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Cambridge English: Advanced also known as Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

Approved by Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), Australia for student visas

Approved by UK Border Agency (UKBA) towards new Tier 4 student visa requirements

Earn valuable UCAS Tariff points for higher education in the UK

Approved by OFQUAL (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation), the Government regulator, UK


universities and colleges.800 employers. also known as CAE. is the preferred qualification for high achievers who have ambitions for undergraduate or graduate level study. Study Packs.CAEexam. Visit www. or work in international business. n For Students: Workbooks. n More than 2. government departments and other organisations around the world rely on Cambridge English: Advanced n Employers count on Cambridge English: Advanced for recruitment because the exam features real-life language skills for use in the professional world n Universities and colleges rely on it for admitting students because they know candidates with Cambridge English: Advanced certificates already have the academic language skills they need for studying at degree level n Candidates choose Cambridge English: Advanced because it is globally recognised and will help them with their ambitions for work and study n Teachers recommend Cambridge English: Advanced to their students because of its high-quality assessment and free online support available for both candidates and teachers Planning to study in the UK? Cambridge English: Advanced is the only English test you need! n Accepted by almost 100% UK colleges and Universities as proof of the right English skills for college and university study n Accepted by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) as meeting the English requirement for Tier 4 student visas n Gain extra UCAS Tariff Points .Cambridge English Advanced Also known as Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) English for high achievers in the professional and academic world Cambridge English: Advanced. Planning to study in Australia? Australia welcomes students with Cambridge English: Advanced Certificates n Cambridge English: Advanced is recognised by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) for Australian student visas n New visa rules give students who want to study in Australia the opportunity to use this high quality. Exam Prep Courses. The exam gives an in-depth assessment of a learner's ability and fluency at level C1. n For Teachers & Trainers: Teachers Books. etc These resources are regularly updated.CAEexam.an 'A' grade in Cambridge English: Advanced will earn you 70 UCAS tariff points. please visit www. Top Tips. which are helpful in gaining admissions into UK Universities and Colleges Study and Resource Materials Choose your Exam Format Paper Based or Computer Based A wide range of study materials and training resources prepared by experts of Cambridge ESOL are available for both Candidates and Teachers & Trainers.com for details and buying online. Past Paper Packs. This is the unparalleled qualification to prove that a learner has mastered English.com Email helpdesk@CAEexam. Online Practice Tests. Class Audio CDs. Speaking Packs. secure international qualification Why Cambridge English: Advanced? Cambridge English: Advanced is accepted wherever a high level of English language is required. etc.com .

500 I Nepal NPR 5. such as an article. interviews. a proposal or a report 30 minute break Use of English 5 Parts/50 questions (1hr) Listening (40 min) Speaking (15 min) 4 Sections/30 questions (Recording played twice) Paired format (2 candidates/2 examiners) 20% 20% 20% Requires candidates to demonstrate their ability to apply their knowledge of English vocabulary and grammatical structures appropriate to the C1 level Requires candidates to be able to follow and understand a range of spoken materials such as lectures.CAEexam. Special Closed Group Exam administration can be considered on fixed dates.Exam Format Cambridge English: Advanced consists of 5 papers. How to Register You can apply for the exam in many convenient.com) Paper Application (download from www.Compulsory Task 2 .com for details.India) Walk-in Registration (check for over 1.000 locations at www. discussions and anecdotes Offers candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to use spoken language skills effectively in a range of contexts Wide Choice of Exam Locations The CAE exam is administered in: n over 20 cities across India n Kathmandu. Each of the five papers contributes 20% of the total marks available.CAEexam.CAEexam. please visit www.CAEexam.com for an updated list.CAEexam. Nepal n Dhaka and Sylhet in Bangladesh As exam centres keep on increasing. speeches.900 I Bangladesh BDT 5.com) Lowest Fee in Exam Category: India INR 3.com) Online Seat Reservation (at www. a letter.500 Call Toll Free 1800 102 1050 (India) SMS CAE to +91 931 102 1050 (India) .com) Tele Booking (call Toll Free 1800 102 1050 . Paper Reading (1hr 15 min) Writing (1hr 30 min) Content 4 Sections/34 questions 2 Tasks Task 1. subject to conditions. simple ways: Online Application (at www.Choice based (5 choices) Marks (% of total) 20% 20% Purpose Requires candidates to show they can understand and deal confidently with different types of English language text Candidates must show they can write non-specialised types of English language text. an essay. Please email Planet EDUExtraExams at helpdesk@CAEexam.

Nepal Tel.3017855 Maharashtra Pune: +91.30277381 ocations! er 1. for details For information and registration.4 Parts n Writing .79.30527321 Punjab Chandigarh: +91.5 4 Cambridge English: Advanced scores 93 87 80 74 67 58 52 47 41 36 32 *Cambridge ESOL also sets the IELTS test Multiple IDs Accepted for Registering ü ü ü ü ü ü Passport or PAN card or Voter ID card or Driving licence or UID (Aadhaar) card or Nagarikta Patra (for Nepalese candidates) extraexams Bangladesh Cambridge ESOL Exam Centre No. Ltd.: +88. IELTS band 9 8. First Floor.5 6 5. Park Centra.172. Tel. IN 145 Planet EDU Exams Pvt.32000031 Kerala Kochi: +91. Ltd. duration . 304.01713401931 India Cambridge ESOL Exam Centre No.124. Saanvi Building.80. Narayanhity Path.1.c .No graph in Task 1 .20. duration .Recording played twice . Nagpokhari. BD 261 C/o Planet EDU (Bangladesh) Pvt. Kathmandu . contact: .1.1 hr.122 001.5 7 6.40073040 Karnataka Bengaluru: +91.com isit www.CAE Exam .305 2530 Delhi & NCR Gurgaon: +91.40 min.30 questions n Reading . 30 min.5 8 7.Choice of 5 questions in Task 2 n Gain extra marks (through Use of English paper covering grammar and vocabulary) n Benefit through average scoring since DIAC only considers overall exam (average) score and NOT individual paper scores n Earn 70 UCAS tariff points with 'A' grade (helps in undergraduate programme admissions in the UK) n Results in 14 days (subject to conditions) Cambridge English: Advanced Scores benchmarked to IELTS* as accepted by DIAC.000 l ister at ov om or Reg AEexam.484.305 2530 Tamil Nadu Chennai: +91.: +977.4415675 Information and Registration Offices . Gurgaon .Cutting Edge Advantages n Alternative to IELTS for Australian student visas (approved by DIAC) n Approved by UK Border Agency (UKBA) for Tier 4 student visas n Lowest fee in exam category n Break of 30 minutes after 2 papers reduces strain n Listening . duration . 15 min.C V xam sk@CAEe ail helpde em . Haryana Call Toll Free 1800 102 1050 Or SMS CAE to +91 931 102 1050 Nepal Cambridge ESOL Exam Centre No. Australia: Cambridge English: Advanced results are reported on a scale of 1 to 100.34 questions . Sector 30. Ltd.44.172. NH-8.India Chandigarh: +91. NP 262 C/o Planet EDU (Nepal) Pvt.5 5 4.1 hr.4684800 Gujarat Ahmedabad: +91.