANAUAN CITY Dr. Calixta Javier/Mila Baldoviso Susana Oribiana Sonia Amponin Girlie Ilagan Erlinda Zinampan Fely Aminoso Marcela Cusi Dolorosa de Castro Pilita Villanueva Thelma Bueno Crispina Pesigan Manuel Traquena Marilyn Capuno Cherrilyn Taleon Theodoro Lualhati 17 | P a g e .

de Castro Marivic D. 24. Valenzuela Maria C. 17. Madriaga Thelma D. Torres Thelma D. Pugay Ma. 18. Tenorio Lilibeth D. Samonte Maria C. 19. Quial Lydia S. Pascual Merriza S. Fadegarao Ma. de Soza Nida Santos Margie F. Bacoor. 23. Belen Roselle Marie A. Cuarto Vivian V. Castillo Gloria D. 21. Quial Amelia M. 10. Madriaga` Aileen Sto. Cavite BIG BOOKS TITLE Ang Buhay sa Tabing Dagat Nasaan si Leroy? Tanim« Tino« Tanim! Bakas ng Higanteng Paa Matalino Ka Weng! Ang Yoyo ni Oyo Ang Alaga ni ni Ana Ang Pangako ni Issa Bilis! Bangka! Bilis! Mga Usa ni Mang Ubaldo Ang Bilin ni Nanay Panalangin ni Fatima Sayang! PSP nga ba ang Dahilan? Ang Mahiwagang Buto Ginintuang Puso Ang Magkaibigan Ang Bilin ni Nanay Ang Pagkain ni Fatima Ang Himala ng Dasal Ang Pusang si Pransing Ang Kampana sa Talon Luksong Lubid Salamat Kaibigan Makukulay na Bola Ayan na ang Higante AUTHOR Cheryl D. 15. 6. Madriaga Thelma D. Belen Maricar C. 3. 26. Tiñana Carlota Nanca Rianne P. 13. Domingo 18 | P a g e 1. Ederon Jenny D. 9. Bidbid Cristina G. 8. 2010 Talaba Elementary School. 25.LIST OF BOOKS CRAFTED DURING REGIONAL WORKSHOP ON THE PREPARATION OF SUPPORT INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS FOR MTBMLE January 28 ± 29. Valenzuela Lydia S. Rita T. Rita T. 5. 11. 7. Fadegarao` Vivian V. Bello Rianne P. 16. Glorioso Almirazon A. 20. Quial Lydia S. 2. de Chavez Maricar C. Sillos Maureen A. de Soza Anicia H. 22. Tiñana Elizabeth Reyes Elvira Esguera Nida Santos Margie F. 4. Pineda Josephine B. Landayan Gina A. Rita T. 12. Belen Roselle Marie Glorioso Ma. Pascual Chona M. 14. .

Ang Panaginip ni Muymuy 37. Ang Mapagmahal na Anak 17. Pineda Maria C. Patawad Po Inay! 5. Ang Palo-Sebo 6. Natupad na Pangarap 14. Domingo Roselle Marie A. Fadegarao Chona M.SMALL BOOKS TITLE 1. Fabro Nida C. Nasaan ka Elsa? 7. Naku! Ukelele! 34. Natuto si Ting 26. Rita T. Sa Araw ng Sabado 21. Belen Roselle Marie Glorioso Roselle Marie Glorioso Margie F. Santos Cheryl Bidbid Margie F. Bakit May Tinik ang Rosas? 25. Valenzuela Vivian V. Nanca Maureen A. Hay !Salamat 16. Rita T. Magdaraog Cristina G. Maingat na Inang Ibon 22. Pascual Teodora A. Samonte Maricar Pascual Nida C. Malayang Usa 9. Ang Sorpresa 27. Santos Ma. Castillo Merriza S. Nang Dahil sa Buko 38. Buko. Biyaya Kang Talaga! 8. Kaarawan ni Lotlot 39. Ang Pasko ni Budoy 19. Ang Mahiwagang Baso 10. Pugay Ma. Valenzuela Maria C. Valenzuela Lydia S. Tenorio Almirazon A. Belen Elizabeth V. Patawad Po. Landayan Maricar C. Ang Matabang Manok 2. Rita T. Bakit Nakaligtas ang Suso? 24. de Soza Lilibeth D. Dapat pala! 15. Anong Sarap ng Almusal! 3. Glorioso Vivian V. de Soza Elsa M. Ang Imahen sa Tubig 33. Belen Elizabeth V. Belen Ma. Naku! Unggoy 23. Inay 36./ Fadegarao Maria C. Ang Sumbrero ni Sam 4. Reyes Thelma Quial Marivic D. de Chavez Gina A. Madriaga Jenny Torres 19 | P a g e . Ang Kwintas ni Kenkoy 28. Bello Cheryl Bidbid Roselle Marie Glorioso Ma. Sabile Aileen Sto. Ang Rosas na Relo 13. Takbo! Guya!Takbo! 12. Kasing kulay ng mga Vinta 20. Seguerra Josephine V. Natuto si Mara 11. Ang Buko Pie ni Tatay 35. Rita T. Alin ang Mas Mahalaga Lapis o Papel? 31. Bibe. Buti na Lang AUTHOR Elvira E. Dito Ka lang Kuting 30. Pamatid Uhaw 29. Si Talyasi at si Sandok 32. Ang Kariton ni Kuya Ef 18. Reyes Carlota C.

