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Jamaican Patois

1. "Bredrin , wa gwaan?" 2. "Bwai, ya done know seh mi deya gwaan easy." 3. "Yes I, a so it go still. Not 'n na gwaan2, but we a

"What 's up, man?" "I 'm here just taking it easy." "Yeah, that 's how it is. Times are hard but we have to keep the faith, isn't that right?" "Yeah. How are your kids?" "They 're alright. One wants to be a DJ and make it big. Another one wants to migrate and make it big. I 'm just trying to reason with them." "Yeah, that's how kids are. They have to know that you have to work for things little by little." "True. Listen, I 'm in a hurry. I'm going to leave." "OK, see you later." "See you later."

1. Ma broda, weti di hapin
3. Boy/Masa, you know say me a dey here, [I di] takeam easy Yes, na so e dey. Opsa strong, but we di manage, nobi so? Na so. How pikin dem? Boy/Masa, dem dey. Som one wan be DJ take-am make big moni. Di ada one wan go abroad fo find moni. I di still try fo tok sense fo dia head. Yes Masa, no so pikin dem dey tehse days. Dem must know say small-small catch monki Nobo si. Me I dey hayup, u hear? No go I dey go so. Ok Massa, we go spy smalltime noh? We go spy.

keep di faith, nuh true?" 4. "True. How de pickney3 dem stay?" 5. "Bwai, dem aright. One a dem wan tun DJ an bus. Nex one wan go a foreign an bus. A try mia try reason with dem still." 6. "Yeh man, a so pickney stay fi real. Dem fi know seh every mickle mek a muckle." 7. "True. Mi deh pon4 haste, ya hear? A faawod5 mi a faawod." 8. "Yeh man, lickle more, seen?" 9. "Lickle more."

4. 5. 6.
7. 8. 9.

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Bredrin is a corruption of the English word Brethren Gwaan is derived by combining two English words Go-on 3 Pickney is a corruption of the Portuguese word for child: Pequenho 4 Me deh pon haste translate from Im in a hurry/hastewith the word pon being a truncation of upon 5 Faawod is a corruption of the English word Forward