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Clarkson Potter, Watson-Guptill, Potter Craft, Amphoto, and Potter Style Sumer 2012 Catalog

Clarkson Potter, Watson-Guptill, Potter Craft, Amphoto, and Potter Style Sumer 2012 Catalog

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Clarkson Potter, Watson-Guptill, Potter Craft, Amphoto, and Potter Style Sumer 2012 Catalog
Clarkson Potter, Watson-Guptill, Potter Craft, Amphoto, and Potter Style Sumer 2012 Catalog

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Published by: Crown Publishing Group on Feb 17, 2012
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The millions of health-conscious Americans seeking a one-stop-shopping
recipe resource will find it in the latest trade paperback edition of this
comprehensive classic, with 600-plus recipes, including more than 150 that
are all new; updated heart-health information; and strategies and tips for
meal planning, shopping, and cooking healthfully.

Cardiac health remains a widespread concern in the United States, but the
good news from the AHA is that nutritious eating is an achievable way to prevent
heart disease and increase vitality. The crown jewel in the AHA’s bestselling
library, The New American Heart Association Cookbook has been revised to reflect
the association’s most current dietary and lifestyle recommendations and to offer
dishes based on flavors and cooking techniques that speak to today’s palate. This
invaluable resource by the most recognized and respected name in heart health is
certain to become a staple in American kitchens.

THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION is the nation’s premier authority on
heart health. Its bestselling library of cookbooks and guides includes: American
Heart Association Healthy Family Meals; American Heart Association No-Fad
Diet, 2nd edition; and American Heart Association Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol
Cookbook, 4th edition. For more information, please visit americanheart.org
or call 1-800-AHA-USA1.


/8 x 91

/8; 720 pages;
14 2-color line illustrations
$19.99 paper (Canada: $23.99)

ON SALE 8/7/2012

British: American Heart Association

Translation: Crown
1st Serial: Crown

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• Major cross-promotion with the American Heart

Association, including features on Heart.org and
in social media streams

• Advertising in AHA websites and publications
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ALSO BY the AmericAn heArt ASSOciAtiOn

American heart
Association Low-Fat,
cookbook, 4th edition

$17.00 paper
(Canada: $21.00)

American heart
Quick & easy meals

$26.99 hardcover
(Canada: $32.00)

American heart
Association healthy
Family meals

$25.00 paper
(Canada: $28.95)



Healthy Weight Loss

Completely updated
and revised with 50
new recipes







2nd Edition

American heart
Association complete
Guide to Women’s
heart health

$16.00 paper
(Canada: $18.00)
Coming December 2011

American heart
Association no-Fad Diet

$15.95 paper
(Canada: $19.95)

American heart
Low-Salt cookbook,
4th edition

$23.99 hardcover
(Canada: $26.99)

American heart
Quick & easy
cookbook, 2nd edition

$26.00 hardcover
(Canada: $30.00)
Coming April 2012

Clarkson Potter • Summer 2012


Foraged Flavor

Finding Fabulous Ingredients in Your Backyard
or Farmers’ Market, with 84 Recipes

Tama Matsuoka Wong with Eddy Leroux
Foreword by Daniel Boulud

Move over pickling and preserving, foraging is the food world’s latest hot
trend, and Foraged Flavor, by the forager and the chef de cuisine of the
world-renowned restaurant Daniel, shows home cooks how to get in on it.

Now more than ever Americans want to know where their food comes from,
and, foraging—once relegated to natural-foods extremists—has moved into the
mainstream. From food-world darlings David Chang and René Redzepi discussing
the idea of foraging in Central Park to home cooks finding purslane in their
backyards or nettles at farmers’ markets, the whole country is embracing this
practical, delicious, back-to-the-land trend, a natural extension of the locavore
movement. Foraged Flavor is the perfect guide for any dedicated or would-be
forager, with plenty of tips for finding 72 edibles and 84 recipes for enjoying them.

Tama Matsuoka Wong and Eddy Leroux are the dream team of wild-food
experts. Tama is the forager for Daniel and Eddy its chef de cuisine. They
combine their expertise in Foraged Flavor, a seasonally organized field guide and
cookbook. Tama walks readers through common wild foods, describing the hidden
pockets where anise hyssop grows or the best time of year to search for wild
garlic. Eddy gives simple recipes for every find, including Cardamine Cress with
Fennel and Orange Vinaigrette; Braised Beef with Onions and Dandelion; and
Violets, Strawberries, and Crème Fraîche. With 25 botanical illustrations, 50 color
photographs of foraged ingredients, and tons of field-tested know-how, Foraged
Flavor will be an indispensable guide for cooking enthusiasts.

