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BS240 Brochure

BS240 Brochure

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Minimal footprint, maximum performance

BS-240/241/240XL is the new future-proof evolution of Siemens’ BTS hardware. Highlights are configurations with up to 24 TRX, significantly reduced volume per TRX, and a future-oriented platform for new GSM features. Siemens’ latest base stations are already prepared for UMTS. We designed the new Base Station BS-240XL to meet customer requirements and at the same time provide spacesaving solutions for common sites for GSM and UMTS.

1E .Architecture ready for tomorrows Broadband Communication Technical Data Carriers per rack Height x width x depth ACOM ACOM ACOM ACOM BS-240XL Indoor application 12 2025 x 600 x 450 mm 546 l 250 kg ETSI 3. plinth) x 700 x 650 mm 705 l 265 kg ETSI 4. up to + 55 °C with MEF 230/400 V AC or 110/207 V AC 1. 230/400 V AC or 110/207 V AC 2.: Front view of BS-241 ACOM ACOM ACOM ACOM CU CU CU Product Profile .The use of latest technology reduces power consumption and improves reliability. The optional SDMA CU (switched beams) is planned for operators with limited frequency spectrum.5 °C to + 55 °C .48 V DC. A full spectrum of combining equipment means high output power and a minimized number of antennas for all cell configurations.: BS-241 The BS-240/241/240XL boasts high receiver sensitivity and thanks to its small footprint lets operators save on infrastructural DIAMCO DIAMCO expenses. to Temperature range (including solar radiation) DIAMCO DIAMCO Power supply CU CU CU CU Max.45 °C to + 50 °C with HEX.8 kW 60 W 40 W 40 W up to 10 hours available Volume net Weight Operation acc. This platform ensures that network evolution is as smooth as possible. power consumption Output power GSM900 Output power GSM1800 Output power GSM1900 Battery backup DIAMCO DIAMCO CU CU CU CU Microwave hardware COBA COSA COBA COSA COBA COSA COBA COSA CU CU CU CU CU CU CU CU Increasing demands for higher capacity are met by BS-240/241/240XL through Fig. 12 TRX) per rack.1E . This also makes the BS-240/241/240XL a powerful dualband base station for GSM900 and GMS1800.8 kW 60 W 40 W 40 W up to 10 hours – BS-241 Outdoor application 8 1750 (incl. Plinth Fig. as well as for GSM900 and GSM1900.: Front view of BS-240XL reduced volume and an expanded number of 24 TRX in 2 or 3 racks with a modularity of 8 TRX (resp. Fig. The modular architecture and the flexible internal structure with data rates of up to 2MBit/s enables the BS-240/241/240XL to provide new GSM features such as EDGE.

8 kW 60 W 40 W 40 W up to 10 hours Fig. EDGE) signal processing capacity Fig. 1 or 2 extension racks and up to 5 service racks s Pre-installed commissioning reduces installation time to Compatibility The BS-240/241/240XL are compatible with the existing Siemens products. Software features will run independently on all BTS types.1E . power consumption Output power GSM900 Output power GSM1800 Output power GSM1900 Battery backup BS-240 Indoor application 8 1600 x 600 x 450 mm 432 l 210 kg ETSI 3. 230/400 V AC or 110/207 V AC 1.g. An easy expansion of installed networks with the new ACOM ACOM ACOM ACOM CU CU CU CU BS-240/241/240XL is possible. highly flexible s Architecture prepared for future GSM features (e. to Temperature range Power Supply Max.BS-240XL: The flagship of the Siemens base station family Technical Data Carriers per rack Height x width x depth Volume net Weight Operation acc.5 °C to + 55 °C 48 V DC.: Front view of BS-240 COBA COSA COBA COSA CU CU DIAMCO CU CU less than one hour . DIAMCO s Smart antennas (beam switching) option increases capacity s Modular internal structure.: BS-240 Customer Benefits s Compatibility with existing SBS ensures easy integration into the already installed infrastructure s Possible site configurations of up to 72 TRX/site for increasing capacity requirements s Highest reliability thanks to redundancy for all core modules s Reduced investment costs due to integrated Abis cross connect (8 PCM lines) s Fast network rollout: approximately 50% fewer sites required due to superior RX sensitivity and high output power s No service interruption for rack extension orTRX exchange s High site efficiency due to reduced volume of 45 liters/TRX and small footprint s BS-240/241/240XL can consist of up to 8 racks: 1 base rack.

visit our website at www. A50001-N3-P43-5-7600 • Printed in Germany • SIE_735_00 D05800S 02015. . optional battery backup in a service rack s High flexibility of site configurations thanks to service rack s 48 external alarms. • © Copyright • Siemens AG 2001 • Information and Communication Mobile • Networks • Hofmannstr. 51 • 81359 Munich • Germany • This publication is issued to provide information only and is not to form part of any order or contract. 8 site outputs s Rack extension without service interruption s Hot plug-in ability of TRXs s Short software upgrade time s Improved MTBF s Membrane filter (MEF) technology for outdoor BTS s State-of-the-art technology.siemens.The products and services described herein are subject to availability and to change without notice. up to 24 TRX/cell and 36 cells/site s High power amplifier (60W) and up to –116 dBm RX sensitivity s Core redundancy and AC/DC redundancy s Duplex combiner s Filter combiner s Filter combiner with High Power Duplexer (HPDU) s Tower Mounted Amplifier (TMA) with intelligent reliability management s Smart antennas (beam switching) option s Integrated Abis cross connect (8 PCM24/30 lines) s Integrated NTPM and µ-wave equipment. environmentally friendly. recyclable Abbreviations AC ACOM BS BTS Alternating Current Antenna COMbining Base Station Base Transceiver Station COBA COSA COre BAsic module COre SAtellite module CU DC Carrier Unit Direct Current RF RX SBS PCM NTPM HPDU MEF MTBF High Power DUplexer Membrane Filter Mean-Time Between Failures Network Termination Primary Multiplex Pulse Code Modulation Radio Frequency Receiver Siemens Base Station System SDMA Space Division Multiple Access TMA Tower Mounted Amplifier TRX UMTS Transceiver Universal Mobile Telecommunications System DIAMCO Diversity Amplifier Multi COupler EDGE Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution ETSI European Telecommunications Standard Institute GSM Global System for Mobile Communication HEX Heat Exchanger mobile business Order No.com/mobile/networks Features s Frequency bands: GSM900/GSM RE/GSM1800/GMS1900 s Dual band (GSM900/1800 and GSM900/1900 in the same BTS rack) s Site configurations up to 72 TRX/site.

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