7. 18. Bambao Jellie Grace Aquino Jennylyn Trapane Shery Frando Baby Rose Falculan Rosemarie Aran Roselle Marie Glorioso Maricel Tampilic Rica B. 35. Torres Nimfa de leon Renelie de Villa Eloisa C. Rama Realyn F. Montefalcon Roanne Eve N. 38. 28. 2011 NEAP CALABARZON. Commendador Pauline DS del Rosario Catherine Salgado Rosalyn R.LIST OF BOOKS CRAFTED DURING REGIONAL TRAINING OF GRADE I TEACHERS AND INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERS OF PIONEERING SCHOOLS ON MTBMLE May 8-18. 23. 32. Loida R. 41. 13. 39. 21. Marquez Malou M. Diokno Maricel Alaguia Adel M. TITLE Masaya Kung Sama-Sama Ang Sorpresa kay Emma Salamat sa Kalesa Ang Lilang Laso ni Linda Nasaan si Yoyoy? Wow! Ang Ganda Ako si Rosa Ang Matamis na Ngiti Walis! Walis!Walis! Carrot nga ba ang Sagot? Bakit Nagbago si Jose? Mapalad Ka Zeny Ang Alkansya ni Quintin Viva! Uliran Kayo Dr. 10. Dimaculangan Emmabile Maranan Mylene Goyena Shirley P. Belen Carmela D. Cabasa Lorena L. Jungco 20 | P a g e . 29. Cornista Ma. Tamayao Rutchie S. 17. de Ramos Gemma Anore Irene S. Idolo ni Xinia Salamat Kaibigan Nangako si Rosa Ang Matamis na Ngiti Oo. 8. 5. Batangas BIG BOOKS 1. 16. 6. 12. 3. 30. 34. 20. 27. 14. 9. 11. 24. 2. Torres Maricel Alaguia Adeline Montefalcon YolinaTablizo Jonelyn B. Sibalon Angelica Villoa Amelia M. Aba Jenny D. 31. 40. Cantos Remy C. 4. Francisco Grace Llanes Rona Mae Vicente Arlene Ruiz Eden Picones Judy V. 37. Ang Palengke Sa Bukid Ang Regalo ni Maya Ang mga Mangga ni Mang Marino Salamat sa Regalo SA Tindahan Sina Biboy at Buboy Sali Ka! Si Mina at ang Kanyang Alagang si Muning Tamang Pasya Tambol Lumang Bayong Tinay Matulungin Kotse-kotsehan ni Tantan Mang Mario Masipag kang Talaga Ang Kabayong Kahoy Si Biboy Natuto na si Ben Bambi at Bimbo Pasasalamat Ang Pusa ni Popoy Kariton ni Kiko Si Pipoy ang Batang Pinoy Akala ko Angelika AUTHOR Lea D. Ederon Jenny D. 36. 42. dela Cruz Elizabeth M. 15. Alexander. 19. 43. 33. 26. 22. 25.

