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New Labor Laws Become Law Today in Mauritius

Posted on admin on February 2, 2009 // Leave Your Comment

Two employment laws the Employment Relations Act and the Employment Rights Act come into force today (Monday) in Mauritius. Labour and Industrial Relations Minister Jean-Francois Chaumiere said in Port Louis that the two Acts will be replacing the Labour Act and the Industrial Relations Act which date back to the 1970s. He said employees and employers had asked the government to change the two old laws as they did not meet the aspirations of workers and employers alike. Chaumiere said the government is setting up the Conciliation and Mediation Commission, a new National Remuneration Board and the Employment Relations Tribunal which will replace the Permanent Arbitration Tribunal. He said more emphasis will be on Work Fair Programme which will favor collective bargaining and allow representatives of employees and employers to determine wages and conditions of labor. He said the new laws will promote an atmosphere of conciliation and negotiation instead of confrontation.