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FANFIC [One-Shot] I’ll Wait For You

FANFIC [One-Shot] I’ll Wait For You

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Published by Layne Doctolero

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Published by: Layne Doctolero on Feb 17, 2012
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I’ll Wait For You

by celestetsm Characters Kwon Jiyong, Park Bom

Description A G-Bom one-shot.

Foreword 기다림이란…………… 정말 힘든것 같아요 하지만… 오히려 긍정적로 생각하면 기대되고 행복한거같아…..*^________^*…. 기다릴께… 그리고 기다려요….*^^* Waiting................. seems like something that's very hard to do, but... if you think about it positively instead, it seems like it can be an exciting and happy thing..... *^__________^*.... I'll wait... and please wait for us....*^^* - Bom’s me2day.

QUOTE 기다림이란…………… 정말 힘든것 같아요 하지만… 오히려 긍정적로 생각하면 기대되고 행복한거같아…..*^________^*…. 기다릴께… 그리고 기다려요….*^^* Waiting................. seems like something that's very hard to do, but... if you think about it positively instead, it seems like it can be an exciting and happy thing..... *^__________^*.... I'll wait... and please wait for us....*^^* - Bom’s me2day. Her latest me2day entry had caught his attention. Finding the photo familiar, he clicked it to enlarge it, realizing that it was the tiny star dog tag he had gave her on her 22th birthday. He finally understood. Though it may sound like a simple entry to her fans or the other readers who’re reading her me2day, but to him, it answers his question. “Yes Park Bom yang, I’ll wait for you.” Logging into his personal me2day account, he commented on her entry. yongluvB88 Noona, I’ll wait.♥ To Park Bom Yang ♥ B, I saw it! ^^ Kekekeke~~ From Park Bom Yang ♥ What~? Anyway.. Gaho happy birthday once again! Mummy loves you~~ *^^* “Gaho, where’re you?” After reading Bom’s message, Jiyong went around his apartment to find Gaho, only to find Gaho lying on his new and fresh bed which Bom

Of course you do. “Okay boy. You saw me?!” .had bought for him as his birthday present. and the bed’ in dog language. “Yah Noona. he pressed send and smiled. Jiyong at work is always so perfect for her. *Flashback* Jiyong was at the studio as usual. Park Bom yang gave it to you. do you like it?” Ruffling Gaho’s fur. He understands. Smiling. I love you. placing the cupcakes on the table beside her. say thankyou to mummy. Park Bom yang!!!! ^^ To Park Bom Yang ♥ And I’m surprised that you still have it. “Omo. Gaho was looking at him with his puppy eyes. and Bom had decided to pay him a little visit. Jiyong picked Gaho up from his bed and cradled him in his arms. I’m so jealous. Knowing how much Jiyong hates it when people interrupt his train of thoughts when he is working. when they are out together. Attaching it to his message to Bom.” Taking out his phone from his pocket. which only the both of them are able to see. Bom opened the door quietly and tip-toed towards the couch. Bom remembered the day when Jiyong asked her a question. His me2day is like a personal diary that records their life stories that’re behind the scenes. To Park Bom Yang ♥ Gaho’s reply to you. bringing with her cupcakes she had baked that morning. Jiyong filmed a short video of Gaho. It is something like their private blog. off camera. and she could stare at him for hours. after so many years~~ To my Jiyong ♥♥♥ I keep everything and anything~ *^^* I wonder if he understood what I mean. it’s not only the photo I want him to see.. There were photos of them together. “Yeah I know you like it. am I that handsome?” Chuckling. and gave a soft bark. posts. Most of the updates on Jiyong’s personal me2day are posted by her anyway. Park Bom stopped at one particular comment from one particular username which she had not seen since a long time. “Hey boy. videos and songs about them.” Pouting. Jiyong stared at Gaho. Scrolling through the posts one by one. with him barking something. Park Bom hardly updates her personal me2day and only creates it to view Jiyong’s personal one when she is at home. Scrolling through her me2day comments. causing Bom to be shocked. which probably means ‘Thankyou Mummy. Bom logged into her personal me2day and looked at her timeline. Jiyong turned himself around and faced Bom.

Jiyong reached out for another one. “You’re right! Your cupcakes are just too good.” Rubbing his stomach. why wouldn’t I see you? And I smell food. When will we be able stop hiding? When will that awkwardness on camera fade away?” The both of them sighed. Life will be so much different. ” Jiyong reached out for Bom’s hand. I’m craving for cupcakes. yongluvB88 Mmmm. They knew how long they’ve to wait.” While the both of them continued giggling and talking about other random stuffs. Quickly.. Saving the photo. I can write songs about your cupcakes. Around a year more or so. “You have me silly. as always.“Of course. Bom. Jiyong blurted out. Bom had started daydreaming about them opening a bakery and leading a normal life instead of becoming artistes. “I wonder when will be become an official couple. Bom printed a copy of it out. “Mmm. To my Jiyong ♥♥♥ No cupcakes for you! Kekekekeke From my Jiyong ♥♥♥ . Bom was still thinking about the matter Jiyong had said. Trust me.” Smacking his lips.. she refreshed the page. trust our relationship. As if they’re both on the same page. we can open a bakery! Hehehehe. You can open a bakery. What if I lose you? What if something got leaked out? I. Jiyong had also uploaded a photo of the two of them in his studio. she realized that there was a new update from Jiyong.” Bom started giggling at her last sentence. Jiyong gave Bom his puppy eyes. and. “Park Bom yang?” “Yes?” “Do you know that this year is going to be a long year for us? I’m afraid that we’ll struggle between our relationship and our work.. */Flashback* As Park Bom stared at her personal me2day’s timeline. I want to show the world now that I’m in love with you. I’m afraid. it would be one that sells only cupcakes! Will you want to help me?” Already. and squeezed it tightly. each holding half eaten cupcakes and smiling happily. Your cupcakes are wonderful.. as if reassuring himself that he does have her. trust yourself. And if something ever got leaked out. causing Bom to burst into laughter. which cause Jiyong to start giggling too. “If I open a bakery.

and it had a star. Bom started telling Jiyong all those things she had kept safely. Bom loves stars. yongluvB88 Only you will keep everything and anything safely. After the first ring. Though it was slightly rusty. ^^ Kekekekeke. Placing the newly printed photo into her newest album of them. I trust us ^^ P. We’ll try and spend our free time together as much as we can. Saranghae Butterfly~~ ♥♥♥ . both on camera and off camera. it is still considered well kept. I’ll wait patiently. proving to him that she wasn’t that girl with a messy bedroom. Bom went to find her box of everything and anything related to Jiyong. and lots of photo albums of the both of them.TT I’ll help you bake this time~~!!! The photo of Jiyong and Bom landed on the floor. Bom’s phone vibrated. he continued giggling and updated his me2day. From my Jiyong ♥♥♥ Park Bom yang. it’s been 5years since she received that from Jiyong. It was quite a big box. and inside had things which range from toys to albums. After all. movie stubs to neoprints. rings to bracelets.S/ The dog tag is well kept. Bom picked up her Tiny Star Dog Tag. Bom called Jiyong. Jiyong had picked up the phone. “YAH JIYONG~~! You’re dead!” With Jiyong giggling non-stop on the other side of the line. That was her first gift from Jiyong. I thought you would have lost or misplaced it. Immediately. Picking the photo up. As Jiyong listened to Bom.

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