61. Salazar Pilar Leogan Lota Capanang Iluminada Candado Elsa Fabro Marileen M. 57. Matanguihan Elvie Fabellon Roanne Eve Cantos Sally Catapang Rhea San Juan Lea Cabasal Rufina Edna de Castro Joan B. 74. Dizon Kristine Joy Segunla Melinda Alinsod Judie D.44. Barroso Marilou Bago Liza Romero Araceli Manalo 21 | P a g e . Egues Lolita Alvarez Rochelle C. 66. 50. 62. 63. 59. 56. 71. 49. Mercado Amelia Sapungan Jenyric A. Perida Jobe S. 60. 48. 47. 67. 46. 64. 53. Simon at Sisa Ang Sapatos ni Susie Ang Manika ni Mimi Ang Malarong Aso Ang Aso ni Lulu Ang Bola ni Budoy Ang Payong ni Pina Ang Karera ng Magkaibigan Mula sa Dahon Ang Galing ni Kyla Sa Ilog Masaya sa Mall Si Bantay Kaarawan ni Pia Natuto ang Kambal Ang Pulang Damit ni Nida Relos ni Rina Bayani ni Kaibigan Ang Pangako ni Kiko Makukulay na Bola Munting Sorpresa Kay Buti mo . 52. 68. 45. Bambi Ang Tuta Ang Mabuting Kaibigan Ang Kabiyak na Sapatos Nonabelle Limyoco Baby Shiela Rose Latina Imelda Dimailig Myla San Luis Cynthia P. Nang Dahil sa Pag-iimpok Ang Laruan ni Lando Unang Araw ni Dindin sa Paaralan Ang Tungkod ni Lolo Tino Si Pedro Ang Mangga nina Mina at Mara Ang Magkaibigang sina Samy. 70. 69. Pantaleon Shiela F. 55. 58. 54. 51. Cera Lydia Carlon Domingo P. 72. 65. 73.

Sa Bukid 15. Kaluskos Kawayan 3. Mga Batang Matulungin 23. Paboritong Pagkain 16. Ang Baka ni Bitoy 34. Rama Thelma Quial Joan B. Malayang Usa 2. Salazar Pilar Leogan Lota Capanang Realyn Belen Araceli Manalo Liza Romero Melinda Alinsod Elsa Fabro Judie Barroso Kristine Joy Segunla Marileen Dizon Marilou Bago 22 | P a g e . Ang Sisiw ni Susie 38. Sino si Moka? 36. Regalo 25. Ang Basketbol 26. Pepe at Pilar 9. Rita T. Ang Bilin ng Tatay 24.SMALL BOOKS TITLE 1. Si Paresa at ang Paruparo 33. Krayola Para kay Karla 29. Pangarap 27. Nena at Nilo AUTHOR Ma. Ang Harana sa Nayon 5. Dionisio Amelia Ederon Lea Cabasal Raquel Obnial Ma. Sobra ang Sukli 13. Rita Belen Malou de Ramos Baby Rose Falculan Anicia Cuarto Elvie Fabellon Lolita Alvarez Maricel Tampilic Lydia Carlom Rochelle Cera Ma. Lina at Lito 21. Kadang-Kadang Ulit 7. Belen Romana P. Natupad na Hiling 39. Natuto si Kiray 18. Kaawaran ni Karina 22. Inay Ikaw ang Bida 37. Ang Turo ni Tonyo 28. Muning ang Pusang Malambing 40. Maglakbay Tayo 12. Ang Torotot ni Totoy 14. Ang Sarap ng Tamalis 8. Medalya Para Kay Lea 4. Ang Batang Matulungin 31. Handog ni Hanna 35. Natuwa si Mama at Papa 10. Magkakaibigan 19. Ang Batang Iskawt 32. Ayoko Na 17. Loida Diokno Elizabeth Sibalon Pauline S. del Rosario Cynthia Pantaleon Iluminada Candado Rica Marquez Jobe Egues Grace Llanes Dominga Matanguihan Sally Catapang Nonabelle Limyoco Rutchie S. Si Kiko 20. Ang Pakwan ni Pilo 30. Watawat kong Mahal 6. May Pera sa Basura 11.

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