Dear Mr Morris I am writing to you because I fear that there has been a cover up connected with the visit

of our PR PM to a hospital in your area yesterday . If ,so ,it is a very serious step against democracy and the Free Press

The proposed visit the NHS Reforms . media

was flagged as being High Profile

in defence of

But since, silence. No reporting on the news

apart from the fact that he visited

' a hospital ' (which one ?) and


bland statements about the binge culture in the newspapers just

a 90 [sic] minute clip of David Cameron speaking warm empty words to an anonymous interviewer with just one shoe-in question . The clip is enlivened with the occasional view of an ambulance or two. The NHS staffs in the ward appear to be ignoring their Prime Minister and pretending that he isn't really there. Didn't see him having a nice chat with the patients you do

This is a far cry from the usual scenes of a confident looking with his shirtsleeves rolled up to show how he is 'getting job' speaking to an impressed bunch of grateful workers .


on with the

Rumour now has it that he was warned he would be given a hostile reception and the press was kept away. Rumour has it that he did indeed get a hostile reception.

If this is so, it is a disgrace that it should be censored. No such censorship took place when Tony Blair was confronted by an angry and distressed lady outside a hospital ....nor indeed at Gordon Brown's famous encounter with an angry voter on the election trail.

Can we please find out what did actually happen yesterday and why the High Profile became a Furtive Scuttle

You are not my MP but I see you too are campaigning vigorously about the Risk Register and thought you would be the one on the spot who could assist. My own MP agrees with Mr Lansley that the Register should not be made public much for the vaunted Transparency

It isn't trivial .......cover up of dissent has implications for the perception of the public about the NHS reforms and also about this Government


Barbara (surname withheld)