TAMA MATSUOKA WONG is the forager for New York City restaurant Daniel
and enjoys relationships with the Audubon Society and Slow Food. After more
than 25 years as a financial-services lawyer, she launched Meadows and More to
connect experts in the field of meadow restoration, botany, and wildlife with
people in the community. EDDY LEROUX is the chef de cuisine at Daniel.

Cooking—Natural Foods

7 x 9; 224 pages;

25 Illustrations and

50 full-color photographs

eBook 978-0-307-95662-0

$25.00 hardcover (Canada: $29.95)

ON SALE 6/12/2012

British: The Miller Literary Agency LLC

Translation: The Miller Literary Agency LLC
1st Serial: Crown

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National epicurean and lifestyle magazines

National and local newspaper features

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• Google search advertising
• Outreach to Audubon and conservation groups
• TheRecipeClub.net feature
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Clarkson Potter • Summer 2012


Susan Feniger’s Street Food

Irresistibly Crispy, Creamy, Crunchy,
Spicy, Sticky, Sweet Recipes

Susan Feniger with Kajsa Alger and Liz Lachman

Cook the most craveable street food from around the world for dinner tonight with
phenomenal recipes and personal stories from culinary superstar and world traveler
Susan Feniger.

In bustling streets and markets all over the world, some of the best food is served right
out of carts and stalls manned by humble local cooks. Susan Feniger has eaten her way
across the globe—including India, Vietnam, Turkey, Mongolia, and Singapore—and
brought back the most irresistible recipes, bursting with unexpected flavors. In Susan
Feniger’s Street Food, she shares her favorite dishes, all adapted for American home
cooks, just as she does at her celebrated Los Angeles restaurants, Susan Feniger’s
STREET and Border Grill.

Susan is a natural storyteller, brimming with tales of her experiences in remote parts
of the world and the foods that she discovers there. Her enthusiasm is infectious and
carries over from her many personal stories to her amazing recipes. Susan has a talent
for simplifying otherwise daunting dishes, streamlining ingredients and techniques so
that anyone can make food with authentic flavors, including Carrot, Raisin, and Feta
Salad with Harissa Vinaigrette; Japanese Brown Rice with Roasted Mushrooms and
Almonds; Poblano Chicken Empanadas; Indonesian “Tek Tek” Noodles with Chopped
Peanut Sauce; or Thai Tea Pots de Crème with Candied Cashews.

With 90 recipes and 100 color photographs, Susan Feniger’s Street Food will be a rich
cookbook for fans of boldly flavored food and armchair travelers alike.

SUSAN FENIGER is well-known for her three Border Grill restaurants and Too
Hot Tamales Food Newtork show (all with business partner Mary Sue Milliken).
She opened her first solo restaurant Susan Feniger’s STREET in Los Angeles in
2009. She helped start Cool Comedy-Hot Cuisine, the major annual fund-raising
event for the Scleroderma Research Foundation, and is on the board of the Los
Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. Visit her at www.SusanFenigerSite.com.


/16 x 9; 224 pages;
100 full-color photographs

eBook 978-0-307-95259-2

$27.50 hardcover (Canada: $32.00)

ON SALE 8/28/2012

British: Crown
Translation: International Creative Management

1st Serial: Crown

National and local television

National radio

National epicurean and lifestyle magazines

National and local newspaper features

Events in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and

New York City

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• Advertising on Eater.com
• Facebook advertising
• Cross-promotion on EatatStreet.com and

author’s social media stream

• Street Noise video series on YouTube.com
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Clarkson Potter • Summer 2012


My first love has always been
food, but in the search for ever
more interesting and challenging
cuisines I discovered my second
love: learning about people and
their cultures. Nothing pleases
me more than to be traveling in
some foreign place, to stop at a
little stand on the street for some
amazing dish I’ve never heard of,
and suddenly to find myself engaged
in a conversation with a complete
stranger. I believe that in any
country, what you see and taste on
the street is the best food because
it’s usually one family recipe
handed down and perfected over
generations. There’s a huge wow
factor. No frills, no service, all the
focus is on the food.

In this book I share recipes and
techniques I’ve picked up along
the way in my thirty years of
cooking and traveling, and I tell
stories about some of my most
favorite journeys. By the end of
our time together my hope is that
you will have a brand-new bag of
kitchen tricks. Maybe you’ll even
be inspired to take your own street
food tour to some exotic place!

Clarkson Potter • Summer 2012


The Seasonal Baker

Easy Recipes from My Home Kitchen
to Make Year-Round

You're Reading a Free Preview