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Speech Capabilities

Speech Capabilities

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Published by: Ho on Dec 07, 2007
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Getting Started with World Book Speech Capabilities
World Book Speech Capabilities
This edition of World Book has been enhanced to take full advantage of the Apple Computer speech technologies built into Mac OS X. You can now search World Book 2004 Edition using voice commands and touch-typing and have World Book articles read aloud to you. While these capabilities were designed with visionimpaired users in mind, we think that all users will enjoy using them. Speech Recognition Apple's speech technologies in Mac OS X include a powerful speech recognition engine. Now you can use speakable commands to navigate your way through World Book. For example, you can say "Hello World Book" to launch the application. Or "Search, please" to open the World Book search window. Text-To-Speech Turning on-screen text into spoken words is the job of Apple's text-tospeech technology. With this technology enabled in World Book, you can have any of World Book's more than 25,000 articles read out loud to you. You will find that we have taught this technology a great many encyclopedia abbreviations. For example, “pop. 2,890” will be read as “population 2,890”, and “Yale Univ.” will be read as “Yale University”.

Setting Up Speech Capabilities
To enable speech capabilities in this edition of World Book: Start Speech Recognition First, quit World Book if it is running. Then, open the Speech preferences pane in System Preferences and select the Speech Recognition tab. Click the On/Off tab and turn on Apple Speakable Items. Now you can launch World Book using Voice commands. See Instructions below. NOTE: After you launch World Book, you may need to turn Speakable Items off and then back on again to get World Book Speakable Items working.

Launching World Book and Switching applications
You can launch World Book using voice commands. Press and hold down the Esc key, say "Hello World Book" and release the Esc key. You can also use speakable commands to switch between World Book and the Wizards and Notepad. For example, say "Switch to Report Wizard" and the World Book Report Wizard will be launched.

Finding an article and having World Book read it to you
Here's a typical search you can perform:
You: World Book: You: World Book: World Book: You: World Book: "Search, please." (Remember to hold down the Esc key while speaking.) [ Opens search window ] "Ready to Search!" [ Type cat and press the Return key ] "Searching for cat." [ Plays cat Meow! sound at top of the article ] "Search complete!" "Read to me" [ Starts reading the Cats article ]

Controlling the article reading
Once World Book starts reading an article aloud, you can use keyboard commands to control the process: Speak Article Text: Speak Selection: Stop Speaking: Pause Speaking: Continue Speaking: Command + Comma Option + Command + Comma Command + Period Shift + Command + Period Shift + Command + Comma

Tips for using speech capabilities of World Book
1. Hold the Esc key down only while giving commands and then immediately let it go. 2. Don't crowd the microphone. For best results, sit two feet away. 3. Watch the round microphone feedback window and try to keep the feedback in the green area. 4. Shut off music on the Home Screen. Silence is best, if you want to use voice commands.

Choosing a microphone
The microphones built into iMacs, eMacs and new iBooks are perfect for use with Apple's voice recognition system.

Troubleshooting and Additional Resources
If the speech recognition features in World Book do not appear to be working, it may help to turn Speakable Items off and then on again in the Speech Preferences panel of System Preferences. If this doesn't fix the problem, look for speech troubleshooting in World Book Help (from the application Help menu). Or look for updates and additional troubleshooting tips online at http://www.mackiev.com/wb2004/speech.html.

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